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mm mmmttn m i«r » jm»w m« 

* ,1-Ji 

, ,'J c ; ' ; ?ff : ^".,. 

Mississippi State University 
[ississippi State University, MS 39762 






Editor in chief 


Managing Editor 


Business Manager 


Photography Editor 


Faculty Advisor 

Photographers: Chris Aldridge, Michael 
Brister, Bernard Ellis, David Farrish, Mark 
Warner, Tim Warner. Staff: Anna Minor, 
Heather Burwell, Vanessa Edwards, 
Kathryn Clayton, Joseph Johnston, Crystal 
Kilgore, Lisa Myrick, Melynn Mangum, 
Sally Wong, Mark Burr, Krystina George, 
Maria Keithley, Laura Moore, Shannon 
Rodman, Kristi Webb, Sally Morrow, 
Shelli Hodges, Allegra Ford, Justin Clark, 
Beth Bowlin, Rebecca Dollar, Clare Kap- 
lan, Mandy Baham. 


Life 18 

edited by Joy Leggett 

Sports 70 

edited by Charity Boatwright and Allison Johnsey 

Limelight 134 

edited by Gini Herring and Christie Veach 

Academics 166 

edited by Stephanie Alligood 

Organizations 188 

edited by Jana Roby and Clover Shaman 

Classes 330 

edited by Dinah Batson and Kenna Durham 

Index 412 

edited by 1991 REVEILLE staff 

Mitchell Me- 
morial Li- 
brary is a pop- 
ular place any 
time of the day 
or night at Mis- 
sissippi State 
The library 
was renovated 
by increased 
student fees 
and state 

Souc&ty tfe d^>. 

photo by Mark Warned 

photo by Chris Aldridge 

The columns in front of Cobb Institute of Archeology remind the students of MSU's history that 
began in 1878 as Mississippi A & M. 

roto by Kostas Zorbalas 
Yellow ribbons around lamp 
posts sybolize the patriotism shown 
by students this year as the Persian 
Gulf Crisis hit closer and closer to 
home each day. 

Stephen D. 
Lee, the first 
president of 
Mississippi State 
stands proudly 
on the drill field 
students to rub 
his nose the 
night before an 

photo by Chris Aldridge 

The comemorative statue of Bul- 
ly I stands at the entrance to the 
Colvard Union built in 1965. Bully 
represents not only the students that 
use the Union, but the University it- 

Eckic's Pond is always a nice place 
to relax on a sunny Saturday after- 






55 = 


■ ill 

photo by Chris Aldridge 

Evans Hall always has any and all 

kinds of activities going on. Some stu- 
dents choose to participate, some like 
to just watch. 

Todd Merritt goes in for the layup at home in the Hump against the 
Tennessee Volunteers. The 1991 basketball season proved to be a suc- 
cessful one. At every home game, the Hump was soldout; sometimes five 
days before the game. 

photo by Chris Aldrtge 


by Kostas Zorbalas 

)hoto by Chris Aldrldge 

3n a sunny afternoon, who would want to study inside? In and around the 
lolvard Union, students can be found studying and taking snack breaks. 

The University TV Center in the 

Wise Building has added new dimen- 
sions to teaching and learning at Mis- 
sissippi State. Many public schools from 
around the state benefit from the 
products of this tremendous effort. 

MSU students take pride in their 
student facilities, especially the Colvard 
Union. In the Union, students can study, 
nap, eat, interview, or just plain social- 

photo by Mark Warner 

photo by Kostas Zorbalas 

Swe en trfede/zaped 

mem&ted cfait end. 


photo by Kostas Zorbalas 

Homecoming at Mississippi 
State is a special event for all in- 
volved. Whether you are playing on 
the field, marching in the band, or just 
watching the game, everyone can feel 
the spirit that runs through the blood 
of every bulldog at MSU. 

Bicycle-riding has become a pop- 
ular sport here on the campus of 
MSU. Warm weekends bring the 
cylists out in style on the drill field. 

The MSU Pom Squad chose new 
uniforms for the home basketball 
games this year. Spectators can't miss 
the brightly colored fluorescent shorts 
and shirts. 


The Pegasus Dining Room at 

the Veterinary Medicine School has 
become famous for its luxury and 
cuisine. The statue of the pegasus 
horse greets the visitors as they 
come to enjoy. 

photo by Chris Aldridge 

MSU Intramurals is the largest in 
the SEC. Our program is one to 
boast about with 10,000 out of our 
13,000 students and faculty par- 

The Chapel of Memories is a picturesque 
place to have a quiet moment alone. It is located 
in the center of campus and was built from the 
bricks of the famous Old Main. 

photo by Mark Warner 


The School of Architecture at MSU is one to be proud of. The students go 
through a grueling four year program in Starkville and the last year is spent 
doing hands-on work in Jackson. 

photo by Mark Warner 

(oa&&nge> d/ruted and ' auydd 
Swej&eanpd manj/edt en /ine&ywpind 

Swzvnyi/wnmmtd ad weaad fin. 

-dp 3utd&eSm^ 


photo by Kostas Zorbalas 





David Williams, 
Suttle R. A. 

Students spend their summer Disney-style 

Walt Disney World's College Program offers col- 
lege students an opportunity to gain insight and 
experience into the workings of a large, service 
oriented business. Over 2700 students are chosen 
from around the world each year to participate in this 
unique job experience. All employees live in apart- 
ments owned by Walt Disney World with relatively 
inexpensive rent. Participants took management and 
film production classes and worked as hosts or host- 

esses, cooks, cashiers, and life guards during their 
stay at Disney. Mississippi State can be proud that 
each year it has several students selected for the 
chance to spend their summer Disney-style. This past 
summer nearly twenty students worked in Orlando, 
Florida, for the College Program. 

•Michael Hobby 

Friend, Foe, or None of the above 

David Williams tells about being a first year R. A. 

"R. A. selection is a long, tedious process. There are so 
many qualified students trying to fill very limited openings for 
resident assistants. The selection process is really the easy part 
compared to what was awaiting us. 

We came to school a week early to begin R. A. camp. The 
first couple of nights are spent on campus doing administrative 
work for your individual hall (i.e. checking all of the rooms on 
your floor for damages, getting everything ready for check-in, 
hanging signs, reporting maintenance problems, etc.). 

R. A. camp comes up very quickly. All 135 resident as- 
sistants went to Camp Lake Stevens outside of Oxford for 
three days. Camp was full of classes. We learned a lot about 
para-professional counseling and how to handle situations that 
may arise in the hall. 1 thought 1 knew a lot about the job when I 
went to camp but I found out that I had a lot to learn. It was a 
fun, learning experience for me and I learned much about my 
job and myself during this time. The last night of camp we had 
skit night where each of the hall staffs presents a skit relating to 
housing and residence life. There were some great skits and it 
was hilarious. When it was all said and done, Suttle was the 
overall winner-that made camp even more fun since we have 
bragging rights for a year. 

When you get back from camp there are more classes and 
meetings. The one thing all of the new R. A.s are apprehensive 
about is what is called "Behind Closed Doors." This is an 
exercise where all of the veteran R. A.s act out certain 
situations that could arise in the hall ranging from home- 
sickness to alcohol to roomate conflicts. The new R. A.s are 
taken to a room where you read a very brief description of the 
situation you are about to encounter. You knock on the door 
and from that point on you are evaluated as to how well you 

handle the situation. It is really intense. The veteran R. A.s act as if 
they had never seen you before and many times they are yelling at 
you, getting up in your face, and doing anything to try and break 
you. We, as new R. A.s, get to handle the situation and hopefully 
try to find a solution. The exercise teaches the newer R. A.s how to 
correctly handle certain situations and to realize how important it is 
for us to remain calm and clear-headed. This is very important for 
us because as R. A.s, we cannot lose face with anyone — no 
matter what the situation may be. We always need to be in the 
right frame of mind in order to help anyone. The camp is drawn to 
a close with a nice banquet the night before the residents move in. 
Early the next day, check-in begins. This is the most hectic time for 
any hall but when it is all over and everyone is settled in the right 
room with the correct roomate, it is very rewarding and you really 
feel a great sense of accomplishment. 

As you might already know, resident assistants are paid for their 
time and trouble. R. A.s are paid $120.00 every two weeks and we 
get a private room at a regular room rate ($550.00) which is super. 
New R. A.s have to take a class that deals with counseling and 
student issues. When we are through with the class, we get a slight 
pay raise. 

What exactly does a resident assistant do? Well, the R. A. 
performs many duties within the hall such as accounting, planning 
hall programs, coordinating intramural teams, and even main- 
tenance coordination. Many people get the impression that our 
main function is that of disciplinarian. While we do maintain order, 
this is only a small part of our job. But it is our responsibility to 
ensure that the hall runs smoothly and that there is a strong sense 
of community. R. A.s are also involved in a lot of para-professional 
counseling with residents. This is the most rewarding aspect of the 
job. It really makes you fell good when someone comes to you for 
advice or just to "shoot the bull." I really enjoy the counseling and 
knowing that maybe something I said had a small effect on 
someone's life. All R. A.s have an open door policy and everything 
is strictly confidential. I feel that residents are more at ease talking 
with someone their own age and that is currently in the same boat 
that they are in because all of us are on the same level and we 
relate well. Students should know we have been through many of 
the same things that they are presently experiencing and a R. A. 
can offer some suggestions that could be useful to them. I think it is 
a great way to handle some of the situations in the hall that call for 
counseling and friendship. 

Where does a R. A. go for help? My help comes in the form of 
two wonderful staffs — Housing and Residence Life and Suttle's 
staff. Dr. Gene Tice and everyone at Housing treats us won- 
derfully. They have a genuine concern for the students as well as 
the resident assistants that they house. Secondly, the staff at Suttle 
are the best people I have worked with anywhere. We have a great 
time together always and we function as one big family. The 
working atmosphere is relaxing and very efficient. Everyone on 
staff has a deep sense of pride in our residents and our job and it is 
so much easier to enjoy your work when you are surrounded by 
people like these." 

-David Williams 

R. A. in Suttle (8th floor) 

Columbus, Ms 

Disney World Summer Program students: first row Tripp Arnold, Blaine An- 
derson.second row Lori Butler, Mary Jakway, Ted Nergen, Tiffany Buntyn, 
Jeffrey Clark, Kary Thomas, third row Shawn Dulaney, Janet Richards, Joy 
Leggett, Charity Boatwright, Tommy Ewing, Bryan Ikerd, Don Foote, Ty Sul- 
livan. Not pictured: Corey Hayes 

New Orleans-It ain't Oz, but you can see it from here 

"We aren't in Kansas anymore, Toto." 


Dorothy, babe, it's just as well you put down in the 
land of Oz because N'awlins is a much weirder place. 
If you had landed in the French Quarter, it would 
have probably gone something like this: 
Dorothy: "We aren't in Kansas anymore, Toto. . ." 
Munchkin: "Maybe not, but I betcha five bucks I can 
tell you where you got 'dem ruby Air Jordans." 
Dorothy: "What?" 

Munchkin: "You gots 'em on yer feet, and you gots 
yer feet on Bourbon Street. Pay up!" 
Dorothy: "What?" 

Lecherous Tourist: "Nah- she got 'em from that 
transvestJte after the house fell on him. Say, Dorothy, 
how much for a half hour of sin, eh?" 
Dorothy: "What?" 

Hooker: "Yo, Dorothy, this is MY corner. Beat it, 
Bimbo. Hey mister, you want sin, you talk to me." 
Lecherous Tourist: "Yeah, but DOROTHY has a 
dog. . ." 
Toto: "What?" 

Living in New Orleans for the last couple of months 
has been an experience. One of the first things I 
noticed was the presence of a K & B on almost every 
corner. What is a K & B, you say? It's not a Monopoly 
railroad, Toto. It's a drugstore — one that sells more 
kinds of liquor than Sack & Save sells kinds of dog 
food. 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are 
more K & Bs in New Orleans than there are parking 
spaces at State. 

I tried to explain to a friend of mine down here how 
all the stores in Starkvegas sell warm beer. He 
nodded knowingly. 

I heard that people in Mississippi liked to drink 
warm beer," said he. I don't think he understood. I 
tried to explain to him that the legal drinking age in 
Mississippi was 21 (No one is really sure what the 
legal age in New Orleans is- latest rumor puts it 
somewhere around 11.). He nodded knowingly. 

"So, all the whisky in Mississippi has to be at least 

21 years old. Maybe it's not such a bad place after 
all," said he. I don't think he understood. 

At any rate, another common sight in New Orleans 
is the Po-Boy stand. What is a Po-Boy, you say? Not 
Donald Trump, Toto (although a few more divorces 
and he will be.). A Po-Boy is nominally a large, 
inexpensive sandwich which in reality is often neither 
large nor inexpensive. Actually, the food here is 
great, I mean REALLY great, which is to say it's very 
bad for you. How unhealthy is some of this stuff? 
Well, it's not like you're gonna block off your colon in 
one sitting, but let's say that from a nutritional stand- 
point, you're probably better off spooning lard from a 
can and washing it down with Mrs. Butterworth's 

The condo I live in here is real cool, but it's 
definitely NOT your average middle class suburban 
havin' station-wagon-driving-bermuda-short-wearin' 
neighborhood. No, sir. You can step out my front 
door, walk two blocks, and see a 3 million dollar 
house. You can walk another four blocks and watch 
your two favorite street gangs battling over a lamp- 
post or a stolen car battery. Walk another four blocks 
and bathe in the famous Mississippi River, in which a 
liquid that in these parts may or may not actually be 
water (anyone ever see a movie called "The Toxic 

Not a boring place, my friends. But sometimes I 
miss State, although I'm glad I'm out. I miss working 
for the paper — I have to find some other way to get 
into trouble. I miss Muffy Sue Buffington — nobody 
does a rejection like you. Come and see me some- 
time, gang. I miss you all. 

■Brett May is a former columnist for The Reflector 
who now resides in New Orleans. In view of his talent 
for generating hate mail and angering important peo- 
ple, the views in this letter do not necessarily reflect 
those of The Reveille or, for that matter, any sensible 

top, right: The enology lab 
bottom, right: Brett May, famous writer and rebel router 

Majors Off The Beaten Path 





photo by David Farrish 

Many fields of study are offered to students at 
Mississippi State University. Some of the more pop- 
ular fields seem to be engineering, business, and 
education. However, there are some degrees offered 
at M. S. (J. that are sort of "offbeat" such as turfgrass 
management, agronomy, enology, gerentology con- 
centration, and floriculture. 

The curriculum of turfgrass management not only 
emphasizes actual turfgrass management but its re- 
lated areas. There is an increasing demand for col- 
lege-trained turfgrass specialists. This is owed to the 
increased use of turf areas in public parks, ceme- 
teries, golf courses, industrial sites, highway beau- 
tification projects, and suburban home development. 
This emphasis combines training in the biology of 
turfgrasses and landscaping materials with the aes- 
thetic appreciation of the use of these materials in 
enriching the cultural aspects of community living. 
The student is trained to qualify for positions in 
management and business aspects of turf. 

Agronomy is the study of crops, seeds, and soils. A 
B. S. degree graduate in agronomy may work as a 
plant breeder, a pasture management specialist, a 
golf course superintendent, a turfgrass manager, a 
soil conservationist, or a county agent. They may also 
do research for an agricultural experiment station or 
a commercial organization. Seed companies that pro- 
duce, harvest, test, store, and sale seeds employ 

Enology is designed to prepare students for po- 
sitions in the fast expanding grape and wine industry. 
Students acquire basic knowledge in the classroom 
and experience in the field and laboratory in the 
biological and related sciences. Enology not only 
provides students with technical but also practical 
knowledge in harvesting, processing, and distribution 
of grapes and their fermented products. 

Gerentology concentration is a field of study de- 
signed to provide people with current factual and 
theoretical data along with practimum experience 
relating to the process of aging. It is a multi- 
disiplinary effort that has contributes from a variety 
of departments across several colleges on the cam- 

Floriculture offers an education for a wide variety 
of employment opportunities. The salaries are com- 
parable to those in the area of agriculture. Students 
are prepared in many different roles such as garden 
center management, landscape nursery work, land- 
scape maintenaince, greenhouse management, and 
nursery management. 

-Kenna Durham 

j hoto by "Fred Faulk 







V }V 

1 4;^ *# 

■•-.; •.■" ,-..-/- C-'.'.cv.'t 1 - 



"USA! USA! USA," chanted nearly 1,500 students who turned out 
at noon Wednesday, January 23, in the Donald W. Zacharias Student 
Gathering Park to show support for U.S. troops serving in Operation 
Desert Storm. 

The students, most carrying American flags, sang, cried and 
cheered together under overcast skies in support of Americans over- 

The rally was organized by the Mississippi Federation of College 
Republicans. George Fondren, chairman of the College Republicans 
said the main purpose behind the rally was to support President Bush 
and American troops in the Middle East. 

"I was tired of seeing a small group of people, namely radicals, 
protest the war, and I thought it was time the president and our troops 
saw the truth. The majority of the people do support the war," 
Fondren said. 

Supporting the troops is what is important, regardless of whether or 
not a person supports the war, Fondren said. 

"We support the president and our troops. We belive that our policy in 
the gulf is the right one. War is a bad thing, but sometimes it can't be 
avoided. The young people realize this isn't another Vietnam and 
Saddam Hussein must be stopped. He is developing nuclear weapons 
as we speak and 1 don't think he has ever had a weapon that he didn't 
use," he said. 

Several speakers were on hand for the rally, including Sam Scales, 
current civilian aid to the Secretary of the Army. Scales was with 
Sonny Montgomery recently during a trip to visit the 155th at Fort 
Hood, Texas. 

Spence Flatgard, vice president of the Student Association, spoke 
as a representative for the students at the student sponsored rally. 

Though the majority of the students present showed support 
throughout the rally, there were a few anti-war protestors who showed 
up to voice their concerns about the war. 

The enthusiasm of the crowd rose to a roar when N. E. Wilson, a 
Vietnam Veteran, began to speak. 

Wilson, who graduated from Mississippi State University in 1953, 
was a pilot during the Vietnam conflict. 

With a yellow bandana tied around his head, Wilson kept the 
crowd's attention through his story of experience of what a war is 
really about. Wilson related two different sides to the story of war: one 
side as a soldier himself and the other as the son of a soldier. Wilson's 
father served in France during World War I. During the rally Wilson 
carried the flag that was presented to his mother when his father died. 
■Cindy Wood, Reflector Staff Writer 

photo.-' &?'• 

" ' wBfct *w8£ 



111" Mm 

This Is a partial list of students who have been called to active duty as of January 29, 1991. We 
deeply regret not being able to provide everyone's name who has been called, but they are In our 
thoughts and prayers. 

David Alexander 
David Allen 
James Allen 
Benjamin Buchanan 
William Bunker 
Kevin Burnette 
Patrick Burns 
Mark Stephen Collins 
Stephen Cook 
William Crocker 
Roland Cross 
Joseph Deason 
Thomas Dilworth 
Glenn Dove 
Michelle Edstrom 
William Emmons 
Tony Ferguson 
Theron Gates 
Kenneth Goodwin 
James Hagood 
Mark Harmon 
Henry Harmond 
Lester Young Holman, II 
Ivan Holmes 
Herman Howard, Jr. 
Victor Jackson 
Carlton Johnson 
Isaac Johnson 
Kendrick Johnson 
Christopher Jolley 
Dexter Jones 
Adam Keisman 
Wes Kennedy 
John Kirby 
Martin Lampkln 
Renita Latham 
Jeffrey Lowe 
Sarah McCoy 
Stephen McFarllng 
Charles McMillian 
Troy McPhall 
William Mallette 
David Mancil 
George Mangum 
John Miller 
Kelly Mims 
David Morgan 
Curtis Muirhead 
Marin Murphree 
Steven Palazzo 
Michael Peattie 
Bryan Phillips 
Raymond Polk 
Cordell Riley 
Jayson Rudolph 
Jon Ruscoe 
Marshall Sage 
Jason Sayner 
John Shumpert 
Elroy Skinner 
Bruce Smith 
Leslie Strickland 
Jimmy Taylor, III 
Tlmrny Walker 
Eddie Williams 


— a headline present on the front page of all news- 
papers in late 1990. When the Iraqi tyrant Sadam 
.Hussein invaded Kuwait in a dispute over oil, land, and 
money, he immediately sparked international contro- 
versy and especially caught the attention of the United 
States. A number of countries debated on how to 
handle the situation; President George Bush ordered 
troops to Saudi Arabia. 

An event that had transpired halfway around the 
world has affected Mississippi State University. A good 
number of troops that President Bush has called orig- 
inate from the Mississippi area. At the beginning of the 
fall semester 1990, Mississippi State reported approx- 
imately twenty withdrawals from the University be- 
cause of the Persian Gulf crisis. 

The 155th has divisions located all throughout Mis- 
sissippi — Monticello, Starkville, Amory, Greenville, 
and McComb. 

As Saddam holds steadfastly to his position on Ku- 
wait, more forces accumulate in the Gulf. At the writing 
of this article, over 240,000 U.S. troops are present in 
Saudi Arabia along with the more than 300,000 sol- 
diers representing twenty-six other nations, bush or- 
dered an additional 200,000 troops to the Gulf in early 

Charles Rooker, a senior political science major at 

Mississippi State, is a member of the 155th. The 155tl 
was activated on November 28. Rooker acts as thi 
medical section chief of the 2-114. He believes that thi 
United States should be involved in the Persian Gul 
Crisis, and he indicated the possibility of war. "I'm fo 
our being over at Saudi Arabia. Saddam becomes I 
tyrant on oil by blantantly attacking a defenseles 
country. . . We might go to war. There is sort of ; 
stalemate now — but something small will probably se 
a war off." Rooker comments on the strength of th 
Mississippi National Guard. "The State economy is no 
as equally sound as others, so people join the Natione 
Guard for income. Thus, Mississippi is very supportiv* 
of the National Guard. Bush chose Mississippi's unit 
for their strength." 

When asked about his parent's views on the sit 
uation, Rooker mentions the great amount of militar 
background in his family. He is the son of Lt. Col. L.Vi 
Rooker and Carol W. Rooker. He has two brothers i 
the military also, and his father had fought in th 
Vietnam War. "My father was giving me a lot of advic 
and telling me how he was feeling before he went I 
fight at Vietnam. Mom, of course, is hysterical." The 
Rooker expressed his own feelings. "I'm confident the 
I can do the job. . . But when training for war, they tr 
to make the scene as realistic as possible. But if yo 
messed up in training, you can always go up and tr 





again. . . This is the first time destiny has been I 
someone else's hands." Rooker is eager to represel 
the United States. 

Mississippi State has shown support campuswide f I 
U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia. Students are tying yelk 
ribbons around trees, car antennae, and even J 
backpacks. Many residence halls are collecting cannJ 
foods for the soldiers, while others are sending p&[ 
cards. Jon Richards, residence hall director for 
boomerangs, initiated Operation Loyal Heart in Se 

"Operation Loyal Heart is an non-profit organizati 
of students dedicated to supporting U.S. troops si 
tioned in Saudi Arabia during the Gulf Crisis. It is a nc 
profit organization comprised of student voluntee: 
and is intended to be a united drive of the residen 
halls of MSU." 

The first shipment from Operation Loyal Heart w 
delivered on October 23 to a batallion in the 82nd I 
Borne. Loyal Heart delivered over two hundred poun 
of goods. Free delivery of the first care packages wl 
possible through the Columbus Air Force Base. Ri<| 
ards plans for another shipment late in the fall 
mester. He is attempting to gear this delivery mc 
toward Mississippi State students in Saudi Arabia. 

On November 29, 1990, the Alpha Tau Omega's 
MSU organized a candlelight march in honor of the U 
soldiers in the Persian Gulf. The march began in front 
the Union and continued to the amphitheatre. 

It was also on November 29, 1990, that Presidi' 
George Bush gave Saddam Hussein unitl January 15 
withdraw from Saudi Arabia. 
■SaUy Wong 


Saddam Hussein 


1. William K. Adams 

2. Jack Allen 

3. Veronica R. Applewhite 

4.Bettina K. Avent 

5. Chad Barron 

Bogue Chitto 
6. Joe S. Beard 

7 Barry R. Bedells 

S.Steven Burchfield 

French Camp 
9. Bradley P. Burns 

West Point 
lO.Evendra Clarett 

11. Preston Cobblns 

12. Larry Coggins 

13. Charles Coleman 

U.Mark Cooke 

15. Thomas W. Crosby 

16. Martin Crump 

17. Mark Dupree 

18. David K. Edwards 

19. Barbara Fleming 

20.Priscllla Gardner 

21. Charles R. Garrlck 

Linden, AL 
22. David G. Gore 

23. Richard R. Gray 

24Todd Hall 

25. John S. Hallman 

26. David Hammarstrom 

27.Shawronda Harper 

28. Christopher M. Henry 

29.John C. Huddleston 

30.Calvin Johnson 

31Melanle King 

32. Stacy M. Lashley 

33. Kenneth Lewis 

34. William C. Long 

35.Tywanda Lowe 

36.Ricky E. McDonald 

37. Tommy McTaggert 

West Point 
38 David W. Parker 

39.Richard Parish 

40. John L. Peeples 

41. James D. Pickett 

42. Bruce A. Putt 

43. Charles C. Rooker 

Staunton, VA 
44.Dederial Seay 

45. John H. Singleton 

46. Gary L. Smith 

47. Patrick Sprinkle 

48. Steven D. Travers 

49.John Vozzo 

50.Jerry W. Wade 

51. Theresa Ward 

52.Tony L. White 

West Point 
53.Tlmothoy D. Williams 


54. Elmo Ziebach 
Monroevllle, AL 

"Some people strongly oppose and 
won't support U.S. participation in 
the crisis, . . but it's not the sol- 
dier's fault that he's in Saudi Ara- 
bia. If you won't support the cause, 
then support the troops. . ." 

•Jon Richards 

Operation Loyal Heart 


The campus of Mississippi State University is made up of 
many interesteing structures. To the right is a unique view of 
the Forestry Research and Technology Park, and below a MSU 
student gains a new perspective of the fountain located outside 
the south end of the Colvard Union. Many students enter Allen 
Hall without noticing the structure in front of the building. This 
structure, pictured in the lower right, commemorates MSU's 
centenial. A plaque in front of the structure says, "The py- 
ramidal base is a traditional and stable closed entity rep- 
resenting the noble past. The top structure is a symmetrical, 
open-ended, and unresolved. The stability of the base supports 
the top and allows the dynamic present to form the promising 

■Kathryn Clayton 

top: technology park 

bottom left: Allen Hall 

bottom right: fountain at the gathering park 

photo by Julian DillaiJl 



When the cafeteria was built, it was made to look like a 
cathedral so that it would not be destroyed if war were 
to threaten. This cathedral architecture is evident in the 
attractive arches of the cafeteria. Also the lamps outside 
of Lee Hall add to the attractiveness of the campus at 


The things that were Mississippi State 
and always will be. 

The Mitchell Memorial Li- 
brary: The building not only al- 
lowed "open" stacks for the first 
time, but it also had air con- 
ditioning. Also in 1970, an ad- 
dition was built. 

photo by Mark Warner 


Named after the late MSU promot- 
er and 23 year trustee, William Bell 
Montgomery, Montgomery Hall was 
constructed between 1902 and 1903 
making it the second oldest building on 
campus (Twin Towers being the 
oldest, 1900). After 25 years, Mis- 
sissippi A & M erected Montgomery 
Hall as the Agriculture Building. With- 
in a few more years, Montgomery Hall 
housed several other fields including a 
library and museum. 

photo by David Farrish 

Lee Hall was built in 1909-10. It 
now houses the English and foreign 
language department as well as sev- 
eral administration offices. The Ste- 
phen D. Lee Memorial Chapel, as it 
was known, had a bad fate on October 
20, 1948, when one-fourth of the 
building burned as a result of workmen 
tarring the roof. Lee Hall had one 
million dollars worth of damage laid 
upon it. 

photo by Mark Warner 

photo by Mark Warner 

The night before a test. . .12:00 
midnight. . .Oh Yeah!. . .To get an 
"A", a student could try the luck of 
the statue of Stephen D. Lee. The 
statue is rumored to hold magical pow- 
ers like no other on Mississippi State 
University's campus. The statue was 
built as a dedication to Mississippi A & 
M's first president. Still today the stat- 
ue stands proudly in the center of the 
drill field waiting for desperate stu- 
dents to come rub his nose the night 
before exams. 

As Lee Hall is symbolic of the be- 
ginnings, the Union is the symbol of 
the campus today. The Union is 
known as the "living room" of campus 
because it's the students's lives out- 
side the classroom. It was built in 1964 
and expanded in 1968. 

photo by Mark Warner 


After all of the gossip and rumors, a little trip into the 
heritage of Mississippi State University showed a long 
list of unknown facts and misguided rumors. 

Throughout the years, several stories have circulated 
and multiplied about the orgins of the cafeteria and 
Ekie's Pond, and now the real truth about their origins 
will emerge. 

The Auxiliary Cafeteria was proposed to be built in 
1907, but due to lack of funds it was postponed until 
1922. A 1906 REVEILLE contains a satirical poem 
written to show the students contempt towards the 
Mississippi Hall which had a problem with flies and semi- 
edible food. The gothic style of the cafeteria led to more 
room for its increasing population and more open at- 

Ekie's Pond has long been admired for its serenity and 

off-campus atmosphere, but why was it originally built? 
If you have ever chanced to walk by the large stone 
erected at the pond, you might want to read the in- 
scription. The Pond's inception was a project of the 
Horticulture Department led by Proffesor A. B. McKay 
in 1893. The President of then Mississippi A and M in 
1893, hired McKay in charge of the Horticulture De- 
partment, but mainly to beautify the campus. Ekie's 
Pond was McKay's project to show the potentialities of 
irrigation on vegetables and other crops. It was the first 
of its kind undertaken by a land-grant college. 

Was the cafeteria really built in gothic style to cam- 
ouflage it from being bombed in World War I? Was 
Ekie's Pond constructed in order to water horses during 
the Civil War? No. 

-Heather Burwell 



-.» WPm 

Bully, the bulldog- 

On February 27 a celebration took place on the campus of 
Mississippi State University in honor of the birthday of our 
beloved mascot, "Bully", the bulldog. 

Mississippi State's first Bully was presented in a parade in 
Jackson after our victory over Ole Miss in November of 1905. 
This Bully became the symbol of MSI). His death was a great 
tragedy to the students. To do him the honor they thought he 
deserved the students held a funeral procession and Bully I was 
buried on the fifty yard line of the football field under the 
players bench. 

Mississippi State installed its sixteenth bully in the spring of 
1990. Bully XVI now has recieved the honored to carry on our 
proud tradition. 

From the start of November of 1905 to the date of February 
27, 1991, a bulldog has represented this campus and com- 
munity. The MSU bulldog was the first mascot in the South- 
eastern conference. The bulldog stands for tenaciousness, 
strength, courage, friendliness and, at times, stubborness. 

Bully, the man- 
Just as Bully, the bulldog, is a representation of our school's 
character, Bully, the man, embodies our school's spirit and 
pride. The job of Bully is one that is time consuming and entails 
more than just participating in pep rallies, football games and 
basketball games. He does drug programs for local elementary 
schools, attends birthday and faculty parties and rides In 
Christmas parades. In everything he does, Bully's main job is to 
represent the students of MSU. 

Many may wonder just how you become Bully. The story of 
this year's Bully, Tripp Arnold, is one that begins during his 
senior year at Jackson Prep. He knew one thing- he wanted not 
only to attend Mississippi State, but to be a part of it. His uncle, 
a former MSU cheerleader, turned him on to the idea of being 
Bully. Tripp had always enjoyed sporting events and this was a 
way he could be a part of colligiate athletics. 

Tripp had the opportunity to substitute for Bill Buntyn as 
Bully during the football season of 1989. When Bill was unable 
to return for spring semester. Tripp was voted in as Bully to 
serve the rest of the year. He enjoyed his experience so much 
that he decided not to let anyone take it away. He worked hard 
and went through the proper tryout to receive the honor for the 
1990-1991 year. 

Tripp's experience as Bully has been one that was filled with 
children's smiles, new found friends, and a lot of hard work. 
When asked about serving MSU as Bully, Tripp's reply was, "I 
feel that it has been great to represent the school." It has been 
great to have Tripp there to supporting our team and en- 
tertaininging us. 

photo by Julian Dlllard 

Forgotten Language 

Once I spoke the language of the flowers, 

Once I understood each word the caterpillar said, 

Once I smiled in secret at the gossip of the starlings, 

And shared a conversation with the housefly 

in by bed 
Once I heard and answered all the questions 

of the crickets, 
And joined the crying of each falling dying 

flake of snow, 

Once I spoke the language of the flowers.... 

How did it go? 

How did it go? 

-Shel Silverstein 

photo by Vanessa Edwards 

photo by Vanessa Edwards 


Nature's Touch 


photo by Vanessa Edwards 

photo by Sonny Matthews 

Have you forgotten the language of the 
flowers? Do you remember digging in the yard 
with a relative or friend, planting a seed and 
waiting for it to grow? We are fortunate here 
at Mississippi State because someone makes 
sure we always have those plants and flowers 
to enjoy. 

-Vanessa Edwards 

hoto by Vanessa Edwards 


athering Places 

Quiet Enjoyment 

The purpose of landscaping is to help make our environment 
more functional while preserving the natural beauty of an area. 

We have quiet benches tucked into unexpected corners, 

courtyards, and central gathering parks. At just about anytime 

during the day you can find someone in one of these places. They 

are there to enhance our university and to give us a break from 

our everyday stress. Do you have a favorite? 

•Vanessa Edwards 

photo by Mark Warner 



MSU spends $86,000,000 a year on academics and 
$7,972,000 a year on our athletic program? -Dr. Verrall, V.P, 
Aministrative Office 

22,000-25,000 pieces of mail go through the campus post 
office daily? -Larry Kittrell, Postmaster 

MSU's cafeteria serves 2200 meals per day? -Vicki Clark, 
Dining Services Director 

The Union serves an average of 1000 meals daily? -Vicki 
Clark, Dining Services Dirctor 

13,562 students have cars on campus, but there are only 
about 10,897 parking spaces available? -Allen Taylor 

Daily traffic tickets average about 500? 

The cafeteria uses 84 dozen eggs, 40 pounds of cheese, 85 
pounds of hamburger bulk, 150 hamburger patties, 100 
pounds of french fries, and 160 pounds of chicken per day; 
not to mention 40 gallons of cheese sauce, 12 gallons of 
green beans, and 12 gallons of ketchup? -Vicki Clark, Dining 
Services Director 


What happened at State in 1990?? 

The Diamond Dogs entered the College World Series, Garner Hall 
transformed into a coed dorm, lacrosse debuted at M.S.U., gas 
prices soared, and an earthquake was predicted to rock the entire 
top half of Mississippi. Question — Will even an earthquake be able 
to level of the sidewalks at Mississippi State University?? 

January 8 Spring registration 

January 15 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. march 

January 15-17 BSU Christival 

January 24 MSU defeated Ole Miss in 4 overtimes 

January 27-28 A Modem Antigone play 

February 13-15 MSU College Bowl 

February 16-17 Residence Halls Students Conference 

February 26 Miss MSU Pageant 

March 3-4 Discovery Weekend 

March 5 Bridal Fair by Fashion Board 

March 25 Scholarship Recognition Day 

March 26-31 Greek Week 

March 28 Smithereens/Better Than Ezera in concert 

March 31 Beaux Arts Ball 

April 3 International Festival 

April 10 "Oozefest" coed mud volleyball 

April 15-22 Earth Week 

April 20-22 Super Bulldog Weekend 

May 12 Graduation 

,,TAT 2l V " r U 

2k £? 

photo by Kostas Zorbala 


August 20-21 1990 Fall Registration 

September 7 Opening of amphitheatre 

September 11-12 Career Day 

September 15 Discovery Day 

September 21 Watermelon Fest, Drivin' n' Cryin' 

September 30 McEntire, Van Shelton, Stone at MSU 


1 1 Second Animation Celebration 
14-15 "Midnight At McCarthy" 
15-19 Alcohol Awareness Week 
17-23 MSU Banana Split World Series 
18 production of True West 
20 SCAPE roadside cleanup 
27 Homecoming 
31 "Transylvania Bowl" blood drive 

November 1 2 Heart & Cheap Trick in concert 
January 6 MSU vs Ole Miss basketball televised 
-Sally Wong 

photo by Jullian Dillard 





photo by Mark Warner 

Something Special came in concert at MSU 




The Modern 

Bob Hope, Whitesnake and Rcba McEntire-not exactly a group of entertainers with 
something in common. However, these people and many other stars have one 
common bond. Mississippi State University Music Makers has been sponsoring their 
concerts on campus since 1975. 

Michael Marion, a former MSU student, founded Music Makers when the MSU 
Student Association's social committee began to expand beyond its original functions. 
As the demands for bigger programs began to increase, Marion changed the name to 
Music Makers to sound more professional and attract entertainment agents. After 
holding the position of director, he attended graduate school where he took a 
graduate assistant position as an adviser to Music Makers and eventually became 
Union Program Advisor. 

Today, the focus of Music Makers is to bring entertainers to campus students 
would enjoy. "Whatever we feel the students want to hear is what we try and do," 
Todd Hunt, director of Music Makers, said. "We keep our ear to the ground, so to 
speak, and listen to who people on campus want to see." 

The 12-member staff forms the ticket committee, headed by Laura Beth Fleming; 
the promotions committee, headed by Kenny Janous and the artist relations com- 
mittee, headed by Chelley Burton. "It's a lot of work, but I think the people on the 
committees really enjoy it," Hunt said. 

"A lot of people think you can just pick up a phone, make a call and the act will be 
there whenever you want them and there's really a lot more involved in that. It's not 
as easy as it may seem to people on the outside. That's probably the biggest 
misconception about us and what we do." 

"If there's somebody we have in mind, we'll call the agency that represents them, 
see if they're going out on the road, see how much they are, and see if the date will 
work out with what we've got," Hunt said. To add to these conditions, Music Makers 
must follow guidelines set by the school. "We have to be real careful about the acts 
we bring in. They don't need to have a record of being profane on stage or habitual 
drug users. The administration is real sensitive to what the community thinksnot so 
much the students," Hunt said. Hunt also feels the music industry has changed to 
where getting "big names" to visit MSU is not only difficult, but expensive. 

Hunt was reluctant to provide any information on upcoming acts but did express 
the possibility of performances later in the semester. 
-Shelley Powers, Reflector Staff Writer 


The Smithereens in concert at MSU. 

photo by Mark Warner 
Drivin' and Cryin' in concert. 

Skeleton Crew/Cafe Des 
1-12-90 7:30pm 
Lee Hall Auditorium 

Smithereens/Better Than Ezra 
3-28-90 8:00pm 
McCarthy Gym 

Ricky Van Shelton/Vern 

4-11-90 8:00pm 
Humphrey Coliseum 

Kim Hill 
4-25-90 8:00pm 
Lee Hill Auditorium 

Circus Mind/Change to Eden 

9-7-90 6:30pm 

Five Points Amphitheater 

drivin' n' cryin'/Slick Lilly 

9-21-90 6:30pm 

Five Points Amphitheater 

Reba McEntire/Ricky Van 
Shelton/Doug Stone 
9-30-90 8:30pm 
Humphrey Coliseum 

Something Special 
10-11-90 8:30pm 
Humphrey Coliseum 

Skelton Crew/I. E./Indentity 


10-26-90 9:30pm 

Five Points Amphitheater 

Crystal Wind 

11-1-90 8:00pm 

Lee Hall Auditorium 

Heart/Cheap Trick 
11-12-90 8:00pm 
Humphrey Coliseum 



The Classical 

The Swing Machine-October 23, 1990 

In 1980, Danny Blurton and Bill Faulkner organized the Swing Machine — a dance orchestra that would re- 
create the great sounds and excitement of the 30s and 40s. In the tradition of the famous bands that became 
legendary, Blurton and Faulkner enlisted the support of many of the finest Instrumentalists in the mid-South. 

Unlike many big band groups, the Swing Machine plays the authentic musical arrangements used by the original 
artists, thus ensuring the true re-creation of the Big Band sound 

Mississippi Symphony String Quartet 

The Mississippi Symphony String Quartet is a touring component of the Mississippi Symphony 
Orchestra. Ms. Plucker, on violin, has been assistant concertmaster with the Mississippi Symphony 
Orchestra since 1981 Mr. McNally, playing violin, is currently concertmaster for the Mississippi 
Symphony Orchestra, having formerly held this position with the Tulsa Philharmonic Orchestra Mr. Davis, 
violinist, is known throughout the South for his musical expertise. Mr. Randman, the principal cellist with 
the symphony, completes the group 

"Oh, Mr. Faulkner, Do You Write?" 

When John Maxwell steps on the stage as William Faulkner In his highly acclaimed one-man 
show on the life and words of William Faulkner, "OH, MR. FAULKNER, DO YOU WRITE?", there 
will be an added dimension for him — the pipe he uses In the show actually belonged to William 
Faulkner. The pipe and one of Mr. Faulkner's hats are two of many things that give the show an 
authentic look. "I'd wear the hat, but it's too small," explains Maxwell, "so we've put It on the old 
bench that helps define the borders of the set." 

The entire set Is closely patterned after Rowan Oak, Faulkner's home In Oxford, Mississippi. The 
writing desk, as well as smoking chair, are exact replicas of the originals. The set Is also cluttered 
with books, wrapped In Jackets that are color xerox copies of first editions. 

"OH, MR. FAULKNER . ." Is not only a glimpse of the man, William Faulkner, but also a very 
accurate picture of the place that helped Inspire some of those masterpieces of American 

The Mississippi Opera- January 29, 1991 

The Mississippi Opera, In Its 46th year, brings you a contemporary work/opera about the Classic 
Love Triangle. . the corporate executive, his most admiring secretary, and the window washer??? 
"La Serva Pandrona," the first Imporant opera buffa was written by Pergolesl In 1733. The libretto 
especially prepared for the Mississippi Opera, Is written in rhyme and pattern. 

Mississippi Mass Choir-February 17, 1991 

The Mississippi Mass Choir, under the direction of founder Frank Williams and musical 
director David R. Curry, represents every region of the state. Gospel Is the sound of their 
music. Their distinction was recognized on October 29, 1988, when they recorded their first 
album and video In Jackson, Mississippi; three thousand supporters were In attendance, and 
fifteen hundred more were turned away. 

Ballet Mississippi first began to tour as a regional company in 1976 and, since 
1978 as a professional company. With a pronounced leaning toward classical ballet, 
the company's repertoire Is constantly being augmented with contemporary works. 
This eclectic blend of programming, together with the skill and enthusiasm of the 
professional troupe of dancers, continues to make Ballet Mississippi both an 
audience and presenter favorite. 

Paula Page — April 9, 1991 

Mississippi bom Paula Page graduated from Mltlsaps College with a B A In voice and 
piano and received her MM. in voice performance from Indiana University A metropolitan 
Opera prize winner, she left for study in Europe with a Fulbrlght grant In 1967. 

She now combines her concert and operatic performances with teaching and master 
classes, and was recently appointed Professor of Voice at the State Music Conservatory, 
Frankfort, Wolfgang Goethe University 


State Raises $14,000 

in United Way Drive 

Since 1980, there has been a competition between 
Mississippi State, Ole Miss, and Southern to see shich 
school could raise the most money for United Way. 
Mississippi State has held the title for ten years. The 
competition ends at the State/Ole Miss game in Jack- 
son. This year Mississippi Students pulled together to 
raise over $14,000. To begin the campaign, Lambda 
Chi Alph held its annual Watermelon Fest for sorority 
pledge classes. To promote Homecoming and United 
Way, a t-shirt was designed and sold to students and 
alumni. Campus Activities Board sponsored the biggest 
ever Halloween Carnival with over twenty booths and 
the proceeds went to United Way. The first annual MSU 

Stallion Pageant, a womanless beauty pageant with 19 
contestants, helped raise money while providing en- 
tertainment. Throughout the competion, residence halls 
coordinated raffles and other fundraisers to collect mon- 
ey. Student organization such as honoraries, clubs, etc. 
contributed more money than ever. To end the com- 
petition, United Way week was the last drive to raise 
money. The week started off with the United Way 
sweetheart contest. One girl from each sorority col- 
lected money for a week to see who could raise the 
most. Many studetns took advantage of the midnight 
movie at the Cinema 12 with $1.00 form every ticket 
going to United Way. Several familiar faces on campus 
were seen in jail outside the Union with a $15.00 bond. 
Throughout the week, people collected money all over 
campus. Student involvement in the campaign was tre- 
mendous, enthusiastic, and generous. United Way owes 
a big thank you to the students of Mississippi State who 
gave of their time and money. 
-Leslie Bethea 

photo by Bernard Ellis 


photo by Bernard Ellis 

photo by Mark Warner 

photo by Kostas Zorbalas 


photo by Mark Warner 

photo by Kostas Zorbalas 



Homeless Count — A legion of clipboard-toting counters sought out 
shelters, subways, and steamgrates in March 1990 in the broadest 
attempt ever to find out the extent of homeless since it became a national 
disgrace in the 1980's. The homeless — now estimated to number 
250,000 to 3 million — were asked their name, age, sex, race, and marital 

Nelson Mandela World Tour — Mandela, age 71, was freed in Feb- 
ruary 1990. Massive crowds turned out for African National Congress 
Leader Nelson Mandela at every stop on his six-week tour of three 
continents. Mandela visited 14 nations in Europe, North America, and 
Africa explaining the goals of his ANC movement. 

Pro-Democracy Rally. Prague — It was finally a time of 
change in Eastern Europe. Communism no longer ruled 
that part of the world. Demonstrators demanding an end to 
Communist domination lit candles and placed flowers on 
bloodstained sidewalks where police attacked protesters in 
the largest rally in 20 years. 

Chamorro Victory — Violeta Barrios de Chamorro, 
publisher of Nicaraqua's opposition newspaper, led a 14 
part coalition to victory over Sandinista rule despite po- 
litical inexperience. The general election was monitored by 
more than 3,000 international observers, including the 
United Nations, the Organizations of American States, and 
a delegation led by former US president Jimmy Carter 

Earthquake in the Phillipines — A major earthquake 
jolted Manila and surrounding Luzon island on July 16, 
killing at least 193 people and leaving hundreds more 
trapped in collapsed bulidings. 

David Souter — Souter became the latest member of the 
Supreme Court in October. 





Flag Protection Act — The US Senate rejected a constitutional 
amendment against flag burning on June 26, 1990, with critics 
arguing that it was already dead and being debated largely as 
ammunition for use against them at election time. 

Spring Floods in Texas — Thousands of families in the hardest 
hit north and north central Texas counties of Liberty, Bowie, 
Brown, and Dallas watched the rain-swollen Bravos, Trinity, and 
Red Rivers wash away their homes and chunks of their lives. 

German Unification — World leaders welcome a united Ger- 
many into the international community on October 3, 1990, but 
concerns about the balance of power tempered some European 
enthusiasm. The nation united at the stroke of midnight when a 
giant German flag was raised in front of the battle-scarred 
Reichstag building in Berlin. The unificaton came 11 months after 
the Berlin wall fell in a peaceful revolt. 

Soviet Union 
Soviet Union. 

Food had become a scarce commodity in the 

I \ 


A New Beginning 


A New Decade 

Free Elections in Romania — Excited Romanians voted May 20, 1990, in 
their first free election in 53 years. The main issues of the campaign including 
moving Romania's centralized socialist system to a free market economy and 
dismantiling the communist system. 

Financial Situations — The "savings and loan" business hit a brick wall in 
1990. It is estimated that the losses — through bad management and bad loans 
— will be in the billions of dollars. The S & L's are in so much trouble that the 
FSLIC has been refunding money to people who lost their life savings in failed S 

The Cold War Has Ended — President George Bush and President Mikhail 
Gorbachev of the Soviet Union met several times during 1990 — on economic 
matters, nuclear concerns, and on the possibility of war in the Persian Gulf. The 
Cold War between the two "super powers" has ended and an era of cooperation 
has begun. 

r K 



Earth Dav — On April 22, 1990, an estimated 
200 million people all over the planet celebrated 
the 20th anniversary of Earth Day as activists 
pleaded for the rise of a new "conservation gen- 
eration" to care for the fragile environment. Earth 
Day was celebrated in more than 3600 US com- 
munities and in 140 other nations according to 

The Persian Gulf Crisis — In the early morning 
hours of August 2, 1990, following negotiations 
and promises by Iraq's dictator Saddam Hussein, 
not to use force, a powerful Iraqi army invaded 
Kuwait. Within three days, Iraqi troops had 
poured into Kuwait. The US wasted no time in 
answering the aggression. The US Army's heav- 
iest ground firepower soon reached Saudi Arabian 
soil for the standoff with Iraq. 

As of mid-October, more than 200,000 US 
troops had been deployed to Saudi soil. They are 
preparing to defend Saudi Arabia from a possible 
Iraqi attack. 

In November, the United Nations issued a Jan- 
uary 15, 1991, deadline for Iraq to withdraw from 
Kuwait. If Saddam Hussein refuses, President 
Bush said the US troops will use force. 

% "36& i 





Reaching the Milestone 

Rarely do the workloads of an academic major compare strikingly to the other 
majors of a university. Two of these majors exist at MSU. Both architecture and 
veteranary medicine have ciricula that inspire awe in one who researches them. 

A veternary medicine graduate student has strived through the preparation of the 
pre-veternary program only to apply the knowledge they have learned. Many 
veternary medicine students look forward to 8 to 10 hours of work in a day. Many 
projects involve hands-on surgery. Spencer Tally, a graduate student in veternary 
medicine states that veternary medicine is "very demanding, and time consuming, but 
very rewarding." 

The rumor that students live in the architecture building is almost true. These 
students spend up to 200 hours on a single project. This includes idea formation, 
planning, and eventual creation. Most projects are given to the students as vague 
ideas upon which the student builds. Melanie Hartwig, a second year architecture 
student said that it "gives her direction, goals, time management, and appreciation of 
free time." 

■Joe Johnston 

The giraffe is one of the many 

projects that fortunate Veternary 

Medicine students may receive. 

photo by vet info 





Academics — 

In 1980 the administration began a search for a central location for ti 
computer science department and was led to consider Butler Hall. At the time tl 
number of students living in residence halls had dropped, and for the most pe 
the building was empty. The building suited the needs for the computer scien< 
department, so plans were made to renovate the building. The renovation w 
funded by a bond issue passed in 1988. The cost of renovation of the building w 
$2 million. The new building became a foundation for the department and wi 
their Ph.D. program and participation in the engineering department the future 
the department looks brighter everyday. 

■Joy Leggett 



Sports — 

Visitors and MSU students alike have taken notice of the beautiful new addition to 
Scott Field. The field is now graced with an imposing structure that is sure to be a 
great asset to the Athletic Department. Leo Seal, Jr. honored his late father by 
donating $1,200,000 for the renovation of the fieldhouse. The Leo Seal, Sr. M-Club 
Building/University Club was completed by October 1990. It is located at the south 
end of Scott Field on the MSU campus. The addition to the building is to be used for 
banquets, recruiting purposes, and by the athletes for study purposes. 

-Joy Leggett 


A home for the arts-that was the dream that Music Maker Productions 
wanted to fulfill. In 1987 Music Makers began deciding what form their dream 
should take. In the spring of 1990, Music Makers began ground breaking of 
their project. The MSU Amphitheater is a $350,000 project that is being 
funded by Music Makers and a raise of $2 in student fees. Work upon the 
project was done by campus landscaping and the physical plant. Scheduled 
completion was set for November 1990. The MSU amphitheater promises 
new opportunities for campus as well as something Ole Miss does not have. 

■Joy Leggett 



Ms. Edna Ruthguy brightens students' day at the Union Snac 

Everybody knows how it feels on a hot day when you just have to fi 
that perfect something to quinch your thirst. And if you are a freshmen 
new student, you really have not done anything on campus until you t 
an Icee from the Union Snack Shop. It is not so much as the icee, but i 
the warm smile and familiar face of Ms. Edna Ruthguy that ke« 
everybody coming back. 

Ms. Ruthguy is a fifty-three year old resident of Starkville. She has be 
working on campus for the past twenty-one years. Ms. Ruthguy held a 
as a housekeeper previous to working here at State. She started out in I 
Dining Room in the Union then worked her way up to the hot food lii 
and then she later became a cashier which she enjoys the most. Wr 
asked about the snack shop Ms. Ruthguy comments, "I love it becaus 
treat it as if it was my very own." Being unmarried and having no kids r 
brought Ms. Ruthguy closer to the young people on campus. She says s 
enjoys working around young people. She comments that she would i 
trade her job for any other job in the world. 

Ms. Ruthguy is a very warm-hearted person and she should be giv 
much praise for her efforts in pleasing the students and faculty 
Misssissippi State. Buying an Icee from the Union Snack Shop will alw; 
have a special meaning when it is accompanied by Ms. Ruthguy's friem 

■Dinah Batson 


Guys & Girls 

The newest edition to the Honors Program 
this year is Garner Hall, the first Honors res- 
idence hall on the MSU campus. It houses fresh- 
men, but it differs slightly from other freshmen 
halls because both guys and girls reside in Gar- 
ner. So Garner had the honor of being the first 
co-residential hall on campus. 

The idea for Garner began around two years 
ago when Dr. Gerald Tice, director of Student 
housing, contacted Dr. Jack White, Director of 
the Honors Program. Plans began soon after 
when Dr. Tom Carskadon joined the Honors 
Program Staff. 

Garner, a hall previously for upperclassmen, 
was chosen to house the Honors students be- 
cause of its small size. Another advantage was 
the two wing division, perfect for the males on 
one wing and females on the other. However, 
the lobby is shared by both. 

The lobby has become the major hangout for 
the residents in Garner. A rare occurance is 
walking in and not seeing anyone around. Study- 
ing and socializing are usually taking place si- 
multaneously. Garner's staff include nine very 
special people. 

At the top is the resident hall director, Charlie 
Guest. The four female RA's were Audia Moore, 
Donna Jones, Amy Marquez, and Kim Arm- 
strong. RA's for the males were John Kirby, 
Michael Denton, Bert Patino, and Evan Caine. 

Garner Hall has been an enormous success 
thus far. MSU made a wise decision to form a 
co-residential hall. In fact, most of the residents 
didn't want to move into different halls next 
year! Maybe all halls should be converted to co- 

-Crystal Kilgore 





Do you play? 

Football? Volleyball? Basketball? Soft- 
ball? or maybe you like water tube polo or 
darts? Whatever it is that you do, in- 
tramurals probalby has it. The Intramural 
Sports Program offers a wide range of ac- 
tivities for virtually every member of the 
student body. No, you don't have to be an 
Olympic athlete - you could be the average 
Joe off the street. You could play for sheer 
enjoyment or you could play for intense 
competition. It's up to you. The Sigma Chi 
number one flag football team has achieved 
the best of both this year. They won the 
University of New Orleans tournament and 
heaede to New Orleans to play in the flag 
football Sugar Bowl. Maybe your team could 
go next year! 
■Joy Leggett 


photo by Michael Brister 

>hoto by Michael Bristcr 

photo by Chris Aldridge 

C'mon Ref. . . 

Who are those people in the powder blue shirts, 
anyway? Where did they come from? Who taught them 
to call? Their mothers? Yes — these are just a few 
printable things that get said to an intramural official. 
The answer to the questions are simple. They are MSU 
students, just like you. They came from everywhere, as 
close as Starkville and as far away as Wisconson. Finally 
the big question — "Who taught them to call?" Well, 
they must attend training sessions and then, as they say, 
practice makes perfect. They practice. They aren't 
expert officials but they do try their best. They like what 
they do or else they wouldn't be doing it. 
-Joy Leggett 


Arbour Acres 




1 Cresswell 












Hardy Apts. 



University Dr. 




photo by Jullian Dillard 

photo by Tim Warner 

The Residence Halls 

The final pages of this section I'd like to 
dedicate to a fine aspect of Mississippi State 
University that often gets overlooked — 
The Residence Halls. Until you have lived 
there, experienced "dorm life" and left it, 
you don't appreciate it. Now I have some 
confessions to make. I met five of my six 
best friends in Rice Hall. I believe we made 
memories there that will last a lifetime. The 
things that are most important to me now 
are the ones we really didn't think about 
then. Things like. . . the water fight at 3:00 
am because we laughed at her fancy for 
tulips, or the next door neighbor shushing us 
after we had awakened her at 2:30am with 
our laughter and conversation. (Yes, alot of 
things get done late at night.) Things like 
these just creep up on you and while you are 
day dreaming in class you'll remember the 
time you and your roommate created the 
"midnight studying head lamp" and you'll 
fall out of your seat laughing. (I know, our 
neighbors didn't think it was funny either 
when we woke them up to show them.) 
There are bad aspects — I'll admit. You 
fuss and you gripe about how small the room 
is, your having to share bathrooms and — 
why can't they turn their music down; but 
when you leave, you miss it. Then and only 
then do you realize how special the year or 
two or three or four you spent living in 
concrete hell was. It comes home then, just 
what a wonderful experience it truly was. 
Here's to everyone who ever lived in a 
dormitory — excuse me — Residence Hall. 
-Joy Legget 


photo by Jullian Dillard 

Located by the Chapel, 
most people see it but don't 
know what it is. Hull Hall 
could be called the unknown 
hall or the best kept secret. 
Since it is centrally located it 
is easily accessible to the 
center of campus, the Union, 
Post Office, and the stadium. 
Hull offers many advantages 
such as the courtyard and the 
old fashioned windows. Even 
if you can't find a place to 
park, Hull is still a great place 
to live. 

photo by Kostas Zorbalas 


photo by Kostas Zorbalas 

photo by Kostas Zorbalas 


Hightower Hall, one of the 
boomarang residence halls, provided 
housing for freshmen females. 
Through the many hall sponsored ac- 
tivities Hightower provided a fun- 
loving, family-type atmosphere for its 
inhabitants. All in all, female freshmen 
are high on Hightower. The 1990- 
1991 officers include: Nancy Smith, 
president; Michelle Roos, vice pres- 
ident; Cydney Connlmore, secretary; 
Lacy Thompson, treasurer; Theresa 
Oho, social coordinator; Kristin 
Chunn, sports coordinator. ^^^ 


Critz is a boomarang hall located across from Smith Hall. 
It houses freshmen young women. Critz presents many 
opportunities for its young women to meet mew people and 
enlighten themselves in many ways. The 1990-1991 of- 
ficers include: president Leigh Vandiver, vice president 
Kim Walls, secretary/treasure Cita Rivera, social chairman 
Michelle Lane, intramural chairman Robin Richardson 

photo by Mark Warnei 

Duggar is a freshmen resi- 
dence hall located on the far 
north end of campus. Academic 
and social events are stressed 
through hall activities. Duggar 
Hall is one of the unique 
boomareng halls. It is a cheerful 
place that many young men are 
proud to call home. The 1990- 
1991 officers include: president 
David Porco, vice president Rod 
Taylor, secretary Anthony Law- 
rence t treasurer Ronnie Jemis- 
on, attorney general David Ben- 
ton, intramural sports director 
Mackeaver Riveas, floor repre- 
sentatives Chad Lundeer, Terry 
Christian, Anthony Pauls, Mark 
Burr, William Steiner, Kendall 

photo by Mark Warner 


Garner Hall is Mississippi State Uni- 
versity's first co-ed residence hall. It hous- 
es freshmen honors program students. 
Garner is located behind Freeman Hall. 
The students who reside here are well 
rounded students who are involved with 
many campus activities. The 1990-1991 
officers include: president Stephen Palm- 
er, vice president Joan Easley, secre- 
tary/treasurer Jennifer Wolfe, social 
chairman Jennifer Hawks, intramural 
chairman Valerie Davenport, floor rep- 
resentatives Rebecca Daniels, Sara 
Jayne Joyner, Michelle Miles, Amy 
Sampson, Rob Armstrong, Tom Hender- 
son, Jared Heath, Walker Nordon. 


:;: ; 


photo by Mark Warner 


Hamilin Hall is located between Smith and Ses- 
sums and generally houses upperclassmen students. 
Among the programs that the resident assistances 
and hall council stressed involvement included the 
ever famous Hamlin Jam. The very diverse com- 
munity of men make Hamlin unique. The 1990-1991 
officers of Hamlin Hall include: president Scotty 
Barnes, vice president Pete Klose, secretary Michael 
Franklin, treasurer David Weddig, 1st floor repre- 
sentative Trey Fulford, 2nd floor representative Ron 
Dobbs, 3rd floor representative Robert Moore, 4th 
floor represetative Mony Owens, 5th floor repre- 
sentative Hal Rudd, 6th floor representative Doug 
Barnes, 7th floor representative William Erwin, 
sports chairman Todd Richmond, publicity chairman 
Troy Pugh. 

Predominately upperclassmen residence hall, Hathorn 
houses one of the most diverse cross sections of State's 
population can be found here. Hathorn is truly a tribute to 
the idea that people with different backgrounds and from 
differing cultures can come together and live harmoniously. 
The 1990-1991 officers include: Jennifer Glass, president; 
Stephanie Phillips, vice president; Typhannie Jernigan, 
secretary; Julia Lamb, treasurer; Kym Byler, intramural 
chairman; Jen Ard, social programmer. 

photo by Kostas Zorbalas 

Rice Hall, the towering building behind the Creative Arts Com- 
plex, is home for many of MSU's upperclasswomen. The women 
who live in Rice are from diverse backgrounds and by their dif- 
ferences enhance one another. Many strong and lasting friendships 
are developed in the halls of Rice. The 1990-1991 officers include: 
Mamie Miller.director; Bonnie Jones, president. 

photo by Kostas Zorbalas 


photo by Bernard Ellis 

Reaching toward the sky, Suttle Hall houses 
the ambitious upperclassmen of MSU. The nine 
story structure offers a home away from home 
with its atmosphere. The hall council always 
has a full agenda of social activities for the 
residences. The 1990-1991 officers include: 
Neil Jones, vice president; Scott Livingston, 
secretary; Daniel Johnson, sports programer; 
Jeff Porter, treasurer; Dale Block, social pro- 
gram; Jerry McGee, president. 

ir i 


shoto by Michael Brister 


Sessums, the capital of the World, provides housing for 
freshmen males. Sessums, known for its weeklong birthday 
bashes, is also a charitable hall with its residents' many 
philanthropic projects. Intramurals also was an intregal 
part of Sessums's residents' experiences as freshmen. The 
1990-1991 officers include: Myles Sharp, president; Matt 
Burt, vice president; Mario Washington, treasurer; Erik 
Kulkari, social chairman; Chris Farrell, intramural chair- 
man; David Burt, secretary. 



photo by Michael Brister 

photo by Michael Brister 



As one of the ever famous boomarang halls, Smith Hall 
offers fun and excitement for each of its residents. The 
freshmen men who reside here are involved in the many clubs 
and activities MSU has to offer. The hall council provides 
many programs and events for the men. The 1990-1991 
officers include: Keith Russell, president; Michael Spiker, 
treasurer; Bo Richardson, secretary; Rob McKenzie, activities 
chairman, and Jimmy Johnson, Craig Crossland, Billy Reyn- 
olds, Adam Keisman, Brad Gress, Robert Fulcher, Thad 
Caperton, Gus Nyberg, and Sport Goolsloy, floor represent- 






in the SEC 

1990 marked the fifth time in school history that MSU had proceede 
the College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska. The last time that Coac 
Ron Polk had taken the Bulldogs to Omaha, in 1985, they finished thii 
with a roster that included current major leaguers Jeff Brantley, W 
Clark, Rafael Palmeiro, and Bobby Thigpen. The 1990 edition didn 
have that type of name recognition, but they had made it into the fin. 
round of eight just the same. 

Mississippi State was joined by first-round opponent Georgia Sout! 
ern, and Stanford to comprise their half of the bracket, while SE 
regular-season champion LSU, Cal-State Fullerton, The Citadel, an 
Oklahoma State made up the remainder of the field. 

In their outing, MSU faced an old nemisis in Georgia's Dave Flemin; 
Just as he had done during the regular season, Fleming shut down tr 
Bulldogs to claim a 3-0 win for eventual national champion Georgi. 
MSU rebounded by setting a CWS record with 11 first-inning runs 
pounding Polk's former team, Georgia Southern, 15-1. That left only tr 
Stanford Cardinals in the way of another rematch with Georgia. Hov 
ever, Stanford proved to be too much for Bulldogs to overcome as tr 
longest campaign in MSU history endsd with a 6-1 loss to the Cardinal 


Bulldogs Entered as Third 
Seed in Tournament 

R H E 

MSU 16 11 3 

Auburn 2 4 5 

Reed Pitched for 6 innings, 

allowing 4 hits. 

R H E 

MSU 8 9 2 

LSU 17 18 3 

Co-champion LSU sends the 

Bulldogs to losers brackets 

R H E 

MSU 8 9 1 

Florida 2 5 

Harden threw for 7 innings in 

a great effort for the 

Diamond Dawgs 

R H E 

MSU 17 20 2 

Vandy 9 12 2 

MSU's third victory of the 

season against Vanderbilt 

R H E 

MSU 3 10 1 

LSU 15 1 

MSU and LSU were both 

declared SEC champions 

after the deciding game was 

rained out. 


The Mississippi State Bulldogs began 
their 100th season of baseball by par- 
ticipating in the fourth-annual Busch 
Challenge at the Lousiana Superclome in 
New Orleans. After having suffered ma- 
jor losses in front line position players 
from the 1989 team which spent much 
of the season ranked No. 1 in the nation, 
the Bulldogs were looking to fill in the 
gaps and hope that a strong pitching 
staff could help them defend their 1989 
Southeastern Conference Champion- 

MSU started the campaign by match- 
ing up with longtime rival LSU in front of 
9,411 fans in the Superdome. The Ti- 
gers got a home run late to surge past 
the Bulldogs and win 7-6. The next day 
State was upended again, this time by 
New Orleans, as the Privateers claimed 
a 3-2 win. The final day of the tour- 
nament saw the Bulldogs notch their first 
win of the 90's, a 7-4 decision over 
Tulane to clinch the Challenge for the 
Magnolia State. 

The Bulldogs were 11-4 heading into 
their SEC action, and jumped into the 
fire with a three-game home series 
against LSU. MSU lost the first game 
when the Tigers scored twice in the ninth 
to break open a tie game and win, 6-5. 
But Polk's troops rebounded by winning 
the second game, 2-1, and the series 
finale - in 13 innings — 10-9. 

MSU was 7-2 in the league and lead- 
ing the conference after three weekends, 
but a trip to Auburn produced a pair of 
losses, and pushed Georgia and LSU 
ahead of State halfway through the sea- 

In late April, an important conference 
series with Georgia turned sour as State 
was shut out for the first time in 177 
games by Georgia starter Dave Fleming. 
UGA won the first game 9-0 and took 
the second 12-1. But in Sunday's finale, 
MSU took revenge by pounding Georgia 
pitchers in a 22-6 victory which ap- 
parantly served as a wakeup call for the 
Bulldog bats to make one final push 
towards the season's end. Starting with 
that game, MSU would get eight hits or 
more in 18 straight games. 

The Bulldogs entered the SEC Tour- 
nament as the third seed, and left as a 

co-champion along with LSU. The Tigers 
had downed MSU in the second round of 
the affair, thrusting State into the losers 
bracket. But MSU had fought back 
through the losers bracket by downing 
Florida 8-2 and upset Vanderbilt 17-9. 
The Bulldogs followed with a 3-1 victory 
over LSU on Sunday to force a deciding 
game. However, rain made it impossible 
to continue, and both teams were 
decleared champions. Seven Bulldogs 
were named to the 12-man All- 
Tournament Team, including MVP Jon 
Harden. Harden set a tournament rec- 
ord by tossing 11 shutout innings. 

So Mississippi State headed home to 
host their fourth straight NCAA Region- 
al, and the sixth in the last seven years. 
Hosting regionals had not been kind to 
MSU, since the Bulldogs hadn't 
proceeded to Omaha since 1985. The 
tournament opener for MSU saw the 
second-seeded Bulldogs pound Brigham 
Young, 16-5, and senior third baseman 
Burke Masters become the SEC's all- 
time hit leader with a solo home run in 
the fourth. 

The following night, the Bulldogs 
trailed Illinois 3-2 heading into the bot- 
tom of the eighth. But with two outs and 
a man on second, shortstop Jon Shave 
hit a 2-2 fastball over the fence in left- 
center field to give MSU a one-run lead. 
That was followed by rightfielder Tracy 
Echols' solo shot which gave State a 5-3 
lead and set up a Saturday contest with 
top-seeded Florida State. 

The Bulldogs trailed against the Semi- 
noles for much of the game, including a 
8-5 deficit heading into the top of the 
ninth. But a series of singles and walks 
set up a bases-loaded confrontation be- 
tween Masters and FSU relief ace Ricky 
Kimball. With MSU trailing 8-7, Masters 
hit a 3-1 fastball deep into the Left Field 
Lounge for his sixth hit of the day and a 
thrilling 11-8 Bulldog win. FSU rebound- 
ed by downing State 11-9 on Sunday to 
force a deciding game on Monday for a 
trip to Omaha and the 1990 College 
World Series. With MSU trailing 3-1 in 
the top of the eighth and two outs, Raffo 
doubled to tie the score, and came home 
with the game winner on Shave's single. 

-courtesy of Sports Information 

photo by Jullian Dillard 
MSU was full of talent and effort in 1990 as this throw from third base shows. 


photo by Jullian Dil 1 
MSU's pitching staff held strong with advice from catcher, Steve Polk. 


of smiles 


photo by Jullian Dillard 
Dudy Noble Field shows all its beauty on a warm spring day. 

John Cohen was found 

on base much of the 

time for the Diamond 

Dogs in 1990. 

photo by Jullian Dillard 


Above: Pitcher Bobby Reed celebrates MSU's final win against Florida, giving the 

team another trip to Omaha. 

Left: Outfielder David Mitchell slides past Brigham Young to score during Regiona 


Far Right: Throwing the ball to first base, short stop Jon Shave completes a doubl 


Opposite Top: In the dugout, Tracy Echols looks on as the Bulldogs play in thei 

final game at the NCAA College World Series. 

Opposite Bottom: After hitting a ninth inning grand slam to beat Florida State 

Burke Masters is congratulated by excited teammates. 


loto by MSU sports Info 

The game of baseball can be easily compared to the "game of life." No, 
every lifetime does not start with the playing of the national anthem. Nor 
is the path home such a set pattern, but there are some comparisions. For 
instance we all have felt like we have been shut out or thrown out. We 
have all made a few errors and needed some relief. When life throws us a 
curve, we may bunt to get just a little farther, or we could take a chance 
and pop-up for a grand slam or easy out. Some of us like it when it's fast, 
while others want to wait on a slider or screwball. Also like baseball each 
lifetime has its own outcome; if we work hard and as a team, we can be 
the winners. 

-Charity Boatwright 

oto courtesy of Associated Press 


photo by Sonny Matthews 


photo by Julian Dillard 


Of course we love our Diamond Dawgs, but this 
year they were also recognized throughout the 
nation for their academic as well as athletic 
achievements. Graduating with a 4.0 GPA in Math- 
ematics, Burke Masters was chosen as GTE Ac- 
ademic Ail-American. Tommy Raffo captured two 
national honors: second Team ABC A as well as 
GTE All- American. The 1990 team had many 
players chosen in the baseball draft. Bobby Reed 
was a top pitching prospect, Tommy Raffo was 
chosen early, and Junior Jim Robinson was lost to 
Major League Baseball as well. A team without 
names like Clark, Palmero, and Thigpen, the 1990 
Diamond Dogs gained recognition as a team play- 
ing the sport with the zeal and intensity of cham- 
pions, which is what they are-A Team of Cham- 

-Allison Johnsey 

to by Sonny Matthews 


has a rocky year 

% r -4 


photo by Mark Warner 


Mississippi State football has had its ups and 
downs in the past few years. We are all aware of 
that. Although most of the times seem to have 
been downs, our team has had some ups even if 
they aren't that evident. 

For instance, we have beat out in state rivals (i; 
the south) two years in a row, at their stadium and 
ours. That alone is enough to brag about. 

Our field has had a beautiful uplift with the 
renovation of the field house. That was funded by 
a donation. Obviously, someone has faith in our 

Each year we get some of the top recruits. If our 
team continues building, we are bound to improve. 
So we, as fans, should continue to support our 
team. And let them know that we are not just fair- 
weather friends. When our team does win we 
should be excited, but when they lose we should 
not turn our back on them. And maybe by next 
year we will be some badass bulldogs. 

■Chanty Boatwright 


photo by Mark Warner 


* _Jti 

photo by Mark Warner 


mHHl SBS assaasB {sb««>> "TTT^ 

photo by Mark Warner 



photo by Chris Aldridge 

photo by Bernard Ellis 

Even though our team of bull- 
dogs may not be outstanding win- 
ners in relation to other SEC 
teams, they do have their high 
spots teamwise. What we see on 
game days is only part of the story. 
The players put in hours of work 
each day. That alone takes a great 
amount of dedication. Not only is 
their stress physical, but each team 
member has other obligations. 
Imagine being in your dorm room 
by 11:00 every night for months. 

Every player makes sacrifices 
that most of us do not even realize. 
Our team is dedicated and wants 
to win as much as we want them to 
win, if not more. So next time you 
start to complain about our team's 
record, consider how many sac- 
rifices you have made for MSU. 

-Charity Boatwright 

;?£!■:;=»- -^ 

• : i? 7-,*v£ *"$ •■■-^•"*"^ -;'=- 

-tyU ***■**' 

photo by Sonny Matthews 

Down. Set. Hut. Kick. Punt. Return. Block. Tackle. Run. 
THROW. Catch. Jump. Score. Spike. 




When the going gets tough, 
our Bulldogs push. 

photo by Mark Warner 


photo by Tim Warner 


We Faced The Opposition, 

Senior fullback David Fair shows his healthy running ability as he manuvers through two Florida defenders. 

photo by Bernard Ellis 

photo by Bernard Ellis 
•A Gator lines up for a mean hit as sophomore Tay Galloway prepares for the blow. 
■Stretching it to the limit, junior puter Mike Riley flexes the developed calf muscles of a 

And Put Our Best 
Foot Forward. . . 


■These Auburn Tigers can't get an inch past free safety Albert Williams 
and lineman, Keith Joseph. 

-Bulldog defenders kept Auburn close to home as well as keeping the 
score close. 

Pushing Back 

The Opposition, 


• f 

Photo by David Farrish 


uUHfc 'M* N 

Photo by Kostas Zorbalas 

And Sometimes 
Getting Them Down Any Way We Could. 


in our grasp 

Linebacker Keith Joseph has 'Bama quarterback 
Hollingsworth on his mind and in his grasp. 

This season wasn't all that bad. Oh yeah, we went 5-6 
(ANOTHER losing season) and we hardly found a win in 
conference play, but we did see another year of out- 
standing defense and a few fantastic offensive plays. 
Senior Reggie Stewart went over the 100 mark in 
tackles for the third season in a row, and Daniel Boyd 
and Keo Coleman put forth superior effort. Tony 
James' punt and kick-off returns were among the top in 
the nation and were certainly highlights in the 1990 

Yeah, we had a 5-6 season, but it's obviously that 5-6 
is a better record than many seasons we've survived in 
the last few years. And at least we can say we BEAT 
-Allison Johnsey 

photo by Bernard Ellis 


Florida crushed the Dawgs as fiercely as this Florida defender crushed 
88 Tony Shell into the ground. 

photo by David Farrlsh 
Senior Eddie Myles almost hangs on, but the play is just out of reach. 

photo scries by David Farrish 

The Brawl, MSU players vent their frustrations at the prospects of a losing season. 

photo by Mark Warner 

A Bulldog at Heart 

I believe that we could have se- 
lected a better coach than Rocky 
Felker; I believe that we could have 
selected a man with a better coach- 
ing strategy than Rocky Felker; and 
1 believe we could have selected a 
man with a better record of ex- 
perience than Rocky Felker. But I 
don't believe we could have select- 
ed a better man than Rocky Felker. 

Think about how many chants of 
"Up the middle, up the middle, up 
the middle, PUNT!" that the man 
endured. Only in his bitterest frus- 
trations did he ever say anything 
about the fans, and never did he 
blame his players for the losses in- 
curred by the team. His assistant 
coaches never suffered public re- 
proach by him on any account. 

Rocky recruited good players. 
He surrounded himself with good 
assistants. He acted with dignity 
when in the public eye — he never 
embarrassed this university. But 
most of all, Rocky took pride in 

being a Bulldog and took interest in 
every facet of Mississippi State Uni- 
versity. Ron Polk tells of Rocky's 
interest in other fields of athletics. 
Larry Templeton tells of his ded- 
ication to the university. President 
Zacharias commends his tenure at 
the helm of the football squad. The 
only fault he is guilty of is not living 
by Vince Lombardi's philosophy of 
"Winning isn't everything. It is the 
only thing." 

I don't think we can fault Rocky 
Felker for his losing seasons. May- 
be he wasn't the best coach MSU 
has ever had, but he gave all he 
could to his team and to Mississippi 
State and we can't blame him for 
that. To a man who has always 
proven to be sincere, hard-working, 
and dedicated we only owe our 
respect and our best wishes. Good 
luck Rocky, and remember you'll 
always hold special Bulldog mem- 
ories to MSU. 

— Allison Johnsey 

all photos by Kostas Zorbalas 

Photo by Sonny Matthews, other photos by Fred Faulk 
After expansion to Scott Field, Mississippi State officials would like to see the stands full with Jackie 

Sherrill at the helm. 

On December 11, 1990, some- 
ling happened in Humphrey Col- 
eum that all there, and many of us 
'ho were not there, will never for- 
et. During halftime of the Eastern 
entucky basketball game, Jackie 
herrill heard the emotions of State 
tns everywhere in the ovation he 
jceived as our new head football 
Dach. The game was certainly a 
lemorable occasion, and not just 
ecause of the W in the win col- 

But now, our school has been 
ailed a university, "lusting for foot- 
all success." We're blamed for 
anting a winning football team, 
at yet, if you asked any college 
udent, professor, or athlete any- 
here if they wanted their univer- 
ty's team to win, you'd get the 

same answer from all. YES! 

Sports Illustrated says Sherrill 
has a "tainted past." Others look 
at him with hesitancy, waiting for 
him to make a mistake. But when 
the facts come in, Jackie Sherrill 
came in with little time to get his 
staff together, he attracted a strong 
group of assistants, and he brought 
together perhaps the best recruit- 
ing class in the mid-south. He's 
shown great interest and enthusi- 
asm in MSU's academic pursuits as 
well as our athletic promise, and 
he's shown interest in us, the stu- 
dents, and in what we want from 
our athletic programs. In essence, 
he's been all one could want from a 
coach, and as he puts it, his 
"businessman's approach" to foot- 
ball will bring success to MSU. 

A New Enthusiasm 

"People may not 
realize it, but with- 
out managers, 
things would be a 
lot different." 

Some of the most important people are 
behind the scenes and we, as spectators, do 
not realize how necesary their job is. One of 
the most overlooked jobs is that of a man- 
ager. Brian Vandavender, a senior in phys- 
ical education, has been a manager at MSU 
for four years. Because of his dedication, 
Brian's life at MSU has been centered 
around managing. 

During this time, Brian has several re- 
sponsibilities. For instance, he started out 
under Coach Koenning helping with wide 
receivers and running backs. His various 
jobs during practices range from putting out 
and picking up tires to bringing the quar- 
terback balls. He is the manager in charge of 
headsets during the games and washes uni- 
forms afterwards. Every Thursday night be- 
fore games, the managers check every hel- 

photo by Kostas Zorbalas 

Brian Vandavender 



met for any possible cracks, breaks, or other 
damage. They fix the hardware in the helmets 
before it has a chance to malfunction. 

Brian admits, however, that managing is not 
all hard work. The managers form their own 
little team that "plays" together. In fact, on 
some Sunday afternoons they have been 
caught with helmets and pads on. As Brian 
says, it is hard always seeing everyone else 
play; so the managers and trainers have their 
own fun when they get a chance. 

When asked if this experience will help in his 
future, Brian replied that he has learned more 
on the football field than he ever could in a 
classroom. He states that if he only retains a 
third of what he has been around, then he will 
know a lot. 

Brian also replies that managing is a stressful 
job and he takes a lot of pride in it. He stated 

that people may not realize it, but things would 
definitely be different if the managers were not 
there. One of Brians most memorable moments 
was when Coach Felker turned around after 
winning the Sourthern game and specifically 
told Brian that he had done a good job. Two of 
the main things that make his job worthwhile 
are when coaches appreciate his work and 
when the fight song is played. 

After graduation, Brian plans to get his mas- 
ter's degree and teach science while coaching 
football. Never having a second thought about 
being a physical education major because 
sports have always been a major part of his life, 
Brian states that he would not change anything 
if he had to do it all over again. 
— Charity Boatwright 


photo by Kostas Zorbalas 

Although the cheerleaders put in a lot of time 
and hard work, they are not often viewed as 
athletes. Bill Buntyn has serverd as both Bully 
and mike man for two and a half years. For 
their training program, all cheerleaders have 
practice for 2 hours a day for three days a 
week. During practice, half of the time is spent 
on stunts, mostly pyramids, and the other half 
is for basics such as jumps, tumbles, and 

After practice, their time is spent cheering at 
all football games, home basketball games, and 
Ole Miss and Alabama away games. Cheer- 
leaders also have special engagements like pro- 
motional events and clinics. Basketball is prob- 
ably one of the most challenging sports to cheer 

for because you have to be more creative. 

For Bill, personally, cheerieading has been a 
very national experience. He decided to try out 
because he is so crazy and outgoing. "The roar 
of the crowd is so exciting and it is great to be a 
part of it," Bill comented, especially since mike 
man plays such a big role in getting the crowd 

In 1989, Bill got All-American mascot; this 
year he has qualified for the National Cheer- 
leading Team. Bill is from Gulfport. He is a 
Kappa Sigma in his senior year of marketing. 
His goal is to be a marketing manager of Nike. 
His years at MSU and as a cheerleader will be 
remembered as a highlight of his life. 

"Being on the 


squad has been 

a good 

experience for 

me to show my 

school spirit." 

— Bill Buntyn 

Bill Buntyn 


photo by Kostas Zorbalas 

photo by Michael Hobby 



"We think the dia- 
mond girls are one of 
the most important 
auxiliary forces on the 
baseball staff. . .They 
add a touch of class to 
our program." 

-Ron Polk 

Diamond Girls 

Our baseball team is certainly one of MSU's 
best assets. The Diamaond Girls are a big boost 
to our team. Their hard work is necessary 
although not always evident. Not only do they 
retrieve bats, foul balls and helmets, but they 
serve as the ground crew before every home 

game and sell souvenirs. They serve as in- 
dividual support for a small group of players 
by recognizing their birthdays, important 
games, and personal achievements. This 
support can really boost our players. Every 
year more girls are added to the squad. 
They are chosen based upon their capa- 

bility, congeniality, and appearance. A panel of 
coaches, ex-members and others make the de- 
cision of who is added to the squad. 

From the looks of it, a person might wonder 
whether or not our team would be as successful 
without such a support group of spirited girls. 

■Char\t\) Boatwright 


I Mill 

■ III 

photo by Koalas Zorbalas 

Diamond Girls:/ront rom-Michelle Powers, Libby Jones, Wendy Moore, Beth Duncan, Julie Orman, Courtney McCoy, Angie Phares, Julie Nabors, second rouj-Jennifer Taylor, 
Kameron Conner, Kimberly Hobby, Emily Hamilton; captain, Lana Sample, Dana Ishee; co-captain, Sharon Day, Anda Iverson. 



''As a Bulldog Hostesses I feel 
that we are important to MSU's 
recruiting program. It is rewarding 
to meet the new recruits and help 
them see the many advantages of 
State's athletic, academic and ex- 
tracurricular environment." 
-Joy Leggett 

The Bulldog Hostesses are girls who have 
the desire to contribute to their university by 
helping and suppoting the football team. The 
main job of a Bulldog Hostess is to invite and 
encourage high school athletes to consider Mis- 
sissippi State as a choice for a university. Dur- 
ing the season, hostesses keep in contact with 
the prospects and make their visits to our 

campus comfortable and informative. After the sea- 
son they also help in formal recruiting. Year round 
their duties include assitance with the athletic de- 
partment, alumni office, and Bulldog Club activities. 
These girls are dedicated to their school, have a 
good knowledge of sports, and are good commu- 
nicators. Each girl is concerned with the recruiment of 
new athletes. 

Each year a new group of girls is se- 
lected by a interview with a selection 
committee based on their friendliness and 
capabilities in sports. Dee Wilkerson ad- 
vises this group of girls in each of their 

■Charity Boatwright 

photo by Kostas Zorbalas 

Bulldog Hostesses: first rou>-Traci Marshall, president; Linda Ester, secretary; Lolita Pitts, vice president; second row -Traci Hill, Tenela Rodgers, Nicole Clark, Kim Robinson, Sandye 
Thigpen, Shelli Hodges, Lisa White, Katrina Poe, third rom-Stefanie Montgomery, Penny Payne, Barker Jordan, Stacey Shields, Sandra Turek, Kim Durham, Holly Hulbert, Sallie Belle 
Trippe, Suzanne Sebren, Leigh Ann Hunt, Yolanda Hill, fourth row -Patri Armstrong, Lisa Atwood, Dixie Crane, Kathryn Lipscomb, Natalie Moses, Lisa Martin, Jennifer Ard, Joy 
Leggett, fifth rotu-Kay Maghan, Lynn Henderson, Debbie Gray, Karilynn Elliott, Pam Jones, Tarshi Ealey, Erna Rhodman. 


1990-91 Mississippi State Women's Tennis team Kneeling (1-r): Conchita Romero, Sonia Kopyto, Holly Hill (student assistant), 
Sarah Mitten (student assistant). Standing (1-r): Alex Niepel, Sabine Guipal, Head Coach Claire Pollard, Nicole Wagstaff. 


flSSflspi ississipp; 









sun f 
i mis 

photo courtesy of Sports Info. 

As the 1990-91 season begins, the Mississippi State wom- 
en's tennis team is full of high expectations and great ex- 
citement. Many changes have taken place for the Lady Bull- 
dogs. With three returning lettermen to the team, the courts 
see three first year players anxious to make some of their own 
"memories and milestones." Also anticipating only the best is 
first year head coach Claire Pollard. 

A 1989 grduate of MSU, Pollard helped capture the 1989 
NCAA Women's Doubles championship during her fourth 
year at State and served as assistant coach for last year's 
team who came in 8th overall in the SEC. On her new team, 
Pollard noted, "I'd like to get all of our new players plus the 
experienced players coming back fully integrated into the 
program so that everyone is more comfortable when the 
spring season comes around." 
— Maria Keithley 



photo by Chris Aldridge 

Returning letterman 
Sabine Guibal 
places herself 
as she prepares 
to smash 
a return 
of her own. 





* * * * * * 


to the Lady Bulldogs 

Conchita Romero 

and Sonia Kopyto 

begin the long hours 

of practice that 

it takes 

to wear 

the Maroon 

and White. 


i ., 4 m "f T 


* 4 

■4~<"'+ * 



photo by Chris Aldridge 

,....* * M^m> J— #•■ 4"" 4' l"" - ! 



Entering the 1990-1991 collegiate tennis season, five talanted 
members from last year's lineup return. Having posted a some- 
what disappointing record last spring, last year's Bulldog netter 
contingent conclude the 1990 season with a No. 25 national 
ranking. With eight of their 11 losses a year ago coming to teams 
ranked in the Top 25 of the final Volvo Tennis/ITCA men's team 
rankings, the Bulldogs did manage to claim a post-season Top 25 
ranking for the second consecutive year. 

Front and center stage for the 1990-1991 Bulldogs will be 
senior Mark Jeffrey, who is ranked 21st in the nation by Volvo 
Tennis Pre-Season. The nucleus of the Mississippi State tennis 
future centers around a very talented freshman crop, who col- 
lectively will attempt to maintain Mississippi State's Top 25 
national ranking during the course of the 1990-1991 season. 

-Courtesy of Sports Information 






Spring 1991 Home Schedule: 

February 15 — Alabama — Birmingham 

February 16 — Middle Tennessee State 

February 21 — Vanderbilt 

February 23 — Arkansas 

March 7 — Louisianna State University 

March 20 — Samford 

March 24 — Arkansas — Little Rock 

April 6 — Florida 

April 7 — Tennessee 

April 9 — Northeast Louisianna 

April 11 — Southwest Louisianna 

April 14 — Georgia 

photo by Chris Aldridge 

photo courtesy of Sports Information 
Rudolf Drugcr, Jay Bewley, Mark Jeffrey, Gary Henderson, John Hall, Per Nilsson, Tom Peacock, Billy Pate, Jay 
Cohen, Head Coach Andy Jackson 


■^ ifti&gt^^ft. idMtMt^K^^ei\ 

The Hill Family: (L-R) Bennie, 
Demetrius holding Precious, Tenia, and 
Demetrius Jr. 

Photo by David Farrish 

Demetrius goes after this Auburn runningback just 
like he goes after everything in life, giving it all 
he's got. 

Many of us have a distinct picture in 
our minds of what a football player is. 
The crazed "big man" who's loud and 
irresponsible and reckless and who 
usually goes around grunting or beat- 
ing his chest like Tarzan. When you 
meet Demetrius Hill for the first 
time, he may intimidate you a little, 
but once you talk to him, just a few 
words tell you that he's a teddy bear 
at heart. 

He may not tell you much about 
himself, but if you ever get a chance to 
see him with Bennie, D.J., or Precious 
you'll know he's a good father. His 
wife Tenia will tell you how when she 
gets sick, he takes care of the kids. 
Even when Tenia is feeling up to par, 
Demetrius takes full responsibility for 
feeding and dressing his twenty-one- 
month-old daughter, and he gets up at 
6:00 a.m. to get Bennie, who's eight, 
off to school on time. He even does 
some of the cooking! And all this for a 
man who has spent the last four years 
of his life preparing for life on the 

He's worked hard at that too. As 
nose tackle, Demetrius has well-over 
200 career tackles, with more than ten 
of those setting the opponent for a 

Photo by Allison Johnsey 

loss. He was an All-American both at Meridian 
High School and at Garden City Community 
College in Kansas. This year he was invited to 
play in the Blue-Gray game where he got the 
attention of several scouts. "The Giants have 
talked to me as well as the Chiefs and a few 
other teams who want me to run some drills 
and go through a mini-tryout with them." 

Demetrius hopes to be drafted this spring 
and continue his football career, but as for his 
sons being in football, that's another story. 
"Bennie plays football, but I keep trying to get 
him into basketball or baseball. ...Football's just 
too dangerous." But speeding through the liv- 
ingroom with her father's picture under her 
arm, Precious might just surprise the world as 
the first woman running back in the NFL. Not, 
of course, if Demetrius has any say about it. 

When you see how important his family is to 
him, you really understand what makes this 
person memorable. For this man, getting home 
at 6:30 or 7:00 after a grueling day of football 
practice means time for the family. It's hard 
and it takes a firm faith in God, honesty, love, 
trust, and a lot of work, but as Tenia puts it: 
"When you hang in there as a family, it makes 
it all worthwhile." 
-Allison Johnsey 


a family 

Photo by Allison Johnsey 

Above: Unlike most fathers with young children, Demetrius takes a big part of the 
responsibility for twenty-one-month-old Precious by feeding her, dressing her, and 

even puting her to bed. 

Right: Getting ready for the pros is tough, but Demetrius hopes his strenuous 

workouts will pay off when the draft comes around. 


Photo by Allison Johnsey 


photo by Mark Wamei 


The Famous Maroon Band: Penny Adams, Christy Alford, David Wayne Allen, Chris Anderson, Tonya Anthony Kenneth Armstrong, Jamie 
Joann Atkins, Nancy Autry, Christopher Allen Axton, Clifford Barber, Greg Barnes, Stephanie Barnes, William Bedgood, Gray Bekurs, Janice 
Berry, Tim Beyea, Jeff Birdsong, Robert Blakeney, Dawanna Blue, Michael Boyd, Kimberly Bradley, Christa Brainard, Frank Bramlett, Nancy 
Brandon, Laura Brannon, Mark Brannon, Chandler Braswell, Suzanne Brewer, Tanya Brewer, Christopher Brink, Mitchel Britt, Kelly Brown, 
Karl Brunson, Richard Burge, Ronald Burian, Darren Burk, Cynthia Burks, Kevin Burnham, William Cameron, Christopher Campbell, Mary 
Caraway, Joey Carlisle, Lillie Carpenter, Garland Cary, Shannon Cary, Mirika Chambers, James Cheaney, Vickie Childs, Elizabeth Clark, 
Matthew Clark, Natalie Clark, Rachel Clark, Craig Concannon, William Coode, Ray Cooper, Daphanie Coner, Melissa Conwill, Helen 
Creekmore, Laura Crew, Heather Crossley, Christopher Crothers, Stephanie Dailey, Richard Dalrymple, Bryan Daniel, Robert Daniel, Jenny 
Daniels, Lyndon Davidson, Brian Davis, Jennifer Davis, Timothy Davis, Elizabeth Davoli, Sharon Day, Philip Demoran, Brian Denmark, Adrian 
Dent, Bruce Dobbs, Michael Dodson, George Dorsey, Amy Douglas, Shannon Douglas, David Dowdy, Shawn Dulaney, Timothy Dunaway, 
Jennifer Duty, Lee Egdorf, Mike Elledge, Christopher Elliers, Reginald Ellis, Mitizi English, Alexander Epperson, Edward Evans, Charles Evans, 
Grover Evans, Joe Evans, Charles Everett, Adam Ewing, Chad Ferguson, Tonya Finch, Amy Fitzpatrick, Nadja Fontaine, Michael Ford, Robert 
Ford, Christy Foy, Eileen Frank, Darrel Fraser, Sandra Fultz, Jason Gainey, Michelle Gann, Paul Gann, Gordon Garretson, Wendy Gary, Robert 
Gilmore, Jeny Gibson, Roy Gilmore, Thomas Gilmore, Kinsey Goldman, Ludwig Goon, Natalie Gordon, Howard Grady, Elizabeth Graves, Scott 
Graves, Peggy Gray, Byron Green, Leigh Green, Erica Greenaway, Comesha Griffin, Charles Guess, Ruth Guin, Kay Gunn, Melanie Hale, John 
Hallman, Zeb Hallock, Phyliss Hamm, Tracey Handley, Patrick Hardy, Thurman Harrell, Kristen Harrick, George Harrick, William Harris, Gary 
Hataway, Brian Hawkins, Clebeland Hayes, Molly Hayes, Douglas Hays, Phillip Heard, Jennifer Hegler, Chad Hendren, Mark Henry, Shannon 
Henry, Lester Herrington, Sara Herrington, Charles Hester, Shaun Hicks, Eric Hill, Robin Hill, Brian Holt, Melanie Hood, Jonathan Hovater, 
Jeremy Howard, Chad Howell, Debra Howze, Chris Hudson, Frankie Jadzinski, Monica Jean, Judy Jeanson, Michael Jee, Joseph Johnson, Kelli 

S. \ ^*^-^* : "^ l ^" r: '^ 


Johnson, Paul Johnson, William Johnston, Girault Jones, Neil Jones, Richard Keim, Sophia Kelly, Michael Kendrick, Michael Keogh, Isabel 
Keesler, Rodney King, Denson Kirby, Wyatt Koerner, William Kyle, Samuel Lawson, David Layman, Michael Lee, Stephanie Lee, Jan 
LeGassick, Tony Lenoir, David Lipsey, Nancy Lischkoff, Regina Little, James Lockett, Mary Lockett, Alicia Long, Mark Longmire, Becky 
Longmire, Lorie McClure, Bryon McCarley, Cathryn McGarrahan, Tricanna McGee, Tony McMahan, Carol Mangum, Mickey Mangum, Mark 
Massie, Ann Mayer, Tina Mayhall, Mary Mellen, Ian Michell, Ken Moffitt, Ken Morgan, Amanda Murphy, Timothy Nash, Lora Nelson, William 
Newkirk, Dani Nichols, Janey O'Connell, Joseph O'Neil, Caroline O'Quin, Daniel Odom, Matthew Olive, Jim Owen, Darrell Pace, David Page, 
Donna Paquin, Jason Patrick, Margaret Payne, Michael Peeler, Melissa Pennachio, Daniel Papheam, Alfred Perkins, Karen Peterson, James 
Pollard, Darbie Pope, David Porco, Lisa Powell, Craig Prescher, Kristin Purcell, Breese Quinn, Orlando Ratliff, Angel Ray, Becky Ray, Lane 
Reed, Brandon Reid, Ronnie Rice, Chris Richardson, Kathryne Riggan, Elizabeth Rimmer, Brian Roberson, Brian Roland, Chnita Rozell, Anna 
Ruble, Jason Rummel, LaDonna Rush, Will Sadler, Christy Sanders, Donald Sharer, Stefanie Sharp, Glenn Shell, William Shotts, Christopher 
Siggins, James Sink, William Sisk, Dawn Skantz, Christopher Smith, David Smith, Eileen Smith, Jennifer Smith, Jeannie Smith, Michael Smith, 
Sheila Smith, James Solomon, Marc Staats, Sean Standord, Larissa Stearns, Adriann Steen, Stephanie Stephens, Jeff Stout, Stephanie Stuart, 
Tom Suttle, Trey Talmadge, Jeanetta Tankson, Karen Tanner, Christopher Taylor, Carlos Thomas, Henry Tobler, Kevin Trantham, James 
Trimble, Jim Trimble, Cheri Turnage, Joe Turner, Christy Turner, Robert Turner, Timothy Turnipseed, Charles Ueltschey, John Underwood, 
Mary Vance, Chandra Vaughn, Roderick Wade, Howard Walker, Chad Wallace, Rushton Ward, Clint Ware, Mark Wargo, Lincoln Warren, Alex 
Waterson, Angela Weaver, John West, Angel Whatley, Heather White, Kimberely White, Tabatha Wilcher, Jeffrey Wilkinson, James Willard, 
Jaosn Williams, Laura Williams, Timothy Willis, William Willis, Carlos Wilson, Lori Woullard, Jeni Wyatt, Vincent Yeldhall, Kim Yencer, Brian 
Young, Laurie Young, Melinda Young, Lori Zarlengo. 


photo by Sonny Matthews 

Giving their all during the show, these MSU trumpet players provide harmonious melodies to accompany the 
spectacular visual effect of the show. 

Blasts from trumpets and trombones, 
tear-filled eyes, and old glory — memories 
of the Maroon Band's Patriotic Show are still 
in the minds of many MSU faithful. The 7th 
annual show has always held a special place 
in the memories of many fans, but the Per- 
sian Gulf conflict made the 1990 patriotic 
fanfare a time of special reflection and emo- 
tion. With smoke filling the air, images of the 
Saudi Arabian desert were in the minds of 
those at Scott Field. And with a standing 
ovation, the Maroon Band had sent a mes- 
sage a world away to the soldiers in our 

-Allison Johnsey 

photo by Mark Warner 


■ ?c 

photo by Bernard Ellis 

._■ ?$zMP' 

photo by Sonny Matthews 



Theresa D'Antoni (11) goes up at the net. Serving the ball, Susan 
Steadman (51), concentrates on the win. Shawrta Owens (14) and 
Amy Penrose (13) work together for that needed point. 

photo courtesy of Sports Info. 

The Mississippi State Lady Bulldog 
Volleyball team really knows what it 
means to dig a sport. With an overall 
winning record, the volley dogs have 
made a mark at MSU with memories 
and milestones of their own. This out- 
standing team fights hard and plays 
tough to get what they deserve on and 
off the court. The team as a whole has 
set records and placed high in every 
statistic list. Off the court the Lady 
Bulldogs strive for the best, as well. 
Susan Steadman, Aimee York, 
Shawna Owens, and Tiffany Schnei- 
der have been honored for success- 
fully mixing athletics and academics 
by being named in the Academic All- 
SEC. These Bulldogs are all aces at 

photo by Chris Aldrige 

photo by Chris Aldridge 


photo by Sonny Matthews 


photo by Sonny Matthews 


sitting-Tiffany Schneider, Amy Penrose, Dawn Koch, Susan Steadman, standing-Cathy Clark, Theresa D'Antoni, photo by Sonny Matthews 
Aimee York, Ashlye Davis, Shauna Owens, Bechy Wallace. 



, t 

photo by Sonny Matthews 


photo by Sonny Matthews 



photo by Sonny Matthews 


Everyone knows how well our baseball team has 
done. And most have probably heard the players 
names several times. But their personal facts are not 
as well known. 

Burke Masters is one of the more well-known team 
members since he is such a successful player. He is 
from Joliet, Illinois, and has finished his MSU baseball 
career. Burke said that his baseball career has been a 
big help in his job search. The prospective employers 
are impressed by his ability to balance athletics and 
education. As Burke stated, "They know that since I 
could handle the stress of playing before 10,000 
people, I can handle being in front of people in my 

When asked about his coach, Ron Polk, Burke 
replied, "He is one of the most professional people 
I've met in my life. He kept in constant contact with 
me during my recruitment." Burke commented on 
how much of a friend Ron Polk was during Burke's 
college baseball career. And now, he is an even 
better friend. 

The high point of Burke's memories was the fa- 
mous homerun during the 1990 Regionals. He admits 
that it is difficult to describe the feelings. . . like a 
complete numbness. 

Masters is one of the many MSU athletes that has 
been honored in several ways. He has won awards 
ranging from athletic ability to scholastic achieve- 
ments. When asked about his rewarded achieve- 
ments, Burke remarked that he does not play for 
awards, but when he receives them, it makes all the 
effort and work worthwhile. 

Masters commented on how easy it was to decide 
to attend MSU. In addition Burke wanted to add a 
personal statement: "I want to thank Mississippi 
State for giving me the opportunity to play such high- 
caliber baseball and for a fine education as well." 

«H m 


photo by Sonny Matthews 
above right:photo coutesy of Sports Information 


all photos courtesy of Sports Info. 
In the volleyball spotlight is Lady Bulldog Aimee York. A sophomore outside hitter 
form Arlington, Texas, Aimee York has been an important part of the Mississippi State 
Volleyball team for two years. She is first on the single season kills list with 413 and third 
on the single season digs list with 342. Aimee began playing volleyball in the 7th grade. 
And this 5' 10" bulldog has not let up since. Not only does this volley dawg excel on the 
court, Aimee York has set high academic standards for herself as well. She is credited 
with a 3.90 GPA in mathematics, is on the President's List, is on the MSU Honor Roll and 
still has time to do volunteer work with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. York commented 
that MSU was her first choice in deciding where to attend college, and has been happy 
with that decision for the last two years. She is very excited about the Lady Bulldog 
Volleyball team and about her teammates she smiled and said, "We are all like one big 

■interview by Mark Burr 
-by Maria Keithley 

lilies I 



"The State Striders are instrumen- 
tal in helping administer our home 
track meets and in making contacts 
with our recruiting prospects. In 
addition to their other responsibil- 
ities, they are a thorough support 
group for our athletes." 
-Al Smith 

State Striders was formed nine 
years ago to promote the Missis- 
sippi State University Track and 
Cross Country programs. The en- 
thusiatic young ladies who make up 
the group have the responsibilities 
of assisting the Mississippi State 

track team in the W.O. Spencer Track sta- 
dium, aiding in the recruitment of new ath- 
letes, publicizing track events, and working at 
home meets. The Striders also assist MSU 
track officials by keeping a record of the 
accomplishments of MSU track athletes, and 
encouraging as well as supporting team mem- 


It is the goal of the Striders to ensure 
that the Mississippi State Unversity 
Track and Cross Country Bulldogs re- 
ceive the attention and recognition that 
they deserve. 

■Kristi Webb 

photo by Kostas Zorbalas 
State Striders: first roui-Selina Creque, Lisa White, Katrina Poe, Jennifer Hoff, Micky Mullins, Kristi Abel, Cindy Crowley, Reeshemah Dix, second rouj-Renee Hicky, Sherri Roark, Gini 
Herring, Elaine Smith, Kristi Webb, Janet Lucke. 


pom squad 

These high-spirit group of girls are involved 
with the promotion of spirit for our athletes. 
These girls participate in a tryout clinic where 
their skills in technique, dance ability, and tech- 
nical learning abilities. 

Their appearances include home and Jack- 
son football games, pep rallies, basketball 
games and other special events. Other func- 

tions include alumni activities. 

The Pom Squad is sponsored by the MSU Student 
Association and is advised by the Assitant Athletic 
Dirctor, Mike Nemeth. They participate in a VCA 
Dance Camp to learn new techniques and routines. 
The performances throughout the year were a com- 
bination of camp routines and their own ideas. 

The Pom Squad had time-consuming practices 

each week. The specific show is only the 
surface of all the hard work and prep- 
aration these girls do. When you see 
them perform, watch and appreciate 
their efforts. 

■Charity Boatwright 

'■** . "***>. 


photo by Kostas Zorbalas 

Row 1: Amy Mracich, Juli Gunter, Hope Rogers, Brandy Coleman, Sarah Williams, Kris Golden, Tari Harris, co-captain, Row 2: Kelly Waite, Sandy Scholl, co-captain, Jackee 

Taliaferro, Tiffany Wright, Ginger Hill, captain, Evelyn Rushing 


male and female 

"MSU has a 
young team 

and I am 

very happy 

with the play 

of the 


thus far." 

— Coach Christi 


photos courtesy of Sports Information 

1990-91 Women's Golf Team: Standing 
(L-R): Coach Christi Sanders, Jennifer 
Kolczynski, Mara Whitfield, Michelle Akin; 
Kneeling (L-R): Carrie Wood, Kay Donald- 
son, Christi Moore, Kristine Doty 

1990-91 Men's Golf Team: Standing (L-R): Watt Whatley, Benji Nelson, Jason Branch, Chad Ginn, Robby Ware, Coach Baird 
Smith; Kneeling (L-R): Brant Surles, Sean Farren, Doug Barron, Clay Homan 

photo courtesy of Sports Information 

Young and improving Is how many people connected with the 
Mississippi State University women's golf team describe them. In 
fact, the Lady Bulldogs are even younger than last year's in- 
experienced yet successful squad. 

Coach Christ! Sanders, the 1990 SEC Women's Golf Coach of 
the Year, returns for her fourth year as head coach at MSU. 
Sanders played her collegiate golf for Mississippi State until her 
graduation in 1987. She leads a team consisting of one senior, two 
juniors, two sophomores, and two freshmen. 

"The team played real well last year," said Sanders. "We 
finished every tournament in the top 10, Including two fifth-place 
finishes which are the best since I have been here." 

This was true until the MSU Lady Llnksters finished the 1990 
Lamar Lady Cardinal Invitational in third place. 

Coach Sanders realizes she has a young team but she feels like 
the team is very talented. The squad is paced by sophomore Carri 
Wood who has led the team In stroke average for both of her 
campaigns. This fall she posted a 78.1 stroke average, while 
finishing In the top 20 of Individual compltltion in all five fall 
tournaments. Wood also scored her best Individual finish of second 
at the Lamar Lady Cardinal Invitational. 

Lone senior Chrlstl Moore is a two-year letterwlnner from Bed- 

ford, Texas. Moore transfered her freshman year from TCU and has 
been a strong and steady player for the Lady Bulldogs. Moore con- 
sistently finishes with a stroke average around 82, which is helpful to a 
young team. Another experienced player for MSU is junior Mara 
Whitfield of Jackson. 

Sophomore Kay Donaldson, who hails from Slidell, LA, rounds out 
the list of returnees from last year's group. Donaldson has the ability to 
play collegiate golf, as seen in her five shot improvement in stroke 
average from last spring to this fall. She gained some experience this fall 
by playing on the travel squad In all five tournaments. 

Newcomers play a very important role for the Lady Bulldogs in the 
spring as freshmen Jennifer Kolczynski and Michelle Akin battle for a 
chance to play on the travelling team. Kolczynski, a native of South 
Bend, Indiana, participated in four of the five tournaments, while Akin 
played well In the last two tournaments posting the second best stroke 
average for the fall. Samford transfer Kristine Doty is a junior out of 
Troy, Alabama. Sanders is very impressed with the play of her young 

Golf is a game that requires hard-work and experience. The Lady 
Bulldog Linksters are working on both of those. Consistent leaders like 
Carri Wood improve with each season and the experience and hard- 
work of these ladies are sure to payoff in the future. 


Last year's Mississippi State golf team provided 
head coach Baird Smith with the program's best 
season ever. The Bulldogs accomplished more 
than any other MSU golf team had ever done. 

Not only did the Bulldogs receive their first ever 
invitation to an NCAA Regional Tournament, 
where they placed 16th, but they also had their 
best SEC finish (sixth) since 1963. MSU also 
earned high honors during the tournament season, 
with top 10 finishes in eight of 11 showings. 

Coach Smith was very pleased with last year's 
success but is focused on continuing that level of 

"I was proud of our accomplishments last year. 
Our team has worked hard each year and I think 
the team deserved the recognition it received," 
Smith said, "but one good year is not that im- 
portant, what is important is for us to achieve year 
after year the things that we did in 1990." 

Two players gone from last year's squad are 

photos courtesy of Sports Information 

two-time All-SEC performer Steve Pope and Ac 
ademic All-SEC member Damon Palmer. Pope 
and Palmer topped the stroke average chart for 
the squad last year with a 72.9 and 73.7, re- 
spectively. During the summer following his senior 
campaign, Pope also won the 1990 Mississippi 
State Amateur Tournament in Clarksdale, MS. 

The Bulldog linksters had leadership from seni- 
ors Watt Whatley and Robby Ware and junior 
Chad Ginn. Whatley, a three-year letterwinner 
and probable All-SEC candidate, returns for his 
fourth season as a Bulldog, after a 12th place 
finish in the SEC tournament last year. Ware 
entered his senior season with the second-best 
stroke average of the returning players with a 
75.0. An experienced golfer, Ginn is being count- 
ed on to contribute guidance to this year's team. 

Other returnees for the 1990-91 group are 
former LSU transfer Doug Barron, a junior from 
Memphis, TN, and Benji Nelson, a native of Clin- 
ton MS, who returns to the squad for his soph- 
omore campaign. Joining Barron and Nelson is 
redshirt freshman Jason Branch from Fort Smith, 



photo by Kostas Zorbalas 

photo by Kostas Zorbalas 
Cheerleaders for the 1990 season include: Trip Arnold (mascot), Jean Holmes, Rina Roberson (co-captain), Tracey Riels, Laura Martin, Jeni Brantly, Julie Noble, Nikki 
Young, Jimmy Redus, Jimmy Brewer, Trae DilWorth (co-captain), Scott Benjamin, Kelly Jones, Tommy Woolbright, Todd Seal, Henry Yates, Bill Buntyn. 


toto by Kostas Zorbalas 

photo by Chris Aldridge 


photo by Kostas Zorbalas 

photo by Kostas Zorbalas 



photo by Kostas Zorbalas 

photo by Kostas Zorbalas 

photo by Kostas Zorbalas 


Below: Ben grits his teeth to finish a set of squads with his training partner, 

Joseph Haynes. Right: A bulging chest is one of the major factors judged in 

competition. These incline presses also help keep Ben ready for competing in 

the benchpress. 
Photos on this page by Allison Johnsey 

"Working out" has become a catch- 
phrase in our society. Some people 
use aerobics, others use weights, and 
still others use a combination of the 
two to tone and shape their body. 
While most people workout just to 
stay in shape and look and feel good, 
some students have taken this phi- 
losophy a step further — they're 
bodybuilders! For most of us that 
word conjures up a picture of slick 
bodies and bulging veins and muscles, 
but that physique is produced by 
weeks of strict dieting and a truckload 
of self-tanning cream and baby oil. In 
everyday life these "pumped up" 
guys and gals look much more normal. 

If you've ever seen Cori, Arnold, or 
Lee Haney, you probably thought a 
body like that was a world away for 
you. But actually, it's only a lot of 
sweat and determination away as 
some MSU students prove. 

One such competitor originally saw 
another focus for his weightlifting. 
Ben Wax, a graduate student from 
Smithville, MS, began training 7 years 
ago for powerlifting competitions. In 
1986, he won the Southern States 
powerlifting title, and by the next year 
he had a World Teenage title under his 

belt. Through the next 3 years, Ben 
set drug-free state and national 
records, many of which stand today. 

After all this success in powerlifting, 
Ben decided to change his focus to 
bodybuilding. "I wanted to try some- 
thing different and bodybuilding was 
just a natural progression." And he's 
seen success in that sport as well, 
winning the Mr. Mississippi Overall ti- 
tle and winning three other compe- 
titions in his light-heavyweight class. 
Eventually, Ben would like to add to 
his 210-pound contest weight and be- 
come a heavyweight. "It's just an ad- 
vantage to be in the heavier weight 
class in winning the overall title in 
these events. As I continue in the 
sport, adding muscle mass is a realistic 

Ben will be competing in the Col- 
legiate Nationals on June 16, and the 
Gold's Classic in Jackson later this 
summer. Ben's preparation includes 
two hour-and-a-half-long weightlifting 
sessions and thirty minutes of aerobics 
each day along with a low-fat diet. 
Bodybuilding takes a lot of work but 
with Ben's dedication, balance of pri- 
orities, and will to be the best, he'll 
have a successful future in the sport. 

pumping up 



Pat Irby was a 110-pound teenager 
who always had the school bullies 
picking on him. He finally got tired 
of being the skinniest guy in school, 
so he turned to weight training to 
help add size and strength. That 
was six years ago. Pat's 5'8" frame 
now sports 185 pounds and he's 
been competing in bodybuilding for 
three years. In those years, he's 
won four competitions and two 
overall titles in a sport that favors 
much heavier individuals. 

One thing that is so memorable 
about Pat is his attitude toward 
bodybuiding. He knows that his ded- 
ication and discipline must lead him 
to think about what he does 
"twenty-four hours a day" and 
weigh the consequences of his ac- 
tions to his position in his sport. He 
strives for every improvement pos- 
sible in his body and hopes to add 
size and move up into the light- 

heavyweight class of competition. And 
he does all this because he enjoys it, 
and because he wants to make his body 
more healthy and fit every day of his 

Pat enjoys the sport so much that he 
brought his girlfriend Stephanie Malone 
into bodybuilding. She's been training 
for only a year and has already com- 
peted twice in the women's heavy- 
weight class, coming away with second 
place both times. But she and Pat both 
believe the Tuscaloosa Gold's Classic in 
March will be her time to shine. 

Stephanie has seen a lot of benefits 
from her bodybuilding experiences. 
"I've always been athletic and enjoyed 
the feminine yet muscular look, but 
bodybuilding has helped me feel so 
much more confident. ...It's addicting." 
Both Pat and Stephanie want to make 
the most of their bodybuilding futures, 
and as Pat puts it, take their natural 
physiques, "as far as they can go." 

Pat presents a symmetrical body with unique and graceful poses. 

Here at the 1990 Miss Mississippi Competition, Stephanie shows 
off her muscular, yet feminine physique. 



Photo by Kostas Zorbalas 

Above: Doug Hartsfield literally "hits the 

boards" against Alabama. 

Photo by Chris Aldridge 

Above: Hard practices have been the key to success 
for the men's program. Right: The Cameron Burns 
jam has given State fans a lot to cheer about. 

Photo by Chris Aldridge 



All photos on this page by Sonny Mathews 

\bove: Bobbie Sue Braddock plays defense tough. Right: 

Against a taller Ole Miss team, the Lady Bulldogs use 

their jumping ability and quickness to get the shot off, as 

Melissa Thomas shows here. 


1990-91 MSU Women's Basketball Schedule 




Nov. 29 

Jackson State 


Dec. 1 

Southern (Baton Rouge) 

Baton Rouge 

Dec. 3 



Dec. 6 

Middle Tennessee State University 


Dec. 13 

University of Alabama-Birmingham 


Dec. 15 

Jackson State 


Dec. 18 

Southern Mississippi 


Dec. 30 

Southern (Baton Rouge) 


Jan. 2 


Knoxville, Tn. 

Jan. 6 


Nashville, Tn. 

Jan. 9 



Jan. 12 

University of Mississippi 


Jan. 16 

Mississippi College 


Jan. 19 



Jan. 23 



Jan. 26 


Auburn, Ala. 

Jan. 29 

William Carey 


Jan. 31 

Mississippi College 


Feb. 5 

University of Alabama-Birmingham 

Birmingham, Ala 

Feb. 9 



Feb. 13 

University of Mississippi 


Feb. 16 



Feb. 20 

Southern Mississippi 


Feb. 23 


Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Mar. 1-4 

SEC Tournament 

Albany, Ga. 

photo by Sonny Matthews 

photo by Sonny Matthews 


Coach Jerry Henderson 

Lisa Scott 

Melissa Thomas 

Donna Brown 

Bobbie Sue Braddock 

Erica Simmons 

Ella Bullock 

Ida Derricks 

Pam Green 

Jennifer Rucker 

Michelle Gossage 

Tammy Newlon 

Tonya Seaton 

Shannon Smith 

photo by Sonny Matthews 


The MSU basketball team has lived up to the 
expectations and then a little more. After seven 
games, an undefeated record showed the sport- 
ing public that our dawgs meant business. After 
that, we did lose a few, but the Bulldogs man- 
aged to remain on top. 

Even the games we lost, were close and 
worth watching. This was evident in the ticket 
sales; at least five of the home games were sold 

Our basketball dawgs have worked hard and 
have received rewards for thier efforts. 

photo by Kostas Zorbalas 

photo courtesy of S'arkville Daily Journal staff 

photo courtesy of Starkville Daily Journal staff 


Greg Carter has a philosophy that MSI 
Basketball in the 1990-91 season echoes: " 
don't want to leave any stones unturned so 
can't look back and say I should have don< 
this or that. Instead, I can say I did the best 
could." Whatever the records this year 
whether we've shutout LSU and Ole Miss 
and whatever individual awards are garnered 
our teams will be remembered for doing th< 
best they possibly could. 

Photo by Kostas Zorbalas 


Photo by Chris Aldrid; 

Left: Carl Nichols takes the ball up and in against Alabama. Above: 
Attracting a lot of attention, Cameron Burns perseveres and gets the shot 
off versus three Georgia defenders. 


With six seniors on the men's team, four 
years of practice and sweat is paying off. 
On the girl's team, losing five seniors 
[including three starters) places a great bur- 
den on the underclassmen, a burden they're 
learning to accept and hopefully use to 
become leaders in the years to come. For 
the Lady Bulldogs, the future is coming, but 
for the men's squad, THE FUTURE IS 

Photo by Sonny Mathews 

There's where to pass It! Lisa Scott gets some help from the bench 
to find an open man versus a tough Ole Miss defense. 

3ft* m * <• y ' ' * 


'hoto courtesy of Sports Information 

1990-91 Lady Bulldogs 

Front Row (L to R): Donna Brown, Jennifer Rucker, Pam Green, Melissa Thomas, Jerry Henderson, Bobbie Sue Braddock, Shannon Smith, Ida Derricks, Lisa Scott. Back Row (L to R): 
J'Linda Rodgers, Teri Smith, Ann Sanders, Erica Simmons, Michelle Gossage, Ella Bullock, Tammy Newton, Tonya Seaton, Sherryl Robinson, Melissa Rind, Angela Allred. 








slammin ' 

the 90 's. 

all photos by Chris Aldridge 





Mr. and Ms. MSU 

Phil Atteberry 

Phil Atteberry, from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, was 
a marketing major at MSU. When asked what his 
biggest accomplishment at MSU, Phil replied that 
being an Orientation Leader gave him the biggest 
feeling of accomplishment because he was given an 
opportunity to help thousands of people and also 
promote MSU. Phil's fondest memory of MSU is 
one that he will treasure forever. The people he 
has met and the great friendships that have de- 
veloped through his years at State. 

Nicole Akins 

Nicole Akins, from Oxford, MS was a political science 
major here at State. When asked what her greatest in- 
spiration was, Nicole replied, "Learning that each of us is 
capable of accomplishing anything we set our heart to do as 
long as we keep our priorities in order." After graduation, 
Nicole plans to attend law school and have a career in 
public service. Nicole's fondest memory of MSU is "talking 
to football recruits, senate meetings, and meeting friends 
between classes. "These friends made Nicole's four years at 
Mississippi State very special. 

photo by David Farris 


photo by David Farrish 


if -^ ~<n 


■ -1 

1 ^b / ' 4Rh(H 


: - tH 

L;fll .,Jl 

Senior Maid 
Grace Jordan 

Senior Maid 
Jennifer Muha 

Junior Maid 
Missy Maier 

Junior Maid 
Angela Sanders 

Sophomore Maid 
Lee Perry 

Sophomore Maid 
Lesley Smith 

Freshman Maid 
Kameron Conner 



< '%i 


1 *&> 


K pijp 




Freshman Maid 
Marianna Wilcox 

all photo* courtesy of David Farrhh 

1990 MSU Homecoming 



Wendi Dallas was a senior sponsored 
by Chi Omega Sorority. Wendi is the 
daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Dallas of 
Cleveland, MS. She has served the Uni- 
versity as an Orientation leader, SA Sen- 
ator, and a majorette in the famous Ma- 
roon Band. 


Through the 

photo by Kostas Zorbalas 

omewhere it is written 
that you can't go home 
again. On October 27, 
1990 this was not true. 
For on that day alumni, family, and friends 
returned to their alma mater to relive the dream of 
maroon and white. Homecoming is a time of 
renewing old acquaintances, stuffing signs, 
watching the parade, and the crowning of Wendi 
Dallas as Queen. The week was capped off with 
the Homecoming game against the Tigers of 

Auburn. After the 
game, goodbyes were 
said and plans are 
made for the next 
Homecoming game at 


Tmtmm Mm 

photo by Kostas Zorbalas 



Katherine Graves was crowned Miss MSU on 
February 26, 1990 by Genevieve Fager, Miss 
MSU 1989. Katherine was a sophomore majoring 
in accounting. The ladies of Phi Mu sorority spon- 
sored Katherine. 

WSIt SetucUe* 


First Altenate 

Dana is a special education major from Starkville, 


Second Alternate 

Lamonda is an elementary education major from 
Winona, MS. 

photos by David Farrish 

MS'Zt S&wUe* 

TttSTl Seautie* 

photo by David Farrish 


Third Alternate 

Darbie is a Music Education major from Kosciusko, 


Fourth Alternate 

Susan is an elementary education major from Columbus, 

photo by David Farrish 

"TttSVt "geacitU* 


%&4 TZevetMe 


' ; -' H^ W 


photo by David Farrisl 

sponsored by 

Delta Gamma 



photo by Kostas Zorbalas 

\ ■ -^^■^SwSSBiWjjp fzj*^***" 

■A I t J| i 

Sr *.■ ^J^ilflH 

' ^^f^/' >>.• | 

' ' '■• ••■''' • Ah 

; / i 

• ' ■ ' V .' " i/? 





^^Et **&#£ 


yttte*. TQeveiCU P*$e«a 

On November 12, 1990, Casey Carrington was 
crowned Miss Reveille 1991. There were forty-eight 
contestants which were narrowed to ten finalists. The 
Miss Reveille beauties were: Jennifer Fortenberry, 
sponsored by MSU Alumni Delegates, Barker Jor- 
dan, sponsored by Kappa Delta Sorority, Tammy 
Johnson, sponsored by Phi Mu Sorority, and Mari- 
anna Wilcox, sponsored by Sigma Chi pledge class. 

photo by David Farrish 

photo by David Farrish 


photo by Kostas Zorbalas 

photo by Kostas Zorbalas 


WHO'S WHO 1990 

Jesse Paul Adcox, II 

Jackson, MS 

Sr., Communications 

MSU Fashion Board, MISS- 
COM, Gamma Beta Phi, RUF, 
Phi Eta Sigma, College Repub- 
licans, Phi Gamma Delta Com- 
mittee, Sports Committee, 
United Way Volunteer, Presi- 
dent's List, National Dean's 

John Eugene Ball 

Stark ville, MS 

Sr., Electrical Engineering 

Phi Kappa Phi, Eta Kappa 
Nu, Phi Alpha Theta, Tau Beta 
Pi, Gamma Beta Phi, Kappa Nu 
Epsilon, Recipient of $10,000 
Marines Scholarship, Secretary 
Delta Chi Fraternity. 

Stacie Marlene Berry 

Picayune, MS 

Jr., Political Science 

College Republicans, Delta 
Gamma Sorority, CAB, Scotch 
Guard, Cardinal Key, Gamma 
Beta Phi, Traffic Appeals 
Courts, Pre-Law Society, Unit- 
ed Way Campaign Cabinet, 
Governmental Affairs, Palmer 
Home Volunteer. 

Leslie Lee Bethea 
Jackson, MS 
Jr., Economics 

Secretary of Stennis Scholars, 
United Way Cabinet SA Senate, 
Panhellenic Rush Counselor, 
CAB, Special Events and Enter- 
tainment Committees, Greek 
College Republican Council, 
RUF, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Cresent 
Sister's Teen Council. 

Nancy Bigelow 
Columbus, MS 
Sr., Educational Psychology 

Alpha Gamma Delta, United 
Way Chairman, RUF, Outreach 
Committee, Sigma Phi Epsilon 
Little Sister, University Hon- 
ors Program, REFLECTOR Fea- 
tures Writer, Orientation Lead- 
er, Resident Assistant. 

Joe McCaleb Bilbo 
Port Gibson, MS 
Sr., Political Science 

Stennis Scholar Secre- 
tary/Treasurer, Pi Sigma Alpha 
President, Governmental Af- 
fairs Committee Pre-Law So- 
ciety, Pi Sigma Alpha, Gamma 
Beta Phi, Phi Alpha Theta, Phi 
Gamma Delta. 

Harold Jason Blalock 

Columbus, MS 

St., General Sciences 

Kappa Alpha Order vice- 
president and scholarship 
chairman, Blue Key Honor So- 
ciety President, Alumni Dele- 
gate, Alpha Epsilon Delta, 
Lambda Sigma, Blue Key, Om- 
icron Delta Kappa, Mortar 
Board, Elderstatesman. 

Michael Wade Bloesch 

West Helena, AR 

Sr., Chemical Engineering 

Music Maker Productions, 
SA Traffic Appeals Court, 
Gamma Beta Phi, Executive 
Council, College Republicans, 
American Institute of Chemi- 
cal Engineers, SCAPE, Presi- 
dent's List, REFLECTOR Edi- 
torial Page Writer. 

Micheal Anthony Bowling 
Lumberton, MS 
Jr., Journalism 

The PrismEditor , Hamlin Res- 
idence Hall Council President, 
Inter-Residence Hall Council Ex- 
ecutive Council, Society of Pro- 
fessional Journalists, University 
Honors Program College Bowl 
Committee, Outstanding Col- 
lege Students of America. 

John David Box 

Ripley, TN 

Sr., Banking and Finance 

SA Treasurer, Sigma Alpha 
Epsilon Treasurer, Blue Key 
Vice-President, Elderstates- 
man President, Roadrunners, 
Lambda Sigma Treasurer, In- 
ter-fraternity Council Attorney 
General and Judicial Council, 
Mortar Board. 

Jennifer Lee Boyd 

Tupelo, MS 

Sr., Mathematics 

President of Omicron Delta 
Kappa Honorary, CAB Division 
Head, Cardinal Key Secretary! 
Delta Gamma Assistant Activ- 
ities Chairman, Mortar Board, 
Phi Kappa Phi, Gamma Alpha 
Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha 
Lambda Delta. 

Elizabeth Ann Bryant 
Germantowm, TN 
Sr., Economics 

Kappa Delta Sorority Presi- 
dent and Membership Chairman, 
Panhellenic Judicial Committee, 
Roadrunner, Resident Assistant, 
Mortar Board, Cardinal Key, Om- 
icron Delta Kappa Lambda Sig- 
ma, Gamma Alpha Epsilon, Pre 
Law Society. 

John Robert Butler 
Dyersburg, TN 
Sr., Animal Science 

State Vice-President of TN 
Association of Future Farmers 
of America, National Institute 
of Cooperative Education, 
Agiculture Economics Club, Al- 
pha Zeta and Agriculture Am- 
bassadors, MSU Choir, Presi- 
dent's Scholar. 

Jay Christopher Campbell 
Dyersburg, TN 
Sr., Management 

Phi Gamma Dleta Fundraising 
chariman, Social Chairman, 
Brotherhood Chairman, SA Stu- 
dent Services Chairman, Society 
for Human Resource Manage- 
ment, Society for the Advance- 
ment of Management, MSU Fa- 
mous Maroon Band. 

Robert Wayne Carleton, III 

Union, MS 

Jr., Industrial Engineering 

Kappa Alpha Secretary, Par- 
liamentarian, Blue Key Secre- 
tary, IFC Judicial Committee 
Representative, SA Senate, 
Phi Eta Sigma, Gamma Beta 
Phi, Institute of Industrial En- 
gineers, RUF, Mortar Board, 
President's List. 

Catherine Ray Chatham 

Hattiesburg, MS 

Sr., Banking and Finance 

College of Business and In- 
dustry Secretary, Mortar 
Board, SA Senator, Chi Omega 
Activities Chairman, Assistant 
Treasurer, Order of Omega, 
Gamma Beta Phi, University 
Honors Program, RUF, Kappa 
Sigma Little Sister. 

Daphne Kay Clements 

Starkville, MS 

Sr., Communications 

Chi Omega Sorority Secretary, 
Scholarship Chairman, Rush 
Party Chairman, Mortar Board, 
Order of Omega, Gamma Beta 
Phi, MSU ACT Academic Schol- 
arship, Roadrunner, MISSCOM, 
Blackfriar's Drama Society, Col- 
lege Republicans, RUF. 

Bryan Daniel Collier 

Etta, MS 

Sr., Physical Education . 

Wesley Foundation Public 
Relations Chairman, Freshman 
Outreach Chairman, Farm- 
House Fraternity Social Chair- 
man, Interfraternity Council 
Secretary, Rush Councelor, 
Kappa Delta Pi, Orientation 
Leader, President's Scholar. 

Leigh Tucker Cornish 
Clarksdale, MS 
Sr., Marketing 

Zeta Tau Alpha Executive 
Member, Panhellenic Dele- 
gate, Roadrunner, Sigma Chi 
Little Sister Executive Treas- 
urer, CAB, RUF, Catholic Stu- 
dent Association, 1989 MSU 
Homecoming Queen, Orienta- 
tion Leader. 

Deloris Michelle Corbin 
Lambert, MS 
Sr., Accounting 

Delta Gamma Sorority Assi- 
st a tn Treasurer, School of Ac- 
countancy Treasurer, MSU 
Pageant Committee, National 
Accounting Association, Fi- 
nancial Management Associa- 
tion, Beta Alpha Psi, Omicron 
Delta Kappa, Cardinal Key. 

WHO'S WHO 1990 

Laurie Lynn Couch 
Hunts ville, AL 
Jr., Psychology 

Alpha Gamma Delta Vice 
President, RHO Social Chair- 
man, Gamma Beta Phi, Phi Eta 
Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, 
High tower Hall Council, Psy- 
chology Club, University Hon- 
ors Program, President's 

Paul Edward Craft, Jr. 

Jackson, MS 

St., Aerospace Engineering 

Lambda Sigma, Bulldog 
Handbook Business Manager, 
Phi Gamma Delta Recording 
Secretary, Phi Eta Sigma, SA 
Student Services, RUF, In- 
tramurals, University Honors 
Program, Circle K Service 

M. Colet DeVore 

Lamar, MS 

Sr., Business Education 

State Reporter of Phi Beta 
Lambda, President of Pi Ome- 
ga Pi, Farm House Social Fra- 
ternity Little Sisters, Scotch 
Guard, National Business Ed- 
ucation Association, Recipient 
of the Francis N. Matthews Me- 
morial Scholarship. 

Christopher Todd Dong 

Jackson, MS 

Sr., Political Science 

Scholarship and Athletic 
Chairman, Sigma Nu Fraterni- 
ty, College Republicans, Pi Sig- 
ma Alpha Secretary/Treasurer, 
Student Health Awareness 
Committee, Pre Law Society, 
Palmer's Home Project. 

Diane Duckworth 
Brookhaven, MS 
Jr., English 

Chi Omega Vice President, 
MSU Freshman Leadership 
Scholarship, MSU Upperclass- 
man Scholarship, Kiwanis 
Leadership Award, Baptist Stu- 
dent Union, RUF, Phi Eta Sig- 
ma, Gamma Beta Phi, Gamma 
Alpha Epsilon, Cardinal Key. 

Spencer Jayon Flatgard 

Jackson, MS 

Jr., Political Science 

SA Vice President, SA Sen- 
ator, Pi Kappa Alpha Chaplain, 
Secretary, and Scholarship 
Chairman, IFC Cabinet and 
Representative, BARK Co Di- 
rector, Lambda Sigma, Blue 
Key, Elderstatesman, Order of 
Omega, RUF. 

Melissa Leigh Frederick 

Adams ville, AL 

Jr., Communications 

Orientation Leader 1990, Phi 
Eta Sigma Secretary, Secretary 
of Sigma Chi Little Sisters, 
President's Scholar, SA Sena- 
tor, CAB, MISSCOM, Phi Mu 
Sorority, Lambda Sigma, Gam- 
ma Alpha Epsilon, MSU Cheer- 
leader Counselor. 

Ranee Michael Gamblin 

Jackson, MS 

Gr., Veternary Medicine 

SCAVMA Treasurer, CVM 
Envoy President, Alpha Psi So- 
cial/Professional Fraternity, 
American Animal Hospital As- 
sociation, Society for Theri- 
ogeniology, Summa Cum 
Laude graduate in Biological 
Sciences, Phi Kappa Phi. 

Thomas Clark Gamblin 

Jackson, MS 

Sr., General Science 

Kappa Sigma Fraternity Vice 
President, Pledge Trainer, 
Rush Chairman, Scholarship 
Chairman, Lambda Sigma, Eld- 
erstatesman, Roadrunner, 
Gamma Alpha Epsilon, Omi- 
cron Delta Kappa, Order of 
Omega, IFC Judicial Council. 

Victoria Michelle Gann 
Millport, AL 
Sr., Music 

Music Educators National 
Conference College Chapter 
President, Sigma Alpha Iota, 
MSU Maroon Band, Symphonic 
Band, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Kap- 
pa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha 
Lambda Delta, University Hon- 
ors Program. 

Michele Lyn Gray Raymond 

Gulf Breeze, FL 

Jr., Foreign Language 

McKee Hall Treasurer, MSU 
Right to Life Treasurer, Span- 
ish Association Publicity 
Chairman, Phi Eta Sigma, RUF, 
University Honors Program, 
College Republicans, Presi- 
dent's Scholar, Certificate of 
Merit in Spanish. 

Gabriel Vann Green 

Jackson, MS 

Sr., Communications 

Air Force ROTC Color Guard 
Commander, Arnold Air Soci- 
ety Public Affairs Officer, Or- 
der of the Arrow, National De- 
an's List Air Force ROTC Blue 
Knights Precision Drill Team, 
Gamma Beta Phi, President's 

Willard Benton Gregg 

Petal, MS 

Sr., Forest Management 

Inter-School Council, Xi Sig- 
ma Pi, Blue Key, Mortar Board 
Historian, RUF, College Repub- 
licans, Intramural sports, So- 
ciety of American Forresters, 
Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Zeta Na- 
tional Agricultural Honor So- 

Melanie Lee Groner 
Pearl, MS 
Jr., Math 

Executive Council of the 
Baptist Student Union, Home- 
coming T-shirt Committee 
Chairman, Roadrunner, Intra- 
mural Sports, CAB, Gamma 
Beta Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, 
Broadmoor Baptist Church 
Member, President's Scholar. 

Becky Monteith'Hanna 

Jackson, MS 

Jr., Elementary Education 

Phi Kappa Phi, Cardinal Key, 
Chi Omega Rush Party Chair- 
man, College Republicans, 
RUF, Kappa Alpha Southern 
Belles, Sorority Correspon- 
dence Committee, Roadrun- 
ner, Project Brickfire, Presi- 
dent's Scholar, Phi Eta Sigma. 

Tracy Laine Harden 
Birmingham, AL 
Sr., GLA 

Delta Gamma Vice Presi- 
dent, CAB, Pre-Law Society, 
SA Academic Affairs Commit- 
tee, MSU Matchmates, Phi 
Gamma Delta Little Sister, 
Catholic Student Association, 
Church Choir, Mortar Board, 
Omicron Delta Kappa. 

Gary Edward Harris 
Crystal Springs, MS 
Jr., Political Science 

SA Senate, President pro 
tempore, State of Mississippi 
Residence Hall Chairman, 
Rush Chairman Phi Delta The- 
ta Fraternity, IRHC National 
Communications Coordinator, 
Pre-Law Society, REFLECTOR 
Sports Writer. 

Jonathan Kelly Hasson 

Ellisville, MS 

Sr., Civil Engineering 

Tau Beta Pi, American So- 
ciety of Engineers Coorespond- 
ing Secretary, Chi Epsilon Na- 
tional Civil Engineer, 
Engineering Student Council 
Publicity Chairman, American 
Society of Civil Engineers, En- 
gineering Student Council. 

Brad B. Hawcroft 

Flint, MI 

Jr., Horticulture 

Horticulture Club President, 
Alpha Zeta Vice President, Pi 
Alpha Xi Secretary, Baptist 
Student Union, Fisheries Club, 
Phi Eta Sigma, Gamma Beta 
Phi, Gamma Sigma Delta, Mis- 
sissippi State Right to Life. 

Laura Michelle Hitt 
Huntsville, AL 
Sr., Economics 

Gamma Alpha Epsilon Sec- 
retary, Mississippi Magic Show 
Choir Secretary, Kappa Delta 
Sorority Assitant Scholarship 
Chairman, Beta Gamma Sig- 
ma, Alpha Lambda Delta, 
Gamma Beta Phi, University 
Honors Program. 

WHO'S WHO 1990 

S. Kelsey Hudgins 
Jackson, MS 
Sr., Marketing 

Kappa Delta Sorority Stand- 
ards Board, MSU Junior Var- 
sity Cheerleader Captain, Sig- 
ma Alpha Epsilon Little Sister 
Treasurer, MSU Varsity Cheer- 
leader, CAB, RUF, Gamma 
Beta Phi, President's Scholar, 
Dean's Scholar. 

Amy Ruth Irwin 

Ocean Springs, MS 

Sr., Industrial Engineering 

President of Institute of In- 
dustrial Engineers, Extension 
Chairman of Theta Tau, Soci- 
ety of Manufacturing Engi- 
neers, Alpha Pi Mu Industrial 
Engineering Honorary, Tau 
Beta Pi, Society of Women En- 

John G. Jackson 
Starkville, MS 
Sr., Management 

Member of Sigma Chi Social 
Fraternity Standards Commit- 
tee, Pledge Trainer for Sigma 
Chi Fraternity, 1990 Barber 
Dairies Scholarship Award, 
Gamma Beta Phi, Alpha Lamb- 
da Delta, Dean's Scholar and 
President's Scholar. 

Jeff Anthony James, Jr. 

Clinton, MS 

Sr., Industrial Engineering 

MS Ferderation of College 
Republicans Interim Executive 
Director, SA Senate, Alpha 
Lambda Delta Vice President, 
Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Phi 
Eta Sigma, National Society of 
Professioal Engineers, MS En- 
gineering Society. 

Amanda Kay Jones 

Smithdale, MS 

Jr., Political Science 

Delta Gamma Vice President, 
Order of Omega Vice President, 
SA Governmental Affairs Com- 
mittee, Phi Eta Sigma Secre- 
tary/Treasurer, RUF, Phi Kappa 
Phi, Cardinal Key, Gamma Alpha 
Epsilon, Alpha Lambda Delta, 
CAB, MSU Matchmate. 

4k •/' -v' 

Jonna Kaye Jones 

Pascagoula, MS 

Sr., Elementary Education 

McKee Residence Hall Vice 
President, MSU Varsity Cheer- 
leader, Omicron Delta Kappa, 
Phi Kappa Phi, Mortar Board, 
MS Association of Educators, 
Gamma Alpha Epsilon, Lamb- 
da Sigma, Kappa Sigma Little 
Sisters, MSU Aerobics Club. 

Grace L. Jordan 

Raymond, MS 

Sr., Elementary Education 

Panhellenic President, Lamb- 
da Sigma Fundraiser Chairman, 
Kappa Delta Sorority, Kappa Al- 
pha Southern Belle, Phi Kappa 
Phi, Mortar Board, ODK, Kappa 
Delta Pi, Gamma Beta Phi, Or- 
der of Omega, Traffic Appeals 
Court, RUF. 


■ m 






Tp J 





Catherine Scott Kimbrough 

Greenwood, MS 

Jr., Consumer Economics 

Chi Omega Assistant Corre- 
sponding Secretary, Assistant 
Social Committee chairman, 
Rush Party Chairman, Phi Del- 
ta House Corporation Commit- 
tee, College Republicans, RUF, 
Dean's Scholar, Distinguished 
American College Students. 

Sandra Lynn Lambert 
Brookhaven, MS 
Sr., Marketing 

Delta Delta Delta Fundrais- 
ing Chairman, Pi Sigma Epsi- 
lon Marketing Fraternity, Phi 
Kappa Phi, Gamma Beta Phi, 
Gamma Alpha Epsilon, MSU 
Panhellenic Rush Counselor, 
President's List, National De- 
an's List. 

Erik Gerhardt LaValle 

Ocean Springs, MS 

Jr., Industrial Engineering 

Vice Chairman University 
Honors Program, Vice President 
Engineering Student Council, 
President Inter-School Council, 
Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity 
Vice President, Gamma Alpha 
Epsilon, Famous Maroon Band, 
IFC Rush Counselor. 

Jere W. Littlejohn 
French Camp, MS 
Gr., Management 

SA Secretary, Nehemiah 
Ministries Board of Directors, 
Association of Business Com- 
munication, Southern Manage- 
ment Association, Southern 
Marketing Association, Missis- 
sippi Writing/Thinking Insti- 

Micheal Scott Lowery 

Calhoun City, MS 

Sr., Industrial Engineering 

Alpha Pi Mu, Gamma Beta 
Phi, Theta Tau, Institute of In- 
dustrial Engineers, Society of 
Manufacturing Engineers, Na- 
tional Management Associa- 
tion, Mississippi Power Co-op 
Advisory Committee, MSU 
Weightlifting Club. 

Leanne Lunsford 

Clarksdale, MS 

Sr., Elementary Education 

Delta Gamma Elections 
Chairman, Assistant Activities 
Chairman, House Committee, 
Rituals Committee, Cardinal 
Key, CAB, Campus Club Com- 
munity Service Organization, 
MSU Matchmate, Kappa Delta 

Barry Lee Male, Jr. 
Jackson, MS 
Sr., Liberal Arts 

Gamma Alpha Epsilon Pres- 
ident, Phi Gamma Dleta, Rush 
Chairman, President, Lambda 
Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, RUF, 
Elder state men, College Repub- 
licans, IFC Delegate, Road run- 
ner, Intramurals, President's 

Lara Dawn McCarley 

Coffeeville, MS 

Jr., Social/Corrections 

Phi Mu Chaplain, Contempo- 
rary Christian Band, Pledge 
Trainer Scotch Guard, Army 
ROTC Auxilliary, Orientation 
Leader, Baptist Student Union, 
Drawn Together, Phi Mu 
Standards Committee, Univer- 
sity Honors Program. 


Jill Anne Mehalic 
Clinton, MS 
Sr., Accounting 

Beta Alpha Psi Treasurer, 
Zeta Tau Alpha Scholarship 
Chairman, School of Accoun- 
tancy Secretary, MSU 
Matchmates Vice President, 
Gamma Beta Phi, Inter-School 
Council, March of Dimes, Pres- 
ident's Scholar. 

Amy Amelia Mitchell 

Corinth, MS 

Sr., Agriculture Economics 

Scribe of Alpha Zeta Honor- 
ary, President/Secretary of Ag- 
riculture Club, Historian of Phi 
Theta Kappa Honorary Frater- 
nity, CAB, Residence Hall 
Council, Gamma Beta Phi, Col- 
lege Republicans, Phi Theta 
Kappa, Science Club. 

Stefanie Lyn Montgomery 
Clinton, MS 
Sr., Accounting 

Beta Alpha Psi Secretary, Zeta 
Tau Alpha Membership Chair- 
man, Rush Chairman, Gamma 
Alpha Epsilon, Cardinaly Key, 
Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Lambda 
Delta, Gamma Beta Phi, Bulldog 
Hostess, Kappa Alpha Little Sis- 
ter, Intramural Sports. 

Jennifer Anne Muha 
Brandon, MS 
Sr., Marketing 

Zeta Tau Alpha Panhellenic 
Delegate, Panhellenic Vice 
President, Junior Panhellenic 
President, Fashion Board Sec- 
retary, Fashion Board Treasur- 
er, College Republicans, Kappa 
Alpha Little Sister, Bulldog 
Hostess, Cardinal Key. 



Rachel Garrett New 

Greenville, MS 

Jr., Elementary Education 

Chi Omega Assistant Re- 
cording Secretary, Gamma 
Beta Phi, College Republicans, 
Baptist Student Union Priority 
Member, MS Association for 
Children Under Six, Intramural 
Sports, Chi Omega Picture 

WHO'S WHO 1990 

Michael Edward Newman 

Water Valley, MS 

Gr., Ag. & Ext. Education 

MSU Graduate Student As- 
sociation President, College of 
Education Doctoral Students 
Association President, nation- 
al Agricultural Education Re- 
search Meeting Facilitator, Phi 
Delta Kappa, American Eval- 
uation Association. 

Thomas Chadwick Norton 
Grenada, MS 
Sr., Chemistry 

Alpha Epsilon Delta Histo- 
rian, President, Kappa Sigma 
Pledge Class President, Rush 
Chairman, Alpha Lambda Del- 
ta President, Phi Kappa Phi, 
Alpha Epsilon Delta, Alpha 
Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, 
Phi Mu Sorority Big Brother. 

Shannon Diane Nunnelee 

Belden, MS 

Jr., Political Science 

United Way Student Chair- 
man, SA Senate Academic Af- 
fairs Committee Chairman, 
Stennis Scholars, Cardinal Key 
President, Phi Eta Sigma Pres- 
ident, Delta Gamma Elections 
Chairman, Roadrunners, CAB. 

Rebecca Louise Odinet 

Arabi, LA 

Gr., Counselor Education 

MSU Panhellenic Adivor, 
Gamma Alpha Epsilon Advisor, 
Lousianna State Uniersity Pan- 
hellenic President, Phi Mu So- 
rority, Angel Flight, Lambda 
Chi Alpha Little Sister, Cath- 
olic Student Association, Rho 
Lambda, Greek Who's Who. 

Julie Elizabeth Ormon 

Brandon, MS 

Sr., Communications 

Orientation Leader, MSU 
Roadrunner Secretary, Kappa 
Alpha Little Sister Chaplain, 
Alumni Delegate Social Chair- 
man, Phi Mu Sorority, FCA, 
MSU Diamond Girls, Mortar 
Board, Lambda Sigma, Dean's 
List, Project H.O.P.E. 

Stephanie Dianne Petty 

Granada, MS 

Sr., Elementary Education 

Kappa Sigma Little Sister 
Chaplain, FCA, Phi Mu Soror- 
ity, MSU Fashion Board, MSU 
MACUS, Gamma Beta Phi, 
Kappa Delta Pi, United Way, 
Project HOPE, President's 
List, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha 
Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma. 

Jennifer Susanne Peyton 

Augusta, GA 

Sr., Communications 

Delta Delta Delta Chaplain, 
Mortar Board Secretary, Road- 
runner Corresponding Secre- 
tary, Cardinal Key, Gamma Al- 
pha Epsilon, Order of Omega, 
Gamma Beta Phi, Phi Eta Sig- 
ma, Omicron Delta Kappa, SA 
Scholarship Committee. 

Thomas George Raffo, Jr. 
Orange Park, FL 
Sr., General Business 

Co-captain Mississippi State 
Baseball Team, Kappa Sigma 
Fraternity, Elderstatesmen, M- 
Club, Phi Mu Big Brother, FCA, 
Phi Kappa Phi, March of 
Dimes, Baseball Academic All- 
Am eri can, Academic AU-SEC, 
Bulldog Scholar Athlete. 

Alan Louis Raymond 

Gulf Breeze, FL 

Sr., Foreign Language 

Sigma Delta Pi Presient, 
MSU Right to Life President, 
American Assocaition of 
Teachers of Spanish and Por- 
tuguese, RUF, Phi Kappa Phi, 
Phi Eta Sigma, Gamma Beta 
Phi, Spanish Association, Por- 
tuguese Missionary. 

Lane B. Reed 
McCall Creek, MS 
Jr., Political Science 

College Republicans, Gam- 
ma Beta Phi Vice President, 
Mississippi 4-H All Stars 
Treasurer, Famous Maroon 
Band, Basketball Pep Band, 
Baptist Student Union, SA 
Governmental Affairs Commit- 
tee, Traffic Appeals Court. 

Cindy J. Rees 

Clinton, MS 

Sr., Agriculture Economics 

Ambassadors for College of 
Agriculture and Home Eco- 
nomics Secretary, Agriculture 
Economics Club Vice Presi- 
dent, Agriculture Club Treas- 
urer, Gamma Sigma Delta 
Honor Society of Agriculture, 
Phi Theta Kappa, PAS. 

Sherri Lynne Reid 
Columbus, MS 
Sr., Math 

Chi Omega Personnel Chair- 
man, In-House Activities Chair- 
man, President's Scholar, De- 
an's Scholar, Kappa Delta Pi 
Honorary, Phi Eta Sigma, Gam- 
ma Beta Phi, Member of Inter- 
national Reading Association, 
MSU Famous Maroon Band. 

Memrie Elizabeth Riley 
Ruston, LA 
Sr., Math 

Delta Gamma Fraternity 
Treasurer, Assistant Rituals, 
Pledge Class Treasurer, Phi 
Gamma Delta Little Sister 
President, Alumni Delegate, 
Matchmate, CAB, United Way, 
Project Brickfire, Omicron 
Delta Kappa, Gamma Beta Phi. 

Sherri Michelle Roark 
Winona, MS 
Sr., Accounting 

MSU State Striders Treasur- 
er, Assistant Treasurer Delta 
Gamma, Beta Alpha Psi, Phi 
Eta Sigma, Alpha Lambda Del- 
ta, MSU Matchmates, CAB, 
Scotch Guard, Gamma Beta 
Phi, Intramurals, President's 

Seth Roberts 
Jackson, MS 
Sr., Chemical Engineering 

Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity 
Treasurer/Vice President, En- 
gineering Student Council 
Represetative, Union Program 
Council, American Institute of 
Chemical Engineers, Greeks 
for Adcademic Excellence, Phi 
Gamma Delta Fraternity. 

Brent Austin Russell 

Madison, AL 

Jr., Biology /Pre-Med 

SA Senator, Duggar Hall 
Council President, Kappa Sigma 
Chaplain, Inter-Residence Hall 
Council Representative, Greek 
Council for Christ Chairman, 
Elderstatesman, Roadrunner, 
Lambda Sigma, RUF, Fellowship 
of Christian Athletes. 

Lori Lynn Sample 

Tupelo, MS 

Sr., Special Education 

Phi Mu President, Sigma Chi 
Little Sister President, FCA 
Vice President, Bulldog Host- 
ess, Special Olympics Volun- 
teer, Salvation Army Volun- 
teer, Starkville Manor Visiting 
Volunteer, Dean's List, Presi- 
dent's List. 

Suzann Michelle Savage 
Columbus, MS 
Sr., ATM 

Kappa DIeta Secretary, 
Alumni Relations Pledge 
Chairman, Campaign Chair- 
man, Alumni Delegate Presi- 
dent, Kappa Alpha Little Sister 
Presidetn, SA Judicial Council, 
REVEILLE Section Editor, 
Fashion Focus. 

Paul Donald Seago 

Jackson, MS 

Sr., General Science 

SA Senator, SA Judicial 
Council, SA Governmental Af- 
fairs commitee, Kappa Sigma, 
Elderstatemen, Order of Ome- 
ga, Omnicron Delta Kappa, Phi 
Eta Sigma, Mortar Board, Hon- 
ors Program, Blue Key, Alpha 
Epsilon Delta. 

Thomas Hunt Shipman 
Dyersburg, TN 
Jr., Agribusiness 

National Agrimarketing As- 
sociation President, Ag Am- 
bassadors, Agricultural Eco- 
nomics Club, Phi Delta Theta 
Secretary, Alph Zeta, REVEIL- 
LE Photographer, United Way 
Campaign, Lambda Sigma. 

WHO'S WHO 1990 

Michael Wade Shrader 

Tupelo, MS 

Sr., Aeorspace Engineering 

Sigma Phi Epsilon Rush Chair- 
man, Haplain, and Activities di- 
rector, Sigma Gamma Tau, SA 
University Services committee, 
Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Kap- 
pa Phi, Elderstatesmen, Lambda 
Sigma, Orientation Leader, 

Elaine Claire Smith 
Chelsea, AL 
Jr., English 

Alpha Gamma Delta Alum- 
nae Relations Chairman, Alpha 
Lambda Delta Vice President, 
Blackfriars Drama Society, 
Lambda Sigma, Gamma Beta 
Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi 
Kappa Phi, Sigma Tau Delta, 
Scotch Guard, State Striders. 

Amy Carolyn Steele 

Starkville, MS 

Sr., Elementary Education 

MSU MACUS Secretary, Chi 
Omega Special Events Chair- 
man, Rush Kitchen Committee 
Chairman, Chi Omega Alumni 
Relations committee, NAE- 
MAE-SMAE, Phi Kappa Phi, 
Kappa Dleta Pi, Gamma Alpha 
Epsilon, Gamma Beta Phi. 

Terri Suzanne Stewart 
Amory, MS 
Jr., Accounting 

Kappa Delta Sorority Treasur- 
er, President, Lambda Chi Alpha 
Little Sister, MSU Matchmates, 
MSU Fashion Board, MSU Road- 
runner, Order of Omega, Cardi- 
nal Key, Gamma Beta Phi, Alpha 
Lambda Delta, CAB, President's 

David Prather Taylor 
Memphis, TN 
Jr., Physics 

Student Advisory Council, 
Physics Department Represen- 
tative, Tri Angle Fraternity In- 
tramural Chairman, Phi Eta 
Sigma, Lambda Sigma, MSU 
Stage Band, MSU College 
Bowl, President's List, Dean's 

Ellen O'Keefe Thornell 

Shreveport, LA 

Jr., Home Economics 

Editor for Lambda Sigma, 
Chi Omega Sorority, Decrtary 
of Dietetics Club, Student Ad- 
visory Board to the Home Eco- 
nomics Department, Gamma 
Beta Phi, Campus Crusade for 
Christ, Home Economics Club, 
Order of the Owl, Dean's List. 

Elizabeth Jane Torrey 

Vicksburg, Sm 

Sr., Chemical Engineering 

Omega Chi Epsilon Pre- 
sidetn, AICHE Secretary, 
Scotch Guard, Delta Gamma 
Art Chairman, Omicron Delta 
Kappa, Mortar Board, Cardinal 
Key, Gamma Alpha Epsilon, 
Tau Beta Pi, State Striders, 
Scotch Guard. 

Joe Milton Turner 

Brandon, MS 

Sr., Chem/Physics Education 

German Club President, Gam- 
ma Beta Phi President, Phi Mu 
Alpha Sinfonia Secretary, Uni- 
versity Honors Program, Phi Eta 
Sigma, College Republicans, Fa- 
mous Maroon Band, MSU Opera 
Theatre, Phi Kappa Phi, Missis- 
sippi Magic Show Choir. 

Johnny Rufus Van Horn 

Vardaman, MS 

Sr., Foreign Language 

German Language Club Pres- 
ident, Russian Language Club 
Secretary, University Honors 
Council Treasurer, Outdoor So- 
ciety, Students Concerned 
About Protecting the Environ- 
ment, Canterbury Episcopal 

Susan Louise Welch 
Jackson, TN 
Jr., Biology 

Orientation Leader, Kappa 
Delta Sorority Editor, Hightower 
Hall Council President, Road- 
runner, Resident Assistant, Phi 
Gamma Delta Little Sister, Res- 
idence Hall Order, Intramural 
Sports, Inter-Residence Hall 
Council President's Council. 

Elizabeth Ann Whitt 

Brandon, MS 

Jr., Banking and Finance 

MSU Alumni Delegate Vice 
President, Lambda Sigma, Gam- 
ma Beta Phi Secretary, Phi Mu 
Pledge Class President, Gamma 
Alpha Epsilon Secretary, Gam- 
ma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Eta Sig- 
ma, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Intramu- 
ral Sports, Dean's List. 

Patty Vaughn Wilder 
Camden, MS 
Sr., Agri-Business 

Agriculture Econom- 
ics/NAMA Club Secretary 
SA Senator, Alpha Zeta Na- 
tional Agricultural Fraternity, 
Gamma Beta Phi, Alpha Lamb- 
da Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Bap- 
tist Student Union, Intramural 

Elise Martha Williams 
Germ an town, TN 
Sr., Marketing 

MSU Fashion Board Presi- 
dent, Phi Mu Social Chairman, 
CAB Division Head, Phi Mu 
Parents Day Committee, Exec- 
utive Committee Head of 
House Dedication and Recep- 
tion, Rush Assistant, Special 
Olympics Volunteer. 

Seth Michael Williams 

Biloxi, MS 

Jr., Marketing/Economics 

Publications Chairman, Phi 
Gamma Delta, SA University 
Services Committee, Phi Kap- 
pa Phi, Gamma Alpha Epsilon, 
Phi Eta Sigma, Gamma Beta 
Phi, College Republicans, Proj- 
ect Brickfire, President's List, 
Dean's List. 

Robert Taylor Witthauer 
Signal Mountain, TN 
Jr., General Business 

Chairman of Senate Student 
Affiars Committee, Pre-Law 
Society President, Omicron 
Delta Kappa Vice President, 
Gamma Beta Phi Social Chair- 
man, Duggar Hall Council, Sut- 
tle Hall Council, Blue Key, 
RHO, Phi Eta Sigma. 

Brad Woodall 

Bailey, MS 

Sr., General Business 

Kappa Alpha, SA Senator, 
Blue Key, Scholars Recogni- 
tion Day Committee, Orienta- 
tion Leader, Roadrunner, 
Learning to Lead Program 
Counselor, Muscular Dystro- 
phy Volunteer, Outstanding 
Young Men of America. 

Courtney Suzanne Yonge 

Stark ville, MS 

Sr., Foreign Language 

Baptist Student Union Fresh- 
men Council President, MSU 
Spanish Association President, 
Christival Committee, Phi Kap- 
pa Phi, Gamma Beta Phi, BSU 
Music Committee, President's 
Scholar, Society of Scholars, 
Spanish Honorary Society. 

Ellen Wood Young 
Jackson, MS 
Sr., Accounting 

Student Council Secretary 
and Treasurer, Drama Club 
Vice President, Beta Alpha Psi 
Accounting Fraternity, Beta 
Gamma Sigma Business Fra- 
ternity, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta 
Sigma, College Republicans, 
President's Scholar. 

Konstantinos I. Zorbalas 
Athens, Greece 
Gr., Petroleum Engineering 
Society of Petroleum En- 
gineers Treasurer, Phi Epsi- 
lon Tau, REVEILLE Photog- 
raphy Editor, Panhellenic 
Offshore Sailing Club, RE- 
FLECTOR Photographer, In- 
ternatioanl Student Associ- 
ation Active Member. 

Hall of Fame 

Mark Anthony Adams 

Management; MSU Resident Assistant, Residence Hall Council Advisor, 
Delta Sigma Pi, Black Voices of MSU, MSU Choir, Pre-Law Society, 
Society for the Advancement of Management, Phi Beta Lambda, De- 
an's List, Who's Who Among Students in American Universities, Out- 
standing College Students of America, Phi Beta Sigma. 

Andrea Nicole Akins 

Political Science; President Chi Omega Sorority, Co-Rush Chairman, 
Homecoming Chairman, Panhellic Council, Day Student Senator, Pres- 
ident Pro Tern of Senate, '88 Homecoming Committee, 1990 Miss 
MSU, Pi Sigma Alpha, John C. Stennis Scholar, Bulldog Hostess, Gam- 
ma Beta Phi, Mortar Board, Omicron Delta Kappa. 

JoEllen Allison 

Communication; Roadrunner Publicity Chairman, Baptist Student Un- 
ion President, Miscom Public Relations Society, Phi Kappa Phi, Car- 
dinal Key, Phi Eta Sigma Vice President, Gamma Beta Phi, Who's Who 
Among American Universities and Colleges, Delta Gamma Sorority, 
Mortar Board Public Relations Chairman. 

Elizabeth Ann Andrews 

Business Administration; Magna Cum Laude Graduate, Phi Kappa Phi, 
Beta Gamma Sigma, President's Scholar, National Dean's List, Phi 
Alpha Theta, International Honor Society in History, E. B. McCool 
Scholarship, Gamma Beta Phi Society vice president. 

Marjorie Tracy Atkinson 

Political Science; SA Director of Research and Implementation, Uni- 
versity Honors Coucil, Interschool Coucil, Omicron Delta Kappa, 
Mortar Board, Pi Sigma Alpha, Phi Kappa Phi, Cardinal Key Honor 
Society, National Collegiate Honors Coucil, SA Academic Affairs Com- 
mittee, Gamma Beta Phi. 

Nancy Bigelow 

Educational Psychology; Student Association Senator, Orientation 
Leader, Resident Assistant, Baptist Student Union Executive Council, 
United Way Chairman, Reflector features, Sigma Phi Epsilon Little 
Sister, Gamma Alpha Epsilon, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron 
Delta Kappa Leadership, Mortar Board. 



John David Box 

Banking & Finance; Student Association Treasurer, SA Senator, Sigma 
Alpha Epsilon Treasurer, IFC Judicial Council, Elderstatesmen, Lambda 
Sigma Treasurer, MSU Roadrunner, Blue Key Honor Society, Order of 
Omega, Reformed University Fellowship, Gamma Alpha Epsilon, Gam- 
ma Beta Phi, Mortar Board, Omicron Delta Kappa. 

Catherine Ray Chatham 

Banking & Finance; Omicron Delta Kappa, Mortar Board Elections 
Chairman, Gamma Beta Phi, Financial Management Association, Order 
of Omega, Panhellenic Secretary, Interschool Council, SA Senator, 
Governmental Affairs Committee, Chi Omega Assistant Treasurer, 
Salvationa Army Volunteer, MADD Volunteer. 

Nicole Marie Clark 

Biochemistry; SA University Services Director, University Library Com- 
mittee, Library Planning Committee, MSU Bulldog Hostess, Fellowship 
of Christian Athletes, Biochemistry Club, Student Health Advisory 
Committee, Alpha Zeta, Omicron Delta Kappa, Mortar Board, Who's 
Who Among American Colleges, Lambda Sigma. 

Deloris Michelle Corbin 

Accounting; School of Accountancy Treasurer, President of SA Student 
Financial Services Committee, Beta Alpha Psi, Phi Kappa Phi, Order of 
Omega, Omicron Delta Kappa, Cardinal Key Honor, Gamma Beta Phi, 
Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, Delta Gamma Treasurer, Pres- 
ident's scholar, Peggy Howerton Accounting Scholarship. 

Joe Marshall Davis 

Agricultural Economics/ Prelaw; Northeast Community College Student 
Government Association, Campus Activities Board Public Relations 
Committee, MS Corrections Society, Financial Managemnet Society, 
Alpha Zeta, Gamma Beta Phi, Phi Beta Lambda, Phi Theta Kappa, John 
Wesley Foundation, 1989 Livestock Judging Team. 

Christopher Todd Dong 

Political Science; Sigma Nu Executive Council, Mississippi Model Se- 
curity Council President, College Republicans, MSU Honors Program, 
Prelaw Society, Phi Kappa Phi, Blue Key National Leadership Fra- 
ternity, Omicron Delta Kappa, Gamma Alpha Epsilon, Gamma Beta 
Phi, Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Honorary, Phi Eta Sigma. 


Hall of Fame 

Ashley Norfleet Edmonson 

Accounting; Delta Gamma President, Alumni Delegate, Panhellenic 
Council, Accounting Society, Pre-law Society, College Republicans, 
Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa, Cardinal 
Key, Order of Omega, Gamma Alpha Epsilon, Lambda Sigma Alpha 
Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Gamma Beta Phi. 

Victoria Gann 

Music; MSU Famous Maroon Band, MSU Musical Pit Orchestra First 
Flute, Sigma Alpha lota President, Alpha Lambda Delta, Gamma Beta 
Phi, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, University Honors Program, Pres- 
ident's Scholar, MSU Pep Band, Outstanding College Students of 

Gregory Alan Howell 

Veterinary Medicine; American Association of Equine Practitioners, 
Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Member, Teach- 
er's Assistant in Anatomy Department at College of Veterinary Med- 
icine, Mississippi Cattlemen's Magazine publisher. 

Amy Ruth Irwin 

Industrial Engineering; Institute of Industrial Engineers President, Chap- 
ter Development Chairman of HE, Extension Chairman of Theta Tau 
Professioanl Engineering Fraternity, University Honors Council Rep- 
resentative, University Honors Council Assitant, Baptist Student Union 
Christival Prayer Committee Chairman. 

Kwame Julius James 

Economics; Sports Personality Award — University of Guyana, Pres- 
ident's Scholar, Publicity Secretary for Economics Club. 


Pamela Dian Leonard 

Architecture; AIAS Chapter President, SARC Dean's Council, SA Hous- 
ing Committee, Angel Flight Pledge Trainer, Tau Sigma Delta, Who's 
Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, Mortar 
Board, Cardinal Key, Outstanding College Students of America, Lamb- 
da Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, National Dean's List. 


Laurel Amanda Marett 

General Liberal Arts; SA Secretary, Reveille Section Editor 1989, Mis- 
sissippi State Striders, Delta Gamma Social Chairman, Gamma Alpha 
Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Order of Omega, 
Lambda Sigma, Cardinal Key, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Lambd Delta, 1991 
Who's Who Selection Committee. 

Pauline Swan McReynolds 

English; SA Senate, SA Committee Appropriations Chairman, Delta 
Gamma Vice President Scholarship, Delta Gamma Executive Board, 
Mortar Board, Order of Omega, Gamma Alpha Epsilon, Lambda Sigma, 
Cardinal Key, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Gamma Beta Phi, 
Alpha Lambda Delta, CAB Recreation Committee. 

Mack Anderson Miller 

Electrical Engineering; Who's Who in American Colleges and Un 
versifies, Omicron Delta Kappa, Mortar Board Treasurer, Community 
Service Chairman of Lambda Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, 
Alpha Lambda Delta, Blue Key, IEEE, Phi Gamma Delta Educationa 
Foundation Scholarship, President's Scholar. 

Danny Blair Moore 

History; Graduate Teaching Assitant, History Department Fellowship, 
Graduate Student Council Representative, Orientation Leader, Phi 
Alpha Theta, T. O. Emma's Way President, Northwest Alabama Read- 
ing Aides Volunteer, Young Democrats, History Undergraduate Com- 
mittee Member. 

Stacy Morris Murphree 

Electrical Engineering; Wilkinson Award Co-Recipient, Phi Gamma 
Delta Fraternity President, Interfraternity Council Secretary, Omicron 
Delta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Lambda Sigma Secretary, Phi Eta Sigma 
Secretary, Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and 
Colleges, University Honors Program. 

Michael Edward Newman 

Agriculture & Extension Education; Graduate Student Association Pres- 
ident, Phi Kappa Phi, Doctoral Student Association President, Mis- 
sissippi FFA Association, Mississippi Rookie Ag Teacher of the Year, 
Omicron Tau Theta Vocational Education Honor Society, Phi Delta 


Hall of Fame 

Anna Katharine Pennington 

Marketing; Phi Kappa Phi, Gamma Beta Phi, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Pre-law 
Society President, President's List, Mu Kappa Tau, Beta Gamma Sigma, 
Outstanding College Students of America, Pre-law Society Treasurer, 
Dean's List. 

Gene Breese Quinn 

Physics; Department of Energy lobbyist in Washington, D.C, Society of 
Physics Students President, Russian Language Club Treasurer, Lambda 
Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Society of Scholars of Arts & 
Sciences, Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universities, 
President's Scholar. 

Thomas George Raffo, Jr. 

General Business; Mississippi State Baseball Team Co-Captain, Most 
Valuable Player (2 years), Academic All-American 1st Team College 
Sports Information Directors of America, Academic All-Southeastern 
Conference (3 years), Kappa Sigma Fraternity, M-Club, Fellowship of 
Christian Athletes, Elderstatesmen, Phi Kappa Phi. 

Seth Roberts 

Chemical Engineering; Phi Gamma Delta President, Engineering Stu- 
dent Council Representative, Union Program Council, AlChE member, 
Tau Beta Pi, Omega Chi Epsilon, President's Scholar, Co-op Union 
Carbide Corporation, Phi Kappa Phi, Summer Intern Dow Chemical 

Suzann Michelle Savage 

ATM; Kappa Delta Sorority Secretary, SA Jucicial Council, Gamma Beta 
Phi, Alpha Zeta, Lambda Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa, President's 
Scholar, Dean's Scholar, Reveille Section Editor, Alumni Delegate Pres- 
ident, Kappa Omicron Nu, Kappa Alpha Rose, Kappa Alpha Southern 

Micheal Wade Shrader 

Aerospace Engineering; Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Tau Beta 
Pi, Sigma Gamma Tau, Lambda Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Gamma Alpha 
Epsilon, Who's Who Among American University Students, MSU 

* P 


M. Suzanne Sims 

Agriculture & Extension Education; 1990 CAB Outstanding Leader 
Award, Who's Who Among American Universities and Colleges, IRHC 
Hall of Fame, Residence Hall Order, National Residence Hall Hon- 
orary, Arbour Acres Hall Council President, IRHC Student Activities 
Coordinator, IRHC President. 

Jason Shane Spigner 

Forest Management; MSU Forestry Club President, Forest Resources 
Dean's Council Vice President, MSU Forestry Club Vice President, 
ASFC Conclave Committee Vice President, Society of American For- 
esters, Xi Sigma Pi Forestry Honory Society, Phi Theta Kappa Junior 
College Honor Society. 

Judy K. Thomas 

Communication; Cardinal Key, Gamma Beta Phi, Lambda Sigma, Mor- 
tar Board, MSU President's List, MSU Society of Scholars, MSU Who's 
Who, National Dean's List, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, 
Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universities, Reveille Sec- 
tion Editor, University Honors Program, Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority. 

Elizabeth Jane Torrey 

Chemical Engineering; Engineering Student Coucil, Omega Chi Epsilon, 
College Republicans, Scotch Guard, Delta Gamma Fraternity, Delegate 
to the 1990 AICHE National Convention, Mortar Board State Striders, 
Omicron Delta Kappa, Cardinal Key, American Institute of Chemical 
Engineers Secretary. 

Joe Milton Turner 

Chemistry/Physics Education; University Honors Program and Honors 
Council, Gamma Beta Phi President, Famous Maroon Band, Phi Mu 
Alpha Sinfonia Secretary, MSU Opera Theatre, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta 
Sigma, U. S. Dept. of Energy Fellowship, Phi Kappa Phi, Outstanding 
College Students of America, National Dean's List. 

Shirley Ann Vaughn 

BISQA; 1988 Recording Secretary for Phi Theta Kappa, President's List, 
Beta Gamma Sigma, Alpha lota Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Outdoor Power 
Equipment Aftermarket Association Board Member, Bettye Scales Ber- 
nard Douglas Memorial Scholarship Recipient. 






State Address 

Governor Ray Mabus 


College Board 

Governor of Mississippi 

It is a time to plan, to dream about what the future will bring. In 
1988, Mississippi made a commitment to education. Salaries for 
public school teachers rose from 49th in the nation to 34th, from 
12th in the Southeast, to 6th. Teachers are staying in or returning 
to the profession, and they are staying in Mississippi. The qual- 
ifications of people entering teaching are rising. The real effect, 
though, will be felt in the years to come in the accomplishments of 
our students. 

Our state universities enjoyed the largest percetage increase in 
enrollment in the nation in 1988. This has allowed our uni- 
versities to gain national attention, allowing them to better 
compete for students, for research, and for quality. These were 
quantum leaps of the type Mississippi must continue to have if we 
are going to progress. 

The increases authorized in 1988 for public schools and uni- 
versities are fully funded. This investment is crucial because one 

thing is clearer every year — the outcome of all efforts will be 
determined where learning itself begins — in the front of our 
classrooms, with the teachers who lead our students from arith- 
metic to quantum mechanics — from basic English to foreign 
languages. So, if we are behind in the level of educational 
spending today, then we will be behind in our standard of living 
tomorrow. Our purpose is not simply to catch up; it is nothing less 
than to make Mississippi a national leader. The price of ex- 
cellence is substantial; the price of ignorance is even higher — 
fewer jobs, lower wages, and slower growth. Every company 
deciding where to put a new plant asks about teachers as well as 
taxes, about education as well as transportation. In short, look at 
the schools of the next generation. Because of the paramount 
importance of education, we must strive to make sure Mis- 
sissippi's educational system is second to none. The agenda 
before us is long — but it is vital. 


fr ' ^-" ; 

Breaking it in, President Zacharias 
uses one of the new computers in- 
stalled in the library. The computer- 
ized system was designed for quicker 
and easier location of the resources 
in the library. 

Executive Council. Seated: Dr. Bil- 
ly C. Ward, Vice President of Ad- 
ministration and Development; Dr. 
Donald Zacharias, President; Dr. 
John Darling, Provost and Vice Pres- 
ident of Academic Affairs. Standing: 
Dr. Roy Ruby, Vice President of Stu- 
dent Affairs; Dr. Ralph Powe, Vice 
President for Research; Dr. Rodney 
Foil, Vice President of Agriculture 
and Home Economics, Forestry, and 
Veterinary Medicine; Dr. George 
Verrall, Vice President for Business 

photo by Fred Faulk 


Dr. Zacharias 



Dr. Donald W. Zacharias became president of Mississippi State 
in 1985. /Since then, Zacharias said, many improvements have 
occured at MSU as a direct result of teamwork. Some include 
additional resources from federal and private sources, numerous 
top-flight faculty members and outstanding administrators, and 
significant help from the legislature and the governor. 

The goals of the president for the next five years include: 

1) to assist the state in solving its problems in providing support 
for education, 

2) to reward our faculty, staff, and administrators for their loyalty 
and dedication to Mississippi State, 

3) to attract additional scholarship money to keep a college 
education within reach of students regardless of their economic 

4) to develop a major strategic plan at all levels within the 
university and keep it updated as successes and circumstances 
affect it, 

5) to add the most modern equipment available for teaching and 
research and renovate in all the classrooms at Mississippi State, 

6) to reach the day when nobody says there is a traffic and 
parking problem on campus. 

Dr. Zacharias and his wife have three children. His favorite 
activities include deep sea fishing and freshwater fishing. 
Zacharias also said that he is "a terrible golfer but enjoys the fun 
of being with people who enjoy the sport." Also, he enjoys 
"playing the piano and organ as a form of relaxation." 

-Stephanie Alligood 

Presenting the plaque, Dr 

Zacharias recognues Lois Kaufman 
as a Patron of Excellence 

Si . 

: * -t'{ ' wtik'c 


* - - a? 


■ * 

1 T. 

photo by Kostas Zorbalas 




Dean William R. Fox 

William R. Fox was appointed Dean of the College of 
Agriculture and Home Economics on July 1, 1989. 

Fox considers one of his primary responsibilities to be 
"to promote excellence in teaching, scholarship, re- 
search, service and academic advising." This has been 
accomplished in many ways. Enrollment has increased 
by 11%. The College of Agriculture and Home Eco- 
nomics has begun to cooperate with the College of 
Business and Industry to create agribusiness programs. 
Academic advising by the faculty has been improved 
and there are "increased opportunities for dialogue 

Dr. William Fox 

among faculty, students, staff and administrations," Fox 

One improvement which Fox would like to implement 
is the "increased opportunities for resources to reward 
excellent acheivements of faculty, staff, and students as 
they seek to meet their full potential." 

Fox received his B.S. and M.S. degrees from the 
University of Tennessee and his Ph.D. degree from Iowa 
State University. He and his wife, Mary, have three 

-Stephanie Alligood 


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Dean John M. McRae 

John M. McRae, Dean of the School of Architecture, 
considers his most important accomplishment to be the 
encouragement of a professional environment of di- 
alogue that promotes the possibilities of people reaching 
their full potential." 

Many improvements to the school have been made 
since his appointment in August, 1987. Some include 
"a strengthened faculty, staff, and student body, in- 
creased research, and increased external private sup- 
port." Also the undergraduate curriculum has been 
strengthened, the program of international studies has 
been expended and cooperative education and a M.S. 

degree program with a focus on Architectural History 
has been added. 

When asked what one thing he would change if he 
could, McRae wished that he could "significantly raise 
the level of state funding to the University and the 
school, especially faculty and staff salaries, to a level 
measured with the quality of work being done." 

McRae received his architectural education from the 
University of Texas at Austin and Rice University. He 
and his wife, Sharon, have three children. He enjoys 
reading, painting, and tennis. 

-Stephanie Alligood 

Dean McRae 

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Dean Lida K. Barrett 

Lida K. Barrett was appointed to the position of Dean 
of the College of Arts and Sciences in August, 1987. 

In accordance with her goal which is to "sustain 
MSU's Arts and Sciences' momentum toward quality," 
many improvements to the College have been made. 
Some include teaching initiatives, expanded doctral of- 
ferings such as new PhDs in math and computer science, 
and expanded research dollars which is now over 3 
million annually. 

Her primary responsibility, Barrett said, is to provide 

Dean Barrett 

"academic leadership of MSU's largest college." In 
keeping with this responsibility, Dean Barrett would like 
to "recruit a more diverse faculty and student body." 

Barrett received her BA from Rice, her MA from the 
University of Texas, and her PhD from the University of 
Pennsylvania, all in math. She has three children and 
two grandchildren. Her current hobby is being President 
of the Mathematical Association of America which is a 
30,000+ professional organization. 

■Stephanie AUigood 

r . 

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photo by Mark Warner 


photo by Mark Warner 


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Dean Dennis R. Ley den 

Dennis R. Leyden, Dean of the College of Business 
and Industry, believed that his job "involves a significant 
personal commitment to the continued enrichment, 
growth and development of the College of Business and 
Industry and its students, faculty, staff and admin- 

Leyden's dedication to his responsibilities as dean of 
the college is evident through the many improvements 
made in the college since his appointment in 1982. An 
example is "the high level of microcomputer acces- 
sibility made available to faculty and staff." Another 
improvement has been the increase in the "diversity 
and level of expertise of the faculty" during the past 
nine years. The faculty of the Collge of Business and 

Industry includes "some of the leading authors of text- 
books in the fields of business communication, strategic 
mamagement, strategic marketing and management sci- 
ence," Leyden said. 

One of his goals for the next five years, Leyden ex- 
plained, is to "strengthen and broaden the influence and 
reputation of the college's regional, national and inter- 
national programs." 

Dean Leyden received his undergraduate degree in 
Industrial Management from Clemson University and his 
Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Virginia. He 
and his wife, Anne, have two children. He enjoys wood- 
working, photography, sailing, marksmanship and golf. 

■Stephanie AUigood 


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Dean Arnold J. Moore 


~£y. ■ 

Arnold J. Moore, Dean of the College of Education, 
considers his most important accomplishment to be his 
selection as one of the 70 Leaders in Teacher Education 
from the Association of Teacher Educators on its 70th 
Anniversary in 1989. 

Since his appointment as Dean in October, 1980, 
Moore has facilitated many improvements of the col- 
lege. Some include the recruitment of outstanding fac- 
ulty and students and the significant increase of research 
grants and contracts. Moore specifically cited the cre- 
ation of "a milieu which lead to the awarding of the 

Southeastern Regional Association of Teacher Edu- 
cators 1988 Innovation in Teacher Education Award." 
Also, "a COE Alumnus, Robert Maxison, President of 
the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, was selected as 
the 1989 MSU Alumnus of the Year," Moore said. 

Moore received his B.A. degree from the University 
of Nothern Iowa and his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from 
the University of Iowa. He and his wife, Dolly, have six 
children; three of whom are MSU Alumni. He enjoys 
sports, music, theatrical productions, and gardening. 

-Stephanie Alligood 


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Dean Robert A. Altenkirch 

Robert A. Altenkirch, Dean of the College of En- 
gineering, is most proud of the College "moving for- 
ward in the realization that it can and must compete 
nationally in the research arena while at the same time 
maintain a good rapport with the undergraduate stu- 

Since his appointment in August, 1988, "the Honda 
building at the Raspet Flight Research Laboratory and 
the Research Center for Advanced Scientific Computing 
building have been built with funds from the Department 
of Defense that will house the National Science Foun- 
dation Engineering Research Center for Computational 
Field Simulation," Altenkirch said. Other improvements 
include increased research funding, new grants and 

contracts from federal agencies and industries, and 
increased graduate enrollment. The one improvement 
that he would like to see happen is "the base funding of 
the institution increased substantially so that it would be 
in a position to compete with other institutions from 
common ground and reward those individuals who for 
some time have been enormously productive but not 
compensated adequately." 

Altenkirch received his BS and PhD from Purdue 
University and his MS from the University of California 
at Berkeley, all in Mechanical Engineering. He and his 
wife, Beth, have two children. His main hobby is ref- 
ereeing soccer matches and coaching soccer teams. 

-Stephanie AUigood 



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Dean Warren S. Thompson 

According to Warren S. Thompson, Dean of the 
School of Forest Resources, both the school and the 
University "have served the citizens of the state and 
region in a superb manner." 

Since his appointment as Dean and Associate Di- 
rector of the MAFES in 1983, Thompson has been 
improving the School of Forest Resources through in- 
creased enrollment and new funding. 

"A long-term trend of declining enrollment has been 
reversed, "Thompson said. During the past four years, 
undergraduate enrollment increased 48% while grad- 
uate enrollment rose 35%. Funding has more then 
doubled during the past seven years making it possible 

for the School "to expend significantly its research and 
teaching programs." A building which will house the 
Departments of Wildlife and Fisheries and Forestry has 
also been funded and is now under construction. 

However, Dean Thompson feels that his most sig- 
nificant accomplishment has been "a team effort with 
the department heads to maintain a faculty and staff of 
high quality and exceptional dedication." 

Dean Thompson came to the University in 1964 as 
Professor and Director of the Forest Products Lab- 
oratory. He and his wife, Marilyn, have four children, all 
of whom received degrees from M.S.U. 

-Stephanie Aihgood 



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photos courtesy of Eve Lewis 



Dean H. D wight Mercer 

As Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine, H. 
Dwight Mercer believes his primary responsibility to be 
"to develop and manage quality research, service, and 
teaching programs pertaining to veterinary medicine 
and veterinary medical education." 

Since his appointment in July, 1987, many achieve- 
ments have been made. "Completing a comprehensive 
college-wide strategic plan in compliance with the 
changing trends in veterinary medical education and the 
Pew Report (outside consultant group) and establishing 
the Gulf States Consortium for Aquatic Pathobiolo- 
gy, "according to Mercer, were two notable achieve- 
ments. Also, "the enhancement of the training of fish 

pathologists, a growing manpower shortage area in this 
state," is an achievement, Mercer said. 

Mercer received his BS in Agriculture from the Uni- 
versity of Georgia, his MS in Pharmacology/Toxicology 
from the University of Florida, his PhD in Pharmacology 
from Ohio State University, and his DVM from the 
University of Georgia. He and his wife, Vera, who 
recently celebrated their 30th wedding anniversity, 
have two boys and a grandchild. Mercer enjoys quail 
hunting, golfing, fishing, and maintaining a small cattle 
and quail farm in south Georgia. 
-Stephanie Alligood 

Dr. Mercer 

photo by David Farrish 









Accounting Officers 

The School of Accountancy Student Of- 
ficers are the elected intermediaries be- 
tween the students and the accounting fac- 
ulty. Chosen by all four classes of accounting 
majors, the officers represent the accounting 
student body before faculty and honored 
guests and also enhance effective commu- 
nication to students of available opportu- 
nities both professionally and socially. 

Officers assist in establishing convocations 
which are held each semester. At these 
meetings, the officers and faculty are in- 
troduced. Special guest speakers inform stu- 
dents of new trends and changes in the field 
of accounting. 

Accounting Club 

The Accounting Society is the student 
organization of the National Association of 
Accountants. The purpose of the Account- 
ing Society is to promote opportunities in 
accounting and to provide accounting stu- 
dents a social environment to allow them to 
interact with other accounting students. 


Dora Herring, Director; Tim Blocker, president; Gerald Jernigan, vice-president; Kim Andrews, secretary; Michelle Corbin 

Row l:Laynette Stokes, Rhonda Thompson. Ellen Young, Denlse Butler. Kelly Bryant, Wendy Turbervllle, Melissa Malorey, Barbara Ball, Troy Ray. Sharon Robinson, Ells 
Clark, Erlka Boundy, Mallnda Varner, Shannon Williams, Julie McGeehee. Jason Baker, Kim Cuccaro, Liz Brown, Frances McNalr. Row 2:Chandra Smith, Deulse Slssor 
Keith Chambers, Stephanie Wood, Julie Patterson, Mickl Mullins, Kelly Lewis, Glna Brooks, Connie Eakers, Row SMltch Fly, James Cagle, Gwen Wilson, Lezlle Rousavllli 
Row 4:Sherrl Roark, Allegra Ford, Glnl Herring, Joe Abston, Cher Makamson, Kevin Edwards, Row 5:Jeana Sorto, Kim Andrews. 



Row l:Clifton Stokes, Kristina Kirby, Wade Shrader, Scott Brown, Row 2: John Gross, John Meets, Chip Bobbitt, Marc 
»rhage, Richard Gray, Bent Patino. 


The purpose of the AIAA is to advance 
the art, science, and technology of aero- 
nautics, astronautics, and hydronautics. It 
provides an effective channel of technical 
communications among professionals in 
these fields through technical publications, 
national and local meetings, seminars, and 
public information services. 

The August Raspet Student Branch at 
Mississippi State University was founded in 
1963. Since its beginning the local chapter 
has offered various programs and activities 
to its members and those students interested 
in aerospace technology. 


The Agriculture, Engineering, Technolo- 
gy, and Business curriculum is relatively 
new. It was developed to provide the ag- 
ricultural industry with professional men and 
women with a general education base and 
specialized knowledge in science, agricul- 
ture, and engineering technology. This is 
integrated into a program of study that fits 
the interests of students and deals with tech- 
nical operations, management, and service 
in the food and fiber industry. 

Row l:Amy Stephens, Stacey Parker, Barry Corley, Larry Hardy, Ricky Downs, Sam Davis, Row 2:Jimmy Reed, Dexter Pate, 
)land Daughdrill, Benny Borst, Brad Powell, Ed Redmond, Brian Smith, Ray Amir Hakim, Ismail Hirun Azaman. 








The American Society of Civil Engi- 
neers was founded in 1852. It is the 
oldest of the professional technical socie- 
ties. This is due to the nature of the 
profession; to serve the public. The civil 
engineer dates back to the rennaisance, 
where major advancements in public 
transportation, water supply an demand 
and land taxation were made. Standard 
curriculums include all the major fields of 
study such as surveying, transportation, 
hydraulics, structures, geotechnical, and 
environmental all of which are necessary 
to meet the demands, promote the 
growth, and protect the welfare of the 
public at large. 

Angel Flight 

The Kenneth J. Snedden Flight of An- 
gel Flight has been active on the MSU 
campus for a quarter of a century. Angle 
Flight has supported and promoted 
MSU's AFROTC and Arnold Air Society 
as well as the U.S. Air Force. The Flight 
has also worked on campus, community, 
and national service projects. 

The Flight at MSU was named in honor 
of Major Kenneth J. Snedden. Major 
Snedden was the Professor of Air Science 
and Tactics at MSU, and was killed in a 
P-38 crash in Starkville. 

Row l:Steve Smith, treasurer; Mike Cresap, vice president; Wes Stafford, president; David Jenkins, secretary; Joce 
Phillips, loyal subject Row 2:Amy Walker, Butch Swales, Neal Robertson, Jonathan Hasson, Row 3:Mike Pepper, Lee McK 
Jim Sheperd, Christl Goldman, Row 4:Doug Hays, Steve Corey, Jan Patton. 

Row LTracie Woods, Melanie Helton, Janet Frans, Hope Weems Row 2:Meredith Drane, Bethany Johson, Vicki LeoiKU 
Row 3:Heather West, Simeon Street, Georgeen Matijevich, Captain Steve Whitney, advisor, Row 4:Ginger Mangum, LoH 
Vigil, Paige Tinney, Kelly DeBardelaben. 


. -' 

. .,'-. ,-..". . 




', . — 


Arnold Air Society 

The Arnold Air Society is a national hon- 
orary and professional service organization 
of Air Force ROTC. It is named for General 
H.H. Arnold, the first chief of staff of the 
Army Air Corps, now known as the Air 
Force. General Arnold is known as the fa- 
ther of today's Air Force. 

The squadron at Mississippi State Uni- 
versity is named in honor of Major Kenneth 
J. Snedden, professor of Air Science and 
Tactics. The squadron has become a re- 
spected organization in ROTC, the campus, 
and the community. Their projects include 
blood drives, fund raisers for charities, 
POW/MIA Awareness, and numerous oth- 

AS Comm. Cadet Major Jeffery Ferguson; AAS Vice Comm. Cadet 1st Lt. Brian Elbert; AAS Advisor Capt. Steve Whitney. 

i»ME 1990-1991 Officers:Debbie Jones, president; Randy Tylicki, 1st vice president; Dedra Hilliard, 2nd vice president; Rice 
1 lion, secretary; Phyllis Williams, treasurer; Jim Ball, ESC representative. 


The MSU section of the American Society 
of Mechanical Engineers was established in 
1928 and has a continuous record of service 
to the students of Mechanical Engineering. 

The purpose of the organization, is to 
promote professionalism and fellowship 
among its members. This is accomplished 
through monthly industry, campus, and re- 
gional newsletters and numerous social ac- 
tivities. The MSU chapter is a dynamic or- 
ganization, having been selected many times 
as the outstanding regional chapter by virtue 
of its many activities. 




Air Force ROTC 

The Air Force Reserve Officers Training 
Corps is a professional leadership devel- 
opment program in conjunction with a full 
college curriculum that prepares students to 
be Air Force Officers. Air Force ROTC is a 
valuable experience for any college student 
preparing to take an active role in today's 
high tech society. Acitivities include cermo- 
nies honoring America's prisoners of war 
and military members still unaccounted for, 
parties, picnics, formal drill ceremonies, and 
a formal dining event. 

Commander: Cadet Colonel John Gross, Vice Commander: Cadet Lt. Col. Bert Patino, Commandant of Cadets: Captain Pa 
R. McKinney, not pictured. 


The Ambassadors of the College of Ag- 
riculture and Home Economics is a select 
group of student representatives for the Col- 
lege of Agriculture and Home Economics. 
The duties of the Ambassadors are to aid in 
recruiting, assist with alumni fuctions, assist 
in departmental functions, and do public 
relations work for the college, the university, 
and agriculture. This group visits high school 
and junior college career days on a regular 
basis. They are also in charge of setting up 
information booths for the college at various 
MSU events such as Discovery Day. 

Row l:Hunt Shipman, president; Mardi Spayd, vice president; Cindy Rees, secretary/treasurer, Row 2:Tammy Vaughn, P 1 
Wilder, Pam Lewis, Amy Mitchell, Dawn Dill, Kara Auen, Row 3:Amanda Bray, Billy Woods, advisor, Barry Corley, Bob Wal I 
Michael McCain. 


Social Workers 

The Association of Student Social Work- 
ers is a university organization devoted to 
providing students with a further under 
standing of social work and the human ser 
vice field, to help students assume lead 
ership roles, develop their individua 
professionalism, and contribute to socia 
services within the local community, state, 
and nation. 

ASSW seeks to promote interest in and 
keep members current on Social Work 
trends and education, to encourage involve- 
ment in community service programs, both 
individually and in groups, and to activate a 
social action role. 

Row l:Margo Swain, advisor; Bonnie Wright, Rhonda Cupit, president, Reba Causey, Cindy Staten, secretary; Paula Jordan, 
nathan Holt, Row 2:Jan Brady, Kimberly Walls, Freda Smith, vice president, not pictured:Debbie Brown, Charles Stampley, 
oria Menifield, Debbie Menifield, Caralena Phillips, Pamela Smith, Betty Self, Shannon Carter. 


The 1990-1991 Architecture Officers in- 
clude: Lisa Smurlzo, president; Marvin 
Kemp, vice president; Kimberly Brown, 
treasurer; Mark Cheoks, beaux arts direc- 
tor; Mick Hintz, assistant beaux arts direc- 
tor; Mary Lawrence, secretary. 





Alpha Pi Mu 

Alpha Pi Mu members include: Row 
l:Chris Wo, Rachel Stokes, Amy Irwin, Kim 
Trawick, Row 2 :Scott Lowery, David Chil- 
dress, Dwayn Moore, Ken Rogers. 

Alpha Zeta 

Alpha Zeta is a professional, service and 
honorary agricultural fraternity. Our mem- 
bers are comprised of students in the College 
of Agriculture and Home Economics who 
have demonstrated superior scholarship, 
leadership, and service to the college of Ag- 
riculture and Home Economics. 

Row: Missy Baker, Leigh Ann O'Mire, Courtney McCoy, Maryl Hitchner, Tammy Vaughn, chancellor; Linda Pipkins, Jenr I 
King, Patty Wilder, Hunt Shipman, chronicler; Row 2:Dr. Timothy Chamblee, advisor; Barry Corley, Ben Harlow, Glenn Dei , I 
Brad Hawcroft, censor; Amy Mitchell, scribe; Joe Davis, sgt-at-arms. 


Advisors: Dr. Casey Herndon, Dr. David Schweikhardt, Officers: Greg Shows, president; Cindy Rees, vice president; Allison 
2witt, secretary/treasurer. 

Ag Econ Club 

The Agriculture Economics Club is open 
to anyone with a general interest in ag- 
ricultural economics. Along with providing 
an informal setting for students and facutly 
to meet, the club also provides an atmos- 
phere for students to learn more about their 
chosen field of study and to hear prominent 
speakers on relevant topics. Several special 
events are held during the year including the 
catfish supper in the fall, the gumbo supper, 
and the pig roast in the spring. 


The American Insitute of Chemical En- 
gineers is an organization of professionals 
and future professionals. The purpose of 
AICHE is to provide a link between industry 
and chemical engineering students. The 
MSU chapter of the AICHE is in its twelfth 
year at Mississippi State University. Among 
the services provided are the promotion of 
Chemical Engineering and higher education 
by setting up information booths at Acitvities 
Day and at Discovery Day MSU, and the 
orientation of students to perspective job 
opportunities by sponsoring company pres- 
entations and interaction with students. 

Officers: Elie Robinson, publicity chairman; Mike McCardle, treasurer; David Jones, president; Betsy Torrey, secretary; Bob 
meron, vice president. 







The 1990-1991 Officers include: Dee Ev- 
ans, co-captain; Missy Beckham, co-captain; 
Hilery Armistead, director; Oscar Peace, co- 
captain; Joe Abston, co-captain. 

Bow l:Torris Purnell, Holly Hulbert, Hilery Armstead, Row 2:Susan Sullivan, Christian Jue, Gini Herring, Michelle Pritche 
Blake Gee, Rolanda Jolliff, Row 3:Steve Hollis, Aaron Smith, Oscar Peace, Joe Abson, Anthony Key, David Williams, Rt 
3:Tonja Williams, Madrina Hazelton, Donna Jones, Heath Childs, Patti Pickering, Angela Lang, Sonja Williams, Marsha Lewe 
Row 4:Royal Brock, Modina Williams, Scharvin Grizzell, Stephanie Stucky, Roxanne Penton. 


The Blackfriars Drama Society was 
founded by the late Peyton Williams in 
1957. The Blackfriars are a group of people 
with an appreciation or interest in any as- 
pect of the theatre. It is a great way to meet 
people and become a part of the many 
activities at MSU. 



Row 1 Jennifer Ulrich, Kim Palmer, Myna Dickerson, president; Susan Sims, vice president; Geeta Kotwani, Amy 
Jennifer VanDevender, Yvonne Edwards, Cathy McElveen, Edward Lollar, Row 2:Dr. Jeff Elwell, sponsor; Stephen Sune 
John Dailey, John Howell, historian; Randy Cox, Tim Turnipseed, Elaine Smith, Chandra Vaughn, Melanie Rogers, Mark Draff 
John Kallaher. 

Blue Key 

Blue Key National Honorary recog- 
nizes achievement and leadership on 
campus among junior and senior men. 
Membership is limited to thirty-five men 
who have shown excellence in areas of 
scholarship, leadership, and participa- 
tion. Selection to membership in Blue 
Key is one of the highest honors a Mis- 
sissippi State male can acquire. The 
members meet over lunch to discuss var- 
ious campus activities and to promote 
overall involvement in all areas of college 
life. In the spring, Blue Key recognizes 
outstanding men in each class through its 
Men-of-the-Year Citations. 

Row l:Robert Carleton, secretary; Jason Blalock, president; Kelvin Covington, vice president, Row 2:Rob Witthauer, Brad 
Woodall, John David Wicker, Paul Seago, Mack A. Miller, Jeff Walker, Mark Marritte, Bo Gregg. 


The Baptist Student Union emphasizes 
two aspects of growth and outreach in the 
life of a Christian. They are to know 
Jesus Christ and to make Him known to 
others. The greatest experience in life is 
to accept Christ into one's life and enter 
into fellowship with Him. Second to this is 
the opportunity to share Him with others. 
Sharing Christ is a natural result of know- 
ing Him and walking with Him daily. 

executive Council: Row l:Melanie Groner, campus outreach; Ginger Turner, social; Sara Barker, community outreach; Lisa 
3atson, fine arts, Tracy Fortenberry, international, Row 2;Haley Higginbotham, discipleship; Suzanne Teel, publicity; June 
koggins, director; Michael Bowers, student center; JoEllen Allison, president; Ken Watkins, director; Susan Lee, worhip study; 
3rent Richardson, intramurals; Susan Peugh, missions not pictured : Jimmy Whittermore, vice president. 






CAB Division Heads 

The Campus Activities Board has a sin- 
gular purpose of providing "something for 
everyone." CAB is comprised of nine di- 
visions with over eighty students serving on 
various committees. CAB provides a diver- 
sified core of events, such as the Welcome 
Back Party, Halloween Carnival, Rocky 
Horror Picture Show, the Madrigal Dinner, 
and the annual Union Christmas Crafts Fair. 

The Campus Activities Board changes 
constantly to meet the demands of the stu- 
dents. CAB provides programs that are de- 
signed not only to entertain, but to educate 
as well. 

Row l:Teresa Tatlow, Kim Maddox, Row 2: Andy Rhodes, director; Tony Marucci, student director; Bruce VanDevender 
program advisor 

CAB Staff 

Row l:Teresa Tatlow, Anna Long, 
Elyse Williams, Kim Maddox, Row 
2:Bruce VanDevender, Steve Tuttle, 
Blair Morgan, Patrick Manuel, David Lip- 
sey, Jay Fisher, Tony Marucci, Todd 
Leonard, Andy Rhodes. 


I I. •■' 

S i 

Lecturn Division 

Row l:Lisa Strickland, Christine Ed- 
wards, Beth Clayton, Diane Duckworth, 
Jennifer Smith, Row 2:Allegra Ford, 
Ginny Dees, Chandra Vaughn, Jill El- 
linton, Kelsy Hudgins, Gena Huffstatler, 
Row 3:Patrick Manuel, head; Justin 
Smith, Molucule Taylor, Rob Witthauer. 


Row l:Polly McReynolds, Jay Fisher, 
Natalie Gordon, Row 2:Brett Moran, Robby 
Black, Brad Waite, David Rathmell. 


Row l:Stephanie Stucky, Wendy McCul- 
lough, Ashley Hays, Maria Barlow, Row 
2:Erin Ingram, Dana Booker, Meg Mont- 
gomery, Marsha Moye, Row 3:Blair Mor- 
gan, Jay Lancaster, Randy Cox, Todd Sten- 


Row l:Tiffany Buntyn, Lisa Shotts, Steve 
Tuttle, Kimberly Hobby, Galagher Jeff, 
Tisha Makamson, Justin Clark, Melinda 
Saunders, John Brawner, Susanne Gill, Kris- 
ti Tony. 







Row l:Leslie Bethea, Candee Mosley, Rhonda 
Kellebrew, Natalie Moses, Chris Heath, Row 2 
:Beth McCaskill, Bridget Roberts, Anna Long, 
head, Row 3:Shannon Nunneiee, Heidi Milner, 
Sally Hunt, Anke Eronz, Gentry Long, Row 4 
:Brian Gordon, John Kennedy, Marty Chris- 
topher, Donnie Cook. 


Row l:Jenea Pearson, Melissa Frederick, 
Keri Ray, Kim Moody, Stephanie Schrader, 
Gina Downs, Row 2:Reece Lanthrum, Da- 
vid Smith, Alan Bonner. 

Special Events 

Row l:Kristie Abel, Mary Frances 
Warnock, Alice Fillingame, Leigh Green, 
Kem Walls, Sally Morrow, Nancy Bigelow, 
Row 2:Jennifer Morphis, Sara Beth McRey- 
nolds, Catherine Kimbrough, Edra Cox, 
Angie Justice, Row 3:Shannon Lolley, Brain 
Fowler, Dorsey Carson, Doug Fortenberry, 
Suzanne Steckler, Melissa Warren, Lee 

Short Courses 

Row l:Tammy Schmore, Susan Sullivan, 
Lisa Martin, Chnita Rozell, Anna Minor, 
Tom Hamer, Jennifer Boyd, head, Row 
2:Royal Catchings, Rebecca Dollar, Bo Rich- 
ardson, Christine Cuicchi, Debbie Potter, 
Chas Williams, John Arledge, Jeff Cook. 


College Republicans 

MSU College Republicans is a diverse 
group consisting of over 400 individuals 
from all walks of life. Yet they are students 
united by common bonds - an interest in the 
political process, a desire to make a dif- 
ference through involvement in all levels of 
government and public service, and a belief 
in the principles of the National Republican 

>w l:Lane Reed, Candee Moseley, Julie Orman, Michael Peeler, treasurer; Tony Jeff, Stacie Berry, vice chairman, Dawn 
ood, secretary; Debbie Goswomi, George Fondren. 

Chi Alpha 

Chi Alpha, a national Christian organ- 
ization founded in 1954, charted at MSU in 
the fall of 1988. The greek letters, XA, 
stand for Christ's Apostles. Chi Alpha is 
sponsored by the Assemblies of God, an 
welcomes any interested individuals. If you 
would like to widen your circle of Christian 
friends while participating in genuine wor- 
ship, active discipleship and witness, then 
we are here to help strengthen you in Christ. 

■n Ray, Brad Nichols, Angel Ray, Rev. Stan Brackett, James Johnson, Ross Spain, Mark Draffen, Dr. Dave Pebbles, James 
-.Lellon, Lance Richards, Yewhak Tan, Daniel Page, Terry Lolley, Jeff Long, Jimmy Rutland, David Page, Shonda Edens, Carol 
nnington, B.J. Maxson. 







Catholic Students 

The Catholic Student Association is an 
organization designed to meet the spiritual 
and social needs of Catholic students at 
Mississippi State University. 

The Catholic Student Association hosts a 
dinner every Tuesday night. CSA also offers 
Bible studies, retreats, family groups, ser- 
vice projects, a graduate group, and an 
annual Spring Break trip to Saltillo, Mexico. 

Mass for Catholic students if offered 
weekly on Sundays at 6:00 in the Chapel. 
Daily Mass at the Chapel is on Wednesday 
at 5:05 and Friday at 12:05. 

Campus Crusade 

Campus Crusade for Christ is an inter- 
denominational Christian organization 
founded on the campus of UCLA in 1951 by 
Dr. Bill Bright. It is now located on almost 
every major college campus in the United 

The aim of Campus Crusade for Christ is 
to help fulfill Christ's great commission to go 
and make disciples of all nations. The pri- 
mary ministry of Campus Crusade is to in- 
troduce men and women to Christ, help 
them grow as His disciples, and then train 
them to teach others what they have 

Row 1 Ken Dupre, Mike Guarlsco, Christian Cornett, Pat Po.ter, ML Sandoz. Peter Franco. Kim Couch. Ara Vuncannon. Row 2:Carol Ann Qulnn, Kathryn Walker, David 
Krause. Chantal Krause. Bryan Johnson, Stephen Martinolich, Randy Marcev, Stevan Palaz2o, Row 3 Jeanlne Mott, Neal Haley, Tony Correa. Bonnie Jone. Wills Carter, 
David Lyons, Ruth Farrell, David Straus, Mark Jernlgan, Row 4 John Weston. Berverly Word, Lora Nelson, Michael Ball, Fr Mike O'Brien, Alan Hotard, Matt Burt, 
Candldo Lopez, Nicholas Thompson. David Marvin, Row 5 Doug Hayes, Vince Cornett, Lin Watts, Thuy Tran, Fr Gerry Hurley, Alberto Alarcon, Amy Sanders, Celeste 
Brlgnac, Allison Johnson, Marlbel Cornett, Titin Echiburu, Thai Tran, Mina Hoang, Nate Nielson 

Row IDavId Llpsey, Kevin Thumpston, Randy Bratton, Laurie Lochrldge, Robyn Rever. Erica Greenaway, Mary Ann Maness, Amu Hundman, Georgia Mabry, Krystin. 
George, Lesley Livingston, Brian Young, Denise Robblns, Ann Davis. Danny McKinney. Ginger Taylor, Rayna Martin, Row 2:Kelth Green, Jason Storm, Laura Bernharl 
Wayne Craig, Renee Whlsenant, Joe Johnson, Drlstle Abel, Marcy DeBardelabran, Kristle Harrick, Heather Allen, Todd D Gothard, Mark Henry. Row 3:Todd Burlis, Din' 
Ochello, Eddy Brlscol, Brian Roberson, Mark Greger. Paul Pickett, Mark Stevens, John Rogers, Cliff Barber. Chris Pierson, Tim Muse, Tlan Teh, Melodi D Evans, Cral 
Preshey, Eric Istre, Snuffy Smith, Art Makl, Joe O'Neil, Corey Moses. 



DECA, the Distibutive Education Clubs of 
America, is a student centered organization 
whose program of leadership and personal 
development is designed specifically for stu- 
dents enrolled in marketing education. DE- 
CA is a co-curricular organization designed 
as an integral part of the classroom instruc- 
tional program. Any students enrolled in a 
marketing education instructional program 
in the nation, or the U.S. territorial entities 
and Canada are eligilbe for membership in 
DECA at the community, state, and national 

i J 

tow l:Connie Wilson, Susan Cumberland, Dawn Boyd, Morsha Lewers, Michelle Clay, Richard Holloway, Dr. James Patton, 
Irian Whitehead, Stephanie Gainey, Christi White, Laura Carson, Jan Smith. 


tow l:Mark Adams, Phil Cranston, Kevin Nail, Orson Shelton, Row 2:Kirk Gibbon, Coretta McCarter, Angie Robinson, 
Cassandra Sudduth, Linda Ester, Shanna Kabatznick, Row 3:Regina Shields, Tenela Rodgers, Sonya Stewart, Gina Hunt 
yphannie Jernigan, Hilda Ward, Schiquita Cox, Whawn Davis, Joan Adams, Matilda Johson, Renata Smith, Donna Jones, Nikita 
ishford, Bridgette Townsent, Beverly Word, Angel Ray, Cynthia Griffin, Tracy Jenkins. 

Delta Sigma Pi 

Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity 
which limits its membership to a specialized 
field of professional study in colleges and 
universities offering courses leading to rec- 
ognized degrees. The professional fraternity 
maintains a mutually exclusive membership 
in that field and organizes it group life spe- 
cifically to promote professional competen- 
cy and achievement with in its field as well 
as its social life. In Delta Sigma Pi, academic 
motivation is the thread running through all 
chapter programming. 







Corrections Assoc. 

Row l:Officers: Tina Wayne, secretary; 
Blaine Anderson, treasurer; LaQuitha 
Snow, president; Loyd Whitten, vice 
president, Row 2:Sharon Turner, David 
Johnson, Stephanie Holmes, Dana Cline, 
Dr. Gregory Dunaway, advisor; Jeff 

Dairy Science Club 

The Dairy Science Club promotes inter- 
action among those persons interested in the 
dairy industry. The club provides leadership 
training, teamwork and fellowship for the 
students. The results of the work in the club 
are the basis of staff recommendations to 
future employers and honorary organiza- 
tions. The club has many activites during the 
year; an Open Dairy Show, and Products 
Evaluation Contest, assisting at the Holstein 
Sale in Jackson, MS and monthly "get 

; id.n*«,mrm.n i: m*iuu. i i : u 

Row l:Parker Turnipsced, Edi Santoso, Khalid Faroog, Susan Bledsoe, president; Wahyu Santoso, Muhammad Younas, Rot 
2:Dr. Zahur U. Hague, Julie Wilson, Ellen Thornton, Dawn Dill, vice president; Lou Yord, Dr. Zahid Mazaffar, Kim Keating Am 
L. Person, Seid Zarugh, Mark Flagg, Dr. John Fuquay, Joel Cardwell, Row 3:Bill McGee, Dean Stringfellow, Jim Tomlinsor 
advisor; Jason Watts, Craig Muncy, Fun-ya Lee, Jenny Johnson, Al Smith, Dr. Reuben Moore. 


Elder Statesmen 

The Elder Statesmen of Mississippi State 
University is an organization that recognizes 
the student leaders on our campus for their 
achievements in college and community ac- 
tivities. Elder Statesmen is a Social Hon- 
orary that seeks to promote leadership in- 
volvement, exchange ideas, and further 
Christian fellowship and understanding be- 
tween all groups in the University commu- 
nity. Elder Statesmen is comprised of men at 
sophomore classification or above with out- 
standing leadership qualities. 

ow l:John David Box, president; Blair Morgan, Howard Brown, Row 2:Kelvin Covington, Jay Richardson, vice president; Mark 
rmstrong, Ronnie Sleeper, Row 3: John David Wicker, Jason Young, Paul Seago, Paul Harkins, Row4:Jeff Walker, Brian Ikerd, 
•ent Russell, Moak Griffin. 

Episcopal Fellowship 

Row l:Christia May, Johnny Van Horn, 
Gibson Pritchard, Michael Furr, Jeff Burton, 
John Downs, Row 2:Jane Downs, Girault, 
Jones, Meg Ramsey, Ginny Dees, Beth Ever- 
ett, Kitty Hardwick, David Morse, Kevin 
Lewis, Row 3:Leslie Zacharias, Carl 
Stough, Gene Towles, Bob Brown, Tim 
Lytle, Lynn Barker, Rev. Lin Watts, Julia 
Stroble, Ruth Farrell, Anita George, Alice 
Franks, Ellen Newsome, Lida Barrett. 




Evans Hall 

As Evans Hall Council leads its residence 
hall into the next decade, they plan social 
and academic programs. During these pro- 
grams the residence hall composed of ap- 
proximately 450 males, enjoys cookouts, 
movies, and parties. Evans hall is very cre- 
ative in many of the facets of campus life 
including the United Way drive in which they 
placed third overall among the other res- 
idence halls. Evans has been supportive of 
SCAPE, and other various MSU related ser- 
vice projects including the Chucky Mullins 
Fund Drive. 

Row l:Andrew McCabe, attorney general; Donald Hilsdon, sports; Victor Jackson, social, Phil Parish, RHD; Lyle Gladney, RA| 
Tod Echelberry, RA, Row 2 :Lloyd Reaves, RA, Row 3:Wes Wilmoth, president; Kevin Roos, vice president; Kevin Stewartjl 
secretary/treasurer; Alex Tones, RA; Steve Huckaby.RA. 

Food Science 

The Food Science Club provides students 
interested in food science and technoology 
with experience in the production, process- 
ing, packaging, and distribution of food 
items while preparing the "Bully Gift Box." 
The income from this project is used to 
sponsor many club activites. The club also 
provides students with further learning ex- 
periences by sponsoring food technology re- 
lated short courses, touring various facilities 
of the food industry, and inviting speakers to 
the monthly club meetings. 

Row l:Estuarou Marroquin, Seid Zarugh, Kednal Alexis, Jim Halloran, president; Tess White, Mujahid Masood, Jun Kum, J.I 
Silva, advisor, Row 2:Wendy Brown, Siriporn Kaewsuriya, Chakkrapong Handumrongkul, Michele Hoke, Diane Tidwell, Gesins 
Sudasna-Na-ayudthya, Mike Martin, Kim Keating, Yee Muh Lai, Pedro Silva. 


Forestry Club 

The purpose of the Forestry club is to 
provide a way for underclassmen and trans- 
fer students to meet and socialize with up- 
perclassmen. The club is involved with rais- 
ing money for the Annual Conclave. 
The Conclave is a technical and physical 
competition between the 13 southern for- 
estry schools. The Forestry Club also assists 
in helping the Dean's council of the school of 
Forest Resources and Xi Sigma Pi with the 
fall pig roast and barbecue. 

»w l:Jason Spigmer, president; Bo Gregg, vice president; Susan Jordan, Eric Spiller, Gueth Braddock, treasurer; J. P. Watson, 
:e president, Row 2:Duff Brcjk, Tim Flynt, Barry Burney, Brock May, Sandy Elam, David Senn, Larry Aycock, Jeff Taylor, 
dw 3:Ben Vanderford, Scott Payne, Stacy Madison, Larry Gibson, Ruth Farrell, Rick Hollis, Brian Wharton, Terry Daughdrill, 
award Stogner, Row 4:Cliff Hudson, Stacy Kinard, Kent Lee, Keith Lannom, Bruce Burnham, Daniel Harthcock, Martin 
•avers, Nathan Brown. 

Foreign Language 

The Foreign Language Club and Honor 
Society were created to promote interest in 
the languages and in the culture of the peo- 
ple that speak them. Students participate in 
different extra curricular activities that give 
them a better understanding of aspects of 
the languages and the cultures that are not 
discussed in depth in classroom situations. 
Students can learn a new language while 
having fun. 

>w l:Jamie Wilber, Jenny Hill, Brian Scruggs, Andrea Lane, Phillip Zinke, Gary Wade, Jill Fowiteos, Row 2:Patricia Lestrade, 
■len Sharp, Ginny Blaney, Michael Adams, Tina Poindexter, Suzanne May, Row 3:J.P. Lestrade, Dennis Hamilton, Charla 
>pper, Row 4:Irene Boulidou Tsiritoukis, Ana Lopez Hernandez, Melissa Phelps, Gilly McMillan, Row 5:Jack Jordan, Stan 
lith, Heather West, Jennifer Thrasher. 








The Collegiate FFA is dedicated to the 
College of Agiculture and Home Economics. 
Members of the MSU FFA are preparing for 
careers in various fields by developing lead- 
ership skills and abilites. This is achieved by 
committee work, fund raising activities, 
leadersip conferences and conventions. 

Although collegiate FFA is oriented to 
majors in agricultural and extension edu- 
cation and agriccommunication, all majors 
are encouraged to become involved. 

Row l:Dr. Jacquelyn Deek, advisor; Crystal Tarpley, secretary; Ronald Childress, vice president; Shawn Loiver, president; Jess 
Cornelious, sentinel; Amanda Bray, Gayle Crowder, Row 2:Julon McKee, Jeff McKinsey, Susan Watkins, Ray Nash, Chris 
Griffin, Mary Hitchner, John Cagle, Dr. Walter Taylor, Row 3:Jasper Lee, Dean Stringfellow, Shannon Jones, Rusty Rutlan 
Travis England, Marcus Irby. 

Gamma Beta Phi 

Gamma Beta Phi is a honor society af- 
filiated with approximately 70 other chap- 
ters in the Southeastern United States. En- 
trance into the society is limited the top 20% 
of the student body according to QPA. Re- 
tention is restricted to those who maintain a 
ranking in the top 30%, and remain active in 
the society as judged by a point system, and 
to pay annual dues. 

For the past few years, the MSU chapter 
has been raising funds to support an en- 
dowed scholarship through the Patrons of 
Excellence program established by the MSU 
Development Foundation. 

The 1990-1991 Officers include:Larry Tranathia, Mark Jernigan, Beth Whitt, Michael Peeler, Rob Whitthaur, Michael Bloe 
Tracy Acosta, Lane Reed, Jim Heitz. 


Gamma Alpha Epsilon 

Gamma Alpha Epsilon was founded at 
MSU in the fall of 1984, primarily for the 
purpose of raising the academic standards of 
the Greek community at the university. 

The membership of the honorary is com- 
posed of the top 3% of all Greeks in each 
college or school. The scholarship chairman 
of each fraternity and sorority are also in- 
vited to join, as they serve as the voting 
representatives for each Geek group. 

The meetings provide a helpful forum in 
which scholarship chairmen can discuss 
problems and share ideas. 

>w l:Kim Marlar, treasurer; Stephanie Howington, secretary; Erik LaValle, vice president; Barry Male, president. Row 2:Owen 
monson, M.K. Dollar, Stacie Berry, Elaine Smith, Kelly Mason, Shawn Hiltunen, Natalie McLain, Jamie Hodges, Becky Hanna, 
th Duncan, Tammy Johnson, Row 3 :Kenneth McNeal, John Ehrgott, Lee Henley, John Ball, Roger Hiser, Bo Gregg, Row 
2huck Sparrow, Melissa Frederick, David Sullivan. 

Horticulture Club 

The MSU Horticulture Club is a service 
organization that seeks to help its members 
gain first-hand experience in horticulture, 
meet fellow students, faculty, and employ- 
ers in the field, and to supplement classroom 
education. The club is open to all students 
interested in horticulture. Fundraising ac- 
tivities include foliage plant sales, making 
and selling homecoming corsages, and the 
annual spring bedding plant sale. Other ac- 
tivities include attending national and re- 
gional meetings of the American Society for 
Horticulture Science. 

»w l:Nirdosh Shaunak, Debbie LoBianco, Daniele Kidd, Row 2:David Rone, Bill Nye, Fred Vachner, Allen Owings, Skylar 
idges, Bart hawcroft, Thomas Moss. 







Bulldog Battery 

The Bulldog Battery is the Army ROTC 
organization that fires the ceremonial can- 
non at special events including the Patriotic 
Halftime Show and Army ROTC Retreats. 
Classes are conducted to encourage interest 
in the artillery and to increase cadet knowl- 
edge of field artillery related subjects. 

Row 1: Robert Worthen, Elizabeth Creel, Chrisina Cochran, Adam Goglia, Row 2: Mark Rigney, Cadet Commander, Pai 
Pickett, Matthew Bedwell, Chris Curry, CPT Advisor, Kevin Holcom, Bill Meadows, Chief of Section, Row 3: Ken Holbrook, Joh 
Vozzo, Christopher Large, Andrew Allen, Not pictured: MSG Gary Davidson, Advisor, 2Lt. Lee Goodman, Asst. Advisor, Sara 

Wildlife Society 

The MSU chapter of the Wildlife Society 
is a professional organization devoted to the 
advancement of professionalism, awareness, 
and involvement in the field of wildlife man- 
agement. The student chapter is affiliated 
with its parent society, The Wildlife Society. 
Through such contacts, students are kept 
aware of major events and issues in the field 
of wildlife management. 

Row 1: L. Brennan, advisor, Jeffrey Lee, secretary, Brenda Robertson, treasurer, Steve Clark, vice president, Dwight O'Nti 
president, Row 2 : Cliff Hudson, Stacy Kinard, Howard Stogner, Rick Hollis, Anne Currie, Amy Barras, Scott Barras, Dawar 
Blue, Row 3: Stacy Madison, Tony Shoemaker, Patrick Thompson, Lori McNease, Cathy Shropshine, Kris Casscles, Rar 
Boyle, David Chisolm, Spencer Dixon, Row 4: John Daughtery, Charles Smith, Paul Ivy II, Baxter Rowley, Andy Aderman, I 
McCord, Tim Wells, Greg Parker, Bobby Gentry, asst. advisor, Samantha Gentry. 


The Inter-Residence Hall Council is the um- 
brella organization for MSU's residence hall 
government bodies. It serves as the govern- 
ment, resource and service organization for 
MSU's nearly 5000 residence hall students. 

In the past, many IRHC programs and of- 
ficers have received recognition for the or- 
ganizations involved at MSU throughout the 
state in the South Atlantic region and in the 

tecutive Council: Row l:Gary Harris, NCC; Kendall McCarter, president. Row 2:Tim Patton, public relations; Missy 
jckam, student activities; Melanie MeClellan, advisor; Michael Boyd, vice president, Row 3:Michael Bowling, Prism Editor; 
inya Taylor, treasurer. 

President's Council 

Here at home, the IRHC sponsored ser- 
vice projects like the IRHC-IFC Blood Drive 
and Alcohol Awareness Week. The organ- 
ization also coordinated the second annual 
Pizza Party and Coke to enthusiastic bas- 
ketball fans. 

The Prism was in full swing again this year 
with a new staff. The Prism is sponsored by 
the IRHC for the students living in residence 





Industial Engineers 

The Institute of Industrial Engineers 
was founded in 1948 as the American 
Institute of Industrial Engineers. The 
MSU Student Chapter of HE was organ- 
ized in the fall 1962. 

The MSU Student Chapter stresses 
participation, leadership, and profession- 
alism among its members. Members have 
the opportunity to participate in plant 
trips, social and business meetings, and 
senior chapter meeting. One of the pri- 
mary goals of HE is to promote the out- 
standing growth of industrial engineering. 

IE Grad Students 

The Industrial Engineering Graduate 
Student Association serves to promote 
the industrial engineering profession, par- 
ticularly through graduate research and 
study in industrial engineering. Through 
the organized effort of its members in 
study and research, the association pro- 
vides a forum for the academic and social 
enrichment of its members. 

IEGSA was founded in 1980 by three 
industrial engineering graduate students 
at MSU. All industrial engineering grad- 
uate students are eligible for membership 
in the association. 

Row lArny Irwin, president; Erik LaValle, Dale Pickett. Kim Trawick, vice president; Amy Magee, secretary, Rachel Stokes, Kelly Smith, Row 2 Vlcki Arthur. Ton 
Barkley, Jeffery Statham, Sharon Broome, Helen Bush, Row 3 Chris Woo, Tim Monrie, Lenn Wall, Denlse Peterson, Row 4 Wayne Crowninshield. Trisha Smith, Marlen 
Spence, John David Robertson, Scott Lowery Row 5 Chris Home, Gregg Maxwell. Bill Byrkit, Pamela Francisco, Row 6 Ray Johnson, Charley Robinson, Mike Nosse 
Steven Shepherd, Sean Barr. Mike Jones, Row 7 Michael Vick, David Childress, Terry Lauderdale, Douglas Gibson, Scott McGowen, Row 8 David Adkison, Burt Adklsoi 
Todd Buckley, Brad Wingo, Todd Mauldin, Row 9 Jeff Eldridge, John Walker 

Row l:Greg Sprow, Puli Balaji, Todd Mauldin, James Thornton, Kevin Moore, Erich Frese, Senthil Balasubramanian, Re 
2:Leigh Mallette, Margaret Jasper, John David Robertson, Bill McCanless, Bill Knox. Rajesh Nigam, 


Row l:William Billim, Ron Brightwell, James Cheaney, Kristin Purcell.not pictured:Philip Perry. 

Lutheran Fellowship 

Lutheran Student Fellowship is a national 
student organization affiliated with the Luther- 
an Church - Missouri Synod. Founded in 1986, 
Lutheran Student Fellowship strives to help 
students grow and mature in their faith and to 
reach out in Christ to others. The Mississippi 
State University chapter meets weekly for Bi- 
ble study, fun, and fellowship; and Vespers with 
Holy Communion is held once every month. 
Everyone is welcome to attend any of the 


MISSCOM is an organization comprised 
mostly of communication majors, particu- 
larly those with an emphasis in public re- 
lations. It is also open to others interested in 
public relations and communication. MISS- 
COM offers its members contact with public 
relations and communication professionals 
through workshops, seminars, and special 

ow l:Ty Sullivan, treasurer; Paula Pullen, president; Christina Stevens, vice president; Donna Moreland, secretary, Row 
Melody Hathcock, Sallie Belle Trippe, Melissa Frederick, Cindy Wood, Renee Temple, Row 3:Keith Richey, Suzanne Teel, 
endy Castleberry, Nene Cockayne, Kristie Rutland, Shelley Alexander, Stephanie Robinson, Jennifer Mathis, Stephanie 
hrader.Row 4 :Beth Myrick, Tippi Thompson, David Clayton, Ronnie Rice, Lora Defore, advisor; John Forde, advisor. 







Interpentacostal Fellowship members in- 
clude: Row 1 :Anthony Mitchell, vice pres- 
ident; Vancheta Loyd, secretary; Johnny 
Martin, president, Row 2 :Mark Wilkinson, 
Belinda Underwood, Greg Dobbs, Cass 

Lambda Sigma 

Lambda Sigma Society is a sophomore hon- 
orary. Its purpose is to foster leadership, schol- 
arship, felloship, and a spirit of service among 
college students. 

Lambda Sigma Society was founded on 
March 6, 1976. The society is modeled after 
the National Society of CWENS, a sophomore 
women's society founded in 1922. The MSU 
chapter of Lambda Sigma, Alpha Iota, was 
founded on February 13, 1978. 

Lambda Sigma is chosen from freshmen who 
rank within the top 35% of the freshman class 
during their first semester. Candidates for 
membership must have shown potential for 
leadership and service. 

Officer*: Kevin Holland, president, Arna Marquez, vice president, Christy Brumfleld, reporter; Mary Kathryne Dollar, secretary; Jeremy Grafton, treasurer; Merobert E 
Blades, Jared Blalock, Kimberly Brown, Jim Brown, Almee Calais, Justin Clark, Lorl Clark, Johnny Corbln, Greg Dakln, Jenny Davenport, Anne Davis, Owen Edmonson 
Karen Field, Katherlne Graves, Holly Hulbert, Alan Hotard, Chad Howell, Shana Hudgins, Erin Ingram, Tammy Jang, Galagher Jeff, Llbby Jones, Lynn Jones, Tiffan; 
Lacey, Jay Lancaster, Stephanie Mallet, Lisa Martin, Jeff Minton, Lisa Moricl, Candee Mosley, Lee Perry, Terry Powell, Claire Prince, Jullanna Rice, Bruff Sanders, Stacc 
Shaddlck, Selena Smith, Sharon Staton, Holly Steele, Tanya Taylor, Patrick Thornton, Lainle Tubertlni, Camllle Williams. Mike Wlntersheldt. Todd Yates, Leslie Zacharlas , 


Pakistan Club 

The Pakistan Club at MSU was started by 
S.M. Khokhar in 1984. The membership at that 
time was only twelve, but this year the club has 
twenty-eight members. Membership to the club 
is open to any MSU student. 

The club meets every other week to dicuss 
business and make an agenda for the coming 
weeks. Over the course of the year, the club 
holds cook-outs and picnics at various lakes and 

Each year on the 23rd of March, the club 
celebrates Pakistan Day. On this day the club 
demonstrates the traditioal dresses and some 
crafts that are made in Pakistan. 

m l:Najeeb Siddiqui, treasurer; Arif Ali Qureshi, Bushra Zafar, Shakeel Khan, president; Khalid Farooq, Azam Beg, secretary; 
iir Bux Baloch, Row 2:Nabeel Jaffer, Mubashir Cheema, Mujahid Masood, Tahir Dildar Khan, Babar Khan, Tanveer Akhtar, 
lammad Yonnas, Row 3: Kashof M. Akhteir, Syed Rizwan, Faisal Khan, Syed Rehman. 

Petroleum Engineers 

The MSU section is a student chapter of the 
Society of Petroleum Engineers. The purpose is 
to introduce students of petroleum engineering 
to all aspects of the petroleum industry. Month- 
ly meetings include topics ranging from general 
information to specific company and student 
projects. Other activities include: attendance at 
the Annual Technical Conference and Exhi- 
bition, the SPE student paper contest, field 
trips, student recruitment, special seminars on 
industry techniques, cookouts, and the annual 
Christmas party. 

w lBobby Hulett, Jimmy Pittillo, Noble Cheung, Chris Russell, Omar Almisned, Vanessa Wortham, Dr. Alex Vadie, Row 2:Andy 
rgo, Keith Murphy, Bert Streetman, Tommy Funchess, Tammie Lee, Raymond Ng, Row 3:Kostas Zorbalas, Scott Ferguson, John 
sley, Alan Shotts, Bill Marchant, James Cozart, Elizabeth Anklam, Alfie James, Zawadaski Robinson, Row 4:Terry Brey, Jodi Beale, 
ry Myrick, Jane Moring, Kim Steinwinder, Rod Nace, Malcolm Ladner, Row 5: Lori Lantz, Ron Harvey, Chris Garner, Dr. David 
■*yer, Rob Holbrook, Omar Nur. 





Music Makers 

Music Maker Productions is a committee 
of eleven to fourteen students, assisted by 
the Program Advisor for the Colvard Union. 
It is coordinated by a Student Director and is 
subdivided into three areas: Artist Relations, 
Promotions, and Tickets. All Music Makers 
contribute to the decisions of which acts to 
bring to MSU. Membership is determined 
through a multi-interview process. 

Mortar Board 

Mortar Board is a college Senior honor so- 
ciety recoginizing leadership, scholarship, and 
service. Members must be at least juniors. All 
members represent the upper 35% of the junior 
class or a minimum of a straight "B" average, 
and just have demonstrated leadership abilities 
and service to the university and/or commu- 

Mortar Board was founded in February of 
1918. The Centennial chapter was formed at 
Mississippi State University in the spring of 
1986. The honor society facilitates co- 
operation between senior honor societies and 
contributes to the self-awareness of its mem- 

Niklta Ashford, Laura Beth Fleming, Luther Buie, Bruce Vandevender, Todd Hunt, Brad Hogue, Kenny Janous, Elizabetl 
Ogletree, Chinton Doss, Berkeley Bagwell, Micheal Bloesch, Chelley Burton 

Row l:Nicole Clark, Catherine Chetham, Mack Miller, Beth Land, Sophie Sims, Jennifer Peyton, Tracy Harden, Jennifer Bo 
Row 2:Dr. Anita George, advisor; Nicole Akins, Daphne Clements, Polly McReynolds, Paul Seago, Jason Blalock, John Dav 
Box, Jimmy Shirley, Beth Bryant, Tracy Adkinson, Julie Ormon, Nancy Bigalow. 


'"■'■ ':?#■:;. 

Phi Eta Sigma 

Phi Eta Sigma is a national honor so- 
ciety for freshmen achieving academic 
excellence. Founded at the University of 
Illinois on March 22, 1923, it is the oldest 
and largest freshmen honor society. Phi 
Eta Sigma has a membership of over 
400,000 and is a member of the As- 
sociation of College Honor Societies. 

Freshmen men and women with a 3.5 
or above quality point average are el- 
igible for membership in Phi Eta Sigma. 
Its goal is to reward and encourage ex- 
cellent academic achievement among 
freshman in institutions of higher learn- 

Mississippi State University's Phi Eta 
Sigma members provide incoming fresh- 
men with a pamphlet called "How to 
Study," and honor new initiates with a 
banquet in the spring. 

The presence of Phi Eta Sigma on this 
campus recognizes personal scholastic 
accomplishment and identifies members 
as having superior academic perfor- 

Phi Eta Sigma 1990-1991 Offi- 

cers:Will Monette, treasurer; Sarah 
Mooney, secretary; Karen Field, vice 
president; Jim Brown, president. 






Pi Tau Sigma 

Pi Tau Sigma is the mechanical engi- 
neering honorary fraternity. Tau Nu chap- 
ter of Pi Tau Sigma was installed at Mis- 
sissippi State University on April 8, 1957. 

The main objective of Pi Tau Sigma is to 
foster the high ideals of the engineering 
profession, to promote the mutual profes- 
sional welfare of its members, and to de- 
velop leadership and citizenship in the stu- 
dents of mechanical engineering. 

Membership in Pi Tau Sigma is based on 
sound engineering ability, scholarship, and 
personality. Mechanical engineering stu- 
dents who are in the top 25% of the junior 
class or the top 33% of the senior class are 
considered for membership. Graduate stu- 
dents may be elected to membership by 
recommendition from students or faculity 
members of Pi Tau Sigma. 

Pre-Law Society ! ■ 

The Pre-Law Society is a student organ- 
ization open to students of all majors who 
are intrested in pursuing careers in the field 
of law. Members are able to hear various 
speakers, attend law forums, and stay in- 
formed on what changes are taking place in 
their field of study. Each Spring the society 
gives an Outstanding Jurist Award to some- 
one who has made outstanding contributions 
to the field of law. The event gives members 
the opportunity to meet established attor- 
neys and develop closer relations with alum- 

Officers: starting second from the left.LaQuitha Snow-Secretary, Anna Pennington- Treasurer, Rob Witthaurer-President, Sec 

First row:Robert Burrell-Treasurer, David Boatwright-President, Danny Schaefer-Vice-President, Jeff Koehn-Recording S* 
retary, John Goff-Coordinating Secretary. 


Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is a professional fraternity for 
men in music. Since its formation on October 6, 1898, 
at Boston's New England Conservatory, it has become 
a powerful national fraternity providing services and 
brotherhood for male musicians throughout America. 
The primary purpose of this fraternity is to encourage 
and actively promote the highest standards of cre- 
ativity, performance, education, and research in music 
in America. Unlike other professional fraternities, the 
membership of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is not confined 
exclusively to music majors. In fact, members in the 
Mississippi State Lambda Phi chapter represent a va- 
riety of majors ranging from music to electrical en- 
gineering. The Lambda Phi chapter of Phi Mu Alpha 
Sinfonia is an important part of the lives of many 
musicians at State. 


ift to Right, Row 1: Jon Hovater, John Underwood, Kevin Burnhaus, Alex Waterson, Tim Willis, Les Herrington, Joe Johnson. Row 2: 
mes Solomon, Thurman Harrell, Patrick Hardy, Dave Groody, Brian Hawkins, David Allen Jason Patrick. Row 3: Marc Massie, Joe 
ans, Frankie Jadzinski, Lee Egdorf, Neil Jones, Marc Staats. Row 4: Mike Elledge, Chip Ellis, Bob Cameron, Chad Ferguson, Michael 
rd, David Brannon. Row 5: Joe M Turner, Girault Jones, Timothy B. Ray, Byron C Green, Harry E. Talmadge III, Lance Britt. Not 
ctured: Keith Fraser, Wyatt Koerner, David Layman, Chris Bradley, Scott Harrick, Seth Miller, Kevin Robinson, Fred Tyner. 

>w 1: Charles Lowery, Michael Fazio, Henry Nash. Row 2: Paige Erwin, Jennifer Boyd, Sara Barker, Michelle Gann, Margaret 
ibble, Karen Burns, J. P. Mclnnis, Angie Phares, Mandi Marett, Mary Caraway, Jamie Hodges, Kimberly Doggett. Row 3: Mark 
arner, Brent Richardson, Angela Simmons, Sonya Armstrong, Becky Hanna, Corey Moses, James Howot, Jeff Hardy, Nick 
fams, Bob Whitehead, Vicky Oliphant, Dr. Diane E. Wall, Elaine Smith. 

Phi Kappa Phi 

The primary purpose of the National Hon- 
or Society of Phi Kappa Phi is to recognize 
and encourage superior scholarship in all 
academic disciplines. Membership is by in- 

Undergraduate students who have senior 
status, are in the upper 10% of their class, 
and have a 3.5 or better QPA, are con- 
sidered for membership. Juniors who are in 
the upper 5% of their class and have a 3.7 
QPA are also eligible. 

Graduate students with a 4.0 QPA may 
be elected. Special activities include spon- 
soring Scholarship Day and making annual 
contributions to the Library and to the Com- 
puting Center. 






Fashion Board 

The purpose of the Fashion Board 
is to promote a better understanding 
and awareness of fashion and personal 
appearance at MSU. The group also 
contributes to MSU's recruiting efforts 
by presenting fashion shows on cam- 
pus each semester. 

The Fashion Board was founded in 
the spring of 1972. Since then it has 
grown to include up to sixty members 
selected on the basis of poise, groom- 
ing, and modeling potential. Member- 
ship tryouts, which are open to all 
students, are held in the fall. The new 
members are considered to be "in 
training" until they excel in basic mod- 
eling skills. Members meet regularly 
for practice sessions and obtain ex- 
periance by participating in television 
programs and fashion shows spon- 
sored by merchants in Starkville and 
throughout the state. The Fashion 
Board performs for schools, festivals, 
alumni programs, and organizations in 
such places as Atlanta, Birmingham, 
Memphis, Jackson, and New Orleans. 

1990-1991 Officers: Leslie Zacharias, secretary, Holly Howell, president': 
Williams, president, Paul Adcox, public relations, Jennifer Muha, treasurer. 

New Models 

Row l:Kim Alford, Missy Taylor, Amy Hykes, Row 
2:Laura Shere, Kenneth Mann, Tellie Bishop, David 
Lipsey, Kimberly Campbell, Dana Mattox, Jennifer 
Burger, Ken Moffitt, Shirleeta Boyd, Angie Manow, 
Sonya Vassar, Row 3:Shannon Slaton, Elaine Akers, 
Kristin Phillips, Adriane Cureington, Catherine Graves, 
Allison Corbitt, Kim Davis, Ron Vendell, Kim 
Humborger, Alan Gilstrap, Meg Willoughby, John Per- 
ry, Albert Alarcon, Katherine Brown, Leslie Koskela, 
Casey Carrington, Dana Collins, Row 4:Mary Saxon, 
Auburn Pearman, Rochelle Reed, Leslie Biddle, Kim 
Boykin, Tory Beneke, Kristin Flautt, Justin Taylor 
Claus Grassel, David Box, Not pictured: Ray Lenow 

I liw 

!!» iiii 

Old Models 

Row l:Tiffany Lacey, Holly Howell, Amy Sanders, 
Paula Hawkins, Stacy Ball, Paul Adcox, Tracy Tabb, 
Amanda Briggs, Row 2:Angel Ward, Elise Williams, 
Melody Owen, Courtney Clark, Sydney Stallings, Jen- 
nifer Muha, Barker Jordan, Leslie Zacharias, Melanie 
Marter, Ashley Thomas, Sherri Higginbotham, Terri 
Stewart, Not pictured: Tess Thomas, David Allen, 
Constance Byrd, Jerry Donald, Genevieve Fager, 
Kim Newman, Tommy Verdell. 


The Prizm 

Published monthly by the 1RHC, 
Prism magazine is dedicated to inform- 
ing and entertaining the MSU student. 
Articles reflect useful and interesting 
topics, including hot issues on the Mis- 
sissippi State campus and residence 
life news. 

Prism magazine, MSU's campus liv- 
ing magazine, is staffed entirely by 
students. Advertising sales are the pri- 
mary source of revenue and circula- 
tion is about 3000. 

Prism's are distributed in 16 of 
MSU's housing facilities as well as at 
the Union informantion desk. 

Row l:Lynn Hart, assistant; Donya Creel, Susan Sims, Mylane Morgan, Erica Lane, sales; Row 2:John Mallery, cartoor : | 
Michael Bowling, editor; Shay McDonnall, advisor; Donya Gentry, Craig Concannon, art. 

Poultry Science 

The students and faculty members of the 
Poultry Science Department formed the 
club many years ago to promote interest 
among poultry science students and to bring 
about closer relationships among those pur- 
suing some phase of Poultry Science. The 
club is actively involved in many projects 
including sponsoring scholarships, providing 
picnics and banquets, attending an inter- 
national trade show, teaming with the Mis- 
sissippi Poultry Association to assist the 
MSU collegiate poultry judging team, and 
publishing the "Embryo" each year. The 
club is proud to be a "Patron of Excellence" 
at MSU. 

Row lRhnee Ahsley. Tommy Candy, Brian White, Gena Blakeney, Sue Ann Laiche, vice president; Paige Neach. Pam Lewis, president; Jane Yeatman, Michael Ste M 
Brian Moseley, Row 2 Mark Davis. Joe Clark. Duane Weems. Bill Richardson. Mickey Latour, Alan Fulton, Eric Miller, Joseph Latham, Jon Tally, Row 3 Jimmy Will H 
Lance Emflnger. Michael Brister, Tommy Sims, secretary, Andy Miller. Michael Lee. Craig Tullos. Mark Abel, Embryo editor, Dr David Peebles. Dr Timothy Charr I 
advisor, Scott Bell, Kelly Carpenter. Bryan Thomas. Brad Holifield, Randy Watkins. treasurer, Brad Cook, Greg Pace, Craig Ballentine. Phil Stayer, Otis Miller 


Right to Life 

Row l:Beth Young, Susan Dodson, Michele 
Raymond, chairman; Alan Raymond, pres- 
ident; Jennifer Sanford, SCC; Kathy 
Clowers, Susan Peugh, Row 2 :Tammy Lee, 
Jennifer Pace, Kenton Fleming, Dale Ellison, 
Lee Lassner, Trent Spencer. 

Psychology Club 

Continuing to offer an expanding area of 
acitivities and experiences to its members, 
the Psychology Club offers its members and 
opportunity to learn more about the field of 
psychology in preparation for a career in 
psychology and related fields or simply to 
learn more about the field in general. 

Formed in 1980, the Psychology Club 
exists to enhance the knowledge and de- 
velopment of the members and improve 
communication between members and the 
university community. 

9 l:Teri Miller, president; Jeff Allegrezza, director; Ashley Browman, vice president; Marlette Jones, director; Kevin Powers, 
surer; Larry Tyndall, secretary; Row 2:Alan Gammill, Kim Douglas, David Duett, Angela Franklin, Dean Thorn, Jill Sadler, 
ain Steen, Rasheemah Dix, Jan LaGrassic, Lawanda Toliver, Ann Peay. 




Sigma Alpha Iota 

Sigma Alpha Iota is a women's profes- 
sional music fraternity made up of both mu- 
sic and non-music majors. Since its forma- 
tion in 1903 at the University of Michigan, it 
has grown to include around 174 chapters 
and over 78,000 members in the United 
States all of which uphold the highest mu- 
sical ideals. SAI encourages scholastic in 
music performance. 

The Epsilon Chi Chapter of Sigma Alpha 
Iota actively participates in the music con- 
certs and functions of the Mississippi State 
Music Department in order to promote mu- 
sical achievement as well as entertainment. 

Row l:Debra Beachum, Laura Lawrence, corresponding secretary; Becky Hodges, recording secretary; Angel Ray, Cc 
Fiedler, Kay Gunn, Natalie Clark, vice president; Jill Williamson, treasurer; Mary Lockett, Angela Weaver, Mary Caraway, R.i 
2;Mary Ruth Dempsey, Darbie Pope, Michelle Gann, president; Heather Crossley, Eileen Frank, Kim Bradley. 


The purpose of the Student Health Ad- 
visory Committee is to provide advice to the 
MSU student body and aid the Student 
Health Center by promoting health aware- 
ness throughout the MSU campus. The Stu- 
dent Health Advisory Committee provides 
advice to the student body on a variety of 
subjects such as eating disorders, sexually 
transmitted diseases, substance abuse and 
many other topics of health. 

One of the main focuses this year was The 
Great American Smoke Out. Students were 
asked to trade in a pack of cigarrettes for 
various coupons and prizes around the city 
of Starkville. 

Row l:Jennifer Greer, Tanya Taylor, Cathy McElveen, chairman; Julie Wenzel, Jamie Hodges, vice chairman. Row 2:5 i' a 
Carter, advisor; Missy Beckham, Naomi Watson, Gina Brooks, Suzanne Steckler, Fred Bachner, Row 3:Ed Oswalt, Jim Ferg ">• 
Chet Shermer, Will Luckett, Watson Fryery. 



The MSU Roadrunners is a student or- 
ganization comprised of 61 members who 
are active in helping recruit students to Mis- 
sissippi State. Working with the Office of 
College and School Relations, the Roadrun- 
ners provide a link between high school 
students, transfer students, and the Univer- 
sity. The Roadrunners visit high schools and 
community colleges around the state, give 
campus tours, and participate in Discovery: 
MSU. The Roadrunners also call and write 
prospective students and serve as hosts and 
hostesses for various university functions 
such as Scholars' Recognition Day and the 
Invitational Senior Examination Program. 
Since the organization's founding in 1979, it 
has developed into a positive information 
source for the University. 

Row 1: Susan Jennings, Julie Ormon, Jen- 
nifer Peyton, Sandi Irvine, Melanie Groner, 
Kristi Vandevelde, Paula Bridges, Betsy 
Barnes, Amber Kennedy, Beth Land. Row 
2: Jennifer Taylor, Angela Sanders, Tiffany 
Martin, Michelle Tharp, Nikita Ashford, 
Marian Lindsey, Wendy Castleberry, Lisa 
Wiley, Terri Stewart. Row 3: Brad Williams, 
Tommy Stevenson, Jay Richardson, Johnny 
Corloin, Paula Hawkins, Constance Byrd, 
Susan Welch, Beth Bryant, Kristin Buford, 
Jim Brown. Row 4: Luther Buie, Howard, 
Brown, Ashley Thomas, Jay Murphy, Ann 
Hill, Daphne Clements, Jo Ellen Allison, 
Shannon Nunnelee, Owen Edmonson, Mary- 
Katheryne Dollar, Brent Russell. Row 5: 
Jimmy Abraham, Greg Lively, Will Bunker, 
Carl Lerma, Lynn Henderson, Brad 
Woodall, Alfred Perkins, Phil Atteberry, 
John David Box, Shannon Lolley, Purvie 




The Student Association of Mississippi 
State University is composed of all of the 
students at MSU, making it the largest stu- 
dent organization in Mississippi. 

As the governing body for the student 
population, the S.A.'s three governmental 
branches: executive, legislative, and judicial, 
work to represent the desires and needs of 
the student body to MSU's administration. 

The executive branch consists of the pres- 
ident, vice president, secretary, treasurer 
and the president's cabinet. This branch 
works to see that the constitution and by- 
laws of the S.A. and all new legislation are 
put into effect and enforced. 

The legislative branch is composed of 30 
student senators (13 from residence halls 
and 17 representing day students). The Sen- 
ate proposes legislation to change campus 
policies, to set new policies into motion, and 
to improve certain areas of campus. 

The Judicial branch of the S.A. is com- 
posed of the Electrions Appeals Court, 
which hears cases involving disputes con- 
cerning student elections, and the Judicial 
Council, which acts as the Supreme Court of 
the Student Association. 

The United Way Cabinet is a special 
branch of the Student Association that 
works each year to raise money in Oki- 
tibbeha County for the United Way. It offers 
students the opportunity to become involved 
in community projects. This year's challenge 
has been to encourage statewide involve- 
ment, striving to involve the other colleges 
and universities within the state. 

Row l:John David Box, Mandi Marett, Kelvin Covington, Spence Flatgard, Row 2:Tracy Atkinson, Joel Gatlin, Kevin Gusti 
Amy Marquez, Kathy House, Shannon Nunnelee, Nicole Clark, Row 3 :Angela Marshall, Mark Stevenson, John Cade, Hile 
Armistead, Purvie Green. 


Judicial Council 

Standing:Kevin Howze, Nikita Ashford, 
Suzann Savage, Wendy Hobgood, Evan 
Caine, Seated: Purvie Green. 

SA Senate 

Row l:Jay Murphy, Rob Witthauer, Nicole 
Akins, Rolanda Joliff, Mary Katherine Dol- 
lar, Owen Edmonson, Meg Montgomery, 
Nancy Bigelow, Ashley Edmonson, Sara 
Beth McReynolds, Julie Boykin, Erin In- 
gram, Melissa Frederick, Wendi Dallas, 
Row 2: Cooper Callaway, Jim Gordon, 
Howard Brown, Tony Jeff, Michael Guest, 
Paul Seago, Jay Fisher, Randy Dye, Cather- 
ine Chatham, Jennifer Greer, Melissa War- 







United Way 

Row l:Hamp Jones, Jennifer Peyton, Maria 
Barlow, Shannon Nunnelee, charirman; Me- 
lanie Groner, Leslie Bethea, assistant, Row 
2: Meg Montgomery, Marian Lindsey, Lynn 
Henderson, Lewis Robison, Beth Whitt, Kerr 

Academic Affairs 

Row l:Mike Bloesch, Amy Marquez, di- 
rector; Crawford Grabowski, Christy Bal- 
lard, Row 2: Mark Greger, Chip Ueltschey. 


Row l:Tracy Atkinson, director; Tari Harris 
chairman; Trish Ingram, Row 2:Wade Wil- 
liams, Jenny Hill, Dana Webb, Brian 

Finance Committee 

Row l:Michel!e Corbin, president; Angela 
Marshall, director of student services, Gina 
Guest, secretary; Dean Wright, Gabriel 



Minority Affairs 

Allison Corbitt, Vinette Turner, 
Sharron Herron, director; Vicki 
Ray, Row 2:Ronald Barnes, Ken- 
neth Mann, Martha Byrd, Hope 

Public Relations 

Row l:Kolleen Kelly, J.J. Kendall, 
Wendy Weathersby, Lesley S. 
Vance, Row 2:John J. Myers, Den- 
nis Seid, John Cade. 


Carolyn Ingles, Candee Mosley, 
Kathy House, Michelle Cade, 
Chuck Woods, not pictured: Todd 





American Foresters 

The Society of American Foresters is a 
professional organization devoted to the 
science, practice, and teaching of pro- 
fessional forestry. The organization func- 
tions at the national, state, and local lev- 
el. Although Starkville falls within the 
bounds of the local Loblolly Chapter, a 
student chapter is maintained at Missis- 
sippi State University The student chap- 
ter is one of the largest and most active in 
the nation. 

Recent activities at the state level in- 
clude leadership training programs. 

Rho Epsilon 

Rho Epsilon is a National Real Estate 
Fraternity for any student interested in 
the field of Real Estate. The purpose of 
the fraternity is to promote knowledge 
and awareness of the different careers in 
the Real Estate Field. Rho Epsilon serves 
students by enhancing real estate pro- 
grams, improving communication be- 
tween the academic and business com- 
munities, and easing students' transitions 
into their areas of specialization. 

Row l:Richy Flynt, Rustry Booker, chairman; Greg Thompson, Ernie Spiller, secretary; Tim Flynt, Brian Wharton, Row 2:J.P. 
Watson, Bruce Burnham, Charles Garrick, Pam Harthcock, Brock May, Row 3:Bubba Olson, vice chairman; Michael Corbin, 
treasurer; Mitch Sones, Scott Payne, Row 4:Jason Spigner, Dwight O'Neal, Duff Brock, Row 5:Keith Lannom, Gueth Braddock, 
Lance Middleton. 

Row l:Jason Griffin, secretary/treasurer; Lisa Wilkinson, Gerald Peoples, president; Brian Waddell, Row 2:Mark Collins, vice 
president; Susan Byrd, Michael Schofield, Tony Sessions, not pictured: Juanita Trimble, Brad Wilkinson, Brenda Hartness, 
Charles Wood. 


w l:Lester Salone, president; Marsha Fisher, secretary; Georgetta Roach, treasurer Allan Kennedy, vice president, Row 
lamona Johnson, Tonya Williams, Elmetra Givers, Mhanta Crawford, Row 3:Terry Phillips, Downie Grim, Phyllis Williams, 
^in Hobson, Lyle Gladney, Kenyon Ellis, Torrye Evans, Carolyn Hodge, Row 4 :Bonita Fields, Varrian Hall, Alphelus Allen, 
-nelius Greer, Roshonda Davis, Vakeela Jerdine, Camille Scales, Row 5:Frederick Delk, Rodney Wilson, Row 6:Kelvin Doss, 
lie Brown. 


The National Society of Black Engi- 
neers was founded in 1975 at Purdue 
University. Since then, it has grown to 
become the largest student-run organ- 
ization in the nation, with over 150 chap- 
ters, such as Mississippi State University, 
and a combined membership of over 
5000 members. NSBE is dedicated to the 
recruitment, retention and the successful 
graduation of minorites in engineering 
and technical disciplines. NSBE strives 
towards these goals by providing tech- 
nical background, preparing students for 
the Corporate World, enrich their cul- 
tural aspects, fortify their communicative 
skills and leadership abilities. 

Stennis Scholars 

The Stennis Scholarship Forum is the 
student organization for individuals who 
are awarded Stennis Scholarships. 

During the year the Stennis Scholars 
participated in several campus and com- 
munity activities, such as the National 
Parent/Student Mock Election, the Na- 
tional Issues Forum, and MSU Govern- 
ment Appreciation Day. In addition, 
guest speakers addressed Stennis Schol- 
ar's Forums on current"e\>ents and career 
opportunities. Some guest speakers of 
the Stennis Scholars Forum included Mis- 
sissippi government officials, and repre- 
sentatives form national government or- 

* l:Curtis Muirhead, Debbie Goswami, Amy Marquez, chair; Amanda Stamps, secretary; Nicole Akins, Row 2:Buddy McRae, 
Gordon, Joe Bilbo, Lane Reed, Holly Crocker, vice chairman, not picturcd:Shannon Nunnelee. 





Honors Spanish 

The Honors Spanish III students 
work enthusiastically and efficiently 
learning the foreign language that 
they enjoy best under Professor 
Ana Maria Hernandez de Lopez. 


The Student Association of Floral De- 
signers is chartered by the National 
American Institute of Floral Designers, an 
elite group of professional floral artists 
represented by worldwide membership. 
MSU's student chapter, organized in 
1977, is one of only five student chapters 
in the United States. 

Each year the club undertakes various 
projects including the sale of homecom- 
ing mum corsages in conjuction with the 
MSU Horitculture Club, and High School 
Day programs for many clubs and or- 
ganizations. Student members are also 
responsible for the operation of the Uni- 
versity Florist. 

Row l:Jennifer Thrasher, Kim Stanford, Inmaculada Romero, Kelli Johnson, Row 2 :Jennifer Lyons, Melanye Cowan, Michelle 
Walker, Cindy Reeves, Mary Rudis, Row 3:Michael Denton, Dr. Ana Maria Hernandez de Lopez, Candido Lopez, Wade Williams. 1 

Row l:Craig Helmuth, secretary/treasurer; Holly Harper, Keith Buckley, president; Debbie Lobianco, Jereld Cammack, Emmet 
O'Dell, advisor; Row 2:Dawn Wood, vice president; Joni Neal, Trenton Miller, Lesley Olmsted, historian; Susan Bonds, Laur 


Manufacturing Eng. 

The Society of Manufacturing Engi- 
neers is a society dedicated to the ad- 
vancement of knowledge in the field of 
manufacturing engineering and to apply 
resources to research, writing, and pub- 
lishing information. 

Founded in 1932, SME provided di- 
rection for the evolution of manufacturing 
and has an international reputation for 
manufacturing technology and leader- 
ship. SME has eighty-thousand members 
in seventy countries and sponsors over 
three-hundred senior chapters and 190 
student chapters. 

ow l:James Dale Pickett, Scott Lowery, Dr. Stan Bullington, Ken Rogers, Harry Kichens, secretary; Row 2:Rachel Stokes, 
rouis Crocker, Kim Trawick, Amy Irwin, Amy Magee, John Rogers, Row 3 :Vince Crocker, Scott Neal, Paula Cuevas, David 
hildress, Scott McGowen, Steven Pittman, Bobby Boothroyd, Row 4:Charley Robinson, Jeff Eldridge. 


In 1912, the followers of Fredrick W. 
Taylor, the father of "scientific manage- 
ment," founded SAM, the Society for the 
Advancement of Management. Since 
then, SAM has expanded and now boasts 
numerous senior chapters composed of 
practicing managers worldwide, as well 
as, 160 successful campus shapters 
which are dedicated to preparing their 
student members for top management 
roles. SAM's dedication to the field of 
mangement aides in providing the stu- 
dent members with a wide array of man- 
agement skills such as: goal setting, plan- 
ning, organizing, controllin, project 
management, budgeting, advertising, 
public relations, and fund raising. 

>w IMarshall Morgan, vice president; Dennis Seld, vice president, Sherl Smith, vice president, Leila Durrett, vice president. Pamela Sequelra, vice president; Nicole Aklns, 
e president, Beaux Schaffner, president; Todd Morrow, vice president, Row 2:Uzma Anzarr, Chandra Nicks, Sharon Weems, Row 3;Paula Grayson, Susie McNair, Shay 
<ree, Row 4:Kerry Sorrel], Tammy Jang, Christy Foy, Kelly Lewis, Lisa St. Louis, Felecla Phillips, Row 5:Lynette Bowman, Tara Long, Marty Keith, Bryan Kerr, Lane 
ilth, Row 6 Rod Boiling, C Crosnoll, John Bollch, Alan Boothe, Row 7:Bruce Leach, Tom Curlln, Shane King, James Garrett, Joel Goodman, Harold Kilgore, Row 
lohn Agostlnelll, Cal Randall, Brett Blackledge, Hank Watson 





Kappa Delta Pi 

Kappa Delta Pi, an international honor 
society in education, was founded March 8, 
1911 at the Universiyt of Illinois. Organized 
to recognize excellence in education, Kappa 
Delta Pi elects those to membership who 
exhibit the ideals of scholarship, high per- 
sonal standards, and promise in teaching 
and allied professions. It encourages im- 
provement, distinction in achievement, and 
contributuions to education. 

Pre Vet Club 

The Pre-Vet Club is composed of students 
who plan a career in veternary medicine. 
The club is a major instrument in informing 
preveternary students of the many oppor- 
tunities available in the field of veternary 
medicine. The Pre-Vet Club also plays a 
major role in the spirit of the University in 
that club members are encouraged to take 
Little Bully, the MSU mascot, to various 
sporting events. 

Dr. Cindy Rose, counselor; Michelle Brumley, vice president; Dorenda Gillis, treasurer; Margaret Tribble, president; Jean Ann 
Ruth, historian; Wendy Whittington, secretary. 

■ » ~ <^fl 


% -^r m~n 

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dJHr 4l if ^fflBBB 

- LSm IwS 

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mmfW Bt 




Row l:Bill Lewis, secrete 

/treasurer Bully, 

Row 2 

John Oldshue, vice president, 

Mark Alley, Alan Gunn, Lorraine Kramet 

Jackson, president, Rodney 

Seymour, Jeff S 

nith, Tirr 

Hodge, Row 3:Christi Richardson, Jena Miller. Kathryn Walker, Michel! 

Fordham, Kelli Hale, Cindy 

Reeves, Missy Shettlemore, Melinda Miller 

Christine McLeroy. 

low l:Tony Polk, president; Amy Irwin, Kristy Golman, Clifton Stokes, Becky Pokrefke, Laura McConald, Denise Peterson, 
ielen Bush, Row 2 :Sean Howard, Jim Powell, Sharon Broome, Paige Martindale, scribe, Stephen Martinolich, Stephen Johnson, 
)avid Bush, Row 3:Scott Ferguson, Ricky Grove, Steve Raines, John Whitmore, David Boatwright, Row 4:Jeff Koch, Mike 
Smith, Jennifer Dubose, Gary Clarke, treasurer; Row 5 :Mark Middleton, vice president; J.T. Ellis, Karen Bamsey, Collin Pardue, 
Sara Whitmore, corresponding secretary. 


Theta Tau is a professional engineering 
fraternity founded in Minneapolis, Minne- 
sota, October 15, 1904. The Kappa Beta 
Chapter at Mississippi State celebrates its 
26th year having received its charter in 
1964. The purpose of Theta Tau is to de- 
velop its members professionally and to 
unite them in a strong bond of brotherhood. 

Each year the fraternity sponsors various 
professional development dinners at which 
guest speakers discuss professionalism, eth- 
ics, and other topics of interest to respon- 
sible engineers. Theta Tau also serves the 
community by doing local service projects. 
Past projects included work done for the 
Sheriff's Boys Ranch, the Palmer Home for 
Children in Columbus, and Habitat for Hu- 
manity here in Starkville. 

Theat Tau's membership is limited to fifty 
active members, thus insuring a strong bond 
of fellowship among its members and each 
year Theta Tau rushes prospective engi- 
neering students in a thorough ten week 
pledge program. 

Social functions such as parties and a 
spring formal were scheduled during the 
year. This fall semester featured the first 
annual Pig Pickin' Party. 






S D Lee Rangers 

The S D Lee Ranger Company is named 
in honor of Steven Dill Lee, a confederate 
major general and the first president of Mis- 
sissippi State University. Orginally known as 
Lee's Rangers, the unit is one of the oldest 
organizations on campus. 

The mission of the Ranger Company is to 
instuct Army ROTC cadets in small unit 
infantry tactics, to develop leadership skills, 
to prepare for advanced camp, and finally to 
commissioning as a second lieutenant. Only 
cadets who meet the high physical and men- 
tal standards are selected to wear the dis- 
tinctive black baret that identifies them as 


Row l:Ken Mills, 1st Sgt; Scott Green, CO; Steve Simkin, XO, Row 2:A.J. Goglia, Ty Koonce, Ron Szurgot, Ann Creel, Row 
3:Randy Sullivan, Matthew Bedwell, Kevin Holomb, Todd Chancery, Bill Meadows, Row 4:Barry Busby, Bill Huffman, Chris 
Lange, Phillip Cutrer, Row 5 :Msg. Gary Davidson, Maj. Phillip Wood. 

Soaring Club 

The MSU Soaring Club is an organization 
dedicated to the operation of sailplanes and 
the advancement of general avaiation. The 
Soaring Club attempts to accomplish these 
objectives through activities which include 
university students, faculty, and Starkville 
area residents. These activities include 
weekly operation at the Starkville Municipal 
Airport and monthly meeting. The Soaring 
Club provides opportunites for its members 
to develop their potential for participation, 
leadership, and learning. 

Row l:Gifford Bull, David Lawrence, Chris Podbielski, treasurer; Tom Hardy, Brad Whittle, president; John Walker, vie 
president; Bob Langley, David Beck, Walter Scales, Jack Rankin, Dr. Charles Van Wart. 


University Honors 

The University Honors Program spon- 
sors various acitvities for our Honor Stu- 
dents at MSU including Fall Picnic, 
Spring Banquet, and intramural teams, 
and annual Awards Cermony, free tutor- 
ing in various subjects, evaluation of Hon- 
ors Courses, and recruiting of high school 
students to the Honors Program. It is 
designed to meet the educational needs 
of able and highly motivated students. 
The program strives to stimulate capable 
students by providing diverse academic 
and co-curricular activites available only 
in a major research university. The Hon- 
or students, this year, lived in MSU's first 
and only co-ed residence hall. 

Row l:Audra I. Moore, Michael Denton, Newsletter Editor; Denise McDonald, Andria Gressett, Row 2:Ronny Lindstrom, 
Graduate assistant; John Kirby, Melanie Hartwig, secretary; Stephanie Alligood, Amy Marquez, vice chairman; Kim Armstrong, 
Beth Clayton, Tracy Atkinson, chair; Crystal Kilgore, Jack H. White, director, Row 3 :Michael McSwiney, Brock Williams, Erik 
LaValle, Alan Hotard, treasurer; Brian Young, Torris Purnell, Gordon Carskadon, Joe Johnston. 


The University Christian Student Cent- 
er is a unique environment promoting 
Jesus Christ and His teachings to the 
student community of Mississippi State 
University. Associated with the local con- 
gregation of the Church of Christ, the 
USCS is welcome to all. An acitve UCSC 
calendar includes both weekly and spe- 
cial activities, such as retreats, devotion- 
als, and Wednesday Night College Bible 
Study. The UCSC strives to provide 
Christian fellowship to all MSU students. 





s 4> 


Madrigal Singers 

The 1990-1991 edition of the Univer- 
sity Madrigal Singers is the 27th group to 
represent the university since the singers 
were organized in 1963. The group has 
toured extensively and has appeared on 
television throughout the southeast. The 
singers were selected to premiere a new 
choral work for the Southeastern Choral 
Conductors Conference and were 
honored by being chosen to perform a 
sereies of programs including the annual 
Madrigal Christmas Dinner presented at 
Mississippi State University on November 
30 and December 1. 

Concert Choir 

University Concert Choir Bill Absteln, Fred Bachner, Craig 
Brbcc, Jennifer Barber, Debra Beachum, Scott Bealrd. Mike Beazley, 
Brad Benton, Preston Bowtsick, Stan Brockway, Beth Brownlee, 
Dwayne Carruth, Julie Carter, Cory Collins, James Copeland, Heath- 
er Crossley, John Dalley, Ethel Davis, Tonya Day, Marcy 
DeBardelben, Jennifer Duty, Janelle Egdorf, Lee Egdorf, Paige 
Erwln, Scott Erwln, Carol Fielder, Kenton Fleming April Freeman, 
Melissa Garrison, Ge2a Gely, Kinsey Goldman, John Hallman, Mi- 
chael Harrlck, Tarl Harris, Manet Helmuth, Paul Hendry, Stephanie 
Herring Sara Herrlngton, Trlcia Hickey, Alan Hicks, Rebecca 
Hodges, Karl Holcomb, David Johnson, Jimmy Johnson, Joseph 
Johnson, Katy Johnson, Laura Lawrence, William Lewis, Deborah 
Lock, Alicia Long. Susan Marin, Tony Maruccl, Gregg Mason, Zoe 
May, Summer McConnell, Laura McDonald, Tamatha Mcintosh, 
Gregg Murphree, Lisa Nebeker, Alison Newberry, Paige Passons, 
Lynn Peden, Beverly Petty, Lora Pierce, Darble Pope, Dale Powell, 
Armando Ramos, Meg Ramsay, Donna Reed, Robyn Rever, Steve 
Reynolds Molly Rockwell, Cheryl Roge, Ladonna Rush, Dan Sadler, 
Paul Scott, Orson Shelton, Stasle Shirey, Stephanie Stephens, Jay 
Strickland, Julia Stroble, Ty Sullivan, Stuart Tullls, Steve Tuttle, 
Susan Tyree, Stacey Ward, Anna Ware, Alan Westfall. Meg Wood, 
David Wright, Michelle Young. 


Mississippi Magic 

In its second year, Mississippi Magic Per- 
formers entertained with dance and song 
numbers choreographed by the students 

Row l:Robyn Anthony, Mary Barnett, Rus- 
sell, Boles, Muse Davis, Molly Rockwell, 
Don Roesch, Alicia Long. 

University Choir 

Members of 1990-1991 University CholrBrandon Abel, Elaine 
Akers, Kashif Akhtar, Alberto Alarcon, Robyn Anthony, All Arabshahl, 
Lisa Archer, Lorl Atwater, Mark Baglnskl, Clndl Bass, Jennifer Baugher, 
Scott Baxter, Tina Bearden, Kerry Beaver, Bill Bllal, Greg Blals, Mark 
Bradfield, Bhrls Brewer, Vickl Brooks, Gregory Brown, Jerry Brown, 
Annette Browning Lance Bryant, Robby Bryant, Molly Burns, John Butler, 
Jay Campbell, james Carlton, Wang Chen, Tiffany Chin, Luis Colomer, 
Melissa Copelln, Jimmy Crain, Jennifer Crawford, Jennifer Crowder, 
Donna Curlin, Penny Darmer, Brad Davis, Kelly DeBardelaben, Wendy 
DeWolf. Darryl Dollar, LeAnne Dotson, Mike Draper, Farlba Enteshari, 
Anthony Fiorito, Ken Fleming, Dan Furse, Larry Gibson, Tara Glodlc, 
Chad Goodson, Claudia Guevara, Katherine Hardwlck, Krlstee Hatcher, 
Lauren hathcock, Michelle Hatter, Jennifer Hawkins. Melanle Helton, 
Jenny Hill, Scott Hill, Jennifer Hoff, Shannon Holley, Dona Horton, 
Mar2ella Hundley, Holly Hunter, Justin Hunter, Syed Irfan, Mary Jacobs, 
Jaul Jeffres, Norman kahler, Lee Kao, Nayef kassls, Elahl Kayvan. Mike 
Deough, Babar Khan, Mohamed Khawaja, Tanya Kramer, Dora Lai. Sara 
Lai, Sue Ann Lalche, Mike Lamonica, Terry Lathem, Jane LeBlanc, Wllla 
LeBlanc, Soo Lee, Carl Lerma, Keith Lipford, Chzh Liu, Angel Locke, 
Shannon Lolley, Tara Long Chad Luth, Scott Luth, Per Mandius, David 
Marin, Lea Masson, Akl Matsumoto, Becky McClananHan, Paul 
McDonald, Dana McKlnney, Kristi McMakin Keeley McNeal, Lena Miller, 
Ronda Miller, Stephanie Miller, Todd Moore, Kurt Minding, Ibrahim Musa, 
John Myers, Kathy O'Carroll, Shannon O'Reilly, Jose Parades, Jeff 
Parks, Rachel Parrish. Chris Patton. Jennifer Peacock, Stacy perdue, 
Nicola Perry Dana Peters Christine Pettigrew, Tonia Pound, Chris Powers 
Robert Powers, Amy Prince, Tomothy Prince, Julio Quan, Rafael Quan, 
Michelle Reagan, Robyn Revere, Detra Rhodes Jeffrey Richard, Luis 
Rlncon, Raul Rivera, Syed Rizawn, German Rodriguez, Paul Rushing, Tim 
schauwecker, paula Schuerer, James Schumacher, Crystal slms, Carol 
Steimle, William Stelner, Jaaqua Stinson, Brian Storn, Marl Street Juan 
Sumar, Henry Surface, Tom Sweet, Rebecca Taylor, Kevin Teng, Beth 
Thomas, John Tipton, Fred Tolar, Gllberto Vasquez, Robert Walker, 
Klmberly Walls, Lisa Walters, Matthew Warner, Mary Warnock, Michelle 
Warren, Marcus West, Andrew Whiteneck, Jamie Wilber, Shelly Wiles. 
Laurie Williams, Steve Williams, Dean Wright, Alfred Wu, Chlng Yang, 
Lee Yap, May Yap. 





Biochemistry Club 

Row l:Nicole Clark, Tammy Sullivan, Row 
2 :Ingeborg Schmidt, Stacey Boykin, John 
Boyle, Row 3:Gene Carter, James Che- 
aney, Jason Strahan, Arnold Smith. 

Fashion Focus 

The Fashion Focus Club is open to any 
student interested in fashion. This club seeks 
to promote fashion awareness through a 
variety of programs and activities. Guest 
speakers present topics of interest to stu- 
dents, such as visual merchandising, design- 
ing, buying, and owning your own business. 
Career opportunities in the field of fashion 
are emphasized. 

Row l:Charlotte Land, Ritika Bhattacharyra, Camille Williams, Mitzi Hays, Teresa Bryant, Missy Taylor, Brenda Phillii 
Michelle Laurson, Kellie Byrd, Cathy Goforth. 


Omicron Delta Kappa 

Omicron Delta Kappa is a national lead- 
ership honor society founded in 1914 to 
recognize and envourage superior scholar- 
ship and leadership. The founders formu- 
lated that leadership of exceptional quality 
and versatility in college should be recog- 
nized and that the most represetative stu- 
dents in all phases of collegiate life should 
cooperate to create an organization which 
would help mold the sentiment of the Uni- 
versity. ODK places an emphasis upon the 
development of the whole person, both as a 
member of the college and community and 
as a prospective contributor to a better so- 

tow l:Mack Miller, treasurer. Rob Wltthauer, vice president; Jennifer Boyd, president, Nancy Blgelow, Row 2:Jennifer Peyton, Cindy Rees. Courtney McCoy, Jonna Jones, 
llcole Clark, Jennifer Taylor, Kelly Mason. Amanda Jones, Row 3 Beth Schrelner, Laurie Couch. Meo Mellen. Judy Thomas, Mary Beth Boyer, Susan Douglas, Melissa 
rederlck. Jay Richardson, Catherine Chatham, Paul Hawkins, Row 4:Grace Jordan, Suzann Savage, Tracy Acosta, Tracy Harden, Ashley Edmonson, Memrie Riley, Amy 
irledge, Shannon Nunnelee, Nicole Aklns. Susan Pierce, Leslie Bethea, Row 5 Lane Reed, Tom Jeff, Beth Land, Jimmy Shirley. Kay Maghan, Eric Petrus, Sara Barker, 
ohn David Box, Terrl Stewart, Bob Cameron, Betsy Torrey, Beth Whltt, Spence Flatgard, Row 6:Dr Hank Flick, Barry Male, Paul Seago, Jason Blalock, Joe winterscheidt, 
iark Armstrong, John Cade, Kelvin Covington, Wade Shrader. Mandl Marett, Robert Carleton. 


The purpose of the Student Association of 
Interior Designers is to further educate stu- 
dents about the various areas of interior 
design and related fields, to promote 
networking and unity between students and 
professionals, and to prepare students to 
assume repsonsibility in a professional or- 

The Student Association of Interior De- 
signers is open to all students in Interior 
Design. All students in Interior Design were 
encouraged to join by contacting the faculty 
advisors or the president of the SAID. 

low l.J. Killingsworth, M, Spayd, president; A. Street, publicity; J. Davidson, secretary; T. Echleberry, A. Hodges, M, 
)ebarlaben, Row 2 :T. Colburn, T. Bryson, N. Quick, H. Baker, S. Sebren, Row 3:J. Robinette, P. Clark, T. Rhodes, K. Mason, 
X Blanco, J. Baker, R. Patterson, K. Sellers, B. Fries, C. Hawthorne. 





Tau Beta Pi 

Tau Beta Pi, the national engineering hon- 
or society, now has 197 collegiate chapters 
and 340,000 members. It was founded at 
Lehigh University in 1885 to mark in a 
fitting manner those sho have conferred hon- 
or on their Alma Mater by distinguisted 
scholarship and exemplary character as un- 
dergraduates in engineering, and foster a 
spirit of liberal culture in engineering col- 
leges. The society also stresses its obligation 
to serve both on the campus and in the 


TOPS stands for The Original Persons 
Society. It was started in the fall of 1990 to 
bring together students from diverse back- 
grounds. TOPS is for both the special stu- 
dents and their friends who are not hand- 
icapped. Its main function is to socialize. 
They've hosted several functions this year 
such as food baskets for the needy, Hal- 
loween costume party, and a Formal Christ- 
mas Banquet. Membership is open to any 
and everyone. 

Row l:Bob Eubank, vice president; Jimmy Howell, secretary; Chris Elliott, treasurer; John West, president, not pictured: Gu 
Powell, Laura Johnson. 

Row l:Cheryl Tate, advisor; Eddie Gore, president, Row 2:Hope Matthews, Sonya Tharp, Wanda Mills, treasurer, Row 3:Son 
Matthews, Kristi Myers, secretary; Tony Jordan, Erica Simmons, Pam Carter, Shelton Pratt, Angela Allred, Alfredo Saca: 
Deana Shivers, vice president. 


Pi Sigma Epsilon 

Pi Sigam Epsilon is the national pro- 
fessional fraternity in sales, marketing, 
and sales management. Pi Sigma Epsilon 
brings together students of all majors 
with interests in sales, marketing, and 
sales management. Through marketing 
projects, seminars, and professional con- 
tacts with its sponsoring organization, 
Sales and Marketing Executives Interna- 
tional, Pi Sigma Epsilon provides sound 
business and leadership training. 

The MSU chapter, Alpha Eta, attends 
regional and national conventions. The 
chapter was founded in 1936 and has the 
distinction of being the largest founding 
chapter in Pi Sigma Epsilon's history. 

fficers include Lisa Hamilton, vice president; Lisa St. Louis, vice president; Cindi Bass, vice president; Tara Long, vice 
resident; Sallie Ann Stewart, vice president, Row 2 :Michael Kelly, president; Phil Horel, vice president; Beaux Schaffner, vice 
resident, Dr. Henry Nash, advisor. 

Pi Sigma Epsilon 







Engineering Student 

The Engineering Student Council is com- 
posed of four elected officers, fifteen class 
representatives, and the presidents of all 
engineering related organizations at Missis- 
sippi State. This group of apporximately 51 
students serves as the primary executive 
and legislative body for the students in the 
College of Engineering. The ESC seeks to 
provide opportunities to advance the social, 
intellectual, and professional development 
of all MSU engineering students. 

Inter-School Council 

The Inter-School Council was an organ- 
ization consisting of the officers of each of 
the colleges and schools. The Inter-School 
Council had two purposes, namely to work 
as a median between the schools and col- 
leges, providing a student opinion to the 
dean's council for improvement in the ed- 
ucation at Mississippi State University. Sec- 
ondly, the Inter-School Council coordinates 
the selection of Hall of Fame and conducts a 
reception to honor the inductees. 

Row 1: Jonathan Haaon, president, Erik LaValle, vice president, Jeff Sims, secretary, Kim Trawick, treasurer, Row 2:Lec 
McKee, Thomas Smith, Lisa Robinson, Catherine Home, Pamela J. Francisco, Mark Buckner, Row 3:Larry Raines, Christophei 
Boyd, Darius Adams, Amy Magee, Terry Lynch, Kostas Zorbalas, Row 4:Chad A. Wages, Chris Ewing, Betsy Torry, Christ 
Goldman, Bob Cameron. 

Row 1: Erik LaValle, president, Kim Trawick, vice president, Hunt Shipman, secretary, Mardi Spayd, treasurer, Row 2: I 
Gregg, Jean Ann Ruth, Tiffany Anderson, Danielle Whelan, Catherine Chatham, Cliff Hudson, Row 3: Gerald Jernigan, Miche 
Corbin, Kim Andrews, Cindy Rees, Jay Fielder, Tim Blocker, Jonathan Hasson, Jason Spigner, Davis Linn. 


Alpha Psi 

ow LRichard Grimes, Dr. Clyde Herring, Michelle Corbin, Liz Brown, Jill Mehalic, Lisa Gauthier, Stefanie Montgomery, John 
gostinelli, Jamie Marszalek, Missy Irby, Vicky Oliphant, Elise Clark, Row 2:Suzanne Biggers, Ellen Young, Katherine Howell, 
raci Marshall, Leslie Wood, Gwen Wilson, Regina Downs, Brian Kramer, Gerald Jernigan, Row 3:Stephanie Wood, Richie Jobe, 
laron Robinson, Murray Williams, Tammy Smith, Row 3:Greg Alford, Sheri Baldwin, Tim Blocker, Laynette Stokes, Kimberiy 
oggett, Ric McCulloch, Beverly Word, Sherri Roark. 

Beta Alpha Psi is a national scholastic and 
professioanl accounting fraternity. The pri- 
mary objective of the fraternity is to en- 
courage and give recognition to scholastic 
and professional excellence in the field of 
accounting. This includes promoting the 
study and practice of accounting; providing 
opportunitues for self-development and as- 
sociational among members and practicing 
accountants, and encouraging a sense of 
ethical, social and public responsibility. 

In order to accomplish the objectives of 
Beta Alpha Psi, the Beta Kappa chapter 
held many activities during the 1990-1991 
school year. The fall semester schedule con- 
sisted primarily of professional meetings 
with guest speakers representing national 
and local CPA firms as well as industry. The 
members and pledges of the Beta Kappa 
chapter assisted in tutoring sessions for stu- 
dents in accounting principles classes. In 
addition, Beta Alpha Psi, along with the 
School of Accountancy and the Accounting 
Society, held the Accounting Convocation 
and a hayride and bonfire for all accounting 

In the spring, members and pledges con- 
ducted Volunteer Income Tax Assistance 
(VITA), continued the tutoring sessions, and 
held Professor for-a-Day. In addition to 
these activities, and at the end of each se- 
mester held a banquet in honor of the newly 
initiated members. 

During th 1989-1990 school year, the 
Beta Kappa chapter continued its tradition 
of excellence and was awarded Superior 
Chapter status for the third time in the 
chapter's history at Mississippi State. In May 
of 1990, the chapter bid farewell to Dr.s Ray 
and Lee Knight, the chapter's Faculty Vice 
Presidents, and welcomed Dr. Clyde Her- 
ring as the new Faculty Vice President. Un- 
der the enthusiasitc guidance of Dr. Herring 
the chapter is well on its way to achieving 
the Superior Chapter status again. 






Pi Alpha Xi 

The members of Pi Alpha Xi for 1990 
included: Dr. David Tatum, Linda 
Cournoyer, Allen Owing, Brad Hawcroft, 
Thomas Moss, Nirdosh Shaunak, Daniele 

Phi Beta Lambda 

Phi Beta Lambda is a nonprofit or- 
ganization of students pursuing careers in 
a business related area or business ed- 
ucation. PBL is committed to helping stu- 
dents bridge the gap between the class- 
room and office world by providing 
students with the opportunity to learn 
about the business community. 

Some of the goals and purposes of the 
PBL organization are to develop com- 
petent, aggressive, business leadership, 
strengthen the confidence of students in 
themselves and their work, and to create 
more interest in and understanding of 
American business enterprise. 


Row l:Suzanne Follin, advisor; Anthony Morgan, historian; Kathy Malone, secretary, Laura Ferrell, reporter; Colet DeVore, sta 
reporter; Danny Turner, president; Todd Morrow, parliamentarian; Susan Boleware, advisor, Row 2 :Zelma Fulgham, Cyn 
Howard, patricia Oswalt, Tiffany Speaks, Kim Beasley, Kathy Holmes, Joyce Berthay, LeAnne Shelton, Cassnadra Pulliai 
Yolanda Lewis. 

Nuclear Society 

The purpose of The American Nuclear 
Society is to promote professionalism and 
fellowship among students of Nuclear Sci- 
ence and Engineering. Some of the many 
special events that occur during the year are 
the Alumni Homecoming reunion and cook- 
out, statewide high school awareness pro- 
grams, and directing and teaching local Boy 
Scouts of America in a Nuclear Science 
merit badge program. During 1989, the Mis- 
sissippi State chapter was very honored to 
receive honorable mention in a national 
Glasstone Award Competion. 

ow l:Bill Wilson, president; Andy Thompson, Rob Winters, secretary; Keith Megehee, James Hammack, Dr. Bruce Cain, Dr. 
lbert Gu, advisor, Row 2 :Dr. Charles Sparrow, Gary Boudreaux, Norman Kahler, Brett Bolan, Jeff Sprouse, vice president; Joe 
ittle, governor.not pictured: Matt Clark, treasurer; Andy Bolyen, Damon Bryson, Jim Frew, Jerry Leech, Bill Morgan, governor; 
De Winterscheidt. 

Cardinal Key 

Cardinal Key National Honor Sorority is 
an organization for students of at least junior 
status in American colleges and universities 
who are leaders in the college community 
and who are deemed potential leaders in the 
future. The sorority aims to honor these, 
inspire leadership in others, and utilize lead- 
ership capabilities in an active program of 
service to school, community, and country. 

The purposes of Cardinal Key are to rec- 
ognize achievement in scholarship and ex- 
tracurricular activities, to advance personal 
growth, patriotism and service by affording 
training for leadership in the college com- 
munity, and to develop worthy character. 

low l:Stephanie Montgomery, Becky Hannah, Stacy Berry, Debbie Gray, Stephanie Franks, Shannon Nunnelee, Nicole Taylor, 
^athy McElveen, Terri Stewart, Jean Ann Ruth, Row 2:Julie McGeehee, Lynn Henderson, Chandra Smith, Beth Schreiner, 
lichelle Weaver, Kelly Mason, Amy Jenkins, Leigh Allison Lyell, Jennifer Fortenberry, Amy Arledge, Dianne Duckworth. 






Alumni Delegates 

Outstanding students from all walks of life 
are selected for the Alumni Delegate pro- 
gram sponsored by the MSU Alumni As- 
sociation. Those students work to promote 
Mississippi State University's accomplish- 
ments and commitment to higher education 
in Mississippi. 

As liaisons for MSU students and alumni, 
the Alumni Delegates work to inform the 
student body of the Alumni Association's 
contribution to MSU and to better inform 
alumni of campus activities and develop- 
ments. The Alumni Delegates are involved 
in fund raising, hosting alumni functions, 
sponsoring service projects, and increasing 
alumni membership. Some programs spon- 
sored by the alumni Delegates include Exam 
Week Survival Kits, Alumni Open Houses 
and Reunions, and Senior Salute, a recep- 
tion honoring MSU's graduating seniors. 

Regardless of where you go on campus, 
Alumni Delegates are recognized as leaders 
at Mississippi State University. Dedicated to 
the ideals and support of Mississippi State 
University, the Alumni Delegates strive to 
inform students and alumni of the quality 
education, innovative research, and out- 
standing opportunities MSU is providing 
Mississippi and the nation. 

Row 1: Jason Young, John David Wicker, Mark Merritte, Ronnie Sleeper, Brad Williams, Tom McReynolds, Brett Weseli, Jason 
Blalock, Randy Dye, Row 2:Susan Brannon, Stephanie Brown, Beth Whitt, Nicole Taylor, Tara Leyden, Monetta Strong, Monica 
Gilmore, Selina Creque, Jennifer Fortenberry, Amy Arledge, Memrie Riley, Jennifer Taylor, Leigh Allison Lyell, Julie Ormon, 
Suzann Savage, not pictured:Vickie Childs, Michele Hoke. 


Block and Bridle 

The Block and Bridle Club, an organ- 
ization open to all majors, is dedicated to 
promoting all phases of agriculture. The club 
accomplishes this by sponsoring many dif- 
ferent projects such as the Lil' International 
Livestock Show, an AQHA Horse Show, a 
collegiate rodeo, annual picnics, dances, 
barbeques, and an annual Spring Banquet. 
The Block and Bridle Club and its advisors in 
Animal Science all put forth a great will- 
ingness to work together and have fun. This 
combined with an air of friendship is what 
makes the Block and Bridle Club such an 
interesting and well-rounded organization. 

tow l:Brian Garner, treasurer; Jeff Peterman, vice president; David Brown pledge marshall; Holly Harper, president; Chuck 
ollin, pledge marshall; Chico Williams, secretary; Stacy Lowery, social chairman, Row 2:Bradley Horton, Micheal Stevens, Brad 
.aurence, Paula Schuerer, Kinta Ladner, Stuart Fitzgerald, Shawn Hays, Row 3:John Huston, Ben Harlow, Kim Campbell, Bryan 
4cKinnon, Melinda Poole, Debbie Whitehurst, Julie Darden, Row 4:Buck Wilson, Bruick Larkin, Patrick Poindexter, Georgia 
iayes, Julie Evans, Rebecca Walden, Gay Atkinson, Row 5:Suzanne Follin, Brad Holland, Lee Greer, Rusty Rutland. 






The Reflector 

THE REFLECTOR is the student news- 
paper at Mississippi State. It has been a part 
of student life for over 100 years, gathering 
the most important news of the day and 
publishing it twice a week every Tuesday 
and Friday. 

THE REFLECTOR is run entirely by stu- 
dents. Although student activity fees play a 
part in the funding, advertising sales are the 
major source of revenue. A metro-size pa- 
per, The Reflector's circulation is about 

Students working for The Reflector gain 
hands-on experience dealing with the pro- 
duction of a newspaper — from selling of 
advertisements to writing news stories to 
laying out the pages. It is an invaluable 
experience for anyone seeking a career in 

Row 1: David Sykes, Paul Hinshaw, Wendy 
Weathersby, Mark Armstrong, Lesley 
Vance, Todd Davis. Row 2: Donna More- 
land, Shelly Gunn, John T. Myers, Shelly 
Powers, John Cade, David Rathmell, Mark 
Warner. Row 3: Eric Petrus, Lisa Hamilton, 
Bernard Ellis, Cindy Wood, Melissa Garner, 
John Morris, Kolleen Kelly. Row 4: Todd 
Morrow, Chris Aldrige. Row 5: Billy Cowl- 
ing, Tim Warner, Kostas Zorbalas, Pete 
Smith. Row 6: Mark Burr, Jeff Ruffin, Den- 
nis Seid, David Hudson. 


Editorial Board 

Row 1: David Sykes, Wendy Weathersby, Mark Arm- 
strong, Lester Vance, Todd Davis. Row 2: Paul Hin- 
shaw, John J. Myers, John Cade, Mark Warner. 

Ads, News, Sports, 

Features & 


Row 1: Tammy Jang, Donna Moreland, Shelly Gunn, 
Shelly Powers, David Rathmell. Row 2: Eric Petrus, 
Lisa Hamilton, Bernard Ellis, Melissa Garner, Kollen 
Kelly. Row 3: Todd Morrow, Chris Aldrige, Cindy 
Wood, John Morris. Row 4: Billy Cowling, Tim Warner, 
Kostas Zorbalas, Pete Smith. Row 5: Mark Burr, Jeff 
Ruffin, Dennis Seid, David Hudson. 





PGM Majors 

The PGM progam started in the fall of 
1985 with just a handful of students. As the 
progam gained recognition each year, so did 
the club. There are currently 61 members 
who participate regularly in tournaments. 

The club also sponsors several parties 
each semester to help maintain the close 
relationship between PGM students. The 
club has held at least 6 tournaments each 

Turf Club 

The MSU Turf Club was organized in 
1981 as an organization with a goal of pro- 
viding professional and social leadership to 
students with similar interests. Each year, 
the demand for Mississippi State's turf stu- 
dents increases due to the high quality of our 

The club is involved with a number of 
activities throughout the year. The highlight 
is the annual Golf Course Superintendents 
Association of America Convention. This 
club builds relationships which they will car- 
ry into their profession for years to come. 

The Turf Club publishes an annual news- 
letter which is sent to alumni, students, and 
others in the industry to keep the com- 
munication lines open between students and 
people in our industry. 

Row 1: Bruce Rainwater, president, David Caufield, vice president, David Bredine, secretary, Sean Farreu, alumni delegate 
Spencer Chaplin, public relation, Row 2: Steve White Daniel Korytosk, Mrk Caufield, Chris Meyers, Anke Fronz, Row 3: Jeffrey 
Knowlton, Jim Bembenek, Brad Morrow, Greg Hymes, Mike Mora, Row 4: Tim Joseph, Chris McConn, Ben Gaddis, Wesley 
Bates, Sean Kellis, Joe Leary, Row 5: Danell Smock, Kevin Bridwell, Andrew Hudson, Kevin Bland, Lee Van Roekel, Scott 
Booth, Mike Sherfey, Shane Parker, Row 6: Chad Parker, Rob McKenzie, Brian Nowak, Adam Smith, Erick Johnson, Shelly 
Kenny, Andrew Campball. 

Row 1: Alan Sullivan, Mike Goatley, advisor, Rob Webb, Glenn Sansing, president. Will Arnett, Andy Alexander, Chris Shotts 
Sean Koehn, Row 2 :Rober Stroud, Chad Harrison, David Harrison, David Farley, Dirk Hessman, Holland Cox, Jim Kwasinsk: 
Tommy Johnson, Mark Stegall, Mitchel Derden. 


Peer Counselors 

The peer couseling program provides stu- 
dents with a "big brother" figure to help 
them adjust to college. The objective of peer 
couseling is to present positive role models 
with whom younger minority students can 
identify and feel comfortable. The assump- 
tion and hope is that if these new minority 
students have positive role models and are 
integrated into the college environment, 
their chances of academic and social success 
and of retention at institutions of higher 
learning are greater. 

low 1: William Roland, Rhonda Saul, Vancheta Loyd, Mrs. Yolanda Taylor, assistant director, Jackee Taliaferro, Arlen 
aliaferro, Luther Buie, Row 2: Andrea Shanklin, Cheryl Clark, Valory Tate, Tommie Stevenson, Nikita Ashford, 
ynthia Griffin, Keisha Moreland. 


The Presbyterian College fellowship gives 
students the opportunity to learn about lead- 
ing a Christian life. By joining in Bible Study, 
they learn about Jesus Christ and share their 
knowledge of Him with others. Through fel- 
lowship, students develop an understanding 
of God's word which guides them in daily 
life. PFC sponsors retreats, church pro- 
grams and events to get students involved in 
the Christian atmosphere. PFC also spon- 
sors a nondenominational group called 

*w 1: Jeannie Atkinson, Lara Guice, Melissa Knight, Susie Atkinson, director, Heidi R. Milner, Carisa Mitchell, Ken 
clntyre.Row 2: Brian Young, Greg Barnes, Robert McWilliams, Monica Jean, Chip Bobbit, Gerald Zuercher Row 3: David 







A vital part of MSU's Greek system is founded in the 
Panhellenic Council. The Council is a body composed of 
each of the National Panhellenic Conference social 
fraternities on this campus. Each sorority is represented 
by its president, a voting delegate and a representative. 

Panhellenic is a union which aids in the relationship 
with one another and the university by allowing the 
opportunity for each sorority to enjoy sisterhood and 
friendship among the chapters. The council maintains a 
high level of sorority ideals, helps better interfraternity 
relations, encourages intellectual achievement, and 
compiles rules governing rush, pledging, and initiation. 

Jr. Panhellenic 

Junior Panhellenic Council is composed of fourteen 
members representing the seven sororities. There are 
tow representatives from each sorority, the Pledge 
Class Panhellenic Reprensentatives and the Pledge 
Class Presidents. 

The purpose of the council is to give pledges the 
opportunity to learn more about Panhellenic and the 
Greek system. Council meetings give pledges the 
chance to practice parlimentary procedure, learn more 
about other pledge class activities, and work with the 
Panhellenic Council. 

Junior Panhellenic participates in and co-ordinates 
many activities in the Fall. Among these are: Pledge 
Class Ice Cream Socials, Halloween Carnival Booths, 
and working with the Palmer Home Children. Junior 
Panhellenic also serves as a liason between Panhellenic 
and the pledge classes. 

Row l:Pam Phillips, treasurer; Catherine Chatham, secretary; Grace Jordan, president; Beth Land, rush chairman; Jenni 
Muha, vice president; Beverly Barber, Panhellenic delegate; Row 2 :Candee Mosley, Stacy Ball, Lee Perry, Leigh Allison Ly 
Shelle Raines, Beth Young, Row 3 :Beth Schreiner, Nicole Akins, Monetta Strong, Ashley Edmonson, Jennifer Taylor, Rov 
Jennifer Wray, Missy Maier, Terri Stewart, Tracy Tabb, Ashley Monroe, Row 5:Jana Roby, Shani Burley, Lolita Pitts, Ca 
Warren, J'Linda Rodgers, Lori Sample. 

Row l:Wendy Rue Williams, Liz Mitchell, Edra Cox, Row 2: Lisa Provos, Amanda Stamps, Row 3: Kim Humbarger, E ilyk 
Povall, Marie Hataway, Row 4:Stephanie Sowell, Catherine Ritter, Shannon Holley, Jennifer Muha, not pictured: Wendy W d, 
Kerri Nobile, Lynne Ford. 


Row l:Danny Ewing, John David Box, attourney general; Bubba Morris, public relations; Lance Monroe, activity chariman; 
ryan Collier, secretary; Scott Hill, treasurer; Row 2: Jeff Minton, Ted Smith, Jeff Walker, Travis, Swenson, Jeff Shaw, Row 3; 
rad Williams, Paul Harkins, John Stratton, John Jenkins, Row 4 :Richie Redditt, Reese Pillow, Jim Shirley. 

IFC Council 

The Interfraternity Council was established as a 
responsible, self-governing body whose purpose is 
to serve the best interest of the university and the 
fraternities. The IFC Council also seeks a close 
cooperation among the fraternities for the benefit of 
the combined fraternities All exclusive social fra- 
ternities at MSU must be a member of the IFC and 
adhere to the decisions of the IFC Council. Each 
fraternity is represented by the fraternity president 
and one delegate of the fraternity's choice. 

IFC maintains a regular schedule of service proj- 
ects such as blood drives, donations of food to 
needy families and fundraising projects to serve the 
community and university. 

IFC Cabinet 

Service projects that IFC sponsors in- 
cludes a yearly Greed All-Sing and Greek 
Week. The Interfraternity Council proud- 
ly boasts that they are members of the 
Patron's of Excellence Program. 

Cabinet Members: Bubba Morris, public relations; Jamie Whitehead, rush chairman; Lance Monroe, activities chairman; John 
'avid Box, attorney general; Bryan Collier, secretary; Mike Jay, treasurer; Scot McMinn, vice president; Ronnie Sleeper, 
resident; not pictured: Spence Flatguard, cooperative services. 






♦ v 

SAE Little Sisters 

The Little Sisters of Minerva, better 
known as the SAE Little Sisters, are a select 
group of girls who help to promote the 
feelings of brotherhood and friendship within 
the fraternity. The men of SAE consider the 
little sisters a great asset to the fraternity. 
Each year the little sisters give a wine and 
cheese party, theme parties, and a movie 
party with the SAE's and also sponsor a car 
wash as a fund raising project. Also, the little 
sisters maintain a close identity to the chap- 
ter by eating at the house during the week 
and visiting with the brothers. 

Sigma Nu Little Sis. 

The Little Sisters of Sigma Nu Fraternity, 
also known as the White Rose Court, was 
organized at MSU in 1983. The Little Sis- 
ters' purpose is to support the brotherhood 
in the organizational functions of Sigma Nu 
Fraternity. Their activities include intramu- 
ral sports, community projects, fraternity 
rush, and planning for social events and 
functions. The Little Sisters of Sigma Nu are 
honored to be members of this outstanding 

Row l:Dare Boyd, Rhonda Killebrew, Munni Morgan, Tonia Thaxton, Lea Eastman, Nee Cockayne, Tammy Rhodes, Pa i 
Nicholas, Cheryl Cockayne, Natalie McClain, Amy Dauler, Row 2:Jean Holmes, Tiffany Miller, Susan Harrison, Barry Wise, K' 
Byrd, Melanie Whitten, president; Kelsey Hudgins, treasurer; Judith Mosal, Sandi Harcharik, Amy Martinez, Row 3:Le I 
Walden, Lydia McLellan, chaplain; Rebecca McGin, Monica Gamble, Shannon Hunt, Tobi Dickerson. 

•<** w ■** 

Row l:Tina Poindexter, Bonnie Rushing, Melanie Lane, Row 2:Jenny Hill, Karen Holbrook, Janet Bonner, Christy Heal », 
Row 3 :Debbie Hughes, vice countess; Daphne Smith, countess; Michelle Nolen, secretary. 


Jl'f H( T' S ' u 6 ' c ater ' Beth P ' eaSant ' SuSa " Br ° Wnin9 ' Row 2:Memrie Ril ^ P resid *n<; Lisa Masson, vice 

p it Faye Hunter housemother; Stacia Smith, secretary; Jodie Burns, treasurer; Traci Hill, Row 3:Paul Rushing chairman- 
All,son Flynn, All.son East Dana Webb, Susan Welch, JulieAnna Rice, Cheryl Hartsfield, Kim Moody, Lori Kremser Tke 

KfiEEd 1 ? 4:J ? e H Ratlif l' ^ L Gree "; Qawf0rd G " b ™^> Stephanie Franks, Carolyn Ingels, not pictured: Be* 
Bryant, Lee Halford, Tracy Harden, Amber Kennedy, Marian Lindsey, Beverly Magee, Miriam Sowell. 

FIJI Little Sisters 

The Little Sisters of Phi Gamma Delta 
Fraternity are a group of young ladies who 
assist and promote the fraternity of Phi 
Gamma Delta. 

Annual activities with the brothers include 
a wine and cheese party, a Super Bowl 
party, and a Pledge/Little Sister Football 
game. Little Brothers are also chosen during 
the fall semester. 

The Little Sisters are very proud of the 
gentlemen of Phi Gamma Delta and strive to 
promote the name of FIJI. 

Farmhouse Little Sis. 

The Little Sisters of the Star and Crescent 
is a goup of young women who are chosen to 
suppport and promote the ideals of Farm- 
house Fraternity. They are chosen each se- 
mester by the men of Farmhouse. Their goal 
is to strengthen the bonds of friendship and 
uphold the traditions of Farmhouse. Their 
activities include Big Brother/Litte Sister 
parties, cookouts, dinners, holiday parties, 
and a Spring Formal. 

The Little Sisters make many lasting 
friendships through the years. It is an honor 
to be a Farmhouse Little Sister. 

ftZ^H*? G u°r h ' C D hriSt , in ! McLer ° y ' LlSa NeVeker ' J ° Anne Bonner - Hollie Moore . DeA ™ McNeely, Melanie Cook Row 

E 2^#E£2; SSBJSr Lynette Bowman ' Colet DeVore ' Laura Schin9le ' Amanda *■* & °°™ 























































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CIB C2fe -I3B Ik? 

C P C P C r ^ C *** 














The REVEILLE 1991 

Mississippi State University, MS 


Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority was 
founded on the campus of Mississippi 
State University in November of 
1988. The sorority's nickname is 
"Alpha Gam" and the colors which 
represent it are red, buff, and green. 
The squirrel has become a recognized 
symbol of the Alpha Gamma Delta 
girls at MSU. The ladies of Alpha 
Gamma Delta are involved in many 
activities on our campus including 
such honors as MSU Pom Squad, 
MSU Majorettes, Fashion Board, MSU 
Orientation Leaders, Roadrunners, 
Tennis Team, Basketball Team, Dia- 
mond Girls, and numerous academic 

The philanthropy project in which 
the Alpha Gams take part is the 

Junvenile Diabetes Foundation. How- 
ever, the girls also take part in their 
annual parties as well. Some of the 
social events that students always 
look forward to include Winter Rose 
Formal, Spring Formal, Mardi Gras 
Swap, Valentine's Day Party, and a 
Mystery Date Party in the spring. 


Chi Omega was founded on the 
campus of University of Arkansas on 
April 5, 1895. The sorority came to 
the campus of MSU on March 14, 
1936. It is the oldest sorority on 
State's campus. The colors cardinal 
and straw and the symbol of the owl 
represent Chi Omega sorority to 
everyone on campus. 

Chi Omegas are involed in every 
aspect of life at MSU in 
such campus honors as 
Greek All Sing Champi- 
ons, MSU Orientation 
Leaders, 1990 Home- 
coming Maids, and 1990 
Homecoming Queen, 
Diamond Girls, Roadrun- 
ners, SA Senators, Alum- 
ni Delegates, and Reveil- 
le Beauties. Besides 
campus activities, the 
Chi Omegas also annu- 
ally host KA-XQ 
Autumnfest, AT-XQ 
Crawfish Boil, Spring 

Eleusian, and Pledge Formal. 

Off campus, the sorority is involved 
with numerous philanthropy projects. 
MADD, the Boys Ranch, and the Very 
Special Arts Festival are just a few of 
the organizations that receive contri- 
butions from the Chi Omega girls on 
the campus of Mississippi State. 


Delta Delta Delta Sorority was 
founded at Boston College on Thanks- 
giving Eve, 1888. The Delta Delta 
Deltas at Mississippi State were found- 
ed in February of 1972. The colors of 
silver, blue, and gold and the symbol 
of the dolphin represent the girls of 
Delta Delta Delta. Tri Delta is the 
sorority's nickname. 

The Tri Deltas are very involved in 


campus life as well as the community. 
One can find Tri Deltas in the 
Roadrunners, SA Senate, Bulldog 
Hostesses, MSU Orientation Leaders, 
and fraternity little sisters. Annual so- 
cial events are always eagerly awaited 
by the Tri Deltas. They participate in 
Crush Party, Pledge Formal, Pre 
Cram Exam Jam, Lil/Big Sis Parties, 
Halloween and Easter Parties, and 
swaps. Tri Deltas contribute to a na- 
tional philanthropy, the Children's 
Cancer Fund, through various money- 
raising projects including Dolphin 
Daze which takes place in the fall. 


Delta Gamma Sorority was founded in 
Oxford, Mississippi, at the Lewis School for 
Girls in 1873. The Delta Gammas at Mis- 
sissippi State were founded on February 8, 
1969. The colors bronze, pink, and blue and 
the symbol of the anchor represent the en- 
thusiastic group of girls. The chapter at 
MSU has received the prestigious "Patricia 
Peterson Danielson Award", one of four 
given to chapter all over the nation. 

Delta Gamma's are actively involved in all 
phases of life at MSU including Fashion 
Board, 1990 Homecoming Maids, 1990 
Miss Reveille, MSU's Who's Who, Hall of 
Fame, Mortar Board, Roadrunners, MSU 
Orientation Leaders, and numerous aca- 
demic honoraries. In addition to campus life 
and studying, the Dee Gee's can be found at 
annual parties such as Pledge Formal, An- 
chor Ball, Big Sis/Lil Sis Parties, Dream 
Date, Af-XO Crawfish Boil, swaps, and pep 


Delta Gamma is also a participant in a 
philanthropy here at MSU: giving aid to the 


Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority was 
founded on the campus of Mississippi 
State in April 1977. The first pre- 
dominately black Greek sorority was 
founded on the campus of Howard 
University in Washinton, D.C., on Jan- 
uary 15, 1908. Not only are the chap- 

Peer Couselors, Phi Kappa Phi, anc 
the Academic Honesty Committee 
They are also serve the community o: 
Starkville through annual ACT work 
shops, Easter Egg Hunts, and nursinc 
home visits. 

The social events in which th« 
AKA's annually participate include z 
Valentine's Ball and Mr. MiAKA Pag 


Kappa Delta Sorority was founded i, 
Farmville, Virginia, on October 23 
1897. The Delta Omega chapter at Mis 
sissippi State was founded on May 1 
1971. The colors of olive green anc 
white and the symbol of the teddy bea 
represent the sorority nationally. 

One very important aspect of the lift 
as a Kappa Delta is their philanthropy 
The National Commis 
sion for the Prevention o 
Child Abuse receives th< 
efforts of the annua 
Shamrock Project hel< 
every year on St. Pat 
rick's Day. 

Kappa Deltas are ac 
tively involved in man; 
campus activities includ 
ing MSU Orientatio 
Leaders, Diamond Girls 
Student Association, Pik< 
Calender Girls, 199( 
Homecoming Maids, Mis 
Reveille Beauties, Alum 
ni Delegates, and frater 
nity little sister organiza 
tions. The ladies also hos 
many annual parties sucl 
as Autumn Fest, Kidnap 
Emerald Ball, Crawfisl 
Party, Valentine's Party 
Pledge Formal, and fra 
ternity swaps. 

ters of Alpha Kappa Alpha in the 
United States, but also in the Car- 
ribean, and West Germany. 

The colors of the sorority are sal- 
mon pink, apple green, and tea rose. 
The tea rose is also the national sym- 

AKA's can be found throughout 
MSU's campus in the Fashion Board, 


Phi Mu Sorority was founded i: 
1852 at Wesleyan College in Macon 
Georgia, and was founded at Missii 
sippi State in March of 1962. Tb 
colors of rose and white and the syrr 
bol of the lion nationally represent 


the sorority. 

Phi Mu's are involved in many as- 
pects of campus life such as MSU 
Orientation Leaders, Cheerleaders, 
Diamond Girls, Miss MSU, Roadrun- 
ners, Fashion Board, Alumni Dele- 
gates, and various academic honora- 
ries. The sorority also hosts many 

nities. Also one of the philanthropies 
of the Zeta's is the Association for 
Retarded Children. They also host a 
aerobithon in the fall and a golf tour- 
nament in the spring. 

The Zeta's are also very involved in 
campus life at MSU in such ways as 
tU^ Derby Day Champions, Cheer- 
leaders, Diamond 
Girls, MSU Orientation 
Leaders, Bulldog Host- 
esses, Roadrunners, 
MSU Pom Squad, 
1989 Homecoming 
Maids, and Miss Rev- 
eille Beauties. The 
Zeta Tau Alpha's at 
Mississippi State re- 
member that love is 
"the greatest of all 

annual social events including 
River boat, Fall for Phi Mu, Pledge 
Formal, Crawfish Party, Valentine's 
Party, and fraternity swaps. 

The philanthropy projects in which 
they participate are Project Hope, and 
the Children's Miracle Network Tel- 


The sorority of Zeta Tau Alpha was 
founded on October 15, 1898, at 
Longwood College, Farmville, Virgin- 
ia. Zeta Tau Alpha came to the Mis- 
sissippi State campus in April of 
1940. The colors of turquoise blue 
and steel gray and the symbols of 
strawberries and angels are the na- 
tionally represents the sorority. 

Annually, the Zetas host a variety 
of social events which include Mystery 
Date, Valentine Party, Pledge Formal, 
Spring Fling, White Violet Ball, and 
fraternity swaps. Annual fraternity 
swaps include the Halloween swap, 
Sigma Phi Epsilon, and FIJI frater- 


Zeta Phi Beta Sorority was organ- 
ized at Howard University, on Jan- 
uary 16, 1920, as the result of the 
encouragement given the Five 
Founders by Charles Taylor and Lang- 
ston Taylor, members of Phi Beta 
Sigma Fraternity. Thus, Zetas and 
Sigmas became the first official Greek 
letter sister and brother organizations. 
It was the idea of the founders to 
reach college women who were so- 
rority-minded and desired to follow 
the ideas of community service, finer 
womanhood, scholarship, and sisterly 
love. Epsilon Theta chapter of MSU 
was chartered on October 8, 1977. 
Members of Z-Phi-B participate in sev- 
eral projects such as adopting family 
for holidays, visiting the nursing 
home, and donating to charitable 
causes. Also, the sorority has a 
"Tribute to Outstanding Black Wom- 
en" Program. They also organize Blue 
and White Weekend with the Phi Beta 


Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity was 
founded on the campus of Mississippi 
State in December of 1974. The col- 
ors of black and old gold represent the 
fraternity nationally. 

The men of Alpha Phi Alpha Fra- 
ternity are involved in campus honors 
such as Roadrunner, President's list, 
University Honors Program, Mortar 
Board, State Step Champions, and 
Music Makers. They are a very active 
group of men and help to raise money 
for many philanthropies. United Way, 
Heart Fund, United Negro College, 
and the Big Brother Program are all 
worthwhile projects to which the Al- 
pha Phi Alpha's contribute. 

The Fraternity hosts several social 
events each year. Alpha Rush Party, 
Miss Black and Gold Pageant, Toga 
Parties, and Pool Parties are just a few 
of the activities in which they par- 


Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity was 
founded in 1865 at the Virginia Mil- 
itary Institution. The fraternity came 
to State in April of 1937. The colors 
that symbolize the fraternity are blue 
and gold and the symbol is the mal- 
tese cross. The Epsilon Epsilon chap- 
ter has served prominent students and 
faculty. Its major goal is to bind men 
together knowing no North, no South, 
no East, no West. 

Alpha Tau Omega's philanthropies 
are very visible in the Starkville com- 
munity with projects such as Toys for 
Tots, March of Dimes, United Way, 
and the Salvation Army. Other events 
in the lives of the ATO's include social 
events such as White Rose Formal, 
Gator Bash, Pellic Party, Founder's 
Day Ball, Annual Ft. Walton Beach 
Ball, and numerous swaps. 

Many of the men of Alpha Tau 
Omega are very involved in campus 
life. ATO's can be seen in organi- 
zations such as USF&G Run Through 
MSU, Restoration of MSU Paw Prints, 
Music Maker Productions, and various 
academic honor societies. 


On October 13, 1890, the Delta 
Chi Fraternity was established at Cor- 
nell University in Ithaca, New York. 
Later, on October 11, 1983, the Del- 
ta Chi chapter at Mississippi State was 
founded. The colors that nationally 
represent the fraternity are red and 
buff and the symbol is the 
knight-errant. The Delta 
Chi's offer the brotherhood 
of a lifetime to all of its 

Delta Chi's excel in cam- 
pus involvement. Many Del- 
ta Chi's can be seen in 
every facet of campus life at 
MSU such as IFC President, 
Roadrunners, Blue Key, 
Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi 
Kappa Phi, Alumni Dele- 
gates, intramural champi- 
ons, and Elder Statesman. 
The philanthropy that the 
fraternity supports is the 
Shriner's Children's Hospi- 

Besides studying and 
fund raising, the Delta Chi's 
are also very social. Annual social 
events that the fraternity hosts include 
Wet-N-Wild Weekend, Spookfest, £0> 
Live, Christmas Party, and swaps with 

dent Association Committees, anc 
various other academic honoraries 
The men of FarmHouse also contrib 
ute to a philanthropy in the Starkville 
community such as the Salvatior 

Each year, the members of Farm 
House hosts several social events in 
eluding Founder's Day Party, Home 
coming Party, Spring Canoeing Trip 
and mixers and swaps with sororities 


FarmHouse Fraternity was estab- 
lished on the campus of Mississippi 
State in 1964. The colors that sym- 
bolize the fraternity are green, gold, 
and white. 

FarmHouse encourages members 
to beocme involved in all aspects of 
campus life. The members of Farm- 
House are in Mortar Board, Gamma 
Beta Phi, Kappa Delta Pi, Order of 
Omega, Omicron Delta Kappa, Stu- 


On December 3, 1927, the Kapp; 
Alpha Order was estblished on tfo 
campus of Mississippi State Univei 
sity. The colors that represent th< 
organization nationally are crimsoi 
and gold and the symobol is tli 
knight. The philosophy of Kappa A 
pha Order is that the acquisition c 
knowledge and the development c 
character are the great goals of life. 

Kappa Alpha is involved in man 
activities and organizations on carr 
pus. They have members in th 
Roadrunners, Blue Key, Morta 
Board, Alumni Delegates, Elde 
Statesman, Student Association Ser 
ate, Lambda Sigma, and other ao 

idemic honoraries. KA is also in- 
/olved in various philanthropies such 
is Muscular Dystrophy Association 
ind the Mississippi Sheriff's Boys' 

Kappa Alpha is strong in the social 
icene also. Each year, the KA's host 
jvents such as Old South, Magowah, 
tose Ball, Magnolia Ball, Mystery 
)ate, and swaps with various soror- 


The Kappa Sigma chapter at Mis- 
issippi State was founded on March 
>, 1936. The colors that nationally 
epresent the fraternity are emerald 
»reen and scarlet red. 

Kappa Sigma represents every as- 
tect of campus leadership at MSU. 
lany Kappa Sigs can be found as 
Uumni Delegates, Bully, Mike Man, 
loadrunners, Student Association 
ienators, MSU Orientation Leaders, 
College of Business and Industry Of- 
icers, and other academic honoraries. 
vappa Sigma supports the American 
Mabetes Association and the Palmer's 
Children Home with their fund-raising 
fforts each year. 

A few social events annually hosted 
•y the Kappa Sigs include South 
>eas, Harvey Weaver Weekend, 
>awfish Boil, and Founder's Day For- 


Lambda Chi Alpha was founded at 
toston University on November 2, 
.909. Later on March 22, 1939, the 
hapter at Mississippi State University 
ras established. Lambda Chi is the 
econd largest fraternity in the nation, 
'he colors that nationally represent 
he fraternity are purple, green, and 


Each year such annual social events 
are held including Watermelon Fest, 
Spring Party, Halloween Party, foot- 
ball game parties, Lambdaween, 
Shrimp and Beer, Crescent Ball,Super 
Bowl Party, and swaps with different 

The Lambda Chi's are very active 
on campus and can be seen in such 
organizations as Gamma Alpha Ep- 
silon, Students Association Commit- 
tees, Intramural All-School Champi- 
ons, Lambda Sigma, Dean's List, 
President's List, IFC Softball Tour- 
nament Champions, and other aca- 
demic honroraries. The fraternity also 
raises funds each year for their phi- 
lanthropies such as the United Way. 
All the proceeds from the annual Wa- 
termelon Fest go toward supporting 
this worthwhile cause. 


The Sigma Mu chapter of Phi Gam- 
ma Delta was chartered at Mississippi 
State University nineteen years ago. 
Their founding date is November 21, 
1970. The color that nationally rep- 
resents the fraternity are royal purple 
and the symbol is the black diamond. 

The members of FIJI are actively 
involved in various organizations 
throughout the campus such as MSU 

Orientation Leaders, Roadrunners, In- 
tramural Softball All-School Champi- 
ons, Who's Who, Student Association 
Senate, Varsity Tennis and Track 
teams. The Fiji's are also very active 
in raising funds for their philanthro- 
pies. The organizations which benefit 
from their efforts each year include 
Project Brickfire, United Way, Palmer 
Home Christmas Party, and the Gil- 
lespie Center Easter Egg Hunt. 

The social events held every year 
by the Fiji's are Pledge Formal, 
Christmas Party, Black Diamond For- 
mal, and FIJI Island. 


The Alpha Chi chapter of Phi Kap- 
pa Tau was established on the campus 
of Mississippi State on April 30, 
1938. The colors that nationally rep- 
resent the fraternity are harvard red 
and old gold and the symbol is the red 

The various or- 
ganizations in 
which members 
are involved in- 
clude Student Di- 
rector of Campus 
Activities Board, 
Truman Scholar- 
ship Winner, 
Gamma Alpha 
Epsilon, Phi Kap- 
pa Phi, IFC Judi- 
cial Council, and 
Pi Sigma Epsilon. 
The Children's 


Heart Foundation receives funds from 
the efforts of the Phi Tau's annually 

Phi Tau sponsors several social aca- 
tivities for it's members throughout 
the year such as Lost Weekend, Toga 
Party, football parties, Christmas Par- 
ty, Red Carnation Ball, and various 


The colony of Phi Delta Theta was 
founded on the campus of Mississippi 
State in March of 1990. The colors 
that represent this new group of men 
are blue and white and the symbol is 
the owl. Some may know the group as 
"Phi Delt" as is their nickname. 

Phi Delt's can be seen in many 
facets of campus life. They are ac- 
tively involved in campus activities 
such as Inter-Residence Hall Council 
Vice President, Roadrunners, Campus 
Activities Board, Student Association 
Senators, Lambda Sigma, and many 
other acadmic honoraries. The phi- 
lanthropy that the men sponsor and 
for which they raise funds is the Lou 
Gehrig Memorial Fund. 

Annual social events to which the 
Phi Delt's look forward include Pledge 
Party in Atlanta, Georgia, Christmas 
Parties, Spring Bash, and swaps with 


The Gamma Theta chapter of Pi 
Kappa Alpha was established at Mis- 
sissippi State on May 27, 1927. The 
colors that nationally represent the 
Pike's are crimson and gold and the 
symbol is the red fire truck that many 
of us have seen around campus. 

Many of the Pike's are actively in- 
volved in campus life at MSU such as 
the Student Association Vice Pres- 
ident, Blue Key Man of the Year, All- 
school Intramural Champions, Varsity 
Athletes, IFC Council, Lambda Sig- 
ma, and many other academic honora- 
ries. The fraternity is also active in 
raising funds for their philanthopies, 
the American Heart Fund and the 
Palmer Children's Home in Colum- 

"There is no party like a PIKE 
party." Pi Kappa Alpha is known for 
their social events such as Pike's Peak 
Week, Pike Dreamgirl Formal, foot- 
ball parties, White Wedding Swap 
with the Phi Mu's, a Super Bowl Par- 
ty, and other swaps and mixers with 



Sigma Alpha Epsilon came to Mi 
sissippi State's campus on March li 
1887. The colors that represent ther 
are purple and gold. For over 10 j 
years the SAE's have taken pride i| 
being the most dominating fraternit 

The SAE's are active in every can 
pus activity including intramural at! 
letics. They can be found in such o 
ganizations as the Studen 
Association Senate as Student Ass< 
ciation Treasurer, Gamma Alpha Ej 
silon, Order of Omega, Patrons c 
Excellence, Roadrunners. The frate 
nity also raises funds each year for th 
March of Dimes and the Palmer Chi 
dren's Home. 

The annual social events that Si< 
ma Alpha Epsilon hosts include Blac 
and White Formal, Paddy Murphv 
and Wine and Cheese. 


The Gamma Upsilon chapter of Si< 
ma Chi was established at Mississipi 
State on April 3C 
1938. The color 
which represent th 
fraternity nationall 
are blue and old golc 
The men take inspin 
tion and pride fror 
their symbol, the whit 

Sigma Chi brothei 
are members of var 
ous organizations o 
campus such as Alun 
ni Delegates, Blu 
Key, Elder Statesmer 
Mr. MSU, All-schoc 
Intramural Sport 
Champions, Studer 
Association Senate 
and numerous ac< 
demic organizations 
Each year, the Sigm 

Omicron Delta Kap- 
pa, Gamma Alpha 
Epsilon, Phi Kappa 
Phi, IFC Scholar- 
ship Committee, 
IFC Judicial Com- 
mittee, and various 
other academic 
scholarship. Each 
member is influ- 
enced by the frater- 
nity to expand his 
individual potential 
as an active partic- 
ipant on campus. 

Chi's are involved with the entire cam- 
pus to raise money for a special phi- 
lanthropy that changes yearly. The 
money is raised through the partic- 
ipation of the sororities in Derby Day. 
Annual social events for the Sigma 
Chi's include All Sig Day, Derby 
Week and Derby Day, Christmas Par- 
ty, football parties, and sorority 


The Sigma Nu fraternity was found- 
ed at Virginia Military Institute in 
1869 and later the Iota Gamma chap- 
ter at Mississippi State was estab- 
lished in May of 1981. The colors that 
nationally represent the fraternity are 
black, gold, and white and the symbol 
is the serpent. 

Each sememster brings the men of 
Sigma Nu together for social events 
such as Hot Tub Party, White Rose 
Formal, football game parties, Zo 
Shipwreck, Mexican Fiesta, Roaring 
20's Swap, and other sorority swaps 
and mixers. The fraternity also ac- 
tively supports its philanthropy, the 
Palmer Children's Home, by raising 
funds each year. 

The men of Sigma Nu Fraternity 
can be found in every aspect of cam- 
pus life such as Order of Omega, 


Sigma Phi Epsilon was established 
on the campus of Misssissippi State on 
April 30, 1938. The colors that rep- 
resent the fraternity are purple and 
red and the national symbol is the 
heart. The fraternity's constant aim 
and objective is to be a fraternal or- 
ganization built on a solid foundation, 
guided by idealistic concepts, and ded- 
icated to the welfare of a membership. 

Sig Ep's are a large part of the 
student life at MSU. They are MSU 
Orientation Leaders, Roadrunners, 
Omicron Delta Kappa, Mortar Board, 
Blue Key, Student Association Sen- 
ators, Elder Statesmen, IFC Officers, 
and other academic honoraries. The 
men of Sigma Phi Epsilon also activily 
support a national philanthropy by 
raising monies for the Heart Foun- 
dation Fund. 

Annual social events to which the 
brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon look 
forward include such parties as Wild 
West, White Lightning, Queen of 
Hearts Ball, Founder's Day Ball, Su- 
per Bowl Party, New Orleans Party, 
and swaps with sororities. 

Greek Life at MSU 

At MSU, being Greek opens many 
doors for college men and women and 
plays a very important role in the 
development of each individual. Fra- 
ternities and sororities help to develop 
lasting friendships while providing a 
system of support and comraderie. 

The chapters encourage their mem- 
bers to excel in many ways. These 
special organizations are committed 
to emphasizing scholarship, leader- 
ship, and campus involvement. Each 
group stresses philanthropy fundrais- 
ing, chapter church, participation in 
campus activities as well as a full so- 
cial calendar. 

Each chapter has special qualities 
that make it unique. They seek and 
encourage sisterhood and brother- 
hood among its members, strive to be 
the leaders on campus as well as the 
followers, support charitable func- 
tions, celebrate the good times, make 
it through the bad times, and promote 
the high ideals of honor and individ- 
uality. They provide inspiration to all 
its members to become the best per- 
son they can be and reach out to 
others. The Greek system broadens 
horizons and prepares for the future. 






Abel, Brandon; Stuttgart, AR 

Abel, Kristie; Houston, TX 

Adams, Jamie; Amory, MS 

Adkison, Leah; Philadelphia, MS 

Agnew, Norris; Corinth, MS 

Ainsworth, Bethany; Richland, MS 

Allen, Jeff; Clarksdale, MS 

Alpe, Gregory; Starkville, MS 

Alsobrooks, Janie; Richland, MS 

Amato, Francis; Greenwood, MS 

Anderson, April; Marietta, GA 

Anderson, Matt; Clinton, MS 

Anderson, Trisha; Jackson, MS 

Angle, Christy Carol, Grenada, MS 

Anthens, Shane; Pickens, MS 



Armstrong, Daniel; Baton Rcjge, LA 

Armstrong, Ken; Memphis, TN 

Ashmore, Tammy; Greenville, MS 

Assell, Joe; Osweso, 1L 

Alkison, Allan, Forest, MS 

Atkisson, Sheri; Brandon, MS 

Austin, Danette; Greenville, MS 

Auton, Lisa; Meridian, MS 

Autry, Christie; Kosciusko, MS 

Avery, Ben; Hamilton, MS 

Bailey, Coley; Coffeeville, MS 

Bailey, Jay; Clinton, MS 

Bailey, Jennifer; Lilburn, GA 

Bailey, Jenny; Kosciusko, MS 

Baker, Jim, Brandon, MS 


Baker, Jimmie; Gulfport, MS 
Balducci, Jill; Clarksdale, MS 
Banks, Alison, Brooksville, MS 
Barber, Amy, Meridian, MS 
Barnes, Stephanie; Greenville, MS 

Bat son, Dinah; Pascagoula, MS 
Beasley, Chris; Louisville, MS 
Beasley, Kathleen, Athens, AL 
Beauchamp, Courtney; Brandon, MS 
Becker, Larry; Jackson, MS 

Becton, Shannon; Meridian, MS 
Bed well, Matthew; Hattiesburg, MS 
Bell, Kristin; Columbus, MS 
Benjamin, Makessa; Jackson, MS 
Bennett, Shawna; Picayune, MS 

' \ ■;:'V^ .':..''■•* jL 





Benton, David; Mascoutah, IL 
Benton, Rachael; Enterprise, AL 
Benton, Brad; Ocean Springs, MS 
Berry, Philip; Memphis, TN 
Berryhill, Susan, Starkville, MS 

Betts. Clarissa; Starkville, MS 
Biddle, Leslie; Greenville, MS 
Black, Howard; Weir, MS 
Black, Jennifer; Gulfport, MS 
Black, Stevan Jr.; Memphis, TN 

Blacklidge, Ronnie; Gulfport, MS 
Blake, Ben; Hattiesburg, MS 
Blasingame, Christy; Florence, AL 
Bohannon, Andraco; Columbus, MS 
Bonds, Dennis, luka, MS 


Bonds, Scott; Tupelo, MS 

Boring, Jennifer; Starkville, MS 

Boyd, David; Louisville, MS 

Boswell, Dorothy; Kosciusko, MS 

Bowen, Wes; Tupelo, MS 

Bowlin, Beth; Cleveland, MS 

Braddock, Debbie; Tipley, MS 

Bradfield, Mark; Jackson, MS 

Braswell, Maria; French Camp, MS 

Bridges, Allyson; Crowder, MS 

Bridgman, Karen; Pontotoc, MS 

Bright, Cindy; Indianola, MS 

Blissard, Bill; Houston, MS 

Brister, Tim; McComb, MS 

Britt, Cristin; Indianola, MS 









Brooks, Vicki; Helena, AL 

Broome, Sharon; Clinton, MS 

Brown, Amy; luka, MS 

Brown, Belinda; Philadelphia, MS 

Brown, Christopher; Hattiesburg, MS 

Brown, Joseph; Natrona, PA 

Brown, Marty; Starkville, MS 

Brown, Michelle; Brandon, MS 

Brown, Sally; Columbus, MS 

Brownyard, Ryan, Jackson, MS 

Brumfield, Briana; Clinton, MS 
Bunch, Sara; Greenwood, MS 

Burger, Jennifer; Gulfport, MS 
Burkhalter, Stacey; Starkville, MS 
Burkhalter, Tracey, Starkville, MS 


Burnett, Robin; Jackson, MS 
Burns, Molly; Germantown, TN 
Burns, Steven, Vinemont, AL 
Burr, Mark; Caledonia, MS 
Burt, Jennifer; Starkville, MS 

Burt, Robert; Ocean Springs, MS 
Busbee, Heather; Meridian, MS 
Bush, Christopher; Schlater, MS 
Bushart, Glynn; Baton Rouge, LA 
Byrd, Martha; Shaw, MS 




Carrothers, Jeffrey; Natchez, MS 
Carskadon, Gordon; Starkville, MS 
Carte, Matthew; Long Beach, MS 
Carter, Amanda; Sledge, MS 
Carter, Saroy; Meridian, MS 

Carver, Stacy.; Starkville, MS 
Case, Shaw; Clinton, MS 
Catchings, Royal.; Jackson, MS 
Cater, Doug.; Starkville, MS 
Chalk, Stacey; Meridian, MS 


Chancey, Todd; Ozark, AL 

Channel), Sandra; Hazlehurst, MS 

Chaplain, Chris; Jackson, MS 

Chappell, Ann; Jackson, MS 

Cheatham, Christopher; Louisville, 


Cheema, Mubashir; Pakistan 

Chipley, Robert; Lucedale, MS 

Crace, Nathan; Charleston, IN 

Chunn, Kevin; Pontotoc, MS 

Chunn, Kristin; Pascagoula, MS 

Clark, Cathy; Cordova, TN 

Clayton. Beth; Clinton, MS 

Clayton, Kathryn; Clinton, MS 

Clay, Telisa; Columbus, MS 

Claburn, Paige; Yazoo City, MS 










Clements, Timothy; Birmingham, AL 

Clower, Amanda; Crystal Springs, 


Coates, John; Hazlehurst, MS 

Coggin, Tommy; Columbus, MS 

Coleman, Leigh; Meridian, MS 

Collier, Melvin; Canton, MS 

Collins, Cory; Phoenix City, AL 

Cook, Donnie. Houston, MS 

Cooley, Emily; Columbus, MS 

Corbin, Tiffini; Amory, MS 

Cox, Walter; Panama City, FL 

Crossland, Craig; Drew, MS 

Crou/der, Kendralyn; Louisville, MS 

Crowley, Cindy; Southaven, MS 

Cuicchi, Christine; Starkville, MS 

m %I(h 


Culllfer. Carri; Gulfport, MS 
Cumberland, Will; Dekalb, MS 
Cummins, Beth; Brookhaven, MS 
Cureington, Adriane; Pearl, MS 
Dale, Holly.; Brandon, MS 

Daleke, Mindi; Hornlake, MS 
Davis, Brian.; Dalton, GA 
Davis, Jennifer.; Smithville, MS 
Davis, Michael; Charleston, MS 
Dean, Ann Marie; Bay St. Louis, 


Dearon, Bobbi; Canton, MS 

DeHart, Matthew; Birmingham, AL 

Dennis, Kathryn; The Woodlands, 


Dewberry, Aime; Starkville, MS 

Dismuke, Tawanda; Columbus, MS 









Doggett, Wendy; Brandon, MS 
Doll, Melissa; Somerville, TN 
Dollar, Rebecca; Amory, MS 
Dong, Kimberiy Jackson, MS 
Donnell, David; Hattiesburg, MS 

Draffen, John; Memphis, TN 
DuBose, Chris; Hattiesburg, MS 
Dubose, Enrique; Bolton, MS 
Dumas, John; Prentiss, MS 
Dumas, Mark; Germantown, TN 

Dumas, Sorena; Prentiss, MS 
Dunaway, Tim; Selmer, TN 
Duncan, Anne; Starkville, MS 
Dunn, Kelly; Ocean Springs, MS 
Duplessis, Linda; Centreville, MS 


Durham, Kenna; Gautier, MS 

Dye, Bryan; Grand Junction, TN 

Earnest, David, Houston, MS 

Echiburu, Tito; Morton, MS 

Ecke, April, Green Bay, Wl 

ft£f !w 

Edens, Mylissa; Niceville, FL 

Edwards, Beth; Winona, MS 

Eleuterius, Lee; Ocean Springs, MS 

Ellis, Kenyon; Columbus, MS 

England, Tracy; Calhoun City, MS 

Enis, Brian; Brandon, MS 
Ethdridge, Kimberly; Hattiesburg, 


Evans, Grover; Vicksburg, MS 

Evans, Melodi; Forest Park, GA 

Evans, Torrye; Belzoni, MS 



Everingham, Shannon; Ocean 

Springs, MS 

Ewing, Chandler, Piano, TX 

Ewing, Elizabeth; Greenwood, MS 

Fagerburg, Nicholas; Vicksburg, MS 

Farrell, Christopher; Memphis, TN 

Ferguson, Teora; Biloxi, MS 

Ferretti, John; Columbus, MS 

Feuerstein, Blaine; Bay St. Louis, 

Fisher, Marsha; Steens, MS 
Flautt, Kristin; Sumner, MS 

Fleenor, John; Memphis, TN 

Fortenberry, Parrish; Canton, MS 

Franke, Dana; Gulfport, MS 

Freeman, Tammie; Vicksburg, MS 

Frischhertz, Kevin; New Orleans, LA 



Fritzins, Eric; Starkville, MS 
Frost, Angie; Natchez, MS 
Fulford, Trey; Greenville, MS 
Fulgham, Robert; Jackson, MS 
Fulton, Chris; Jackson, MS 

Fulton, Stephanie; Orinda, CA 
Furr, Michael; Jackson, MS 
Garner, Gina; Brandon, MS 
Garretson, Gordon; Jackson, MS 
Gates, Jennifer; Hattiesburg, MS 



Gordon, Jim; Sledge, MS 
Gordon, Kenneth; Meridian, MS 
Gordon, Kyle; New Orleans, LA 
Gosa, Kendall; Hamilton, MS 
Gousset, James; Granada, MS 

Grantham, Randy; Memphis, TN 
Grassel, Saskia, Hazlehurst, MS 
Greer, Paige; Scobey, MS 
Gregory, Tammy; Louisville, MS 
Greenaway, Erica; Germantown, TN 


Green, Jenny; Kilmichael, MS 

Green, Kerry; Southaven, MS 

Green, Samuel; Chicago, IL 

Gressett, Andria; Monroeville, AL 

Grogan, Fred; Flora, MS 

Guess, Jeremy; Philadelphia, MS 

Gunter, Christopher; Pontotoc, MS 

Guthrie, Clint; Jackson, MS 

Hairston, Terry Jr.; Brandon, MS 

Hall, Christopher; Belzoni, MS 

Hall, Michael; Pontotoc, MS 

Hall, Peycia; Columbus, MS 

Harmond, Jennifer; Philadelphia, MS 

Hammarstrom, Eric Jr.; Jackson, 


Hankins, Christopher; Grenada, MS 



Harrington, Anita; Mantee, MS 

Harris, Kimberly; Vicksburg, MS 

Harris, Lamar; Olive Branch, MS 

Harris, Susan; Horn Lake, MS 

Hart, Allison; Greenville, MS 

Hart, Stephanie.; Meridian, MS 

Hathaway, David; Montgomery, AL 

Hataway, Linda Marie; Montgomery, 


Hatcher, Kristee; Memphis, TN 

Hatchett. Meg; Clarksdale, MS 

Hatter, Matthew.; Gulfport, MS 

Hatter, Michelle.; Slidell, LA 

Hawkins, Brian; Memphis, TN 

Hawks, Jennifer; Hernando, MS 

Hays, Susan; Jackson, MS 


Hayward, Brandi; Hlllsboro, OR 
Hazelton, Madrina; Folkston, GA 
Heath, Jared; McCrory, AR 
Heavener, Lisa; Tupelo, MS 
Hemphill, Shanda; Brandon, MS 

Henderson, Delarie; Columbus, MS 
Henderson, Matt; Marvell, AR 
Hendon, Read; Jackson, MS 
Henry, Sharon; Vancleave, MS 
Henry, Sterritt; Union, MS 

Henley, Lisa; Mandeville, LA 
Herrington, Les; Brandon, MS 
Hewlett, Melanie; Starkville, MS 
Higginbotham, Rhonda.; Macon, MS 
Hill, Stephanie; Louisville, MS 









Hill, William; Saraland, AL 
Hinton, Hanson; Marks, MS 
Hoff , Jennifer; Dyersburg, TN 
Holekamp, Greg; Slidell, LA 
Holland, Michael; Memphis, TN 

Holland, Tammy; Gulfport, MS 
Holland, Tina; Gulfport, MS 
Holley, Shannon; Memphis, TN 
Homan, Clay; Fulton, MS 
Hood, LouAnn; Gunnison, MS 

Hopkins, Kevin; Meridian, MS 
Hopkins, Henretta; Winona, MS 
Horn, Jase; Horn Lake, MS 
Horton, Dona; Jonesboro, AR 
Horton, Lacy; Indianola, MS 


Horton, Benae; Corenada, MS 

Howdon, John; Bay Springs, MS 

Hovater, Jonathan; Russellville, AL 

Howard, Richard; Columbus, MS 

Hudson, Gera; Morton, MS 

Hudson, Jody; Waynesboro, MS 

Hudgins, Leslie 

Huff, Karen.; Vicksburg, MS 

Hughes, Jonathan; Kosciusko, MS 

Humbarger, Kim; Indianola, MS 

Hundiey, Marzella; Rohwer, AR 

Hunter, Christy; Jackson, MS 

Hyams, Daniel.; Ruston, LA 

Irwin, Kristi; St. Lousi, MO 

Inmon, Jennifer.; Starkville, MS 




Ikerd, Mary Carolyn; Jackson, MS 

Jackson, Daniel; Rosedale, MS 

Jackson, Sonya, Brandon, MS 

Jarvenpaa, Harri; Sweden 

Jaudon, Christopher; Memphis, TN 

Jeanes, Terri; Tiplersville, MS 

• Jefcoat, Christy; Lousiville, MS 

Jeffreys, Brian; Jackson, MS 

Jerdine, Wakeela; Jackson, MS 

Johnson, Bethany; Jackson, MS 

Johnson, Jennifer; Louisville, MS 

Johnson, Tracie; Columbia, MS 

Johnson, Sancho; Jackson, MS 

Johnson, Tawanya; Cleveland, MS 

Johnson, William; Mathiston, MS 


Johnston, Joe; Decatur, AL 
Jones, Trudy; Starkville, MS 
Jordan, Crystal, Ackerman, MS 
Jordon, Orian; Columbus, MS 
Jourdan, Charles; Columbus, MS 

Joyner, Sara Jane; Brownsville, TN 
Jue, Patrick; Hollandale, MS 
Kallaher, John.; Memphis, TN 
Kaplan, Clare; Cleveland, MS 
Kelly, Heather, Jackson, MS 









Playing cards in Dunbar's room. 

Knox, Kahla; Starkville, MS 
Kopyto, Sonia; Lightwater, EN 
Kotwani, Geeta; Jackson, MS 
Kramer, Michelle; Columbus, MS 
Kyle, William, Germantown, TN 

Lalonde, Christen; Baton Rouge, LA 
Lamb, Chris; Jackson, MS 
Lang, Angela; Bay Springs, MS 
Langford, 'Shay; Tupelo, MS 
Latham, Richard; MS 


Lawrence, Anthony; Jackson, MS 

Lawson, Kim; Florence, MS 

Le, Trang; Starkville, MS 

Leach, Rebecca; Hattiesburg, MS 
Lee, Jason, Silvercreek, MS 

Lee, Julie; Vicksburg, MS 

Lee, Stephanie; Starkville, MS 

Leggett, Tomma; Brookhaven, MS 

Leopard, Charles; Gulfport, MS 

Lepard, Lana, Clinton, MS 

Little, Mark; Corinth, MS 

Lochridge, Laurie; Marietta, GA 

Locke, Janet, Brandon, MS 

Long, John; Sturgis, MS 

Lowery, Jim; Monroe, LA 





Lueius, Stephanie; Calhoun City, MS 

Lundeen, Chad; Tequesta, FL 

Lundy, Doug; Philadelphia, MS 

Mai.Thao; Ridgeland, MS 

Mallette, Alisha; Tupelo, MS 

Mangum, Ginger; Hazlehurst, MS 

Mallory, Lewis; Starkville, MS 

Mangum, Melynn, Memphis, TN 

Manuel, Jenny; Jackson, MS 

Marble, Clayton; Terry, MS 

Marett, Kent; Amory, MS 

Markham, Tamara, Amory, MS 

Marquez, Katy.; Clinton, MS 

Martin, Patricia; Jackson, MS 

Mason, Holly; Greenville, MS 


Mattison, Missy; Starkville, MS 
Matton, Richard, Fulton, MS 
May, Kristfna; Huntsville, AL 
Mayes, Chris; Little Pock, AR 
Mayfield, Matthew; Pascagoula, MS 

McAlexander, Shane; Jackson, MS 
McAnally, Heather; Vicksburg, MS 
McBroom, Andrew; Shalimar, FL 
McCall, Byron; Amory, MS 
McCarley, Bryon; Coffeeville, MS 

McClanahan, Becky; Somerville, TN 
McClure, Natalie; Louisville, MS 
McCorkle, Wesley; Troy, TN 
McDade, Ashley; Ridgeland, MS 
McDaniel, Mary Katherine; Jackson, 



McDaniels, Chad; Columbia, MS 
McGarvahan, Cathryn; Arab, AL 
McGehee, Jennifer; Jackson, MS 
McGilbra, Laura; Philadelphia, MS 
McKay, Shannon; Ocean Springs, MS 

McKenzie, Robert; Minneapolis, MN 
McMillin, Melissa; Norcross, GA 
McMullen, Tina; Maben, MS 
McMurry, Valerie; Starkville, MS 
McNeil, Mike; Southaven, MS 

McWilliams, Hayden; Indianola, MS 
Melton, Bobby; Charleston, MS 
Meyers, Lori; Metairie, LA 
Meyers, Sherry; West Union, OH 
Miles, Catherine; Rolling Fork, MS 


Miles, Kara; Pulaski, MS 

Miller, Jason; Lucedale, MS 

Miller, KoKo; Columbus, MS 

Miller, Robby; Moss Point, MS 

Milligan, Michael; Clinton, MS 

Mills, Paula; Courlland, MS 

Mints, Clifton.; Starkville, MS 

Minor, Anna.; Huntsville, MS 

Mire, Tanya; Brandon, MS 

Mitchell, Elizabeth; Gulfport, MS 

Mixon, Victoria; Hot Springs, AR 

Mobley, Dennis; Jackson, MS 

Mock, Lisa; Greenwood, MS 

Moffitt, Ken; Booneville, MS 

Moffett, Miriam; Meridian, MS 









Molton, Brian Clinton, MS 
Moore, Necole. Brandon, MS 

Morrow, Sally Amory, MS 
Morgan, Jody D'Lo, MS 
Morgan, Lea Austin, TX 

Morgan, Mark.; Jackson, MS 

Morgan, Mylane; Kansas City, MO 

Morse, Jim; Germantown, TN 

Mortan, Christina, Long Beach, MS 

Moseley, Marcus; Waynesboro, MS 

Moser, Valorie; Clarksdale, MS 

Mumford, Alecisa; Leland, MS 

Nabors, Sharron; Holly Springs, MS 

Neal, Bart; Mantee, MS 

Nelson, Lora; Overton, TX 


Nichols, Cameron; Atlanta, GA 
Nicholson, Eric; Jackson, MS 
Nobile, Kerri, Indianola, MS 
Oakes, Trae; Jackson, MS 
O'Neal, Robby Saucier, MS 

O'Neal, Will.; Jackson, MS 
Ong, Soo-Ban., Singapore 
Oswalt, Lauren Ashley; Jackson, MS 
Otto, Theresa.; Ocean Springs, MS 
Dursler, Shea, Greenville, MS 

Owens, David; Corinth, MS 
Owens, Elizabeth; Germantown, TN 
Palmer, Denvs Tupelo, MS 
Paimertree, Melanie; Kilmichael, MS 

Parfait, Trenell; Houma, LA 
Parker, Deborah; Southaven, MS 
Parker, Eric; Louisville, MS 
Passons, Paige; Slidell, LA 



Sig Eps "chilling" at house. 

Pate, Derrick; Canton, MS 
Patel, Sharmishtha; Clinton, MS 
Payne, Bryan; Foxworth, MS 
Payne, Molly; Hamilton, AL 
Peacock, Jennifer, Monroe, LA 

Penton, Colbey; Picayune, MS 
Penton, Roxanne.; Clinton, MS 
Perkins, Richard, Carrollton, MS 
Perry, Jay; Starkville, MS 
Perry, Nicola; Collieruille, MS 


Perteet, Jacqueline; Sallis, MS 

Peterson, Karen; Memphis, TN 

Phillips, Bryan; Jackson, MS 

Pickett, Ann; Natchez, MS 

Pittman, James; Madison, MS 

Plltt, Adam.; Gulfport, MS 

Pollard, Julienne; West Memphis, AR 

Porco, David; Ocean Springs, MS 

Pound, Tonla; Sneads, FL 

Povall, Emily; Jackson, MS 

Powell, Holly; Jackson, MS 

Pratt, NIkki; Tupelo, MS 

Price, Johnny; Vicksburg, MS 

Price, Mark; Highland, MS 

Prichard, Jenny; Long Beach, MS 



Quick, Nikki; Meridian, MS 

Raines, Larry; Bartlett, TN 

Rast, Sally; Mullington, TN 

Ray, Heather; Tupelo, MS 

Ray, Shannon; Kilmichael, MS 

Redditt, Ginger; Richland, MS 

Reese, Barrett; Coppell, TX 

Reeves, Cynthia; Denison, TX 

Renacker, Michael; Columbus, MS 

Respess, Courtney; Lambert, MS 

Rever, Robyn.; Vero Beach, FL 

Rhodes, Tiffany; Starkville, MS 

Richardson, Bo; Tupelo, MS 

Richardson, Robin; Jackson, MS 

Richardson, William; Raymond, MS 


Riggan, Kathryn; Marion, AR 
Riles, Kim.; Vicksburg, MS 
Riley, Ronnie; Germantown, TN 
Rinehart, Russ; Kossuth, MS 
Ritter, Catherine; Kosciusko, MS 

Rivers, Ellen.; Germantown, TN 

Robertson, Paige; Columbia, MS 

Robinson, Charity; Forest, MS 

Robinson, Johnathan; Hattiesburg, 


Robinson, Myra.; Loretto, TN 

Robinson, Lisa; Florence, MS 
Robinson, Salicia; Eupora, MS 
Rodman, Shannon; Southaven, MS 
Rogers, Katrice; Kilmichael, MS 
Rogers, Melanie; Collins, MS 




Roos, Michelle; Pearl, MS 
Rosenacker, Frank; Cincinnati, OH 
Rudolph, Becky; Brownsville, MS 
Rueter, Eric; Jackson, MS 

Rush, John; Leakesville, MS 

Rush, LoDonna. Dekalb, MS 
Russell, Keith; Troy, TN 
Samuelson, Robert; Tupelo, MS 
Sanders, Christy; Pickerman, MS 
Sanders, Kitty; Tunica, MS 

Schanson, Suzanne; Germantown, 


Scholl, Brian; Starkville, MS 

Schultz, Bradley; Huntsville, AL 

Scott, Paul; Lucedale, MS 

Scruggs, Susan; Tupelo, MS 


Sculthorne, Eric; Gautier, MS 

Seals, Joe; Shannon, MS 

Selles, Stacit., Jackson, MS 

Selph, Carissa, Flora, MS 

Sharer, Donald; Grand Bay, AL 

Shaw, Jeff; Biloxi, MS 

Shaw, Lisa; Maben, MS 

Shelton, Krystal ; Collierville, TN 

Sheppard, Brent; Jackson, MS 

Shirley, Donald Ray; Meridian, MS 

Sherer, Laura; Florence, MS 

Shettlemore, Melissa; Gulfport, MS 

Shirley, Audra, Columbus, MS 

Shoemake, Seth.; Aurora, CO 

Shriner, Stephanie; Starkville, MS 



Simmerman, Michael; Sardis, MS 

Simmon, Amy; Tupelo, MS 

Sims, Johanna, Athens, MS 

Singletary, Eric; Pearl River, MS 

Singlton, Shauna; Bolton, MS 

Sink, Cliff; Amory, MS 

Sloan, Brandon; Long Beach, MS 

Smith, Aaron; Southaven, MS 

Smith, Angela, Mendenhall, MS 

Smith, Carla; Southaven, MS 

Smith, Clay; Tupelo, MS 

Smith, Dustin; Necaise, MS 

Smith, Jennie; Grenada, MS 

Smith, Kevin; Lexington, MS 

Smith, Kristin; Summit, MS 


Smith, Michael; Athens, AL 
Smith, Nancy; Columbus, MS 
Smith, Patricia; West Point, MS 
Smith, Scott; Slidell, LA 
Smith, Stephen; Meridian, MS 

Sneed, Melinda; Columbus, MS 
Snuggs, Kristin; Jackson, MS 
Sours, Caroline; Ocean Springs, MS 
Sowell, Stephanie; Jackson, MS 
Spain, Ross, Memphis, TN 

Speck, Nancy Catherine; Dyersburg, TN 
Stamps, Amanda; Long Beach, MS 
Stanford, Kimberly; Tupelo, MS 
Stennis, Thomas; Gulfport, MS 

Stephen, Houston; Tupelo, MS 
Steward, Barry; Tupelo, MS 
Storm, Jason; Germantown, TN 
Stinson, Sandra; Jackson, MS 



Stewart, Bernice; McComb, MS 
Street, Leslie; Madison, MS 
Stoble, Julia; New Orleans, LA 
Striplin, George; Brandon, MS 
Stuart, Wendy; Purvis, MS 

Stucky, Stephanie; Slidell, LA 
Sullivan, Susan; Phil, MS 
Suther, Diptibahen; Greenville, MS 
Swann, Minae; Macon, MS 
Switzer, Christopher; Natchez, MS 


Tanner, Kimberly; Tutiwiter, MS 

Taylor, Shellie; New Albany, MS 

Tedder, Dina, Vardaman, MS 

Thompson, Alice; Philadelphia, MS 

Thompson, Jon; Byram, MS 

Thompson, Herbert; Greenwood, MS 

Thompson, Lacy; Greenville, MS 

Thompson, Marcy; Philadelphia, MS 

Thrasher, Jennifer; Louisville, MS 

Tigrett, Paul; Brandon, MS 

Tigrett, Mary; Brandon, MS 

Todd, Wendy; Gerrr,<intown, TN 

Tomasorsky, Laurie; Guifport, MS 

Tominey, Beth; Vicksburg. MS 

Toney, Kristi, Brandon, MS 



lonkel, Tracy; Clinton, MS 
Trimble, James; Hamilton, MS 

Trimble, Jim, Hamilton, MS 
Trotter, David.; Starkville, MS 

Trotter, Jennifer, Lyon, MS 

Trotter, Lisa; Greenwood, MS 

Tullis, Stuart, Ashland, KY 

Turner, Vinette; Ruleville, MS 

Uhl, Matt; Pittsburg, PA 

Underwood, John; Starkville, MS 

Lischdoff, Nancy; Birmingham, AL 

Vance, Mary Brooke; Batesville, MS 

Voelkel, Jennifer; Pascagoula, MS 

Voelkel, Rachel; Pascagoula, MS 

Wade, Gary Jr.; Rock Hill, SC 


Waite, Kelly; Corinth, MS 
Walker, Jason; Tuscaloosa, AL 
Wallace, Danielle; Okolona; MS 
Walls, Kimberly; Greenwood, MS 
Walls, Sala, Greenwood, MS 

Walker, John; Long Beach, MS 
Wallace, Allison; Tupelo, MS 
Ward. Tonya; Water Valley, MS 
Ware, Martha, Columbus, MS 
Wargo, Mark; Watson, AR 

Warne, Michael; Meridian, MS 
Warren, Patrick; Lucedale, MS 
Washinton, Mario; Holly Springs, MS 
Watkins, Susan; York, AL 
Weaver, Shanna; Starkville, MS 






Webb, Stacy; Southaven, MS 
Webster, Leigh; Vicksburg, MS 
Webster, Lisa; Houston, MS 
Wells, Christopher; Ridgeland, MS 
West, Gregory; Edwardsville, IL 

Westberry, Deneshia; Morton, MS 
Westmoreland, Jill; Plantersville, MS 
Weston, John; Jackson, MS 
Whatley, Angel; Vicksburg, MS 
White, Chad; Houston, MS 

White, John; Vicksburg, MS 
White, Kimberly; Vero Beach, FL 
Whitehead, Karin; Aurora, CO 
Whitehead, Tracy; Maben, MS 
Winfield, Charles; Starkville, MS 


Wiggs, Stephanie; Vardaman, MS 

Wilcox, Marianna; Carthage, MS 

Willcutt, Janene; Lucedale, MS 

Willcutt, Jennifer; Columbus, MS 

Williams, Bryan; Piscatanay, NJ 

Williams, Cynthia; Starkville, MS 

Williams, Jason; Brandon, MS 

Williams, Joseph; West Monroe, LA 

Williams, Leigh Anne; Aberdeen, 


Williams; Modina, Cleveland, MS 

Williams, Monica; Columbus, MS 

Williams, Sarah; Ocean Springs, MS 

Williams, Steve, Columbia; MS 

Williams, Tina; Hattiesburg, MS 

Williams, Wendy Rue; Amory, MS 









Willis, Timothy; Pensacola, FL 

Willoughby, Meg; Jackson, MS 

Willis, Jennifer; Jackson, MS 

Wilson, Ken; Tupelo, MS 

Wilson, Latasha; Jackson, MS 

Wilson, Tracy; Byhalia, MS 

Wilson, Witt; Helena, AR 

Wilson, Wanda; West Point, MS 

Wingo, Brad; Memphis, TN 

Winters, Patricia; McAdams, MS 

£ \ 

Witewardane, Chamath; Sri Lanka, 


Wolfe, Jennifer, Birmingham, AL 

Woo, Stephen; Lexington, MS 

Wood, James; Corinth, MS 

Woodruff, Latresha; Pace, MS 


Woodruff, Stace; Marietta, GA 
Worthem, Robert; Pine Bluff, AR 
Yap, Lee Yee; Singapore 
Young, Brian; Crystal Springs, MS 
Young, Brian; Jonesboro, AR 

Young, Kim; Natchez, MS 
Young, Pamela; Noxapater, MS 
Zeigler, Deanna, Columbus, MS 

Jeff Knight and Tim Weathers in Garner 

photo by Mark Warner. 






^Vv * 

7 : 1 .: 

Abney, Keith; Slidell, LA 

Adams, Gory; Jackson, MS 

Abediyi, Adenike; Nigeria 

Abrens, Jennifer; Long Beach, MS 

Aldy, Vicky; Sallis, MS 

Alexander, Shelley; Gulfport, MS 

Allen, Elizabeth; Richton, MS 

Allen, Eugene; Aberdeen, MS 

Allen, Kara; Nesbit, MS 

Allen, Kenna; Verona, MS 

Allen, Kellie; Waynesboro, MS 

Allen, Ricky; Dekalb, MS 

Allen, Walter; Starkville, MS 

Alley, Mark; Vaiden, MS 

Alligood, Stephanie; Slidell, MS 

Allison, Sam; Columbus, MS 

Altman, Rochelle; Quitman, MS 

Amato, Gena; Greenwood, MS 

Anderson, So Yong; Starkville, MS 

Anding, Richard; Jackson, MS 

Anglin, Sue; Moss Point, MS 

Anthony, Jim; Tupelo, MS 

Anthony, Robyn; El Dorado, AR 

Archer, Lisa; Germantown, TN 

Arledge, John; Louisville, MS 

Armstong, Alice; Jackson, MS 

Ashford, Rosliland; Starkville, MS 

Ashley, Dawn; Brandon, MS 

Atkins, Jennifer; Hattiesburg, MS 

Azam, Mohammod; Chittagong 


f. w. 

Bailey, Ronald; Greenville, MS 
Ball, Stacy; Jackson, MS 
Banks, Kendra; Jackson, MS 
Banks, Natalie; West Point, MS 
Barnes, Scott; Starkville, MS 

Barnett, Leigh.; Jackson, MS 
Batson, Elizabeth; Marietta, GA 
Baughez, Jennifer; Oxon Hill, MD 
Beasley, Charles; Columbus, MS 
Beaver, Kerry; Memphis, TN 

Beak, Jon; Jackson, MS 
Bell, Kathryn West Point, MS 
Bell, Sam; Nettleton, MS 
Beneke, Tory; Columbus, MS 
Bergiel, Bridgit; Thibodaux, LA 

Bernhart, Laura; Clinton, MS 
Betbeze, Philip; Chattanooga, TN 
Bishop, Tellie; Sebastopol, MS 
Bishop, Tony; Long Beach, MS 
Black, Paige; Tupelo, MS 

Blades, Eric; Jonesboro, AR 
Blais, Greg; Louisville, MS 
Blake, Melanie; Fulton, MS 
Blakeney, Julie; Jackson, MS 
Block, Dale; Horn Lake, MS 

Boackle, David; Jackson, MS 
Boatwright, Donna; Starkville, MS 
Bogard, Terence; Holly Springs, MS 
Bolan, Brett; Little Rock, AR 
Boles, Russell; Starkville, MS 


Boldin, Rhonda; Meridian, MS 

Bonne, JoAnn; Starkville, MS 

Booker, Kristie; Meridian, MS 

Bosarge, Charlotte; Gautier, MS 

Bouine, Bryce; Jackson, MS 

Boyce, Michael; Tyler, TX 

Boyd, Michael; Starkville, MS 

Boyd, Valerie; Pine Hill, AL 

Braddock, Bobbie Sue; Columbus, 

Braddock, Melinda Kossuth, MS 

Bradford, Camille; Greenville, MS 

Bradley, Kimberly; Olive Branch, MS 

Brannon, Laura; Huntsville, MS 

Brantley, Jeri; Philadelphia, MS 

Brasfeild, Rebecca; Stevensville, MS 

Brawner, John; Corinth, MS 

Bridwell, Kevin; Liberty, MS 

Brown, Amy; Greenville, MS 

Browning, Dawn; Gulfport, MS 

Brown, Jim; Jackson, MS 

Brown, Keith; Grenada, MS 

Brown, Kimberly; Starkville, MS 

Brown, Michel; Fort Worth, FL 

Brown, Sterling; Amory, MS 

Brown, Beth; Memphis, TN 

Brumfield, Christy; Madison, MS 

Brunton, Steven; Marietta, GA 

Bryan, Cris; Holly Springs, MS 

Bryan, Leah; Vicksburg, MS 

Buckner, Mark; Greenville, MS 





Burch, Rod; Brandon, MS 
Burchfield, Dennis; Ridgeland, MS 
Burger, Andrea; Ocean Springs, MS 
Burger, Rebecca; Gulfport; MS 
Burks, Cynthia; Ocean Springs, MS 

Burley, Shani; Brandon, MS 
Burrus, Christopher; St. Louis, MO 
Burse, U'Lyna; Joliet, IL. 
Busby, Ardena; Biggersville, MS 
Bush, Margaret; Brandon, MS 

Buskirk, Kimberly; Okolona, MS 
Butler, Lori; Starkville, MS 
Butler, Yancey; Holly Springs, MS 
Byler, Kym Jackson, TN 
Calais, Aimee; Vicksburg, MS 

Campbell, Kimberly; Bruce, MS 
Carr, Timothy; Columbus, MS 
Carruth, Chris; Germantown, MS 
Carruth, Tammy; Coldwater, MS 
Carrubba, Earle; Starkville, MS 

Carson, Dorsey; Jackson, MS 
Castelli, Stephanie; Hattiesburg, MS 
Chambers, Keith; Niceville, MS 
Chennault, Connie; Kosciusko, MS 
Childers, Michael; Hernando, MS 

Chong, Yew-Keong; Malaysia 
Chow, Khee-Thiam; Malaysia 
Clapp, Benjamin; Florence, MS 
Clark, Angela; Gulfport, MS 
Clark, Beth; Louisville, MS 





Clark, Justin; Olive Branch, MS 

Clark, Lori; Germantown, TN 

Clark, Mechell, McAdams, MS 

Clark, Missy; Louisville, MS 

Clayton, Jane; Meridian, MS 

Clayton, Steve; McComb, MS 

Coleman, David; Crossett, AR 

Coleman, Page; Tupelo, MS 

Collier, Kimberly; Memphis, TN 

Collins, Wendy, Gulfport, MS 

Combs, Eric; McCordsville, IN 

Connelly, John; Mobile, AL 

Conway, Martin; Greenville, MS 

Conwill, Melissa; Tupelo, MS 
Cook, Melanie; New Albany, MS 

Cooper, Dana; West Point, MS 

Cooper, Marlene; Madison, MS 

Copelin, Melissa, Memphis, TN 

Corbitt, Allison, Calhoun City, MS 

Corey, Marsha; Meridian, MS 

Coward, Debbie; Columbus, 
Cox, Jennifer; Florence, 



Cox, Penny; Long Beach, MS 

Corbin, John; Lambert, MS 

Crabtree, Angie; Brandon, MS 

Craig, Jeri; Dekalb, MS 

Crocker, William; Philadelphia, MS 

Cronier, Jennifer; Escatawpa, MS 

Cuccaro, Kimberly; Long Beach, MS 

Cummins, Gene; Forest, MS 






Cunningham, Demetria; West Point, 


Cunningham, Jason, Mt Pleasant, 


Cunningham, John; Memphis, MS 

Cupit, Dana; Jackson, MS 

Curtis, Mary, Louisville, MS 

Cwiklik, Gwcr, Kosciusko, MS 
Dakin, Gregory; Columbus, GA 
Daly, Antonoius; Meridian, MS 
Davis, Anne; Jackson, MS 
Davis, Mike; Starkville, MS 

Davis, Roshonda; Rolling Fork, MS 
Day, Melissa; Jackson, MS 
Day, Tonya; Somerville, TN 
Dear, Brian; Brandon, MS 
DeBardelaben, Kelly; Miami, FL 

DelVescoro, Tamara, Long Beach, 


Demoran, Philip; Ocean Springs, MS 

DeNoble, Rick; Long Beach, MS 

DeShazar, Westley; Clarksdale, MS 

DeWolf, Wendy; Highlands, NC 

Dey, Sushobhon; Charleston, IL 
Dill, Brian, Columbus, MS 
Do, Kim Ann; Long Beach, MS 
Dobson, David: McClellanville, SC 
Donaghe, Kelly; Vicksburg, MS 

Dooley, Paige; Utica, MS 
Dorr, Mitch; McCombs, MS 
Doty, Roman, Tupelo, MS 
Dunning, Catherine; Jackson, MS 
Dupree, Mark; Kosciusko, MS 





Durham, Kim; Carricre, MS 

Duty, Jennifer; Memphis, TN 

Duval!, AnneMarie, Humboldt, TN 

Ealy, Tarshi, Goodhope, MS 

Easley, Shelton; Duck Hill MS 

East, Allison; Ruleville, MS 

Echols, Hannah; Starkville, MS 

EUert, Jason; Clinton, MS 

Edmonson, Owen; Madison, MS 

Edwards, Sherrie; Starkville, MS 

Ehrgett, John; Vicksburg, MS 
Eliason, Shannon; Slidell, LA 
Elledge, Mike; Booneville, MS 
Elliot, Karilynn; Starkville, MS 
Emery, Adele; Caledonia, MS 

England, Leslie; Kosciusko, MS 

Epps, David; Tupelo, MS 

Erwin, Scott; Adamsville, MS 

Estes, Lori; Baltimore, MD 

Estes, Sabrina; Houston, MS 

Eubanks, Nancy; Manteca, CA 

Evans, Brian; Bay Springs, MS 

Evans, Charles Edward; Starkville, 


Evans, Devonna; Meridian, MS 

Evans, Jimmie; Danville. IL 

Evans, Jocta; Gulfport, MS 

Everett, Stuart; Jackson, MS 

Fairley, Kerr; Jackson, MS 

Fayard, Henry; Clinton, MS 

Felder, Jennifer; Long Beach, MS 





Fisher, Michelle; Clinton, MS 
Flowers, Glen; Picayune, MS 
Floyd, Dana; West Point, MS 
Fly, Millie; Nashville, MS 
Fagle, Lasca; Smiley, TX 

Fooshee, Chad; Hatley, MS 

Fortenberry, Doug; Clinton, MS 

Fortenberry, Anna; Jackson, MS 

Fortenberry Marsha; Philadelphia, 


Fowler, Bryan; Clinton, MS 

Franklin, Eclecius; Natchez, MS 
Freely, Monica; Vardaman, MS 
Freeman, Zandra; Amory, MS 
Fuller, Mary; Meridian, MS 
Fuller, Marian; Meridian, MS 

Gallaher, Melissa; Clinton, MS 
Galle, Melissa; Biloxi, MS 
Gornez, Sylvia; Tupelo, MS 
Gandy, Jennifer; Huntsville, AL 
Gardner, Priscilla; Columbus, MS 

' -» sr 




Garner, Jennifer, Gautier, MS 
Gates, Shannon; Puckett, MS 
Gely, Geza; Germany 
Gentry, Kim; Tupelo, MS 
Gibson, Shiree; Moss Point, MS 

Gibson, William; Forest, MS 
Gilbert, Debra; Starkville, MS 
Glover, James; Lilburn, GA 
Goldman, Christi; Marietta, GA 
Goralczyk, Aimee; Calhoun City, 






Gorden, Angela; Tupelo, MS 
Graves, Karen; West Point, MS 
Graves, Katherine; Clinton, MS 

Groves, Todd; West Monroe, LA 
Gay, Jim; Mocreville, MS 

Green, Mechelle; Jackson, MS 

Greenwood, Brian; Slidell, LA 

Greenwood, Pamela; Kosciusko, MS 

Griver, John; Ruston, LA 

Griffin, Donna; Eupora, MS 

Grimes, Tammy; Florence, MS 

Gronain, Greg; Columbus, MS 

Grove, Ricky; Jackson, MS 

Guest, Gina, Brandon, MS 

Guice, Lara; Starkville, MS 

Gunter, Juli; Newton, MS 

Hahne, John; Malvern, AR 

Hairston, Tanya; Brandon, MS 

Hairston, Petes; Crawford, MS 

Hale, Kelli; Memphis, TN 

Hamilton, Shane; Greenwood, MS 

Hammack, James; Vicksburg, MS 

Hampton, Jason; Meridian, MS 

Hampton, LaWanda; Starkville, MS 

Hargrove, Meg; Starkville, MS 

Harkley, Tracelin; Moss Point, MS 

Harper, Scott; Memphis, TN 

Harrick, Kristen; Melbourne, FL 

Harrison, Angelia; Carrollton, MS 

Harris, Robert; Selmer, TN 





Harris, Vanessa; Grenada, MS 
Hard, Allen; Newton, MS 
Hartsfield, Cheryl; Marvell, AR 
Hataway, Gary; Montgomery, AL 
Hathcock, Lauren; Yazoo City, MS 

Hawkins, Jennifer; Memphis, TN 
Hawkins, Kristy; Vicksburg, MS 
Haynes, Kristin; Brandon, MS 
Hearron, Sherri; Memphis, TN 
Helton, Melanie; Tampa, FL 

Hendrix, Guy; Holly Springs, MS 

Herrod, Daniel; Vicksburg, MS 

Herrington, Sara Martin; Nashville, 


Hess, Jennifer; Meridian, MS 

Hicks, Kevin; Vicksburg, MS 

Hill, Jennifer; Memphis, TN 
Hill, Tripp; Gulf Breeze, FL 
Hightower, Dwayne; Aberdeen, MS 
Hill, Cal; West Point, MS 
Hill, Scott; Forest, MS 

Hinton, Chandra; Laurel, MS 
Hodges, Shelli; Biloxi, MS 
Holbrook, Kenneth; Rome, GA 
Holder, Kay; Ruleville, MS 
Holland, Kevin; Pascagoula, MS 

Hollon, Christopher; Evansville, IN 
Hoiloway, David; Starkville, MS 
Holloway, Collie; Water Valley, MS 
Hollowed, Parker, Olive Branch, MS 
Holmes, Jean; Jackson, MS 






Holt, Brian; Senatobia, MS 

Hooker, Vernell; Brookhaven, MS 

Hopkins, Loretta; Winona, MS 

Hopping, Greg; Jackson, MS 

Horton, Michele, Grenada, MS 

Horton, Stephen, Jonesboro, AR 

Hotard. Alan; Baton Rouge, LA 

Howze, Kevin; Meridian, MS 

Howell, Charles; Lucedale, MS 

Huam, Evelyn; Natchez, MS 

Hubbard, Cynthia; Grenada, MS 

Hudson, Kelly; Pascagoula, MS 

Hudgins, Shana; Kosciusko, MS 

Hudson, Madison; Slidell, LA 

Hudspeth, Quentin; Hammond, LA 

Huff, Lonnie; Morton, MS 

Hughes, Roxanne; Tupelo, MS 

Hulbert, Holly; Moss Point, MS 

Hulett, Robert Milton, FL 

Hunt, Sally, Clarksdale, MS 

Hurd, Janice, Grenada, MS 

Ingram, Erin; Jackson, MS 

Ingram, Karin; Starkville, MS 

Isonhood, Amy; Louisville, MS 

Istre, Eric; Biloxi, MS 

Jackson, Jimmy; Louisville, MS 

Jacobs, Claire; Jackson, MS 

Jakway, Mary; Long Beach, MS 

Jeelgan, Tuphannie; Louisville, MS 

Jeff, Galagher; Clinton, MS 





Jennings, Susan; Gulf Breeze, FL 
Johnson, Audra, Birmingham, AL 
Johnson, Barry; Decatur, AL 
Johnson, Jennifer; Batesville, MS 
Johnston, William; Vicksburg, MS 

Jolliff, Rolanda Woodville, MS 
Jones, David, Hickory, MS 
Jones, Derlyn; Benton, MS 
Jones, Elizabeth; Forest, MS 
Jones, Gina; Flora, MS 

Jones, Hamp III; Jackson, MS 
Jones, Kimberly; Greenville, MS 
Jones, Lynn; Forest, MS 
Jordon, Jennifer; Jackson, MS 
Jordon, Tongela; Petal, MS 

Juneau, Jody 

Justice, Angela; Clardsdale, MS 
Kahler, Norman; Las Cruces, NM 
Kane, TerriAnne; Amory, MS 
Keeler, Allison; Clinton, MS 

Keener, Stacey; Gulfport, MS 
Kendall, Ellisa; Ocean Springs, MS 
Kennedy, Lucretia; Lena, MS 
Kennedy, Raymond; Jackson, MS 
Kimbrell, Jeffrey; Starkville, MS 

Kimbrough, Carrie Starkville, MS 
Kincaid, Justine; Holcomb, MS 
King, Ashli; Clinton, MS 
King, Kimberly; Olathe, KS 
King, Randy; Ethelsville, AL 





Kirby, Denson; Jackson, MS 

Kimby, John; LaGrange, Ga 

Kirkwood, Lisa; Ackerman, MS 

Klose, Peter; Glastenbury, CT 

Knight, Chad; Brandon, MS 

Koukourakis, George; Athens, 


Kuronen, Christina; Hattiesburg, MS 

Kwell, Chiew; Singapore 

Ladner, Renee; Bay St. Louis, MS 

LaFontaine, Vicki; Bay St. Louis, MS 

Lamb, Julia; Jackson, MS 
Lambert, Susan; Brookhaven, MS 

Lancaster, Jay; Sikeston, MS 
Lancaster, Joshua; Starkville, MS 

Lane, Andrea; Vicksburg, MS 

Lange, Christpher; Clarksville, TN 

Lantz, Lori; Ada, MI 

Latham, Terry; Reform, AL 

Laws, Jan; Jackson, MS 

Lee, Susan; Starkville, MS 

Lee, Tammie 

Lee, Towanda; West Point, MS 

LeGassick, Jan; Orlando, FL 

Leonard, Vicki; Slidell, LA 

Lewers, Mitzi; Como, MS 

Lippincott, Susan; West Point, MS 

Lister, Tricia; Gautier, MS 

Livingston, Molly; Laurel, MD 

Lockett, Mary; Jackson, MS 

Logan, Elizabeth; Pheba, MS 





Long, Tara; Miami, FL 
Love, David; Jackson, MS 
Lusk, Scott; Biloxi, MS 
Lyons, Gary; Berhound, MS 
Modden, Tara; Ocean Springs, MS 

Magee, Beverly; Bogalusa, MS 
Makamson, Tisha; Jackson, MS 
Manuel, Theresa; Coldwater, MS 
Marble, Michelle.; Pearl, MS 
Marchant, William; Picayune, MS 

Marquez, Arma; Clinton, MS 
Marshall, Eugenia; Tupelo, MS 
Martello, Melinda; Natchez, MS 
Martin, Lisa; Mendenhall, MS 
Mattox, Jonathan; Carrollton, MS 

Martin, Tamara; Jackson, MS 
McBeath, Nicole; Walnut Grove, MS 
McCarra, Connie; Quitman, MS 
McCarroll, Teresa; Kilmichael, MS 
McCary, Amy; Starkville, MS 

McComb, Donovan; Columbia, MS 

McConnell, Summer; Robbinsville, 


McCool, Heather; Moss Point, MS 

McCoy, Kyle; Kosciusko, MS 

McCrotch, Philip; Olive Branch, MS 

McCubbins, Wendy; Jackson, MS 
McDaniel, Leigh; Weir, MS 
McDaniel, Michael; Kosciusko, MS 
McDonough, Teresa; Nesbit, MS 
McDonald, Denise; Vicksburg, MS 





McGuire, Christy; Gulfport, MS 
McLcroy, Margaret; Olive Branch, 


McMakin, Kristi; Hudson, OH 

McMullin, Chad; Amory, MS 

McNair, Stacy; Jackson, MS 

McNally, Heather, Cordova, TN 

McNeal, Kimberly; New Albany, MS 

McPherson, Melissa; Gulfport, MS 

Meeks, Diane; Waveland, MS 

Metcalfe. Leslie; Miami Lakes, FL 

Michael, Christy; Jackson, MS 

Miley, Benjamin; Clinton, MS 

Miller, Melinda, Waveland, MS 

Miller, Shawn; Lucedale, MS 

Miller, Stephanie; Bayonet Point, FL 

Mills, Wanda; Ocean Springs, MS 

Minton, Jeffrey; Lelano, MS 

Mitchell, Chad; Brandon, MS 

Moncada, Patricia, New Orleans, MS 

Moody, Kimberly, Columbus, MS 

Moore, Holly, Columbus, MS 

Moore, Laura; Fulton, MS 

Moore, Margaret; Chattanooga, TN 

Morris, John; Jackson, MS 

Morrow, Volanda, Vicksburg, MS 

Morton, Lasongia; Columbus, MS 

Mosley, Candee; Hattiesburg, MS 

Moonsey, William; Picayune, MS 

Mullins, Micki; Natchez, MS 

Myles, Rhodesia, Vicksburg, MS 





Neely, Tana; Gulfport, MS 
Nelson, Stephanie; Slidell, MS 
Nesbit, David, Amory, MS 
Nester, Todd; Bay Springs, MS 
Newberry, Alison, Lawrenceville, GA 

Newton, Dale; Crestview, FL 
Nokes, Joe; Greenwood, MS 
Nordstrom, Stephanie, Biloxi, MS 
Nowell, Charles; Kosciusko, MS 
Odom, Jill; Bolton, MS 

Olonwell, Jane! Corinth, AS 
Oliver, Karen; Mathis, TX 
Osteen, Karen, Picayune, MS 
Owen, Kayce; Greenville, MS 
Pandolfi. Patrick; Clinton, MS 

Parish, Bert; Weir, MS 
Parker, Cheryta; Vicksburg, MS 
Parrish, Christy; Clinton, MS 
Parrish, David; Houston, MS 
Parris, Holly, Hernando, MS 

Parrish, Rachel; Memphis, TN 
Passons, Peyton; Starkville, MS 
Pate, Christy; West Point, MS 
Patel, Mita; Durant, MS 
Peters, Dana; Jackson, MS 

Patrick, Alex; Braxton, MS 
Patrick, Jason; Russellville, AL 
Patton, Jan; Vicksburg, MS 
Peacock, Laurie; Pearl, MS 
Pearson, Janae; Pontotoc, MS 





Pellegrino, Kelly; Tupelo, MS 

Pennacchio, Melissa; Hernando, MS 

Penrose, Amy; Arlington, TX 

Pepper, Michael; Mt Olive, MS 

Pepperman, Troy; Waveland, MS 

Perkins, Hal; Jackson, MS 

Perry, John III; McComb, MS 

Perry, Lee; Starkville, MS 

Persons, Elizabeth; Clinton, MS 

Peterson, Pam; Canton, MS 

Phillips, Robert; Morton, MS 

Pigutt, Steve; Jackson, MS 

Poe, Kathryn; Inverness, MS 

Potrefke, Rebecca; Vicksburg, MS 

Pollard, Patti; New Albany, MS 

Pool, Jason; Columbus, MS 

Pope, LaShonda; Columbia, MS 

Porter, Jeff; Walls, MS 

Potter, Debbie; Jackson, MS 

Powell, Michelle; Ridgeland, MS 

Powell, Tabitha; Louisville, MS 

Powell, Terry; Memphis, TN 

Prince, Claire; Aberdeen, MS 

Prowell, Revita, Steens, MS 

Quenn, Freda; West Point, MS 

Quintan, James; Marietta, GA 

Ramos, Rick; Jackson, MS 

Raines, Shelle; Vicksburg, MS 

Rathmell, David; Mobile, AL 

Ray, Jimmy; New Albany; MS 






Ray, Keri; Hattiesburg, MS 
Read, Briton; Clinton, MS 
Reddick, Erica; Vicksburg, MS 
Redus, Jimmy; Tampa, FL 
Reeder, Lynn; Pontotoc, MS 

Reeves, Michael; Monroe, LA 
Rensink, Keith; Pascagoula, MS 
Rhodes, Heath; Horn Lake, MS 
Richards, Lance; Biloxi, MS 
Richardson, Christi; Scottsboro, AL 

Ridge, Angela; Ripley, MS 
Rivers, Jennifer; Meridian, MS 
Robbins, Justin; Covington, TN 
Roberts, Amy; Baldwyn, MS 
Robison, Kathy; Laurel, MS 

Robinson, Kimberly; Brandon, MS 
Roby, Jana; Forest, MS 
Rogers, Aaron; Newark, OH 
Rook, Tina; Starkville, MS 
Root, Michael; Brandon, MS 

Ross, Josh; Dalton, GA 
Ross, Michelle; Grenada, MS 
Rossouw, Theresa; South Africa 
Rotenberry, Teresa; Memphis, TN 
Rounsavall, Paul; Memphis, TN 

Rowell, Amy; Hattiesburg, MS 
Rowell, Stacie; Southaven, MS 
Rushing, Eveyn; Piano, TX 
Rutland, James; Hueytown, AL 
Saenger, Guy; Gulfport, MS 





Sanders, Jeffery; Columbus, MS 

Sandhu, Johnny; Thibodaux, LA 

Savage, Derrick; Huntsville, AL 

Sahzman, Jerry, Bowling Green, KY 

Sellers, Karen; Jackson, MS 

Shannon, Connie; Starkville, MS 

Shell, Glenn; Vero Beach, FL 

Shell, Tanja, Grenada, MS 

Shotts, Lisa; Jackson, MS 

Sias, Melanie, Rolling Fork, MS 

Simmons, Stephanie, Madison, MS 

Singleton, Kimberly; Brandon, MS 

Sledge, Torria; Shaw, MS 

Slug, Lovie; Clinton, MS 

Smith, Gregory; Jackson, MS 

Smith, Jeffrey, Jacksonville, FL 

Smith, Lesley; Jackson, MS 

Smith, Lyan; Collins, MS 

Smith, Selena, Brookhaven, MS 

Smith, Shane; Brookhaven, MS 

Smith, Shawn; Columbus, MS 

Smith, Susanne; Decatur, AL 

Snuggs, Jason; Jackson, MS 

Snuggs, Jeffrey; Gautier, MS 

Speaks, Krista; Ridgeland, MS 

Spinney, Marcia; Madison, MS 

Stanford, Stan, Clarksdale, MS 

Staton, Sharon, Clinton, MS 

Steele, Holly; Starkville, MS 

Stegall, Amanda; Pontotoc, MS 






Stein, Derrick, Starkville, MS 
Stewart, Saudi Bruce, MS 
Stewart, Tim; Louisville, MS 
Strahan, Richard; Picayune, MS 
Stratton, John, Indianola, MS 

Strickland, Leslie 

Sullivan, Melanie; Brandon, MS 

Sullivan, Susan; Brookhaven, MS 
Summitt, Nia; Holland, MO 
Sumrall, Tammy; Brandon, MS 

Sweet, Tom; Tampa, FL 
Szurgot, Ronald; Lawrence, KS 
Tan Thuan-Par; Malaysia 
Tanksley, Scott; Madison, MS 
Tanner, Mona; Brookhaven, MS 

Taylor, Gerald, Laurel, MS 
Taylor, Tanya, Greenwood, MS 
Taylor, Whitney; West Point, MS 
Tharp, Robert; Jackson, MS 
Tharpk, Sonya; Maben, MS 

Thibodeaux, Sherree; Ocean Springs, 


Thomas, Brad; Jackson, MS 

Thompson, Linda; Canton, MS 

Thompson, Rhonda; Lewisburg, TN 

Thornton, Patrick; Columbus, MS 

Tinney, Paige Baton Rouge, LA 
Tinsley, Kirk Columbus, MS 
Todd, Christy Philadelphia, MS 
Tolar, Fred Tampa, FL 
Towles, Phillip Decatur, AL 

Townsend, Stacy; West Point, MS 
Trammel), Marilyn; Sardis, MS 
Tubertini, Lainie; Greenville, MS 
Tucker, Danica; Holly Springs, MS 
Tucker, John; Ft. Polk, LA 





Tucker, Kelly; Vicksburg, MS 

Tullos, Will; Cleveland, MS 

Turek, Sandra, Ocean Springs, MS 

Turner, Terri; Eupora, MS 

Tuttle, Steve; Germantown, TN 

Upton, Ronald; Piano, TX 

VanDevender, Jennifer; Jackson MS 

Varner, Malynda; Louisville, MS 

Varner, Martha; Yazoo City, MS 

Veach, Christie; Terry, MS 

Vigil, Loretta; Baton Rouge, LA 

Walker, Rodrick; Yazoo City, MS 

Walls, Kimberly; Elsesundo, CA 

Walker, Christy; Clinton, MS 

Walker, Robert, Somervilie, TN 

Walker, Sherry; Greenwood, MS 

Wallace, Chad; Brandon, MS 

Walters, Lisa; Springdale, PA 

Walters, Mark; Corenada, MS 

Walters, Ronald; Laurel, MS 

Walters, William; Meridian, MS 

Wampler, Steve; Starkville, MS 

Warburton, Daniel; Long Beach, MS 

Warner, Elizabeth; Meridian, MS 

Warriwer, Richard, Madison, MS 

Wasserman, Paul.; Vicksburg, MS 

Wasson, Walter; Jackson, MS 

Watkins, Cary; Flora, MS 

Weaver, Angela; Kosciusko, MS 

Weaver, Rick; Gulfport, MS 

Welch, Elizabeth; Orangeburg, SC 

Weems, Hope; Raymond, MS 

Wells, Melinda; Minter City, MS 

West Marcus; Lakewood, OK 

West, Michael; Hatley, MS 







Whitten, Loyd; Louisville, MS 
Wiggs, Amanda, Vardaman, MS 
Wigley, Renee; Lexington, MS 
Wiles, Shelley; Fairhope, AL 
Wilkins, Kitnberly; Clinton, MS 

Williams, Camille; Sikeston, MO 
Williams, Clayton; Leakesville, MS 
Williams, Greg; Randolph, MS 
Williams, Jara; Golden, CO 
Williams, Stephanie; Amory, MS 

Williamson, Nolan; Canton, MS 
Wilson, Brian; Slidell, LA 
Wilson, Carlos; Charleston, MS 
Wilson, Tressa; Vicksburg, MS 
Wilson, Wanda; Louisville, MS 

Winstead, Mark; Philadelphia, MS 
Winters, Donald; Durant, MS 
Wong, Sally; Rosedale, MS 
Wood, Rebecca; Macon, MS 
Woodward, Jeffrey; Louisville, MS 

Wray, Jennifer; Ocala, FL 
Wright, Barbara; Vicksburg, MS 
Wright, Dennis; Southaven, MS 
Wright, Jonathan; Brandon, MS 
Wright, Tiffany; Fairhope, AL 

Yates, Henry; Jackson, MS 
Yeadeke, Sherri; Ocean Springs, MS 
York, Aimee; Arlington, TX 
Young, Clinton; Wiggins, MS 
Young, Christie; Eupora, MS 

Young, Laurie; Ocean Springs, MS 
Youngblood, Heather; Louann, AR 
Zacharias, Leslie; Starkville, MS 


Abies, Yauther Goodman, MS 

Acosta, Tracy, Gulfport, MS 

Adams, Daniel. Hamilton, MS 

Adams, Jason; Biloxi, MS 

Adams, Penny; Ocean Springs, MS 

Akins, Leslie, Mantec, MS 

Al-azzawi, Karim, Gulfport, MS 

Alexander, Al, Wiggins, MS 

Alford, Kim; Carthage, MS 

Alford, Mitch, Philadelphia, MS 

Allred, Angela; Maben, MS 

Allred, Cindy Bruce, MS 

Allred, Danny; New Albany, MS 

Allen, Alphelus; Vicksburg, MS 

Allen, Jason, Pearl, MS 

Anderson, Natha-Ann; Gulfport, MS 

Anderson, Valerie; Starkville, MS 

Anderson, Wayne; Clinton, MS 

Arledge, Amy; Gautier, MS 

Armistead, Hilery; Picayune, MS 

Armstrong, Kimberiy; New Site, MS 

Ashmore, Stephen; Steens, MS 

Aston, Angela; Blue Mountain, MS 

Aultman, Lisa; Picayune, MS 

Ausburn, Amy; Fulton, MS 

Autry, Nancy; Louisville, MS 

Bachner, Frederick; Dryden, NY 

Bagwell, Berkeley; Ridgeland, MS 

Baham, Mandy; Brandon, MS 

Ballard, Andrew; Montevallo, AL 







Bane, Jason; Louisville, MS 
Barbee, Craig, Memphis, TN 
Barber, Beverly, Clinton, MS 
Barger, Melissa; Booneville, MS 
Barlow, Maria; Clinton, MS 

Barnes, Jeanette; Jackson, MS 
Barnette, Benjamin, Meridian, MS 
Barr, Tamela, West Point, MS 
Baucom, Julie; Lewisburg, TN 
Beaird, Scott; Sikeston, MO 

Bearden, Tina; Gulf Breeze, FL 
Beaver, John; Kiowa, OK 
Beck, Melissa, Eupora, MS 
Beckham, Missy; Pascagoula, MS 
Benderman, Amy; Corinth, MS 

Bennett, Anne; Jackson, MS 
Bennett, Robert; Starkville, MS 
Benoist, Cheryl; Starkville, MS 
Bean, Charlie; McComb, MS 
Bernard, David, Meridian, MS 

Bethea, Leslie, Jackson, MS 
Beyer, Derek; Baytown. TX 
Bierbaum, Grant; McComb, MS 
Blake, Tiffany; Greenwood, MS 
Blakeney, Gena; Mize, MS 





Blue, Dawanna, Jackson, MS 

Boat wright, Charity; Pontotoc, MS 

Boggs, Ginger; Fulton, MS 

Bonner, Janet; Orlando, FL 

Booker, Ken; Meridian, MS 

Booth, Leonard; Long Beach, MS 

Bouis, Stephen; Bay St Louis, MS 

Bounds, James; Wiggins, MS 

Bowen, Tanya; Water Valley, MS 

Bowers, Michael; Metarie, LA 

Bowling, Michael, Lumberton, MS 

Bowman, Rae; Pearl, MS 

Boyd, Donald; Amory, MS 

Boyd, Michael; Laurel, MS 

Boyer, Mary Beth; Houston, MS 

Bradley, Aimee; Corinth, MS 

Bradley, Michael; Jackson, MS 

Brase, Bill; Jacksonville, FL 

Brasfield, Robert; Tupelo, MS 

Breazeale, Tracy; Kosciusko, MS 

Brents, Anna; Clarksdale, MS 

Bredine, David; Aruada, CO 

Brewer, Chris; Sheveport, LA 

Brewer, Tanya; Brooksville, FL 

Bridges, Kimberly; Philadelphia, MS 

Brister, Judie; Jayess, MS 

Br'tt, Julie; Grenada, MS 

Brock, Ben; Jackson, MS 

Brooks, Gina; Gautier, MS 

Brooks, Raymond; Raleigh, MS 





Broussard, Shannon; Jackson, MS 
Brown, Allyce, Eupora, MS 
Brown, Darren; Lucedale, MS 
Brown, Debra; Tupelo, MS 
Brown, Rhonda; Kosciusko, MS 

Brown, Sheila Ann; North Miami, FL 
Browne, Katherine; Newton, MS 
Browning, Dana; Tuscaloosa, AL 
Browning, Randy; Clinton, MS 
Browning, Susan; Madison, MS 

Bruce, Stacie; Waynesboro, MS 
Bryant, Kelly; Clinton, MS 
Bryant, Lamar; Okolona, MS 
Bullard, Darrell; Iuka, MS 
Buntyn, Tiffany; Gulfport, MS 

Burris, Tammy; Ackerman, MS 
Busbee, Kent; Meridian, MS 
Buschien, Brad; Lake, MS 
Butler, Dana; Tupelo, MS 
Butler, Denise; Florence, MS 

Butler. Kelly; Meridian, MS 
Butts, Larry; Greenville, MS 
Byrd, Kellie; Fulton, MS 
Cadden, Jennifer; Columubus, MS 
Cagle, James; Caledonia, MS 

Campbell, Carol Ann; Decatur, MS 
Campbell, Stephanie; Clinton, MS 
Calvert, Andy; Corinth, MS 
Caraway, Mary; Meridian, MS 
Carlton, Link; Brownsville, MS 





":■: ■% ■ 


Carleton, Robert III; Union, MS 

Carley, Christy; Summrall, MS 

Carpenter, Richard; Pascagoula, MS 

Carpenter, Shan; Carthage. MS 

Carr, Todd; Brandon, MS 

Carson, Amy; Grenada, MS 

Carson, Billy II; Winona, MS 

Carter, Pam; Brandon, MS 

Causey, Reba; Vicksburg, MS 

Cavender, David; New Albany, MS 

Chance, Wes; Silver Creek, MS 

Chandler, Laura; Meridian, MS 

Clanton, Curt; Manhaltan, KS 

Channell, Angie; Jackson, MS 

Chapman, Mershon; Germantown, 


Charnes, Steve; Southaven, MS 

Chatham, David; Long Beach, MS 

Chatterton, Ellis; Ardmore, TN 

Cheaney, James; Evansville, IN 

Chen, Linda; Starkvillle, MS 

Childress, Ronald; Lucedale, MS 

Chisolm, Allen; Clinton, MS 

Clark, Jason; Brandon, MS 

Clark, Patricia; Greenville, MS 

Clay, LaTonya; Indianola, MS 

Clay, LeVacious; Starkville, MS 

Clement, Brad; Tupelo, MS 

Cliett, Mark; West Point, MS 

Cliffe, Cathleen; St. Louis, MD 

Cloman, Jimmy; Jackson, MS 







Coates, Joe; Hazlehurst, MS 
Collins, Evelyn; Starkville, MS 
Coombs, Charles; Blue Mountain, MS 
Combs, Mary Ann; West Point, MS 
Cook, Ann; Brandon, MS 

Cook, Jeffrey; Madison, MS 
Cook, Lori; Moss Point, MS 
Couch, Kimberly; Anguilla, MS 
Cooper, Mary Katherine; New 

Albany, MS 

Covington, Trena; Charleston, MS 

Crabtree, Darrell; Biloxi, MS 
Craig, Christy; Brandon, MS 
Creel, Jeri; Columbus, MS 
Crocker, Rita; Fulton, MS 

Crosby, Tom; Starkville, MS 

Crossley, Heather; Columbus, MS 

Crowe, Michael; Brandon, MS 

Crowninshield, Wayne; d'Iberville, 


Crum, Candace; Corinth, MS 

Crutchfield, Natalie; Calhoun City, 


Cummings, Angela; Mantachie, MS 
Cunningham, Lisa; Aberdeen, MS 
Currd, Joseph III; Vicksburg, MS 
Darden, Julie; Centreville, MS 
Davis, April; Calhoun City, MS 

Davis, Chris; Leland, MS 
Davis, John; Asheville, NC 
Davis, Steven; Brandon, MS 
Dawkins, Page; Grenada, MS 
Dean, Brian; Jackson, MS 


Deaton, Karissa; Belmont, MS 

Dees, Ginny; Gulfport, MS 

Denton, Michael; Collierville, TN 

Detoro, Michael; Gulf Breeze, FL 

Dickerson, Myna; Greenville, MS 

Dickey, Stephanie; Water Valley, MS 

Dieterich, Britt; Jackson, MS 

Dildar, Tahir; Pakistan 

DiPascal, Dominick; Gretna, LA 

Dix, Reeshemah; Greenville, MS 

Domine, Chuck; Midnight, MS 

Dorman, Anissa; Tupelo, MS 

Dorizas, John; Jackson, MS 

Dotter, Pam; Virginia Beach, VA 

Doughty, Billy; West Point, MS 

Douglas, Dedra; Parchman, MS 

Douglas, Shannon; Metairie, LA 

Downs, Regina; Baldwyn, MS 

Doyle, Monica; Winona, MS 

Duca, Michelle; Severna Park, MD 

Duckworth, Diane; Brookhaven, MS 

Ducan, Beth; Starkville, MS 

Duvall, Jeff; Shubuta, MS 

Dye, Bradley; Blue Springs, MS 

Dykes, Amy; Vicksburg, MS 




photo by Chris , 


Echelberry, Todd; d'lberville, MS 
Edwards, David; Mobile, AL 
Edward, Elmira, Calhoun City, MS 
Egdorf , Lee; New Orleans, LA 
Ellington, Kavla Kosciusko, MS 

Ellis, Pamela; Clinton, MS 
Epps, LaTonya, Columbus, MS 
Ervin, Hermit Detroit, Ml 
Estava, Nicolas; Venezuela 
Evans, Edward; Gulfport, MS 

Evans, Joe; Starkville, MS 
Everett, Steve; Houston, MS 
Fant, Russell; Ridgeland, MS 
Felder, Richard; McComb, MS 
Ferguson, Corky; Birmingham, AL 

Fiatt, Tolly; Starkville, MS 
Finch, Tanya; Booneville, MS 
Firle, Christopher; Collins, MS 
Fisher, Christopher; Jackson, MS 
Fisher, Tammy; Vaughan, MS 

Flatt, Leigh; Clinton, MS 
Fleming, Laura Beth; Vicksburg, MS 
Floyd, Regina; Corinth, MS 
Ford, Allegra; Newton, MS 
Ford, Mark; Columbus, MS 

Ford, Yolanda; Clarksdale, MS 

Forsman, Allen; Carriere, MS 

Fortenberry, Jennifer; Pascagoula, 


Fox, Christi; Meridian, MS 

Francis, Tommy; Fulton, MS 


Franklin, Angela; Pearl, MS 

Frazier, Pamela; Bailey, MS 

Frederick, Melissa; Birmingham, AL 

Freeman, Sydney; Southaven, MS 

Freeze, Terry Jr.; Yazoo City, MS 

French, Leanne; Brandon, MS 

Frost, Amy; Natchez, MS 

Fryery, Watson; Louisville, MS 

Futato, Tracy; New Albany, MS 

Gainey, Stephanie; Union, MS 

Galey, Jennifer; Greenwood, MS 

Galloway, J.T.; Covington, LA 

Gamble, AL; Collins, MS 

Gamble, Monica; Greenville, MS 

Gammill, Renee; Ackerman, MS 

Gardner, Christian; Rolling Fork, MS 

Gardner, Jeffrey; Noxapater, MS 

Garner, Charles; Texarkana, AR 

Garner, Melissa; Pinewood, TN 

Gary, Tina; Tupelo, MS 

Gault, Ronald; Meidian, MS 

George, Krystina; Gulfport, MS 

Ghaneei, Kathy; Huntsville, AL 

Gibilterra, Thomas; New Orleans, 

Giles, Tawayna; Jackson, MS 

Gill, Susanne; Pascagoula, MS 

Gladney, Teresa; Kosciusko, MS 

Glodic, Tara; Pompton Lakes, NJ 

Godbold, Theresa; Eddiceton, MS 

Goglia, Adam; Washinton, MS 





Goldman, Kinsey; Philadelphia, MS 
Gomez, Alma; Belize, CA 
Gonzales, Mark; Bay St. Louis, MS 
Goode, Emily; Starkville, MS 
Goodman, Lori; Cave City, KY 

Gookin, Mary Shea; Tupelo, MS 
Goolsby, Leigh Ann; Kosciusko, MS 
Gordon, Natalie; Okolona, MS 
Goswami, Debbie; Clinton, MS 
Gowan, Michael; McAdams, MS 

Gracey, Tanya; Meridian, MS 
Graham, Connie; Fulton, MS 
Granderson, Candace; Chicago, 1L 
Grant, John; Pascagoula, MS 
Graves, Lawson; Starkville, MS 

Gray, Chris; Mooreville, MS 
Gray, Debbie; Germantown, TN 
Gray, Christopher; Greenwood, MS 
Gray, Lee Lee; Meridian, MS 
Gray, Peggy; Florence, MS 





Griffin, Christy; Oakland, MS 

Griffin, Jason; Salmer, TN 

Griffin, Sarah; Starkville, MS 

Griffith, Mark; Amory, MS 

Grigson, John; Gautier, MS 

Groner, Melanie; Pearl, MS 

Guice, Jennifer; Iuka, MS 

Gunn, Shelly, Forest, MS 

Halford, Lee; Hartselle, AL 

Hall, Varrian; Cleveland, MS 

Hammack, Tammy; Clinton, MS 

Hammons, Shelly; Magee, MS 

Hamner, John; Columbus, MS 

Hammarstrom, Teresa; Brookhaven, 

Hand, Renee; Terry, MS 

Hanna, Becky; Jackson, MS 

Hardimaon, Pamela; Grenada, MS 

Hardin, Bill; Southaven, MS 

Harper, Holly; Brickeys, AR 

Harris, Donald; Port Huron, MI 





Hayes, Dephane; Coffeeville, MS 
Hayes, Robert Liberty, MS 
Head, Guy Starkville, MS 
Hemsley, Bonnie Clinton, MS 
Henderson, Lynn Yazoo City, MS 

Henley, Lee; Mandeville, LA 
Herndon, Kimberly, Amory, MS 
Horod, Stephanie; Kosciusko, MS 
Hester, Leigh Ann; Philadelphia, MS 
Hickerson, Lisa; Ackerson, MS 

Hickerson, Elizabeth; Gulf Breeze, 


Hicks, Keith; Southaven, MS 

Hicks, Shaun; Hernando, MS 

Hill, Ann; Madison, MS 

Hill, Jennifer; Sturgis, MS 

Hill, Traci; Isola, MS 

Hiltunen, Shawn; Chattanooga, TN 

Hill, David; Oxford; MS 

Hill, Kimberly; Florence, MS 

Hill, Donald; Brinkley, AR 

Hindman, Amy; Corinth, MS 
Hintson, Pam, Vicksburg, MS 
Hobart, Kim; Avon, MS 
Hobby, Michael; Pascagoula, MS 
Hobby, Kimberly; Louisville, MS 

Hobson, Satonya; Hattiesburg, MS 
Hodge, Timothy; Saltillo, MS 
Hodges, Rebecca; Eupora, MS 
Holder, Bryan; Jackson, MS 
Holder, Melissa; Louisville, MS 


Holland, Mark; Richton, MS 

Holland, Daniel; Grenada, MS 

Holley. Patrick; Slidell, LA 

Holyefield, Jo Beth; Corinth, MS 

Holt, Randy; Corinth, MS 

Hood, Dennis; Tupelo, MS 

Hood, Given; Mooreville, MS 

Hood, Roger; Grenada, MS 

Hood, Sara, Memphis, TN 

Horn, Shannon; Houston, MS 

Horel, Phillip; Meridian 

House, Kathy; Tupelo 

Howard, Chris; Brandon 

Howard, Jeremy; Peta 

Howell, Philip; Leakesville 

Howell, James; Winona, MS 

Hudson, Clifton; Louisville, MS 

Hudson, Chris; Vicksburg, MS 

Hudson, Daniel; Meridian, MS 

Huffman, Rhonda; Brandon, MS 

Huffstatler, Gena, Jackson, MS 

Hughes, Angela; Meridian, MS 

Hughes, Kelli; Fulton, MS 

Humphreys, Edmond; Blue Springs, 

Hykes, Amy; Okolona, MS 

Ingels, Carolyn; Hattiesburg, MS 

Ishee, Dana, Starkville, MS 

Iverson, Anda; Ocean Springs, MS 

Jackson, Judy; Cumberland, MS 

Jackson, Michael; Clinton, MS 

. ,1 






Jacobe, Brandy; Ridgeland, MS 
Jadzinski, Frankie; Columbus, MS 
Jang, Tammy; Yazoo City, MS 
Janeson, Thomas; Houston, LA 
Janous, Kenny; Kosciusko, MS 

Jarrell, Donna; Nesbit, MS 
Jeanes, Tanya; Tiplersville, MS 
Jeanfreau, Mark; Picayune, MS 
Jee, Michael; Ruleville, MS 
Jefferson, Eric; Vicksburg, MS 

Jenkins, Doug, Tupelo, MS 
Jenkins, John; Pontotoc, MS 
Jenkins, Timothy; Sallis, MS 
Johnsey, Allison; Booneville, MS 
Johnson, Allison; Tupelo, MS 

Johnson, Jeffrey; Gulfport, MS 

Johnson, Jeremiah; New Orleans, 


Johnson, Paul; Slidell, LA 

Johnson, Stacy; Charleston, MS 

Jones, Amanda; Smithdale, MS 

Jones, Andrea; Jackson, MS 
Jones, Beverly; Yazoo City, MS 
Jones, Chip; Marks, MS 
Jones, David; Flora, MS 
Jones, Donna; Yazoo City, MS 

Jones, Jenelle; Starkville, MS 
Jordan, Barker; West Point, MS 
Jue, Christina; Hollandale, MS 
Jue, Stephen; Hollandale, MS 
Justice, Allen; Tupelo, MS 


Kanode, Karen; Ocean Springs, MS 

Keith, Mary; Durant, MS 

Keithley, Maria, Hernando, MS 

Keller, Carole; Louisville, MS 

Kelley, Tommy; Walls, MS 

Kendall, J.J.; Huntsville, MS 

Kennedy, Allan; New Orleans, LA 

Kemp, Penny; Meridian, MS 

Kern, Michael; Clinton, MS 

Kimbrough, Catherine; Greenwood, 


King, Kim; Monticello, MS 

Kitchens, Lara; Meridian, MS 

Kittrell, Robert; Yazoo City, MS 

Knays, Lia; Brandon, MS 

Knight, Joseph; Philadelphia, MS 

Knight, Melissa; Meridian, MS 

Kobayash, Masahiko; Starkville, MS 

Kosinski, Edward; Oak Ridge, TN 

Kitchens, Shane; Utica, MS 

Kramer, Tanya; Piano, MS 

Krankey, Kim; Bay St. Louis, MS 

Kraus'se, Kurt; Kansas City, MO 

Lacy, Michelle; Southaven, MS 

LaFountaine, Chad; Pass Christian, 

Lakey, Christopher; Pascagoula, MS 

Lakey, Dana; Tupelo, MS 

Landfair, Zwanardo; Starkville, MS 

Lane, Betty; Philadelphia, MS 

Lane, Melanie; Madison, MS 

Lane, Sherrie; Calhoun City, MS 





Langley, LaDonna; Laurel, MS 
Langley, Rhonda; Batesville, MS 
Larson, Julie; Houston, MS 
Laurderdale, Gina, Fulton, MS 
LaValle, Erik; Ocean Springs, MS 

Lawrence, Michelle; Pisgah, MS 
Lee, Gayla; McComb, MS 
Lee, Sookyoung; Starkville, MS 
Lee, Tim; Louise, MS 
Leggett, Joy; Pontotoc, MS 

Lehman, Deborah; Tupelo, MS 
Leong, Tiangway; Singapore 
Lerma, Carl; Huntsville, MS 
Lewis, Carl; Jacksonville, MS 
Lewis, Kelly; Gulfport, MS 

Leyden, Tara; Boswell, GA 
Lindsey, Christie; Baldwyn, MS 
Lindsey, Marian; Brownsville, TN 
Linn, Heather; Marietta, GA 
Lipford, Keith; McGehee, AR 





Long, John; Jackson, MS 

Long, William; Yazoo City, MS 

Longstreet, David; Jackson, MS 

Lopez, Candido; Starkville, MS 

Lowery, Shannon; D'Lo, MS 

Lowery, Tracie; Indianola, MS 

Luke, Penny; Nawih Waiya, MS 

Lunceford, Lea Ann; Clinton, MS 

Lyell, Leigh Allison; Brandon, MS 

Magee, David; Jackson, MS 

Maier, Missy; Jackson, MS 

Malone, Sharon; Lilburn, GA 

Manasco, Christie; Amory, MS 

Mandius, Per; FRG 

Maness, Mary Ann; Corinth, MS 

Mansell, John; Pearl, MS 

Marble, Marcus; Jackson, MS 

Marlar, Kimherly; Birmingham, AL 

Marlow, Steve; Meridian, MS 

Marshall, Angela; Detroit, Ml 

Marshall, Christopher; Hurley, MS 

Marshall, Michael; Colombus, MS 

Marter, Melanie; Grenada, MS 

Martin, Ambro; Ruleville, MS 

Martin, Cynthia; Hazlehurst, MS 

Martin, Joe; Corith, MS 

Martin, Wynde, Starkville, MS 

Mason, Kelly; Winona, MS 

Mathis, Jennifer; Meridian, MS 

May, Maria, Philadelphia, MS 


Mayhill, Tina; Haleyville, MS 
Mayhan, Tccna; Bruce, MS 
Mayo, Teresa; Brandon, MS 
McCaffery, Mary; Kosciusko, MS 
McCarley, Lara Down; Coffeeville, 

McCarter, Kendall; Jackson, MS 
McCarter, Robert; Meridian, MS 
McCaskill, Kevin, Vicksburg, MS 
McCauley, Jonathan; Memphis, TN 
McCommon, Kenneth; Southaven, 

McCormick, Cory; Philadelphia, MS 
McCormick, Sjohn; Kosciusko, MS 
McCoy, Courtney; Jackson, MS 
McCoy, Sarah; Macon, MS 
McCraw, Michael; Laurel, MS 

McCreary, Lauren; Belmont, MS 
McCullough, Wendy; Aberdeen, MS 
McCurley, Marti; Woodville, MS 
McDonald, Jennifer, Natchez, MS 
McDonald, Julie; New Albany, MS 

McElveen, Cathy, New Orleans, LA 
McFarland, Brenda; West Point, MS 
McGee, Jerry; Gulfport, MS 
McGehee, Julie; Long Beach, MS 
McGilbra, Ronald; Philadelphia, MS 

McGregor, Kimberlie; Pittsboro, MS 
McGuffee, Lori; Atmore, AL 
McKihney, Dana; Tampa, FL 
McKinney, Wanda; Sardis, MS 
McKnight, Karen; Ackerman, MS 






McMaster, Stacy; Yazoo City, MS 

McMulIan, Stephen; Decatur, MS 

McNair, Tamara, Jackson, MS 

McNeese, Amanda; Meridian, MS 

McReynolds, Sara Beth; Starkville, 


McWhorter, Sug; Greenville, MS 
Megehee, Paul; Macon, MS 

Mellon, Elizabeth; Clinton, MS 
Menifield, Gloria; Rosedale, MS 

Mercier, Damian; Jackson, MS 

Metcalf, Ashley; Long Beach, MS 

Michael, Jennifer; Booneville, MS 

Miles, Bryan; Amory, MS 

Miller, David; Laurel, MS 

Miller, David, Meridian, MS 

Miller, Greg; Hamilton, MS 

Miller, Jody; Meridian, MS 

Miller, Melanie; Clinton, MS 

Millsaps, Angela; Corinth, MS 

Milne, Brigner; McComb, MS 

Milner, Heidi; Meridian, MS 

Mitchell, Carisa, Brookhaven, MS 

Mitchell, Darrell; Calhoun City, MS 

Mitchell, Jennifer; Senatobia, MS 

Mitchell, Wanda; Brandon, MS 

Mola, Michael; Norwalk, CT 

Monroe, Lance; Huntsville, AL 

Moore, Tommy; Fulton, MS 

Moore, Wendy; Brandon, MS 

Moosavi, Marzieh; Makou 





Morgan, Rick; Bruce, MS 
Morris, William; Stanton, MS 
Morrow, Leigh; Smithville, MS 
Moree, Shay; Gulfport, MS 
Morgan, Kimberly; Rose Hill, MS 

Morgan, Michelle; Vicksburg, MS 
Morse, David; Germantown, TN 
Morrow, Brendan; Corinth, MS 
Moses, Natalie; Jackson, MS 
Mosquera, Ana Maria; Yazoo City, 

Moss, Joseph; Canton, MS 
Murray, Michael; Clinton, MS 
Murphy, Jay; Jackson, MS 
Muse, Timothy; Greenwood, MS 
Myers, Christy; Madison, MS 

Myers, Connie; Sebastopol, MS 
Myers, John; Huntsville, AL 
Myers, Steve; Long Beach, MS 
Myrick, Lisa; Bay Springs, MS 
Nabors, Gabriel; Columbus, MS 

Nail, David; Starkville, MS 
Nelson, Shannon; Jackson, MS 
Newman, Connie; Winona, MS 
Newton, John Jr.; Birmingham, AL 
New, Rachel; Greenville, MS 

Nichols, Matt; Pontotoc, MS 
Nicks, Chandra; Starkville, MS 
Nolen, Michelle; Jackson, MS 
Norman, James; Newton, MS 
Norment, Karen; Starkville, MS 

* .--'A V 

•v./ *r 


f* "N 


Novak, Shannon; Natchez, MS 

Nowell, Jimmie; Louisville, MS 

Ogorda, Mary; Gulfport, MS 

Overstreet, Brian; Clinton, MS 

Owen, Cheryl; Bogue Chitto, MS 

Owen, Scott; Brandon, MS 

Owens, Shauna; Arlington, TX 

Pace, Kimherfy; Gulfport, MS 

Palmer, Charles; Rienzi, MS 

Pardue, Collin; Moss Point, MS 

Parham, Jeannie; Amory, MS 

Parker, Treton; Forest, MS 

Parrish, Michele; Brandon, MS 

Parsons, Christina; Madison, MS 

Pass, Albertina; Holly Springs, MS 

Passons, Jennifer; Jackson, MS 

Patel, Jitendra; Clinton, MS 

Payne, Jennifer; Nettleton, MS 

Paterson, Jason; Oxford, MS 

Patrick, Stephanie; Pelahatche, MS 

Patureau, Alicia; Brandon, MS 

Paul, David; Bossier City, LA 

Peare, Oscar; Hollandale, MS 

Peacock, Bennie; French Camp, MS 

Peeler, Michael; Meadville, MS 

Pendergrast, Steve; Natchez, MS 

Pennington, Christopher; Pheba, 


Pepper, John; Rolling Fork, MS 

Perry, Jennifer; Tunica, MS 

Pertuit, Dwight; Monticello, MS 






Peterson, Denise; Clinton, MS 
Petrus, Eric; Helena, AR 
Phares, Angela; Clinton, MS 
Phillips, Denise; Baldwin, MS 
Pinero, Trent; Zamboni, NY 

Pinkerton, Douglas; Greenville, MS 
Pittman, Jeff; Ellisville, MS 
Plaxico, Sallie Ann; Corinth, MS 
Pleasant, Beth; Jackson, MS 
Poe, Katrina; Kilmichael, MS 

Poindexter, Tina; Vicksburg, MS 
Pomphrey, Martin; St Louis, MS 
Powell, Lisa; Flora, MS 
Powell, Robert; Coffeeville, MS 
Power, Brandon; Kilmichael, MS 

Powers, Joan; Biloxi, MS 
Presley, Lance; Tupelo, MS 
Prestwood, Lynn; Ellisville, MS 
Price, Joey; Iuka, MS 
Pritchalt, Michelle; Leland, MS 

Pruitt, Cecil; Kilmichael, MS 
Pulliam, Cassandra; Prairie, MS 
Pullin, Delena; Jackson, MS 
Quan, Rafael; Guateuala 
Quinn, Jeffrey; Pascagoula, MS 

Race, Julie, Vicksburg, MS 
Randall, Mary; Vicksburg, MS 
Rapport, Jennifer; Gautier, MS 
Ratliff , Julie, Jackson, MS 
Ratliff , Orlando; Vicksburg, MS 


Ray, Angel; Hamilton, MS 

Ray, Jean Anthony; Starkville, MS 

Ray, Libby; Amory, MS 

Record, Carrie; Meridian, MS 

Reed, Donna; Louisville, MS 

Reed, Lane; McCool Creek, MS 

Reed, Robin, Vicksburg, MS 

Reichard, Betty; Easton, MD 

Reid, Allison; Southaven, MS 

Reid, Amy; Southaven, MS 

Reynolds, Gwendolyn; Grenada, MS 

Reynolds, Paul; Lumberton, MS 

Rhodes, Gavin; Brandon, MS 

Rice, Ronnie; West Jefferson, AL 

Richards, Mary Beth; Columbus, MS 

Richardson, Robert, Philadelphia, 


Rieger, Shelley; Greenville, MS 

Riles, Katie; Vicksburg, MS 

Riley, Keith; Greenville, MS 

Rincon, Luis; Salamanca, Spain 

Rives, Anita; Meridian, MS 

Robbins, Amanda; Oxford, MS 

Roberts, Bridget; Long Beach, MS 

Roberts, Dana; Blue Springs, MS 

Roberts, Meredith; Tupelo, MS 

Robertson, Floyd Jr.; Southaven, MS 

Robertson, Jan; Lake City, FL 

Robinson, Ashley; Meridian, MS 

Robinson, Sabrina; Ackerman, MS 

Rockwell, Molly; Fairhope, AL 






Rodgcrs, Jennifer; Hattiesburg, MS 
Rogers, Derek; Forest, MS 
Rogers, Stacy; Brookhaven, MS 
Roland, Brian; Morton, MS 
Rozell, Chorita; Edwards, MS 

Ruffin, Ruby; Walnut Grove, MS 
Russell, Rhonda, Clinton, MS 
Sadler, Jill; Forest, MS 
Salter, Stacie; Madison, MS 
Sanders, Angela; Columubus, MS 

Sanders, James; Macon, MS 
Sanders, Mike; Dunwoody, GA 
Sappington, Suzanne, Starkville, MS 
Saunders, Melinda; Memphis, TN 
Saul, Rhonda; West Point, MS 

Schneider, Tiffany; New Orleans, LA 
Scoggins, Amy; Pearl, MS 
Scott, Leann; Crystal Springs, MS 
Scott, William; Woodland, MS 
Szabo, Sharon; Racine, Wl 

Seale, Greg; Philadelphia, MS 
Self, Christopher; Kosciusko, MS 
Shannon, Lauren; New Albany, MS 
Sharp, Stefanie; Ocean Springs, MS 
Shaw, Stephanie; Camden, MS 

Shaw, Sherry; Jackson, MS 
Shelton, Jennifer; Columbus, MS 
Shepherd, Kim; Louisville, MS 
Shepard, James; Carthage, MS 
Shipman, Hunt; Dyersburg, TN 






i"' • >'£• 


Shivers, Deana. Starkville, MS 

Shoelen, Michael; Dueque, IA 

Sholds, Greg; Brandon, MS 

Siggins, Christopher; Ft Lauderdale, 

Simkins, Jennifer, Benton, MS 

Simpson, Glenn; Flora, 


Sims, Susan; Pleasant Hill, 




Singletary, Laura Lee; Meridian, 




Slater, Jennifer; Jackson 


f _ 

— 1 

Sledge, Carlton; Petal, 



-» / 

Sloan, Jamie, Clinton, MS 

Smith, Alicia; Tupelo, MS 

Smith, Alisa, Jackson, MS 

Smith, Harold, Brookhaven, MS 

Smith, Missy; Philadelphia, MS 

Smith, Pete; Morton, MS 

Smith, Renata; Rolling Fork, MS 

Smith, Shon; Pascagoula, MS 

Smith, Stacia; Brookhaven, MS 

Smith, Teresa; Starkville, MS 

Smith, Tracy; Escatawpa, MS 

Smock, Darrell; Metamora, IL 

Snipes, Shane; Mooreville, MS 

Snodgrass, Eddie; Meridian, MS 

Snow, LaQuitha; Chicago, IL 

Sorto, Eddie; Booneville, MS 

Sorto, Jeanna; Booneville, MS 

Souter, Ryan; Magnolia, AR 

Sonte, Anna; West Point, MS 

Speed, Burke; Collins, MS 






Speights, Jimmy; Monticello, MS 
Spencer, Camille; Fulton, MS 
Spiva, Wert; Noxapater, MS 
Stafford, Jeffrey; Kilmichael, MS 
Stalling*, Lora, Hernando, MS 

Statham, Jeffrey; Richland, MS 
Steedley, Amanda; Decatur, AL 
Steen, Adrian; Indianola, MS 
Steen, Shara; Kosciusko, MS 
Stevens, Michael; Water Valley, MS 

Stewart, Terri; Amory, MS 
Stinson, Jaaqua; Landover Hills, MD 
Stofcheck, Gary; Wheeling, IL 
Stokes, Amy; Corinth, MS 
Stout, Jeff; Columbus, MS 

Stigali, Lisa; Anguilla, MS 
Stuart, Stacy; Coldwater, MS 
Sullivan, Sean; Starkville, MS 
Sullivan, Stephen; Raleigh, MS 
Sullivan, Ty; Denham Springs, LA 

Swafford, Stephanie; Kosciusko, MS 
Swanigan, Leonard; Louisville, MS 
Swann, Melvin; Nassau, Bahamas 
Swenson, Travis; Long Beach, MS 
Sykes, Debbie; Indianola, MS 

Szeto, Judy; Greenwood, MS 
Tabb, Tracy; Rosedale, MS 
Talzak, P.J.; Tupelo, MS 
Tan, Yew-Hock, Malaysia 
Tankson, Jeanetta; Rolling Fork, MS 







Tartt, John, Vicksburg, MS 

Tartt, Rebecca; Grenada, MS 

Tate, Veronica, Winona, MS 

Taylor, Anthony, Burnsville, MS 

Taylor, Donna, Vardaman, MS 

Taylor, Elizabeth, Brandon, MS 

Taylor, Jennifer, Eupora, MS 

Taylor, Lisa; Germantown, TN 

Taylor, Missy, Amory, MS 

Taylor, Nicole, Columbus, MS 

Taylor, William, Saugerties, NY 

Tedder, Stephanie, Vardaman, MS 

Teel, Suzanne, Clarksdale, MS 

Terrell, Rhonda Pontotoc, MS 

Thigpen, Sandye, Rolling Fork, MS 

Thomas, Ashley; Norcross, GA 

Thomas, Jennifer; Florence, MS 

Thomas, Russell, Houston, MS 

Thomas, Sheila, Pickens, MS 

Thomas, Tammy, Yazoo City, MS 

Thomason, Sharon, Huntsville, AL 

Thompson, Bryan; Mantachie, MS 

Thompson, Cynthia; Mantachie, MS 

Thompson, Janet, Corinth, MS 

Thompson, Michael, Magec, MS 

Thompson, Nicholas; Pascagoula, 


Thompson, Thelma, Shannon, MS 

Thorne, Dean; Starkville, MS 

Tierce, Deborah; Amory, MS 

Tillmon, Cheneta, Gore, Springs, MS 




Torrencc, Mala; Clinton, MS 
Torrcy, Ramsay, Waynesboro, MS 
Touchton, Todd; Clinton, MS 
Towery, Jchn; Tupelo, MS 
Triplett, LouAnn; Jackson, MS 

Trotter, Phillip; Kilmichael, MS 
Tudor, Kimberu; Pearl, MS 
Tudor, Richard; Tupelo, MS 
Turcottc, Leah; Clinton, MS 
Twiner, James, Pearl, MS 

Underwood, Belinda; Nettleton, MS 
Vance, Darin; Starkville, MS 
Vandevelde, Kristi; Starkville, MS 
Vandiver, Mandy; Tupelo, MS 
Vadhiva, Seema, Vicksburg, MS 

Vaughn, Chandra; Starkville, MS 
Vieira, Patricia, Starkville, MS 
Vick, Michael, Dekalb, MS 
Vinet, Glen; New Orleans, MS 
Virasak, Jacques 

Wadsworth, Sheri; Hernando, MS 
Wager, Todd; Petal, MS 
Wail, Lenn; Moss Point, MS 
Walker, Heather; Fulton, MS 
Wallace, Peggy; Louisville, MS 

Walker, Burt, Hernando, MS 
Walters, Michael; Columbus, MS 
Ward, Hilda; McCool, MS 
Warnock, Brad, Vicksburg, MS 
Warren, Cathy. Birmingham, AL 







Wassermaw, David; Vicksburg, MS 

Watkins, Chip; Madison, MS 

Watson, Melanie; Durant, MS 

Watson, Naomi; Corinth, MS 

Weaver, Michelle; Scbastopol, MS 

Weaver, Stewart; Edmondson, MS 

Weeks, Gina; Weir, MS 

Weeks, Kevin; Noxapater, MS 

Weidler, Heather; Decatur, MS 

Weihing, Laura; Pascagoula, MS 

Welch, Kimberly; McComb, MS 

Welling, Dion; Forrest City, AR 

Wells, Douglas; Starkville, MS 

Wells, Tonya; Saulsbury, TN 

Welch, Susan; Jackson, TN 

Weseli, Brett; Columbus, MS 

West, Amy; Amory, MS 

West. Kim; Okolona, MS 

West, William; Leland, MS 

Westfall. Alan; Dryden, NY 

Whisenant, Stephanie; Corinth, MS 

White, Bart; Guntown, MS 

White, Ben; Pascagoula, MS 

White, Christi; Philadelphia, MS 

White, Lisa; Clinton, MS 

Whitehead, Brian; Ingomar, MS 

Whitt, Beth; Brandon, MS 

Whitver, Chris; West Union, IA 

Wilcher. Tabatha; McComb, MS 

Wilder, Patty; Camden, MS 






Wileman, Mitzi; Fulton, MS 
Wiley, Ladonnal; Grenada, MS 
Williams, Brenda; Durant, MS 
Williams, James; Columbus, MS 
Wiliams, Elizabeth, Water Valley, 

Williams, Jason; Dyersburg, TN 
Williams, Laurie; Verron, AL 
Williams, Parrish; Columbus, MS 
Williams, Shaun; Gulfport, MS 
Williamson, Linda; Kilmichael, MS 

Williams, Nicholas; Greenwood, MS 
Williams, Robyn; Sledge, MS 
Williams, Shannon; Long Beach, MS 
Williamson. Jill; Pearl, MS 
Williamson, Menissia; Louisville, MS 

Wilson, Jacqueline; Batesville, MS 
Wilson, Jen; Jackson, MS 
Wilson, Tawanda; Woodville, MS 
Witthauer, Rob; Kingwood, TX 
Woltt, Wesley; Ft. Walton Beach, FL 

Woods, Chuck; Vicksburg, MS 
Woods, Bobby; Gautier, MS 
Wolfe, Kristen; Tupelo, MS 
Wray, Catherine; Ocala, FL 
Wren, Julie; Greenville, MS 

Wright, Dean; Tampa, FL 
Wyatt, Jeni; Laurel, MS 
Yates, Tammy; Kosciusko, MS 
Yelverton, Jennifer; Russellville, MS 
Young, Elizabeth; Tupelo, MS 

Young, Jason; MS 
Young, Nikki; Nettleton, MS 
Zachary, Carmen; Brandon, MS 
Zuber, Rozlyn; Starkville, MS 








Abston, Joseph; Gautier, MS 

Adair, Marty; New Albany, MS 

Adams, Amy; Fulton, MS 

Adams, Angela; Carthage, MS 

Adams, Joan, Vicksburg, MS 

Adcock, Bill; Jackson, MS 

Adcox, Paul II, Jackson, MS 

Addy, David; Union, MS 

Adkison, Terrill, Hurley, MS 

Agostinelli, John; Vicksburg, MS 

Akins, Nicole; Oxford, MS 

Akins, Nicole; Starkville, MS 

Alarcon, Alberto; Bolivia 

Aldridge, John; New Albany, MS 



Alexander, Lisa; Lexington, MS 
Alexander, Verkisserous; Tupelo, 


Alford. Greg; Corinth, MS 

Alford, Scott; Raymond, MS 

Allen, David; Jackson, MS 

wrm •■••, .rim l f0* 

n*\ m ■ ■*■«.. if/. 

Allen, Jeffrey; Carson, MS 

Allen, Tondra; Vicksburg, MS 

Allison, JoEllen; Columbus, MS 

Allison, Lisa; Greenville, MS 

Allshouse, William; Jackson, MS 

Amason, Stacy; Pearl, MS 

Anderson, Al; Jackson, MS 

Anderson, Chris; Taylorsville, MS 

Anderson, Michael; Jackson, MS 

Anderson, Tiffany; Jackson, MS 



^jr V 


Anderson, Vickie; Natchez, MS 
Andrews, Kim; Picayune, MS 
Anzar, Uzma, Pakistan 
Armstrong, Mark; St. Joseph, LA 
Arnold, James; Pearl, MS 

Ashford, Nikita; Starkville, MS 
Atkins, Jamie; Columbus, MS 
Attkinson, Tracy; Jackson, MS 
Atwood, Lisa; Kosciusko, MS 
Bagwell, Nancy; Louisville, MS 

Bailey, Charles Jr.; Lilburn, GA 
Baker, Holly; Brandon, MS 
Baker, Jason; Covington, LA 
Baker, Jessica; Meridian, MS 
Ball, Matthew; Hattiesburg, MS 




Ballard, Christy; Jackson, MS 
Banta, Robin; Meridian, MS 
Barber, Cliff; Memphis, TN 
Barker, Sara; Madison, MS 
Barlow, Elizabeth; Vicksburg, MS 

Barnes, Betsy; Burnsvllle, MS 
Barnes, Bradley; Vicksburg, MS 
Barnes, Greg; Tupelo, MS 
Barnett, James; Batesvllle, MS 
Barnett, Mary; Klondike, MS 

Ban-, Pamela; West Point, MS 
Bartlett, Leda; Starkville, MS 
Bates, Catherine; Starkville, MS 
Beachum, Debra; Fulton, MS 
Beachum, Roger; Fulton, MS 


Beamon, Kimberly; Philadelphia, MS 

Beasley, Kimberly; Tupelo, MS 

Beazley, Charles; Terry, MS 

Beech, Lisa; Newton, MS 

Belk, Shannon; Aberteen, MS 

Bell, Dawn; Bruce, MS 

Bewley, Jay; Jackson, MS 

Bicket, Marshia; Long Beach, MS 

Bigelow, Nancy; Columbus, MS 

Biggers, Suzanne; Clinton, MS 

Bingham, Debbie; Winona, MS 

Bingham, Dell; Vaiden, MS 

Blake, Richard; Columbus, MS 

Blake, Robert, Nettleton, MS 

Blalock, Jason; Columbus, MS 



Bland, Tracye; Kosciusko, MS 

Blankenship, Mike; Aberdeen, MS 

Blocker, Tim; Philadelphia, MS 

Boatwright, David; Starkville, MS 

Bobbitt, Charles; Starkville, MS 

Bogan, Steven; Columbus, MS 

Bohannon, Robert; DeKalb, MS 

Bolich, John Jr.; Wyckoff, NJ 

Boiling, Rod; Gulfport, MS 

Bostwick, Preston; Arlington, GA 

Bounds, Brad; Philadelphia, MS 

Bowie, Meridith; Long Beach, MS 

Boyd, Dawn; Tylertown, MS 

Boyd, Jennifer; Tupelo, MS 

Box, John David; Ripley, TN 


Brackett, Robyn, Jackson, MS 
Bramlett, Frank; Pelham, AL 
Brand, Dawn; Meridian, MS 
Brannon, Susan, Southaven, MS 
Branscome, Will; Grenada, MS 

Branson, Carl; Clinton, MS 
Brantley, Marissa; Carthage, MS 
Brewer, Suzanne; Gulfport, MS 
Bridges, Paula; Clinton, MS 
Briggs, John, Scooba, MS 

Bright, Sandra; lndianola, MS 
Brightwell, Ron; Starkville, MS 
Britt, Ashley; Meridian, MS 
Brocato, John; Huntsville, AL 

Brock, Angela; New Albany, MS 
Brooks, Beau; Vicksburg, MS 
Brooks, Kevin; Athens, AL 
Broussard, Julia; Lawrence, MS 





Brown, Jerry; Columbus, MS 
Brown, Kevin; Aberdeen, MS 
Brown, Renee; Gloster, MS 
Brown, Steven; Lucedale, MS 
Brown, Wanda; Tupelo, MS 

Browning, Annette; Colllervllle, TN 
Brumfleld, Milton; Gillsburg, MS 
Brurnley, Michelle; Southaven, MS 
Bruneel, Karl; Newport News, VA 
Buchanan, Curt; Greenville, MS 


Buckley, Todd.; Pascagoula, MS 

Buford, Kristin; Terry, MS 

Bunton, John, Gulfport, MS 

Buntyn, Gina; Union, MS 

Burcham, Brian; Big Springs, TX 

Burnett, Stacy; Jackson, MS 

Burnham, Bruce; Puckett, MS 

Burns, Jodie; Cannon Country, CA 

Burns, Karen, Kilmichael, MS 

Burns, Patrick; Bassfield, MS 

Burrell, Robert, Goodman, MS 

Burroughs, Sandy; Jasper, AL 

Burton, Leslye; Ocean Springs, MS 

Bush, Terri; Pearl, MS 

Bushey, Ginny; Corinth, MS 






Butler, Tammy; Starkville, MS 

Byrd, Robert; Greenville, MS 

Cade, John; Clinton, MS 

Cade, Michelle; Brooksville, MS 

Calhoun, Cathy; Vicksburg, MS 

Callahan, Robyn; Jackson, MS 
Calloway, LaMonica; Philadelphia, 


Cameron, William; Picayune, MS 

Campbell, Jar; Dyersburg, TN 

Capers, Carrie; Southaven, MS 

Carpenter, Glenn; Pascagoula, MS 

Carr, Kim; Bruce, MS 

Carr, Ren; Columbus, MS 

Carrington, Casey; Belzoni, MS 

Carruth, Daryl; Greenburg, LA 


Carter, David; Yazoo City, MS 
Carter, Kathy; Amory, MS 
Carter, Sommer; Philadelphia, MS 
Cary, Kim; Tupelo, MS 
Castleberry, Wendy; Jackson, MS 

Causey, Patty; Drew, MS 

Chatham, Catherine; Hattiesburg, 


Cheung, Yiu-Chung; Hong Kong 

Childs, Roger; Ripley, MS 

Chipley, Dennis; Lucedale, MS 

Chism, Johnny; Aberdeen, MS 
Christian, Vanessa; Starkville, MS 
Cistrunk, Lutricia; Louisville, MS 
Clapper, Lee; Ridgeland, MS 
Clark, Bobby; Greenwood, MS 




Clark, Elise; Greenwood, MS 
Clark, Katie; Gulfport, MS 
Clark, Natalie; Cordova, TN 
Clark, Nicole; Holcomb, MS 
Clark, Tandi; Weir, MS 

Clark, William; Kosciusko, MS 
Clay, Ursula; Aberdeen, MS 
Clements, Joseph; Little Rock, Ar 
Cline, Dana; Clinton, MS 
Cloud, Jonathan; Jackson, MS 

Glowers, Kathy.; Pontotoc, MS 
Cobb, Darrell.; Tupelo, MS 
Coffey, Edward; Durant, MS 
Coggin, Larry; Tupelo, MS 
Coker, Charles.; Jackson, MS 


Cokcr, Tabitha; Vaiden, MS 

Cokcr, Russell; Ft. Walton, FL 

Colburn, Tanyia; Columbus, MS 

Cole, Michael.; Starkville, MS 

Coleman, Kim; Starkville, MS 

Coleman, Terry; Aberdeen, MS 

Coley, Garner 

Collier, Bryan; Etta, MS 

Collier, Joan; Murfreesboro, TN 

Collins, Dana; Hartselle, AL 

Concannon, Craig; Pascagoula, MS 

Conner, Chenn; Laurel Hill, FL 

Cook, Ginger, Jackson, MS 

Cook, Lisa; Dyersburg, TN 

Cooley, Laura; Columbus, MS 




Cooper, Sheila; Macon, MS 

Copeland, Laura; Natchez, MS 

Copeland, Randall; Philadelphia, MS 

Corbin, Michael; Puryear, TN 

Corbin, Michelle, Lambert, MS 

Covington, Tisha; Water Valley, MS 

Cowling William; Pensecola, FL 

Cox, Carl; Greenville, MS 

Corley, Barry; Itta Bena, MS 

Cornelius, Jesse; Walnut, MS 

Corpstein, Kreg; New Albany, MS 

Corrigan, Juan; New Albany, MS 

Craft, Paul; Jackson, MS 

Craven, Robert; Newton, MS 

Crawford, Brad; Meridian, MS 


Crawford, Brett; Pontotoc, MS 
Crawford, Jennifer; Memphis, TN 
Crawford, Penny; Philadelphia, MS 
Creque, Selina; British V.I. 
Cresap, Michael, Eupora, MS 

Crocker, Ken; Jackson, MS 
Crocker, Vince; Fulton, MS 
Crommett, April; Southaven, MS 
Crump, Demetria; Starkville, MS 
Cuevas, Paula; Perkinston, MS 

Cupit, Rhonda; Brookhaven, MS 
Dallas, Wendi; Cleveland, MS 
Davidson, Jamie; Carthage, MS 
Davidson, Lyndon; West Point, MS 
Davis Bradford; Northport, NY 





Davis, Laura; Starkville, MS 
Davis, Walter; Booneville, M 
Dean, Sharon; Calhoun City, MS 
Dean, Tommy Jr.; luka, MS 
Dean, Tracie; Smithville, MS 

Dedeaux, Alan; Pass Christian, MS 
DeLong, Deborah; Tupelo, MS 
Dempsey, Mary Ruth; Tupelo, MS 
Denaughn, Molly; Baldwyn, MS 
Dendy, Glenn; Houston, MS 

Dent, Lee; Bolton, MS 
Devine, Robin; Winona, MS 
Deviney, Samantha; Pine Bluff, Ar 
DeVore, Colet; Mt. Pleasant, MS 
Dew, Charles; Flowood, MS 


Dick, Christopher, Vicksburg, MS 

Dickens, Charles; Kosciusko, MS 

Dill, Dawn, Brentwood, TN 

DiMichele, Wendy Scooba, MS 

Dixon, Patrick, Utica, MS 

Dobbs, Rodney; Ackerman, MS 

Dodson, Susan; Pearl, MS 

Doggett, Kimberly; Waynesboro, MS 

Dollar, Rachel; Amory, MS 

Dong, Chris; Jackson MS 

Douglas, Amy; Gainesville, MS 

Douglas, Kim; Tupelo, MS 

Douglas, Susan; Columbus, MS 

Downns, Ricky; Shaw, MS 

Draper, Robert, Herculaneum, MO 




Dubose, Jennifer; Bolton, MS 

Dueitt, David; Pascagoula, MS 

Duke, Van; Pontotoc, MS 

Dulaney, Brock; Fulton, MS 

Duncan, William; Kosciusko, MS 

Dutiel, Kerry.; Brandon, MS 

Edgar, William; Jackson, MS 

Edison, Freddy, Hickory, MS 

Edmonds, Vickie; Starkville, MS 

Edmonnson, Ashley; Madison, MS 

Eastrom, Michelle; Ponte Vedra, FL 

Edwards, James; Coffeeville, MS 

Edwards, William; Durant, MS 

Elder, Jody; Jackson, MS 

Eldridge, Jeffrey; Kilmichael, MS 


Elledge, Candice; Booneville, MS 
Ellis, William; Indianola, MS 
Erwin, Paige; Adamsville, MS 
Ester, Linda; Coldwater, MS 
Eubanks, Jackie, Louisville, MS 

Evans, Celeste.; Meridian, MS 
Everson, Helen; West Point, MS 
Ezelle, Amy; Tupelo, MS 
Fager, Genevieve; Starkville, MS 
Fairley, Patrick; Jackson, MS 






Fioramonti, Tricia; Louisville, MS 
Fisher, Jay; Corinth, MS 
Fitzpatrick, Amy; Germantown, TN 
Fleming, Chris; Grenada, MS 
Flowers, Yolanda; Aberdeen, MS 

Fly, Mitch; Nettleton, MS 
Flynn, Allison; Tupelo, MS 
Flynt, Richard; Clinton, MS 
Fondten, George; Clinton, MS 
Foote, Don; Madison, MS 


Ford, David; Olive Branch, MS 

Fortenberry, Tracy; Jackson, MS 

Fortncr, Lonnie; Maben, MS 

Foshee, Michelle; Greenville, MS 

Francisco, Pamela; McComb, MS 

Frank, Eileen; Omra, IW 

Frank, Thomas; Stuart, FL 

Franklin, Shannon; Mendenhall, MS 

Franklin, Stephen; Mendenhall, MS 

Frazure, Amy; Kosciusko, MS 

Fries, Beth; Winter Park, FL 

Fuller, Brian; Moss Point, MS 

Fulton, Alan; Collins, MS 

Gammill, Jimmy; Madison, MS 

Gann, Tony; Vernon, AL 




Gann, Victoria; Vernon, MS 

Garbarino, Shawn; Marietta, GA 

Gauthier, Lisa; Nashville, TN 

Gaydon, Robyn; Mantee, MS 

Geddie, Tim; Greenwood, MS 

George, Karen; Starkville, MS 

Gibson, Douglas; DeKalb, MS 

Gilder, Laurel; Jackson, MS 

Gill, Sandeep; Monticello, MS 

Gillis, Dorenda; Ackerman, MS 

Gilmore, John; Lexington, MS 
Gilmore, Sheila; Port Gibson, MS 
Gladney, Lyle; Kosciusko, MS 
Golden, Stacy; Southaven, MS 
Goodman, Joel; Quitman, MS 


Gordon, Belinda; Brandon, MS 
Gory, John; Tupelo, MS 
Graves, Scott; Ocean Springs, MS 
Gray, Steve; Horn Lake, MS 
Green, Gabriel; Starkville, MS 

Green, Kevin; Medina, TN 
Griffin, Cynthia; Clarksdale, MS 
Griffeth, Laura; Ashburn, GA 
Grimes, Richard; Florence, MS 
Grissom, Mary Anna; Taylorsville, 

Grodin, Robert; Columbus, MS 
Gustin, Kevin; Orange, CT 
Hairston, Roosevelt; Columbus, MS 
Haley, Neal; Greenville, MS 
Hamer, Thom»s, Dyersburg, TN 




TT * 


1 H - 






Hamilton, Lisa; Jackson, MS 
Hammond, Kathryn; Brandon, MS 
Hawkins, Leslie; Clinton, MS 
Harbaur, Shawn; Philadelphia, MS 
Hardy, Joe; Memphis, TN 

Hardy, Larry; Reform, MS 

Hardy, Stephen; Wiggins, MS 

Hargis, John; Convay, AR 

Hardwick, Katherine; Grosse Point, 


Harkins, Paul; Gulfport, MS 

Harrell, Thurman; Lake, MS 
Harris, Michael; Jackson, MS 
Harrod, Regina; Laurel, MS 
Hardy, Jeffrey; Raymond, MS 
Harvell, Michelle; Corinth, MS 


Harney, Elizabeth; Russellville, MS 

Hasson, Janathan, Ellisville, MS 

Hathaway, Steven; Montgomery, AL 

Harvison, Venita; Sand Hill, MS 

Hawkins, Gary; Calhoun City, MS 

Hawkins, Paula, Calhoun City, MS 

Hawkins, Stephanie; Jackson, MS 

Hays, Douglas; Huntsville, MS 

Hayes, Cleveland; Meridian, MS 

Heidelberg, Maurice; Meridian, MS 

Henderson, Albertina; Clarksdale, 


Henderson, Craig; Tupelo, MS 

Henderson, Donna; Mirama, FL 

Henderson, Lee; New Albany, MS 

Houcherson, Wade; Ackerman, MS 

Henry, Shonne; Mooreville, MS 

Henry, Tanya, Union, MS 

Hensarling, Boo; New Orleans, LA 

Herod, Kyong; Korea 

Herring, Gini; Kilmichael, MS 

Hill, Stacy; Greenville, MS 

Hill, Tim, Meadville, MS 

Hill, Yolanda, Toomsuba, MS 

Hight, Troy; Philadelphia, MS 

Hinshaw, Paul; West Point, MS 

Hinton, Timothy; Mobile, AL 

Hirsohman, Michelle; Eik Bgove, IL 

Hitt, Laura; Huntsville, MS 

Hobart, Mark; Avon, MS 

Hodges, Jamie; Woodville, MS 


Hoggatt, William; Natchez, MS 
Holcomb, Karl; Flora, MS 
Holden, Tracy; Jackson, MS 
Holifield, Wendy; Jackson, MS 
Holifield, William; Oak Grove, MS 

Holland, Leona; Tunic, MS 
Hollingsworth, Regina; Jackson, MS 
Holly, Chuck; Iuka, MS 
Hullman, Jodi; Jackson, MS 
Holman, James; McComb, MS 

Holmes, Kathy; Bogue Chitto, MS 
Holmes, Nedra; Starkvllle, MS 
Home, Sandra; Shuqualak, MS 
Horn, Jeffrey; Memphis, TN 
Horton, Brian; Jackson, MS 

Horton, Christian; Belzoni, MS 
Houston, Todd; Vicksburg, MS 
Houston, Wendy; Vicksburg, MS 
Howard, Sabrina; Picayune, MS 
Howe, Bradley; Brandon, MS 

Howell, Katherine; Okolona, MS 

Howell, Jimmy; Lucedale, MS 

Howell, Jodie; Brandon, MS 

Hubbard, Josephine; Gore Springs, 


Hughes, Deborah; Clinton, MS 

Hudgins, Kelsey; Jackson, MS 
Huff, Kellie; Vicksburg, MS 
Hurdle, Stanley; Slayden, MS 
Hunt, Gian; Eupora, MS 
Ikerd, Bryan; Jackson, MS 


Irby, Missy; Natchez, MS 

Ingram, Trish, Jackson, MS 

Irwin, Amy; Ocean Springs, MS 

Irwin, Angela; Bentonia, MS 

Irvine, Sandi; Bradenton, FL 

Jackson, Kim; Gloster, MS 

Jackson, Lorraine; Starkville, MS 

Jackson, Randall; Sturgis, MS 

Jacobs, Meschelle; Lawrence, MS 

Jarufe, Jenny; Honduras 




David Wasserman is an RA in Hamlin. 

Johnson, Matilda; Louisville, MS 

Johnson, Paul; Gautier, MS 

Johnson, Tammy; Jackson, MS 

Johnson, Rich; Yazoo City, MS 

Joiner, Jennifer; Columbus, MS 

Jones, Alexander; Yazoo City, MS 

Jones, Carmen; Germantown, TN 

Jones, Chris; Madison, MS 

Jones, Girault; Grenada, MS 

Jones, Ira; Senatobia, MS 


Jones, James; Kossuth, MS 
Jones, Johnny; Meridian, MS 
Jones, Jonna; Pascagoula, MS 
Jones, Pamela, Grenada, MS 
Jones, Pamela, Quitman, MS 

Jordan, Clifton; Starkville, MS 
Jordan; Grace, Clinton, MS 
Jordan, Janice; Lexington, MS 
Jordan, Sirsandra; Carrolton, MS 
Jourdan, Rebecca; Macon, MS 

Kabatznick, Shanna; Ecuador 

Kahl, Jim; Cincinnati, OH 
Kelly, Gerl; Belzoni, MS 
Kelly, Kolleen; Brookhaven, MS 
Keogh, Michael; Rock Hill, SC 





Kennedy, Amber; Brandon, MS 
Kennedy, Robert; Newton, MS 
Kennedy, Suzanna; Starkville, MS 
Kent, Gena; Meridian, MS 
Kent, Keith, Meadville, MS 

Key, Anthony; Tupelo, MS 
Kidd, Danielle; Lovingston, VA 
Kidd, Jeffrey; Afton, VA 
Kifer, Stephen; Macon, MS 
Kilgore, Harold; West Point, MS 

Killingsworth, Julie; Pascagoula, MS 
Kilpatrick, Leigh Ann; Starkville, MS 
King, Karen; Macon, MS 
King, Kathy; Pelahatchie, MS 
Kipker, Randall; New Orleans, LA 


Kirkland, Tammy; Philadelphia, MS 

Kollea, Kevin; Clinton, MS 

Krause, Chantal; Biloxi, MS 

Krause, David; Biloxi, MS 

Kron, Allen; Philadelphia, MS 

Kuenhdorf , Brian; Southaven, MS 

Lack, Clint; Crystal Springs, MS 

Lambert, Bridget; Como, MS 

Lambert, Dena; Starkville, MS 

Lambert, Donald; Starkville, MS 

Lancaster, Cathy, Houston, MS 

Land, Beth; Starkville, MS 

Langford, Thomas; Derma, MS 

Lashley, Stacy, Philadelphia, MS 

Laster, Ryn; Raymond, MS 



Latham, Jayne; Kilmichael, MS 

Lauderdale, Terry; Rienzi, MS 

Lawrence, Laura; Winona, MS 

Lawrence, Paul; Terry, MS 

Leach, Bruce; Clinton, MS 

Leach, James; Southaven, MS 

Ledbetter, Gina; Birmingham, AL 

Lee, Chee Ming; Malaysia 

Lee, Chew-Peng; Singapore 

Lee, Chris; Mize, MS 

Lee, Tommy; Starkville, MS 

LeFlore, Amy; Orange, TX 

Lemon, Leslie; Ocean Springs, MS 

Lewis, Kevin; Jackson, MS 

Lewis, William; Hickory, MS 


Lewis, Yolanda; Lexington, MS 

Lindauer, Kathleen; Columbus, MS 

Linton, Barry; Houlka, MS 

Liu, Steve; Taiwan 

Lloyd, Carlos, Jackson, MS 

LoBianco, Debra Ann; Maben, MS 
Lockhart, Kerri; Falkner, MS 
Lollar, Edward; Raymond, MS 
Lolley, Shannon; Hodge, LA 
Long, Deryl; Yazoo City, MS 

Lott, Susan; Columbus, MS 
Lowery, Michael; Calhoun City, MS 
Lowery, Stacy; Jackson, MS 
Loyd, Vancheta; Meridian, MS 
Lynch, Terri; Vicksburg, MS 



Ma, Tina Louise; Clarksdale, MS 
Magee, Amy; Bay St. Louis, MS 
Maghan, Kay; Gautier, MS 
Makamson, Chris; Morgan, MS 
Male, Barry, Jackson, MS 

Malinen, Pasi; Turku, Finland 
Malone, Kathy.; Brookhaven, MS 
Mallette, Stephen; Saltillo, MS 
Malley, Jerry; Gulfport, MS 
Maloney, Melissa; Starkville, MS 

Mangum, Debra; Decatur, MS 
Marcum, John; Tuscaloosa, AL 
Marett, Mandi; Amory, MS 
Marion, Robin; Moss Point, MS 
Marshall, John; Vicksburg, MS 


Mclnnis, J.P.; Wesson, MS 

Mclntire, Wesley; Brandon, MS 

McKinley, Barbara, Eupora, MS 

McKinney, Joe; Sardis, MS 

McLain, Stacy; Horn Lake, MS 

McMichael, Melody; Clinton, MS 
McMillan, Stephen.; Kosciusko, MS 

McMullin, Michael, Jackson, MS 

McMinn, Ronald; Maben, MS 

McMorrough, Tammie; Belzoni, MS 

McMullen, Shana; Maben, MS 

McNair, Jeff; Philadelphia, MS 

McNair, Susie, Bay Springs, MS 

McNeil, Sonja; Jackson, MS 

McRenonlds, Polly; Starkville, MS 



Meadows, Amy; Laurel, MS 

Mellen, Authur; Cleveland, MS 

Methvin, Travis; West Helena, AR 

Middleton, Dalton; Eupora, MS 

Miley, Matthew; Hattiesburg, MS 

Miller, Lena; Florence, AL 
Miller, Mack, Guntown, MS 

Miller, Teri; Starkville, MS 
Milstead, Deana, Walnut, MS 
Mims, Patsy; Philadelphia, MS 

Minga, Martie; Greenwood Springs, 


Mister, Carol; Coffeeville, MS 

Mitchell, Amy; Kossuth, MS 

Mitchell, Angela; Greenwood, MS 

Montgomery, Stephanie; Clinton, 



Marshall, Neil; Lexington, MS 

Marshall, Traci; Starkville, MS 

Martin, Johnny; Jackson, MS 

Martinolich, Stephen; Bay St. Louis, 


Mashburn, Carmen; Pelahatchie, MS 

Mason, Gregg, Newark, NY 
Mason, Jill; Gulfport, MS 
Massey, Craig, Independence, MS 
Mathews, Hope; Franklin, GA 
Mathis, Susan; Collins, MS 

May, William; Amory, MS 
Mayfield, Dana; Vaiden, MS 
Maze, Greg, Libertyville, MS 
McCabe, Andrew; Gulfport, MS 
McCabe, Stac-, , Clinton, MS 



McCain, Michael; Cleveland, MS 

McCardie, Mike; Summit, MS 

McCarter, Coretta; Crawford, MS 

McCaskill, Elizabeth, Pascagoula, 


McCluney, David; Grenada, MS 

McCollum, Vaughn; Hughes, AR 
McCool, Ellen; Jackson, MS 
McCoy, Terrissia; Jackson, MS 
McCraw, Jon; Laurel, MS 
McCulloch, Richard; Northville, MS 

McDaniel, Michael; Newport, MS 
McDonald, Marvin; Natchez, MS 
McGowan, Patricia; Jackson, MS 
McGregor, Phillip; Wesson, MS 
Mclnnis, Deborah; Jackson, MS 


Mood, Chris, Yazoo City, MS 

Moore, Ava Lisa; Madison, MS 

Moore, Hollie; Sumrall, MS 

Moore, Melissa; Baldwyn, MS 

Moore, Mona, Philadelphia, MS 

Moore, Trayce; West Point, MS 

Moreland, Donna; Hazlehurst, MS 

Moreland, Keisha; Canton, MS 

Morgan, Brian; Mt. Juliet, TN 

Morris, Eddie; Iuka, MS 

Moseiey, Alicia; Columbus, MS 
Moseley, Nina; Lake, MS 

Moseiey, Shane; Picayune, MS 
Moses, Corey; Pensecola, MS 
Muha, Jennifer; Brandon, MS 




Mullins, Caria; Brandon, MS 

Murphy, Bill; Jackson, MS 

Murphy, James; Meridian, MS 

Nance, Kelly; New Albany, MS 

Neal, Matthew; Greenville, MS 

Neal, Natacia; Jackson, MS 

Neaves, Donna; Columbus, MS 

Neely, Cindy; West Point, MS 

Nesmith, Stacey; Hermanville, MS 

Newman, Bobby; Centreville, MS 

Newman, Kimberly; Clinton, MS 

Nickson, Willie; Memphis, TN 

Nichols, Nicole; Morton, MS 

Nguyen, Thanhvan; Starkville, MS 

Oglesby, Todd.; Chatham, MS 


Ogletree, Elizabeth; Raymond, MS 
Oliphant, Vicky; Summit, MS 
O'Mire, Leigh Ann; Meridian, MS 
Orlando, Mario; Tupelo, MS 
Ormon, Julie; Brandon, MS 

Osadchuk, Walter; Starkville, MS 
Osby, Cynthia; Starkville, MS 
Pace, Karen; Prentiss, MS 
Packwood, Chris; Tylertown, MS 
Pam, Yang Kong; Malaysia 


I* : . ' ~V 

idopullos, Miguel; Bolivia 
Parham, Julie; Amory, MS 
Pate, Billy; Starkville, MS 
Patino, Bert; Leakesville, MS 

Patterson, Kevin; Oxford, MS 
Patterson, Rhonda; Nettleton, MS 
Payne, Emma Kate; Hamilton, AL 
Payne, Steve; Akron, AL 



• '■ ■• 



Pearman, Auburn; Pontotoc, MS 
Peden, Lynne; DeKalb, MS 
Pennington, Dana; Brookhaven, MS 
Perkins, Alfred; Starkville, MS 
Perry, Dawn; Carthage, MS 

Peyton, Jennifer; Augusta, GA 
Petty, Stephanie; Greneda, MS 
Phelan, Mary; Clarksdale, MS 
Phillips, Carlolena; Memphis, TN 
Phillips, Pam; Jackson, MS 


Phillips, Terry; Olive Branch, MS 

Pickett, Paul; Jackson, MS 

Pierce, Susan; Jackson, MS 

Pierson, Chris; Gulfport, MS 

Pigott, Carey; Tylertown, MS 

Pigott, Ray, Gulfport, MS 

Pipkin, Linda; Grenada, MS 

Pittman, Patrick, Madison, MS 

Pittman, Stephen; Jackson, MS 

Pitts, Lolita; Coldwater, MS 

Pina, Keith; Aberdeen, MS 

Pitts, Brian; Newton, MS 

Pitts, George; Fulton, MS 

Pokrefke, Jackie; Vicksburg, MS 

Pollock, Jackueline; Collinsville.MS 




Pope, Darbie; Kosciusko, MS 

Powell, Kyle; Chicago, IL 

Powers, Christopher; Florence, AL 

Pratt, Tami; Baldsy, MS 

Prichard, Gibson; Jackson, MS 

Prichard, Marion; Meridian, MS 

Pritchett, Stephen; Columbus, MS 

Prude, Pamela; Tupelo, MS 

Pullen, Paula; Big Creek, MS 

Puon, Lourdes; Mexico City, MX 

Quan, Julio; Guatemala 

Quinn, Breese; Jonesboro, AR 

Quinn, Carol; Madison, MS 

Quintini, Michael, Ocean Springs, 


Raffo, Thomas; Orange Park, FL 



Rakerstraw, Amy; Hartselle, MS 
Ramsey, Jimmy Jr.; Iuka, MS 
Rashka, Kirkmichael; Ocean 
Springs, MS 

Ratcliff, Rhonda; Meadville, MS 
Ray, Timothy; Hamilton, MS 

Ray, Rebecca; Winter Springs, FL 
Reed, Rebecca; Long Beach, MS 
Rees, Cindy; Jackson, MS 
Reeves, Ken; Tallulah, LA 
Reeves, Tonya; Tallulah, LA 

Reid, Sherri; Columbus, MS 
Rhudy, Christie; Nettleton, M 
Rhuland, Sean; Sumner, Ga 
Richards, Jason; Jackson, MS 
Richardson, Chris; Columbus, MS 






Richardson, Jay; Tupelo, MS 
Richey, Keith; New Albany, MS 
Richmond, Allen; McComb, MS 
Riddell, Randall; Corinth, MS 
Rieger, David; Greenville, MS 

Rigby, Brett; Louisville, MS 
Riley, Leslie; Vernon, MS 
Riley, Memrie; Ruston, LA 
Rivers, Kevin; Bel Air, MD 
Rivers, Melissa; Staten Island, 


Rivers, Rachelle; Union, MS 
Roack, Sherri; Winona, MS 
Roberson, Brad; Bogue Chitta, MS 
Roberts, Owida DeKalb, MS 
Roberts, Seth; Jackson, MS 


Robertson, Brad; Kosciusko, MS 
Roberton, Bryan; Oxford, MS 

Robinson, Angela; Mahomet, IL 

Robinson, Betty; Ellisville, MS 

Robinson, Brian; Forest, MS 

Robinson, Charley; Pascagoula, MS 

Robinson, Elle; Laurel, MS 

Robinson, Juanita; West Point, MS 

Robinson, Lisa; Laurel, MS 

Robinson, Rodney; Iuka, MS 

Robinson, Ron; Laurel, MS 

Robinson, Sharon; Forest, MS 

Rodgers, Tenela; Louisville, MS 

Rogers, Belinda; Nanih Waiya, MS 

Rogers, John; Newark, OH 



Rogers, Kenneth; New Albany, MS 

Rogers, Mechonne; Winona, MS 

Rogers, Ray; Aberdeen, MS 

Rogers, Rodney; Lexington, MS 

Rone, Angie; Madison, MS 

Rosado, Jose; Arecibo, PR 

Rosemond, Michael; Meridian, MS 

Rose, Brian; St. Louis, MS 

Ross, Glenda; Clarksdale, MS 

Ross, Jason; Southaven, MS 

Rowland, Lorie; Yazoo City, MS 

Ruckel; Wendy; Hattiesburg, MS 

Ruffin, Jeff; Memphis, TN 

Rushing, Bonnie; Starkville, MS 

Russell, Anne; Vicksburg, MS 



Ruth, Jean Ann; Calhoun City, MS 
Rutledge, Edward; Huntsville, MS 
Rutland, Kristie; Jackson, MS 
Sample, Lori; Tupelo, MS 
Sanders, Amy; Jackson, MS 

Savage, Suzann; Columbus, MS 
Scarborough, Randall; Columbia, MS 
Schaefer, Daniel; Pascagoula, MS 
Schingle, Leaonard; Byhalia, MS 
Schuerer, Paula Ann; Huntsville, AL 

Scott, Kenneth; Walnut Grove, MS 
Scuggs, Paul; Woodbridge, VA 
Seago, Donald; Jackson, MS 
Sebren, Suzanne; Tullahoma, MS 
Seid, Dennis; Vicksburg, MS 

Sellers, Stephanie; Meridian, MS 
Selvie, Tammy; Crawford, MS 
Sequeira, Pamela; Pakistan 
Serio, Monica; Jackson, MS 
Seymour, Robert; Brandon, MS 

Sharp, Lorna; Southaven, MS 
Shaw, Jeffrey; Colleyville, TX 
Shedd, Barry; Gainsville, FL 
Shelton, LeAnn; Byhalia, MS 
Shelton, Orson; West Point, MS 

Shelton, Tonia, Columbus, MS 
Shermer, Chet; Natchez, MS 
Sherrod, Kimberly; Louisville, MS 
Shields, Stacey; Moss Point, MS 
Shirley, Jimmy; Myrtle, MS 


Shows, Brian; Columbus, MS 

Shrader, Wade; Pontotoc, MS 

Shumaker, Reggie, Philadelphia, MS 

Shurden, Anthony; Starkville, MS 

Shuttleworth, Scott; Jackson, MS 

Simmons, Roan; Forest, MS 

Sims, Cylenthia; Belden, MS 

Sisson, Jim; Philadelphia, MS 

Sisson, Sarah; Fayette, AL 

Sistrunk, Karen; Sebastopol, MS 

Staggs, Anthony; Birmingham, AL 

Skinner, Walter; Meridian, MS 

Skoog, Paul; Chadwick, IL 

Slay, Sharloyn; Brandon, MS 

Sleeper, Ronnie; Corinth, MS 



Smith, Arnold; Jackson, MS 

Smith, Brian; Southaven, MS 

Smith, Charles; Brandon, MS 

Smith, Danny; Starkville, MS 

Smith, David; Saltillo, MS 

Smith, Elaine; Chelsea, AL 

Smith, Gil; Carhage, MS 

Smith, Jan; Meridian, MS 

Smith. Jeff; McCombs, MS 

Smith, Kelly; Pascagoula, MS 

Smith, Kenneth; Hattiesburg, MS 

Smith, Michelle; Bay Springs, MS 

Smith, Rhonda; Decatur, MS 

Smith, Robert; Starkville, MS 

Smith, Bob; Meridian, MS 


Smith, Tammy; New Albany, MS 
Smith, Trisha; Long Beach, MS 
Smith, Vickie; Carthage, MS 
Snow, Annie, Sallis, MS 
Snol grass, Paul; Clinton, MS 

Sorrell, Kerry.; Brookhaven, MS 
Sowed, Miriam; Richland, MS 
Spayd, Mardi; Starkville, MS 
Spencer, Cynthia, Monroe, LA 
Spigner, Jason; Fulton, MS 




Stiles, Carter; Vicksburg, MS 
Story, Melanie; Starkville, MS 
Stinson, Susan; Jackson, MS 
Stringer, Eric; Foxworth, MS 
St. Louis, Lisa; Poplarville, MS 

Still, Robert; Jackson, MS 
Stockstill, Ira; Jackson, MS 
Stogner, Howard; Tylertown, MS 
Stokes, Laynette; Philadelphia, MS 
Story, Charles; Huntville, AL 


Strobel, Cheryl; Starkville, MS 

Story, John; South Bend, IN 

Streeter, Clinton; Hughes, AR 

Strong, Monetta; Starkville, MS 

Strickland, Lisa; Jackson, MS 

Stuart, Stephanie; Jackson, MS 

Sturdy, Clifton; Kent, WA 

Sueapagen, Carolyn; Oakland, MS 

Sullivan, David; Mt Olive, MS 

Sullivan, Tammy, Philadelphia, MS 

Swords, Susan; Huntsville, AL 

Sykes, David; Armory, MS 

Taliaferro, Arlen; Water Valley, MS 

Taliaferro, Jackuline; Water Valley, 

Talley, Angie; Moss Point, MS 





Talmadge, Harry; Lumberton, NC 

Tan, Yoke; Malaysia 

Tanner, Karen; Meridian, MS 

Taplin, Veronica; Escatawpa, MS 

Tatum, Melissa; Oxford, MS 

Taylor, Christopher; Grand Jet., TN 

Taylor, Gordon; Fulton, MS 

Taylor, Harold; Starkville, MS 

Taylor, Mark; Preston, MS 

Taylor, Rita; Starkville, MS 

Tedford, Jo; Bruce, MS 

Temple, Renee; Natchez, MS 

Terry, Sharon; Kosciusko, MS 

Thames, William; Wesson, MS 

Tharp, Linda; Winona, MS 


Thie, Yosep; Indonesia 
Thomas, Christi; Hattiesburg, MS 
Thomas, Judy; Jackson, MS 
Thomas, Pam; West, MS 
Thomas, Sara; Starkville, MS 

Thompson, John; Philadelphia, MS 
Thompson, Thomas; Butler, AL 
Thompson, Judy; Starkville, MS 
Thornton, Amy; Bay Springs, MS 
Tidwell, Adrian; McComb, MS 

Todd, Jim; Collins, MS 
Tonnar, Jean; Hollandale, MS 
Trapp, Tonya; Decatur, MS 
Trawick, Kim; Meridian, MS 
Trentham, Melinda; Pontotoc, 


Tribble, Margaret; Cedar Bluff, MS 
Trigg, Leigh; Jackson, MS 
Triplett, Cynthia; Lousiville, MS 
Triplett, Jayson; Louisville, MS 
Trippe, Sallie Belle; Marks, MS 

Turberville, Wendy; Brandon, MS 
Tucker, Thomas; Aberdeen, MS 
Turner, George; Leakesville, MS 
Turner, Ginger; Raymond, MS 
Turner, Joe; Brandon, MS 

Turner, William; Meridian, MS 
Tyndall, Lawrence; Columbus, MS 
Tyson, Mattie; Winona, MS 
Vance, Kevin; Richland, MS 
Vance, Lesley; Jackson, MS 


Van Horn, Johnny; Vardaman, MS 

Vaughn, David; Moss Point, MS 

Vessell, Randalph Vicksburg, MS 

Vcrner, Steve; Clinton, MS 

Vinicki, Jon; Starkville, MS 

Voss, Ricky; Natchez, MS 

Vowell, Cynthia; Memphis, TN 

Vuncannon, Ara; Long Beach, MS 

Walker. Jeff; Jackson, MS 

Walker, Robert; Vicksburg, MS 

Wallace, Felicia; Laurel, MS 

Wallace, Kenneth; Bogue Chitto, MS 

Walker, Steven; Iuka, MS 

Walsh, Karen; Woodville, MS 

Walsh, Robert; Lilburn, GA 




Ware, Anna; Brandon, MS 

Warner, Mark; West Memphis, TN 

Warnock, Robin; Vicksburg, MS 

Washington, Dionna; Yazoo City, 


Watkins, Tracy; Fulton, MS 

Watkins, William; Starkville, MS 

Watson, Chuck; Jackson, MS 

Weathersby, Wendy; Jackson, MS 

Weaver, Randy; Clinton, MS 

Webb, Jeffrey; Natchez, MS 

Webber, Tony; Columbus, MS 

Weddle, John; Eupora, MS 

Weddle, Karen; Eupora, MS 

Weens, Duane; Laurel, MS 

Weems, Sharon; West Point, MS 


Weiss, Candy; Meridian, MS 
Welch, Eric; Monroe, LA 
Welch, Rick; Toomsuba, MS 
Weeks, Milfy; Pontotoc, MS 
Westerburg, John; Pocahontas, MS 

White, David; Broodhaven, MS 
White, Jeff; Clinton, MS 
Walker, Kathryn; Little Rock, AR 
White, Kurk; Wesson, MS 
Whites, David; Columbia, MO 

Wigginton, Angela; Smithville, MS 
Wiggins, Charles; Calendonia, MS 
Wigley, Angela; Rolling Fork, MS 
Wilemon, Bryan; Fulton, MS 
Wilkinson, John, Florence, MS 






Williams, Angela; Aberdeen, MS 
Williams, Carolyn; Clarksdale, MS 
Williams, Chad; Hattiesburg, MS 
Williams, Elise; Germantown, TN 
Williams, Murray III; Greenville, MS 

Williams, Lyle; Clarksdale, MS 
Williams, Serra; West Monroe, LA 
Williamson, Lisa; Louisville, MS 
Williamson, Vicky; Biloxi, MS 
Wilson, John; Southaven, MS 

Windham, Mart; Vicksburg, MS 
Winpigler, Sherra; Vicksburg, MS 
Wise, Kenny; Clarksdale, MS 
Woo, Chris; Lexington, MS 
Wood, Heather; Charlottesville, VA 


Wood, Cindy; Fulton, MS 

Wood, Kimberly, Tupelo, MS 

Wood, Sammy; Ackerman, MS 

Wood, Stephanie; Nashville, MS 

Woods, Andrew; Greenville, MS 

Word, Beverly; Greenville, MS 

Wu, Hoi; Hong Kong 

Yap, May Yee; Singapore 

Yencer, Kim; Albertville, AL 

Yonge, Courtney; Starkville, MS 

York, Yvonne; Niceville, FL 

Young, Bet; Gemantown, TN 

Young, David; Jackson, MS 

Young, Ellen; Madison, MS 

Young, James; Vardaman, MS 




Young, Mark; Moss Point, MS 
Zafar, Bushra; Pakistan 

photo by Mark Warner 


t~; — 7=" 

— ^T" 7 — " "-. • >' V-;. 


«*' ■' 

'V-' /ry^-J^ ^ ^^J^. .^> * 






-*.-. ~, ' 



'• < v -r 



Ca-.^l ;'♦>*■• ■•• 


"""Vr. ■«• * 

^. .'.. > 



Adams, Nick; Nettleton, MS 
Andrews, Elizabeth; Starkville, 
Baloch, Qadir, Starkville, MS 
Barillas, Jose; Starkville, MS 
Beg, Azam; Starkville, MS 


Bomar, Carolyn; Grenada, MS 
Bowers, Melissa; Pearl, MS 
Burkeen, Bernice; Cedar Bluff, MS 
Calderon, Delmy, Honduros 
Carter, Tracy; Stewart, MS 

Chang, Ming-Chun; Taiwan 
Chew, Sunny 

Chong, Teck Hwa; Starkville, MS 
Chou, Rejoice Tzu-chin; Taiwan 
Chukwuma, Godwin; Nigeria 

Chuntirapongsa, Songsakdi; 


Cobb, Julie; Potts Camp, MS 
Conn, Chris; Crystal Springs, MS 
Cornett, Maribel; Venezuela 
Cox, Bobby; Biloxi, MS 

Cox, Elise; Ocean Springs, MS 
Davis, Todd; Columbus, MS 
Dejnaronu, Apiwan; Thailand 
Easom, Kawana; Meridian, MS 
Eaton, Patrick; Mantachie, MS 

Evans, Anita; West Point, MS 
Flowers, Campbell; Tunica, MS 
Forrester, Mary Helen; Whitton, AR 
Foshee, Kenneth; Douglas, AL 
Fowlkes, Jill; Gulfport, MS 



Fowler, Tracy; Columbus, MS 

Frese, Erich; Starkville, MS 

Givaruangsawat, Sumalee; Thailand 

Gowan, Jeffry; McAdams, MS 

Green, Bert; Hazen, AR 

Gui, Young; Starkville, MS 

Guyton, Everett; Tampa, FL 

Halinu, Sutisna Entis; Indonesia 

Handumrongkul, Chakkrapong; 

Hague, Ahmad; Kensington, MD 

Herron, Sharron, Montgomery, AL 

Hughes, Ernie; Grenada, MS 

Hsu, Kuang-hua; Taiwan 

Jean, Brian; Caruthersville, MO 

Joyner, Barbara; Tunica, MS 

Kaewsurlya, Siriporn; Thailand 

Kao, Wei; Shanghai 

Keawkhong, Tawee, Thailand 

Khan, Shakeel; Pakistan 

Ku, Catherine; Taiwan 

Kummuang, Nantana; Thailand 

Kyi, Winn; Burma 

Ladnier, Dana; Biloxi, MS 

Lai, Sara; Hongkong 

Lannom, Keith; Hendersonville, TN 

Lassuar, Lee; Bowling Green, KY 

Li, Hsiu-Mei; Taiwan 

Luhanga, Jeffrey; Malawi 

Nash, Ray; Biggersville, MS 

Naslition, Aminul Radjab; Indonesia 





Newman, Michelle; Water Valley, MS 
Nicam, Rajesh; India 
Oian, Shencen; Shanghai 
Pajusalo, Jarkko; Finland 
Patel, Jayen; India 

Poon, Winnie; Hong Kong 
Price, Russell; Lake Charles, LA 
Puckett, George; Mendenhall, MS 
Pickett, John; Jackson, MS 
McCanless, William; Rolling Fork, 

McCown, Colin; Philadelphia, MS 

Menifield, Charles; Mound Bayou, 


Milligan, Deborah; Clinton, MS 

Mitchell, Gerald; Florence, AL 

Moore, Danny; Florence, AL 

Moore, Kevin; Pearl, MS 
Moore, Riley; Olympia, WA 
Murphree, Michele; Carrollton, MS 
Rosichon, Mohammad 
Sanders, Todd; Corinth, MS 

Santoso, Edi; Indonesia 
Santoso, Wahyu; Indonesia 
Schreiber, Frauk; Germany 
Shafique, Rana 
Simanjuntak, Mentor; Indonesia 

Siregar, Chairil Anwar; Indonesia 
Siswanto, Eddy; Indonesia 
Smith, Brian; Saucier, MS 
Sorrel!, Timothy; Covington, TN 
Stockett, Johnnie; Shuqualak, MS 




Staats, Robert; Starkville, MS 

Stribling, Angela; Philadelphia, MS 

Subbiah, Venkatachalam; India 

Sukarman; Indonesia 

Swann, Richard; Macon, MS 

Syed, Bilal; Starkville, MS 

Taylor. Keith; Memphis, TN 

Teng, Kevin; Hong Kong 

Turley, Gil; Jacksonville, AL 

Turner, Sharon; Silver City, MS 

Tylicki, Randy; Ocean Springs, MS 

Unprasert, Nanthiya; Thailand 

Valencia, Ramiro; Starkville, MS 

Venkataswamaiah, Manjesh; India 

Vijayaraghavan, Krishnan; India 

Wade, Evelyn; Charleston, SC 

Wang, Hao-ching; Taiwan 

Wenefrida, Ida; Indonesia 

West, Heather; Birmingham, AL 

Wilcox, Phillip; Greenville, MS 

Wu, Yaoxin; China 

Wu, Baihua; China 

Yu, Jennifer; China 

Zarugh, Seid; Libya 

Zorbalas, Konstantinos; Greece 


Veterinary Medicine 

Class of 1992 


Leslie Campbell Paul Cappiello Terry Cavallaro 

Paul Farmer 

Marianne Fracici 




Rob Haims Todd Henderson Paul Hess 

Norrie Adams 

Debra Jackson 

i* "»** m 



Helen McCahon Alec Moller Dave Morris Andrew Page Angela Peterson 

Lisa Singer Gretchen Steininger Ed Stevens Bill Sullivan Jennifer Sumrall 

fa as 

A A Ml 

Laurence Galle Ranee Gamblin Carl Gardner Howard Gobble Lynne Haeussler 



y j 

Stephanie Karous Randy Kraft Kristin Lamberth Tom LoBasso Clara Mason 


Greg Austin Bronya Redden Scott Russell j on B acn 

Billy Scott 

Robin Tillman Sonya Trulove Tom Watson 

snBSm £& ante 
Chris Wynens 

A.J. Arroyave 

Angela Courtney 


Veterinary Medicine 

Class of 1993 

Tracy Bartick 

Marcin Krzeminski 
JoAnn Wross 

Karen de Does Jo Ann De Marco Laurie Dilworth 

T,~' ) 

\ '£!' '^' 

Jacky May Randall McAdams Sam McCreedy 

Darren McGee 

Jean Enni; 

f JS 'SS-ll 

Gregory Meyer 

Dianne Smith Julie Smith Barbara Stastny 

Lisa Steinberq 



Alicia Anderson Matt Bailey 

Melissa Burton Rodney Christmas Randy Craig 


Brian King 


Rick Kirby Deanna Langson 

Matthew Moore 

Lorie Moore Matthew Morrison Kelly Mudd 

Walter Mullen 

#*» -^ 

Anne Rogers Alondra Ross Deborah Scott Steven Sedrish Ramona Skirpstuna: 

Kevin Stoothoff Patrick Tyree Kathy Vaughn Evelyn Wade 

Charles West 


Veterinary Medicine 

Class of 1994 




Gree Conner 

Ed Koronowski 


Kristen Dorney Alan Ezelle Paty Garcia 

Kim Lozuma 

r i 

Crisry Mobley 

Wally Mullen 

Johnny Myers 

Andrea Marble 

Jamie Nelson 

At din 

Bnan Scott 

Bud Smith Bart Sutherland 

Bob Watson 

Jackie Andress Michele Ashman 

B. J. Cash 

Aida Castro Lynn Colbert 

Ester Gassen 


Beth Hawkins Menno Jager 

Nicola Joseph 

Judi Martin 

Matt McGee 

Linda Mentz 

Sean Plaisance Lisa Robertson Cheryl Roge Theresa Samaniuk Andrew Schreibmai 

f "*$ IS^- 

Inri Williams Paul Willoughbv Victoria Woshner Brenda Zabreznik Carmen Zacharv 


Veterinary Medicine 

Class of 1991 

Wendy Anderson 

Tol Berryhill 

Dana Brooks 

Wyndie Buckler 

James Daggett 

Scott Dorin 

Renee Dupree 

Anne Garrood 

Jeffrey Glass 

Deborah Goul 

Michael Goul 

Gregg Hanzilicek 

Gregg Howell 

Odie Hughes 

John Hynes 

Isis Johnson-Brown 

Dana Kent 

Amy Larsen 

Mark Macina 

Mark Madzy 

Judy Mallett 

Danielle Mannis 

Byron McCall 

Stacy McCarty 

Patricia McKeown 

John Meeks 

Maureen Mulllns 

Jon Nash 

Mary Nicholson 

Danny Prestel 

Stephen Redding 

Amy Reese 

Anne Young 

Scott Sears 

Perry Smith 

Spencer Tally 

Carlo Vitale 

Cindy Weis 

Michael Whatley 

Michael Williams 




Abedlyi. Adenlke 318 

Abel. Brandon 241. 294 

Abel, Drlstie 204 

Abel, Krlstle 202. 294 

Abel. Krlstl 112 

Abel, Mark 224 

Abeyslrigunawaro. S 370 

Abies, Yauther 340 

Abney Keith 318 

Abraham, Jimmy 227 
Abrens. Jennifer 318 
Abson. Joe 198 
Absteln, Bill 240 
Abston. Joe 190 
Abston. Joseph 370 
Acosta, Tracy 210. 243. 340 
Adair. Adaln Marty 370 
Adams, Amy 370 
Adams, Angela 370 
Adams. Daniel 340 
Adams, Darius 246 
Adams, Gory 318 
Adams, Jamie 294 
Adams, Jason 340 
Adams, Joan 205. 370 
Adams, Mark 160, 205 
Adams, Michael 209 
Adams, Nick 221. 403 
Adams, Penny 104. 340 
Adams. William K 23 
Adcock. BUI 370 
^dcox, Jesse Paul 150 
Wcox. Paul 223, 370 
Wdy, David 370 
Werman, Andy 212 
Wklnson, Tracy 218 
\dklson, Burt 214 
\dklson, David 214 
\dklson, Leah 294 
\dklson, Terrlll 370 
idvlsor, program 200 
\gnew, Norrls 294 
Kgostlnelll, John 235, 247, 370 
Uisley, Rhnee 224 
Unsworth. Bethany 294 
Vkers, Elaine 223, 241 
Ikhtar, Kashlf 241 
Ikhtar, Tanveer 217 
ikhtelr. Kashof M 217 
ikln, Michelle 114, 115 
iklns, Nicole 218 
Jdns, Andrea Nicole 160 
iklns, Leslie 340 
Jdns, Nicole 233 
■kins, vice president; 218, 229, 

233, 235, 243, 256, 370 
J-azzawl, Karlm 340 
Jarcon, Albert 223 
Jarcon, alberto 204. 241, 370 
Idrldge, Chris Michael 420 
Idridge, John 370 
ldrtge, Chris 252, 253 
Idy, Vicky 318 
lexander, Al 340 
lexander, Andy 254 
lexander, David 21 
lexander, Lisa 370 
lexander, Shelley 215. 318 
lexander, Verklsserous 370 
lexis, Kednal 208 
Iford, Christy 104 
Iford, Greg 247, 370 

You. . 

Alford, Kim 223, 340 

Alford, Mitch 340 

Alford, Scott 370 

Alklson, Allan 294 

Allegrezza, Jeff 225 

Allen. Alphelus 233. 274, 340 

Allen, Andrew 212 

Allen, David 104, 370 

Allen, Elizabeth 318 

Allen, Eugene 318 

Allen, Heather 204 

Allen, Jack 23 

Allen, Jason 340 

Allen, Jeff 294 

Allen, Jeffrey 370 

Allen, Kara 318 

Allen, Kellle 318 

Allen. Kenna 318 

Allen, Ricky 318 

Allen, Tondra 370 

Allen, Walter 318 

Alley, Mark 236, 318 

Alllgood, Stephanie 239, 318. 

Allison, Jo Ellen 227 
Allison, Lisa 370 
Allison, Sam 318 
Allison, student center; 160, 199 

Allred, Angela 244, 340 
Allred, Cindy 340 
Allred, Danny 340 
Allshouse. William 370 
Almisned, Omar 217 
Alpe, Gregory 294 
Alsobrooks, Janle 294 
Altenkirch, Robert A 183 
Altman. Rochelle 318 
Amason. Stacy 370 
Amato, Francis 294 
Amato, Gena 318 
Anderson, Al 370 
Anderson, April 294 
Anderson, Chris 104, 370 
Anderson, Matt 294 
Anderson, Michael 370 
Anderson, Natha-Ann 340 
Anderson, Blaine 15, 206 
Anderson, So Yong 318 
Anderson, Tiffany 246, 370 
Anderson, Trisha 294 
Anderson, Valerie 340 
Anderson, Vickie 371 
Anderson, Wayne 340 
Anderson, Wendy 410 
Andlng, Richard 318 
Andrews, Elizabeth 160, 403 
Andrews, Kim 190, 246, 371 
Angle, Christy Carol 294 
Anglln, Sue 318 
Anklam, Elizabeth 217 
Ann, Sallle 245 
Anthens, Shane 294 
Anthony, Jim 318 
Anthony, Robyn 241, 318 
Anzar, Uzma 371 
Anzarr, Uzma 235 
Applewhite, Veronica R 23 
Arabshahl, All 241 
Archer, Lisa 241, 318 
Ard, Jen 65 
Ard, Jennifer 95 
Arledgd. Amy 250 
Arledge, Amy 243, 249, 340 
Arledge, John 202, 318 
Armlstead, Hllery 228. 340 
Armstead, Hllery 198 

Armstong, Alice 318 

Armstrong, Daniel 294 

Armstrong, Ken 294 

Armstrong, Kim 239 

Armstrong, Klmberly 340 

Armstrong. Patri 95 

Armstrong, Rob 63 

Armstrong, Sonya 221 

Armstrong, Tonya 104 

Armstrong, vice president; 207, 
243, 252. 253, 371 

Arnett, Will 254 

Arnold, James 371 

Arnold, Trip 118 

Arnold, Tripp 15 

Arroyave, A J 407 

Arthur, Vlckl 214 

Ashford, Nlklta 205, 218, 227, 
229, 255, 371 

Ashford. Rosllland 318 

Ashley, Dawn 318 

Ashmore, Stephen 340 

Ashmore, Tammy 294 

Assell, Joe 294 

Aston, Angela 340 

Atherton, Candee 240 

Atkins, Jamie 104, 371 

Atkins. Jennifer 318 

Atkinson, Gay 251 

Atkinson, Jeannle 255 

Atkinson, Marjorle Tracy 160 

Atkinson, Susie 255 
Atkinson, Tracy 228, 230, 239 
Atklsson, Sherl 294 
Atteberry, Phil 227 
Attklnson, Tracy 371 
Atwater, Lorl 241 
Atwood, Lisa 95, 371 
Auen, Kara 194 
Aultman, Lisa 340 
Ausburn, Amy 340 
Austin, Danette 294 
Auton, Lisa 294 
Autry. Christie 294 
Autry, Nancy 104, 340 
Avent, Bettlna K 23 
Avery. Ben 294 
Axton, Christopher Allen 104 
Aycock, Larry 209 
Azam, Mohammod 318 
Azaman. Ismail Hlrun 191 


Bachner, Fred 226, 240 
Bachner, Frederick 340 
Baglnskl, Mark 241 
Bagwell, Berkeley 218, 340 
Bagwell, Nancy 371 
Baham, Mandy 340, 421 
Bailey, Charles Jr 371 
Bailey, Coley 294 
Bailey, Jay 294 
Bailey, Jennifer 294 
Bailey, Jenny 294 
Bailey, Ronald 319 
Baker, H 243, 371 
Baker, Jason 190, 243. 371 
Baker, Jessica 371 
Baker, Jim 294 
Baker, Jlmmle 295 
Baker, Missy 196 
Baker, Nan McGahey 168 

Balajl, Pull 214 

Balasubramanian, Senthll 214 

Balduccl, Jill 295 

Baldwin, Sherl 247 

Ball. Barbara 190 

Ball, John 150,211 

Ball, Matthew 371 

Ball, Michael 204 

Ball, Stacy 223, 256, 319 

Ball, Jim 193 

Ballard, Andrew 340 

Ballard, Christy 230, 371 

Ballentlne, Craig 224 

Baloch. Qadlr 217, 403 

Bamsey, Karen 237 

Bane, Jason 341 

Banks, Alison 295 

Banks, Kendra 319 

Banks, Natalie 319 

Banta, Robin 371 

Barbee, Craig 341 

Barber, Amy 295 

Barber, Beverly 256, 341 

Barber, Clifford 104 

Barber, Cliff 204, 371 

Barber, Jennifer 240 

Barger, Melissa 341 

Barillas, Jose 403 

Barker, Lynn 207 

Barker, Sara 199, 221, 243, 371 

Barkhalter, Tracey 296 

Barkley, Tony 214 

Barlow, Elizabeth 371 

Barlow, Maria 201, 230, 341 

Barnes, Betsy 227. 371 

Barnes, Bradley 371 

Barnes, Doug 64 

Barnes, Greg 104, 255, 371 

Barnes, Jeanette 341 

Barnes, Ronald 231 

Barnes, Scott 319 

Barnes, Scotty 64. 213 

Barnes. Stephanie 104, 295 

Barnett, James 371 

Barnett, Leigh , 319 

Barnett, Mary 241, 371 

Barnette, Benjamin 341 

Barr, Pamela 371 

Barr, Sean 214 

Barr, Tamela 341 

Barras, Amy 212 

Barras, Scott 212 

Barrett, Llda K 176, 207 

Barron, Chad 23 

Barron, Doug 115. 116 

Bartlck, Tracy 408 

Bartlett, Leda 371 

Bass. Qndl241. 245 

Bates, Catherine 371 

Bates, Wesley 254 

Batson, Dinah 295, 421 

Batson, Elizabeth 319 

Baucom, Julie 341 

Baugher, Jennifer 241 

Baughez, Jennifer 319 

Baxter, Scott 241 

Beachum, Debra 226, 240, 371 

Beachum, Roger 371 

Bealrd, Scott 240, 341 

Beak, Jon 319 

Beale, Jodl 217 

Beamon, Klmberly 372 

Bean. Charlie 341 

Beard, Joe S 23 

Bearden, Tina 241, 341 

Beasley, Charles 319 

Beasley. Chris 295 

Beasley, Kathleen 295 

Beasley, Kim 248 

Beasley, Klmberly 372 

Beauchamp, Courtney 295 

Beaver. John 341 

Beaver, Kerry 241, 319 

Beavers, Martin 209 

Beazley, Charles 372 

Beazley, Mike 240 

Bechham, Missy 213 

Beck, David 238 

Beck, Melissa 341 

Beckam, public relations; 213 

Becker, Larry 295 

Beckham, advisor; Missy 226 

Becton, Shannon 295 
Bedells, Barry R 23 
Bedgood, William 104 
Bedwell, Matthew 212, 238, 295 
Beech, Lisa 372 
Beg, Azam 217. 403 
Bekurs, Gray 104 
Belk, Shannon 372 
Bell, Scott 224 
Bell. Dawn 372 
Bell, Kathryn 319 
Bell, Kristin 295 
Bell, Sam 319 
Bembenek, Jim 254 
Benderman, Amy 341 
Beneke, Tory 223, 319 
Benjamin, Makessa 295 

Benjamin, Scott 1 18 
Bennett, Anne 341 
Bennett, Robert 341 
Bennett, Shawna 295 
Benolst, Cheryl 341 
Benton, Brad 240, 295 
Benton, David 62, 295 
Benton, Rachael 295 
Berglel, Brldglt 319 
Bernard, David 341 
Bernhart, Laura 204, 319 
Berry, Janice 104 
Berry, Philip 295 
Berry, Stacle 150, 203, 211 
Berry, Stacy 249 
Berryhlll, Susan 295 
Berryhlll, Tol 410 
Berthay, Joyce 248 
Betbeze, Philip 319 
Bethea, Leslie 150, 202, 230 

243, 341 
Betts, Clarissa 295 
Bewley, Jay 98, 372 
Beyea, Tim 104 
Beyer, Derek 341 
Bhattacharyra, Rltlka 242 
Blcket, Marshla 372 
Blddle, Leslie 223, 295 
Blerbaum, Grant 341 
Bigalow, Nancy 218 
Blgelow, Nancy 150, 160, 202 

229, 243, 372 
Blggers, Suzanne 247, 372 
Bllal, BUI 241 
Bilbo, Joe 150, 233 
Bllllm, William 215 
Bingham, Debbie 372 
Bingham, Dell 372 
Blrdsong, Jeff 104 
Bishop, Tellle 223, 319 
Bishop, Tony 319 
Black, Howard 295 
Black, Jennifer 295 
Black, Paige 319 
Black, Robby 201 
Black, Stevan Jr 295 
Blackledge, Brett 235 
Blacklldge. Ronnie 295 
Blades, Eric 216, 319 
Blals, Greg 241, 319 
Blake, Ben 295 
Blake, Melanie 319 
Blake, Richard 372 
Blake, Robert 372 
Blake, Tiffany 341 
Blakeney, Gena 224, 341 
Blakeney. Julie 319 
Blakeney, Robert 104 
Blalock, Harold Jason 150 
Blalock, Jared 216 
Blalock, Jason 199, 218, 243, 

250, 372 
Blalock, Jason 199 
Blanco, D 243 
Bland, Kevin 254 
Bland, Louanne 341 
Bland, Tracye 372 
Blaney, Glnny 209 
Blankenshlp. Mike 372 
Blankenshlp, Missy 341 
Blaslngame, Christy 295 
Bledsoe, Susan 206 
Bllssard, Bill 296 
Block, Dale 67, 319 
Blocker, Director; Tim 190, 246, 

247, 372 
Bloesch, Michael Wade 150 
Bloesch, Mlcheal 218 
Bloesch, Mike 230 
Bloesh, Michael 210 
Blue, Dawanna 104, 212, 342 
Boackle, David 319 
Boatwright, Charity 15, 342, 421 
Boatwrlght, David 220, 237, 372 
Boatwright, Donna 319 
Bobblt, Chip 255 
Bobbitt, Charles 372 
Bobbltt, Chip 191 
Bogan, Steven 372 
Bogard, Terence 319 
Boggan, Crystal 240 
Boggs, Ginger 342 
Bohannon, Andraco 295 
Bohannon, Robert 372 
Bolan, Brett 249, 319 
Boldln, Rhonda 320 
Boles, Russell 319 
Boleware, Susan 248 
Bollch, John 235, 372 
Boiling, Rod 235, 372 
Bomar, Carolyn 403 
Bonds, Dennis 295 
Bonds, Susan 234 
Bonds, Scott 296 
Bonne, JoAnn 320 
Bonner, Alan 202 
Bonner, Janet 258, 342 
Bonner, JoAnne 259 
Booker, Dana 201 
Booker, Ken 342 

Booker, Krlstle 320 
Booker, Rustry 232 
Booth, Leonard 342 
Booth, Scott 254 
Boothe, Alan 235 
Boothroyd, Bobby 235 
Boring, Jennifer 296 
Borst, Benny 191 
Bosarge, Charlotte 320 
Bostwick, Preston 372 
Boswell, Dorothy 296 
Bouchard, Evans, Matt 213 
Boudreaux, Gary 249 
Boulne, Bryce 320 
Bouls, Stephen 342 
Bounds, Brad 372 
Bounds, James 342 
Boundy, Erlka 190 
Bowen, Tanya 342 
Bowen, Wes 296 
Bowers, Michael 199, 342 
Bowers, Melissa 403 
Bowie, Merldlth 372 
Bowlln, Beth 296, 421 
Bowling, Michael 213, 224, 342 
Bowling, Mlcheal Anthony 150 
Bowman, Lynette 235, 259 
Bowman, Rae 342 
Bowtslck, Preston 240 
Box, John David 150, 161, 207, 
218, 227, 228, 243, 257, 
Boy, Jennifer 218 
Boyce, Michael 320 
Boyd. Michael 104. 213, 320, 

Boyd, Christopher 246 
Boyd, Daniel 88 
Boyd, Dare 258 
Boyd, David 296 
Boyd, Dawn 205, 372 
Boyd, Donald 342 
Boyd, Jennifer 151, 202, 221 

243, 372 
Boyd, Shlrleeta 223 
Boyd, Valerie 320 
Boyer, Mary Beth 243, 342 
Boykln, Julie 229 
Boykln, Kim 223 
Boykln, Stacey 242 
Boyle, John 242 
Boyle, Randy 212 
Brackett, Rev Stan 203 
Brackett, Robyn 373 
Braddock, Bobble Sue 127, 320 
Braddock, Debbie 296 
Braddock, Gueth 209, 232 
Braddock, Mellnda 320 
Bradfleld, Mark 241, 296 
Bradford, Camllle 320 
Bradford, Davis 377 
Bradley, Aimee 342 
Bradley, Kim 226 
Bradley, Klmberly 104, 320 
Bradley, Michael 342 
Brady, Jan 195 
Brainard, Chrlsta 104 
Bramlett, Frank 104, 373 
Branch, Jason 115 
Brand, Dawn 373 
Brandon, Nancy 104 
Brannon, David 221 
Brannon, Laura 104, 320 
Brannon, Mark 104 
Brannon, Susan 250, 373 
Branscome. Will 373 
Branson, Carl 373 
Brantley, Jeri 320 
Brantley, Marlssa 373 
Brantly, Jenl 1 18 
Brase, BUI 342 
Brasfelld, Rebecca 320 
Brasfield, Robert 342 
Braswell, Chandler 104 
Braswell, Maria 296 
Bratton, Randy 204 
Brawner, John 201, 320 
Bray, Amanda 194, 210, 259 
Bray, sentinel; Amanda 210 
Brbee, Craig 240 
Breazeale, Tracy 342 
Bredlne, David 254, 342 
Brennan, L 212 
Brents, Anna 342 
Brewer, Bhris 241 
Brewer, Chris 342 
Brewer, Jimmy 118 
Brewer, Suzanne 104, 373 
Brewer, Tanya 104, 342 
Brey, Terry 217 
Bridges, Allyson 296 
Bridges, Klmberly 342 
Bridges, Paula 227, 373 
Bridges, Skylar 211 
Brldgman, Karen 296 
Brldwell, Kevin 254. 320 
Briggs, Amanda 223 
Brlggs, John 373 
Bright. Cindy 296 
Bright, Sandra 373 


Brlghtwcll, Ron 215, 373 

Brlgnac, Celeste 204 

Brink, Christopher 104 

Brlscol, Eddy 204 

Brlster, Judle 342 

Brlster, Michael 224 

Brlster, Tim 296 

Brltt, Ashley 373 

Brltt, Crlstln 296 

Brltt, Julie 342 

Brltt, Lance 221 

Brltt, Mltchel 104 

Brocato, John 373 

Brock, Angela 259, 373 

Brock, Ben 342 

Brock, Duff 209, 232 

Brock, Royal 198 

Brock. Valerie 259 

Brockway, Stan 240 

Brooks, Beau 373 

Brooks, Dana 410 

Brooks. Glna 190. 226, 342 

Brooks, Kevin 373 

Brooks, Raymond 342 

Brooks, Vlckl 241, 296 

Broome. Sharon 214, 237, 296 

Broussard, Julia 373 

Broussard, Shannon 343 

Browman. Ashley 225 

Brown, Allyce 343 

Brown, Amy 296, 320 

Brown, Belinda 296 

Brown. Beth 320 

Brown, Bob 207 

Brown, Christopher 296 

Brown. Darren 343 

Brown, David 251 

Brown, Debra 343 

Brown, Donna 127 

Brown, Gregory 241 

Brown, Howard 207, 229 

Brown, Jerry 241, 373 

Brown, Jim 216, 227, 320 

Brown, Joseph 296 

Brown, Katherlne 223 

Brown, Keith 320 

Brown, Kelly 104 

Brown, Kevin 373 

Brown, Klmberly 216, 320 

Brown, Liz 190, 247 

Brown. Marty 296 

Brown, Michelle 296 

Brown, Michel 320 

Brown, Nathan 209 

Brown. Renee 373 

Brown. Rhonda 343 

Brown, Sally 296 

Brown, Scott 191 

Brown, Sheila Ann 343 

Brown, Stephanie 250 

Brown, Sterling 320 

Brown, Steven 373 

Brown, Wanda 373 

Brown, Wendy 208 

Brown, Willie 233 

Browne, Katherlne 343 

Browning, Annette 373 

Browning. Dana 343 

Browning. Dawn 320 

Browning. Randy 343 

Browning. Susan 259, 343 

Brownlee, Beth 240 

Brownyard, Ryan 296 

Bruce. Stacle 343 

Brumfleld, Brlana 296 

Brumfleld. Milton 373 

Brumfleld, 216, 240, 320 

Brumley, Michelle 236, 373 

Bruneel, Karl 373 

Brunson, Karl 104 

Brunton, Steven 320 

Bryan. Crls 320 

Bryan. Leah 320 

Bryant. Annette Browning 241 

Bryant, Beth 218, 227 

Bryant, Elizabeth Ann 151 

Bryant, Kelly 190, 343 

Bryant, Lamar 343 

Bryant, Robby 241 

Bryant, Teresa 242 

Bryson, T 243 

Buchanan, Curt 373 

Buckler, Wyndle 410 

Buckley, Keeth 234 

Buckley, Todd 214, 374 

Buckner, Mark 246, 320 

Buford, Kristin 227, 374 

Bule, Luther 218, 227, 255, 274 

Bull. Glfford 238 

Bullard, Darrell 343 

Bulllngton. Dr Stan 235 

Bullock. Ella 127 

Bunch, Sara 296 

Bunker, Will 227 

Bunton, John 374 

Buntyn, Bill 93, 118 

Buntyn, Glna 374 

Buntyn, Tiffany 15, 201, 343 

Burch, Rod 321 

Burcham, Brian 374 

Burchfleld, Dennis 321 

Burchfleld, Steven 23 

Burge, Richard 104 

Burger, Andrea 321 

Burger, Jennifer 223, 296 

Burger, Rebecca 321 

Burlan, Ronald 104 

Burk, Darren 104 

Burkeen, Bernlce 403 

Burkhalter, Stacey 296 

Burks, Cynthia 104, 321 

Burley, Shanl 256, 321 

Burlls, Todd 204 

Burnett, Robin 297 

Burnett, Stacy 374 

Burney, Barry 209 

Burnham, Bruce 209, 232, 374 

Burnham, Kevin 104 

Burnhaus, Kevin 221 

Burns, Bradley P 23 

Burns, Jodie 259, 374 

Burns, Karen 221, 374 

Burns, Molly 241, 297 

Burns, Patrick 374 

Burns, Steven 297 

Burr, Mark 62, 252, 253, 297. 

Burrell. Robert 220, 374 
Burrls, Tammy 343 
Burroughs, Sandy 374 
Burrus, Christopher 321 
Burse, U'Lyna 321 
Burt, David 68 
Burt, Jennifer 297 
Burt, Matt 68, 204 
Burt, Robert 297 
Burton, Chelley 218 
Burton, Jeff 207 
Burton, Leslye 374 
Busbee, Heather 297 
Busbee, Kent 343 
Busby, Ardena 321 
Busby, Barry 238 
Buschlen, Brad 343 
Bush, Christopher 297 
Bush, David 237 
Bush. Helen 214, 237 
Bush, Margaret 321 
Bush, Terr! 374 
Bushart, Glynn 297 
Bushey. Glnny 374 
Busklrk. Klmberly 321 
Butler, Dana 343 
Butler. Denlse 190, 343 
Butler, John 151, 241 
Butler, Kelly 343 
Butler, Lorl 321 
Butler, Tammy 374 
Butler, Yancey 321 
Butts, Larry 343 
Byler. Kym 65. 321 
Byrd, Constance 227. 275 
Byrd, Kellle 242, 343 
Byrd, Kelly 258 
Byrd, Martha 231, 297 
Byrd, Robert 374 
Byrd, Susan 232 
Byrd, VanCountlss 297 
Byrklt, Bill 214 

Cadden, Jennifer 343 

Cade, John 228, 231, 243. 252. 

253. 374 
Cade, Michelle 231, 374 
Cade, Wally 297 
Cagle, James 190, 343 
Cagle, John 210 
Cain, Christopher ; 297 
Cain. Dr Bruce 249 
Calne, Evan 229 
Calais, Almee 216, 321 
Calderon, Delmy 403 
Calhoun, Cathy 374 
Callahan, Jennifer 297 
Callahan. Robyn 374 
Callaway, Cooper 229 
Calloway, LaMonlca 374 
Calvert. Andy 343 
Cameron, Bob 221, 243, 246 
Cameron, William 104, 374 
Cammack, Jereld 234 
Campball. Andrew 254 
Campbell, Carol Ann 343 
Campbell, Christopher 104 
Campbell, Jar 374 
Campbell, Jay 151, 241 
Campbell, Kim 251 
Campbell, Klmberly 223, 297. 

Campbell, Stacy 275 
Campbell, Stephanie 343 
Candy, Tommy 224 
Cannlmore. Cydney 297 

Capers, Carrie 374 

Caperton, Thad 69 

Captain. Commandant of 194 

Caradlne. Tina 283 

Caraway, Mary 104, 221. 226, 

Cardwell, Joel 206 
Cardwell, Joet 206 
Carleton, Robert 151, 199, 243, 

Carley, Christy 344 
Carlisle, Joey 104 
Carlton, James 241 
Carlton, Link 343 
Carpenter, Glenn, MS 374 
Carpenter, Kelly 224 
Carpenter, Llllle 104 
Carpenter, Richard 344 
Carpenter. Shan 344 
Carr. Jonathan 297 
Carr, Kim; MS 374 
Carr, Ren; MS 374 
Carr, Robbie 297 
Carr, Timothy 321 
Carr, Todd 344 
Carrlngton, Casey 223 
Carrlngton, Casey, MS 374 
Carrothers, Jeffrey 297 
Carrubba, Earle 321 
Carruth, Chris 321 
Carruth, Daryl; LA 374 
Carruth, Dwayne 240 
Carruth. Tammy 321 
Carskadon. Gordon 239. 297 
Carson, Amy 344 
Carson, Billy II 344 
Carson. Chrlstl White 205 
Carson. Dorsey 202, 321 
Carte, Matthew 297 
Carter, Amanda 297 
Carter, David 375 
Carter, Gene 242 
Carter, Julie 240 
Carter, Kathy 375 
Carter, Pam 244, 344 
Carter, Saroy 297 
Carter, Sheila 226 
Carter, Sommer 375 
Carter, Tracy 403 
Carter, Wills 204 
Carver. Stacy . 297 
Cary. Garland 104 
Cary, Kim 375 
Cary, Shannon 104 
Case, Shaw 297 
Casscles, Kris 212 
Castelll, Stephanie 321 
Castleberry, Wendy 215. 227. 

Catchlngs, Royal 202. 297 
Cater, Doug ; 297 
Caufield. David 254 
Caufleld. Mrk 254 
Causey, Patty 375 
Causey, Reba 195, 344 
Cavender, David 344 
Chalk, Stacey 297 
Chambers, Keith 190, 321 
Chambers. Mlrlka 104 
Chambers. Tarsha 275 
Chamblee, Dr Timothy 196, 224 
Chance, Wes 344 
Chancery, Todd 238 
Chancey, Todd 298 
Chandler, Laura 344 
Chang, Ming-Chun 403 
Channell, Angie 344 
Channell, Sandra 298 
Chaplain, Chris 298 
Chaplin, Spencer 254 
Chapman, Mershon 344 
Chappell, Ann 298 
Charnes, Steve 344 
Chatham, Catherine 151, 161, 

229, 243, 246, 256, 375 
Chatham, David 344 
Chatterton, Ellis 344 
Cheaney. James 104, 215, 242. 

Cheatham, Christopher 298 
Cheema, Mubashlr 217, 298 
Chen, Linda 344 
Chen, Wang 241 
Chennault, Connie 321 
Chetham, Catherine 218 
Cheung, Noble 217 
Cheung, Yiu-Chung 375 
Chew, Sunny 403 
Chllders, Michael 321 
Childress, David 196, 235 
Childress, Ronald 210, 344 
Chllds, Heath 198 
Chllds, Roger 375 
Chllds, Vickie 104 
Chin, Tiffany 241 
Chlpley, Dennis 375 
Chipley, Robert 298 
Chism, Johnny 375 
Chlsolm. Allen 344 
Chong, Teck Hwa 403 

Chong. Yew-Keong 321 

Chou, Rejoice Tzu-chin 403 

Chow, Khee-Thlam 321 

Christian, Terry 62 

Christian, Vanessa 375 

Christopher. Marty 202 

Chukwuma, Godwin 403 

Chunn. Kevin 298 

Chunn. Kristin 60, 298 

Chuntirapongsa, Songsakdi 403 

Cistrunk, Lutricla 375 

Claburn, Paige 298 

Clanton, Curt 344 

Clapp, Benjamin 321 

Clapper. Lee 375 

Clarett, Evendra 23 

Clark, Angela 321 

Clark, Beth 321 

Clark, Bobby 375 

Clark, Cathy 109, 298 

Clark, Cheryl 255 

Clark, Courtney 223 

Clark, Elise 190, 247, 375 

Clark. Elizabeth 104 

Clark, Jason 344 

Clark. Jeffrey 15 

Clark, Joe 224 

Clark, Justin 201, 216, 322, 421 

Clark, Katie 375 

Clark, Lorl 216, 322 

Clark, Matthew 104 

Clark, Mechell 322 

Clark, Missy 322 

Clark, Natalie 104, 226, 375 

Clark, Nicole 95. 161, 218, 228, 

242. 243. 375 
Clark, P 243, 344 
Clark, Rachel 104 
Clark, Steve 212 
Clark, Tandi 375 
Clark, William 375 
Clarke, Gary 237 
Clarksdale, ; MS 401 
Clay, LaTonya 344 
Clay. LeVacious; MS 344 
Clay, Michelle 205 
Clay, Telisa 298 
Clay. Ursula 375 
Clayton, Beth 201, 239. 298 
Clayton, David 215 
Clayton, Jane 322 
Clayton, Kathryn 298 
Clayton, Steve 322 
Cleere. W Ray 168 
Clement, Brad, MS 344 
Clements. Daphne 151. 218, 227 
Clements, Joseph 375 
Clements, Timothy 298 
Cliett. Mark, West 344 
Cliffe, Cathleen, St 344 
Cline. Dana 206, 375 
Cloman, Jimmy, MS 344 
Cloud, Jonathan 375 
Clower, Amanda 298 
Clowers, Kathy , 375 
Clowers, SCC. Kathy 225 
Coates. Joe 345 
Coates. John 298 
Cobb. Darrell ; 375 
Cobb, Julie 403 
Cobblns, Preston 23 
Cochran. Chrisina 212 
Cockayne, Cheryl 258 
Cockayne, Nee 258 
Cockayne, Nene 215 
Coffey, Edward 375 
Coggln. Larry 375 
Coggln, Tommy 298 
Cogglns, Larry 23 
Cohen. Jay 98 
Cohen. John 75 
Coker, Charles ; 375 
Coker. Russell 376 
Coker, Tabltha 376 
Colburn, T 243, 376 
Cole. Michael ; 376 
Coleman, Brandy 113 
Coleman, Charles 23 
Coleman, David 322 
Coleman, Keo 88 
Coleman, Kim 376 
Coleman, Leigh 298 
Coleman, Page 322 
Coleman, Terry 376 
Coley, Garner 376 
Collier, Bryan 151, 257, 376 
Collier, Gerald 274 
Collier, Joan 376 
Collier, Klmberly 322 
Collier, Melvln 298 
Collins, Cory 240, 298 
Collins, Dana 142, 223, 376 
Collins, Evelyn 345 
Collins, Mark 232 
Collins, Wendy 322 
Colomer, Luis 241 
Combs, Eric 322 
Combs, Mary Ann 345 
Cornish, Leigh Tucker 151 
Concannon, Craig 104, 224, 376 

Coner, Daphanle 104 

Conn. Chris 403 

Connelly, John 322 

Conner, Chenn 376 

Conner. Kameron 94, 138 

Connimore, Cydney 60 

Conway, Martin 322 

Conwlll, Melissa 104, 322 

Coode, William 104 

Cook, Ann 345 

Cook, Donnie 202, 298 

Cook, Ginger 376 

Cook, Jeff 202 

Cook, Jeffrey 345 

Cook, Lisa 376 

Cook, Lorl 345 

Cook, Melanle 259, 322 

Cook, Brad 224 

Cooke, Mark 23 

Cooley, Emily 298 

Cooley, Laura 376 

Coombs, Charles 345 

Cooper, Dana 322 

Cooper, Marlene 322 

Cooper. Mary Katherlne 345 

Cooper, Ray 104 

Cooper, Sheila 376 

Copeland, James 240 

Copeland, Laura 234, 376 

Copeland, Randall 376 

Copelln, Melissa 241, 322 

Corbln, Delorls Michelle 151, 161 

Corbln, John 322 

corbln, Johnny 216 

Corbln, Michael 232, 376 

Corbln, Michelle 190, 230, 246, 

247, 376 
Corbln, Tlfflnl 298 
Corbltt, Allison 223, 231, 322 
Corey, Marsha 322 
Corey, Steve 192 
Corley, Barry 191, 194, 196, 

Corloln, Johnny 227 
Cornellous, Jesse 210 
Cornelius, Jesse 376 
Cornett, Christian 204 
Cornett, Maribel 204, 403 
Cornett, Vince 204 
Corpsteln, Kreg 376 
Correa, Tony 204 
Corrlgan, Juan 376 
Couch, Kim 204 
Couch, Klmberly 345 
Couch, Laurie 152, 243 
Cournoyer, Linda 248 
Courtney, Angela 407 
Covington, Kelvin 199, 207. 228. 

Covington. Kelvin 199 
Covington, Tisha 376 
Covington, Trena 345 
Cowan. Melanye 234 
Coward, Debbie 322 
Cowling, Billy 252, 253 
Cox, Bobby 403 
Cox, Carl 376 
Cox. Edra 202. 256 
Cox, Elise 403 
Cox, Randy 198, 201 
Cox, Holland 254 
Cox, Jennifer 322 
Cox. Penny 322 
Cox, Schlqulta 205 
Cox, Walter 298 
Cozart, James 217 
Crabtree, Angle 322 
Crabtree, Darrell 345 
Crace, Nathan 298 
Craft, Paul 152, 376 
Craig, Christy 345 
Craig, Jeri 322 
Craig, Wayne 204 
Craln. Jimmy 241 
Crane, Dixie 95 
Cranston, Phil 205 
Craven, Robert 376 
Crawford, Brad 376 
Crawford, Brett 377 
Crawford, Jennifer 241, 377 
Crawford, Mhanta 233 
Crawford, Penny 377 
Creekmore, Helen 104 
Creel, Ann 238 
Creel, Donya 224 
Creel, Elizabeth 212 
Creel, Jerl 345 
Creque, Selina 112, 250, 377 
Cresap. Michael 377 
Cresap, Mike 192 
Crew, Laura 104 
Crocker, Holly 233 
Crocker, Ken 377 
Crocker, Rita 345 
Crocker, Trouis 235 
Crocker. Vince 235, 377 
Crocker, William 322 
Crommett, April 377 
Cronier, Jennifer 322 
Crosby, Thomas W 23 

Crosby. Tom 345 
Crosnoli, C 235 
Crossland. Craig 69, 298 
Crossley, Heather 104, 226. 240 

Crosthwalt, Frank O 168 
Crothers. Christopher 104 
Crowder, Gayle 210 
Crowder, Jennifer 241 
Crowder, Kendralyn 298 
Crowe, Michael 345 
Crowley, Cindy 112, 298 
Crowninshield, Wayne 214, 345 
Crum, Candace 345 
Crump. Demetrla 377 
Crump, Marin 23 
Crutchfleld, Natalie 345 
Cuccaro, Kim 190 
Cuccaro, Klmberly 322 
Cuevas, Paula 235. 377 
Culcchl, Christine 202. 298 
Culllfer, Carrl 299 
Cumberland. Susan 205 
Cumberland. Will 299 
Cummlngs. Angela 345 
Cummins, Beth 299 
Cummins, Gene 322 
Cunningham, Demetria 323 
Cunningham, Jason 323 
Cunningham, John 323 
Cunningham, Lisa 345 
Cuplt. Dana 323 
Cuplt, Rhonda 195. 377 
Cureington, Adrlane 223, 299 
Curlln, Donna 241 
Curlln, Tom 235 
Currd. Joseph III 345 
Currle, Anne 212 
Curry, Chris 212 
Curtis. Mary 323 
Cutrer, Phillip 238 
Cwikllk, Gwen 323 


D'Antonl. Theresa 109 
Daggett, James 410 
Dalley, John 198, 240 
Dalley, Stephanie 104 
Dakln, Greg 216 
Dakln, Gregory 323 
Dale, Holly . 299 
Daleke. Mlndl 299 
Dallas. Wendl 139, 229, 377 
Dallas. Wendy 139, 141 
Dalrymple, Richard 104 
Daly, Antonolus 323 
Daniel. Bryan 104 
Daniel. Robert 104 
Daniels, Jenny 104 
Daniels, Rebecca 63 
Darden, Julie 251, 345 
Darmer. Penny 241 
daughdrlll. Roland 191 
Daughdrlll, Terry 209 
Daughtery. John 212 
Dauler. Amy 258 
Davenport. Jenny 216 
Davenport. Valerie 63 
Davidson, Gary 238 
Davidson, Jamie 377 
Davidson. John 243 
Davidson, Lyndon 104, 377 
Davis, Ann 204 
Davis, Anne 216, 323 
Davis, April 345 
Davis, Ashlye 109 
Davis. Brad 241 
Davis, Brian ; 104. 299 
Davis, Chris; MS 345 
Davis, Ethel 240 
Davis, Jennifer , 104, 299 
Davis, Joe Marshall 161 
Davis, John, NC 345 
Davis, Kim 223 
Davis, Laura 377 
Davis, Mark 224 
Davis, Michael 299 
Davis. Mike 323 
Davis. Muse 241 
Davis, Roshonda 233. 323 
Davis, Sam 191 
Davis, Joe 196 
Davis, Steven; MS 345 
Davis, Timothy 104 
Davis, Todd 252. 253, 403 
Davis, Walter 377 
Davis, Whawn 205 
Davoll, Elizabeth 104 
Dawklns, Page, MS 345 
Day. Melissa 323 
Day, Sharon 94, 104 
Day, Tonya 240, 323 
Dean, Ann Marie 299 
Dean, Brian; MS 345 

A 1 2 

Dean. Sharon 377 

Dean. Tommy Jr 377 

Dean, Trade 377 

Dear, Brian 323 

Dearon, Bobbl 299 

Deaton. Karissa 346 

DeBardelaben. Kelly 192, 241. 

DeBardelabran. Marcy 204 
Debarlaben, M 243 
Dedeaux. Alan 377 
Deek. Dr Jacquelyn 210 
Dees. Glnny 201. 207.346 
Defore, Lora 215 
DeHart. Matthew 299 
Dejnaronu, Aplwan 403 
Delk. Frederick 233 
DeLong, Deborah 377 
DelVescoro, Tamara 323 
Demoran. Philip 104. 323 
Dempsey. Mary Ruth 226. 240, 

Denaughn, Molly 377 
Dendy. Glenn 196, 377 
Denmark, Brian 104 
Dennis, Kathryn 299 
DeNoble. Rick 323 
Dent. Adrian 104 
Dent. Lee 377 

Denton, Michael 234, 239. 346 
Deough, Mike 241 
Derden, Mltchel 254 
Derricks, Tondra Allen 127. 275 
DeShazar. Westley 323 
Detoro, Michael 346 
Devlne, Robin 377 
Deviney, Samantha 377 
DeVore, Colel 248, 259, 377 
DeVore, M Colet 152 
Dew, Charles 377 
Dewberry, Alme 299 
DeWolf. Wendy 241, 323 
Dey, Sushobhon 323 
Dick, Christina 378 
Dickens. Charles 378 
Dlckerson, Myna 198, 346 
Dlckerson, Tobl 258 
Dickey, Stephanie 346 
Dleterlch. Brltt 346 
Dlldar, Tahlr 346 
Dill, Brian 323 
Dill, Dawn 194. 206. 378 
DllWorth, Trae 118 
DlMlchele, Wendy 378 
DlPascal, Domlnick 346 
Dlsmuke, Tawanda 299 
Dlx, Rasheemah 225 
Dlx, Reeshemah 112,213. 346 
Dixon, David Chlsolm 212 
Dixon, Patricia 378 
Do, Kim Ann 323 
Dobbs. Bruce 104 
Dobbs. Greg 216 
Dobbs. Rodney 378 
Dobbs. Ron 64 
Dobson. David 323 
Dodson, Michael 104 
Dodson, Susan 225. 378 
Doggett. Klmberly 221. 247. 378 
Doggett, Wendy 299 
Doll, Melissa 299 
Dollar, Darryl 241 
Dollar, M K 211, 227, 229 
Dollar, Rachel 378 
Dollar, Rebecca 202, 299, 421 
Dollar, Mary 216 
Domlne, Chuck 346 
Donaghe, Kelly 323 
Donaldson. Kay 114, 115 
Dong, Chris 378 
Dong, Christopher Todd 152, 

Dong, Klmberly 299 
Donnell. David 299 
Dooley, Paige 323 
Dorln, Scott 410 
Dorlzas, John 346 
Dorman, Anlssa 346 
Doit, Mitch 323 
Dorsey. George 104 
Doss. Chlnton 218 
Doss. Kelvin 233 
Dotson, LeAnne 241 
Dotter, Pam 346 
Doty. Krlstlne 114, 115 
Doty, Roman 323 
Doughty, Billy 346 
Douglas. Amy 104, 378 
Douglas, Dedra 346 
Douglas, Kim 225, 378 
Douglas, Shannon 104, 346 
Douglas. Susan 243. 378 
Dowdy, Amy 259 
Dowdy. David 104 
Downns. Ricky 378 
Downs, Glna 202 
Downs, Jane 207 
Downs, John 207 
Downs. Reglna 247, 346 
Downs, Ricky 191 

Doyle, Monica 346 

Draflen. John 299 

DraHen. Mark 198. 203 

Drane, Meredith 192 

Draper, Mike 241 

Draper. Robert 378 

Druger. Rudolf 98 

DuBose. Chris 299 

Dubose, Enrique 299 

Dubose, Jennifer 237, 378 

Duca. Michelle 346 

Ducan. Beth 346 

Duckworth, Diane 152, 201, 346 

Duckworth, Dlanne 249 

Dueltt. David 378 

Duett, David 225 

Duke, Van 378 

Dulaney, Brock 378 

Dulaney. Shawn 15. 104 

Dumas, John 299 

Dumas, Mark 299 

Dumas. Sorena 299 

Dunaway, Dr Gregory 206 

Dunaway. Tim 299 

Dunaway, Timothy 104 

Duncan, Anne 299 

Duncan. Beth 94, 211 

Duncan. William 378 

Dunn. Kelly 299 

Dunning, Catherine 323 

Duplessls. Linda 299 

Dupre. Ken 204 

Dupree. Mark 23. 323 

Dupree. Renee 410 

Durham, Kenna 300. 421 

Durham, Kim 95. 324 

Durrett, 235 

Dursler. Shea 309 

Dutiel. Kerry ; 378 

Duty, Jennifer 104, 240, 324 

Duvall, AnneMarle 324 

Duvall, Jeff 346 

Dye, Bradley 346 

Dye, Bryan 300 

Dye, Randy 229. 250 

Dykes. Amy 346 

Eakers. Connie 190 
Ealey. Tarshi 95 
Ealy, Tarshi 324 
Earnest, David 300 
Easley, Joan 63 
Easley, Shelton 324 
Easom, Kawana 403 
Easom. Krlstle 346 
East. Allison 259, 324 
Eastman, Lea 258 
Eastrom, Michelle 378 
Eaton, Patrick 403 
Eaves, Connie 346 
Echelberry, RA; Tod 208 
Echelberry, Todd 347 
Echlburu. Tltln 204 
Echlburu, Tito 300 
Echleberry, Todd 243 
Echols, Hannah 324 
Echols, Tracy 74. 76 
Ecke, April 300 
Edens. Mylissa 300 
Edens. Shonda 203 
Edgar. William 378 
Edison, Freddy 378 
Edmonds. Vickie 378 
Edmonnson. Ashley 378 
Edmonson. Ashley 162, 229, 

243. 256 
Edmonson. Owen 211, 216, 227, 

229, 324 
Edward, Elmlra 347 
Edwards, Beth 300 
Edwards, Christine 201 
Edwards, David 23, 347 
Edwards, James 378 
Edwards, Kevin 190 
Edwards, Sherrle 324 
Edwards, William 378 
Edwards, Yvonne 198 
Egdorf, Janelle 240 
Egdorf, Lee 104. 221, 240, 347 
Ehrgett. John 324 
Ehrgott, John 211 
Ekert, Jason 324 
Elam. Sandy 209 
Elder. Jody 378 
Eldrldge, Jeff 214, 235 
Eldrldge. Jeffrey 378 
Eleuterlus, Lee 300 
Ellason, Shannon 324 
Elledge, Candlce 379 
Elledge. Mike 104, 221, 324 
Elllers, Christopher 104 
Ellington, Kayla 347 
Elllnton, Jill 201 

Elliot, Karllynn 324 

Elliott, Chris 244 

Elliott, Karllynn 95 

Ellis, Bernard 252, 253, 420 

Ellis, Chip 221 

Ellis, Kenyon 233, 300 

Ellis, Pamela 347 

Ellis. Reginald 104 

Ellis. William 379 

Ellison. Dale 225 

Elwell. Dr Jeff 198 

Emery. Adele 324 

Emflnger. Lance 224 

England, Leslie 324 

England, Tracy 300 

England, Travis 210 

English. Mltlzl 104 

Enls, Brian 300 

Enteshari. Farlba 241 

Epperson, Alexander 104 

Epps, David 324 

Epps, LaTonya 347 

Eronz, Anke 202 

Ervln, Kermlt 347 

Erwln, Paige 221, 240, 379 

Erwln, Scott 240, 324 

Erwin, William 64 

Estava, Nicolas 347 

Ester, Linda 95. 205, 379 

Estes, Lorl 324 

Estes, Sabrlna 324 

Ethdrldge, Klmberly 300 

Eubank. Bob 244 

Eubanks, Jackie 379 

Eubanks, Nancy 324 

Evans, Anita 403 

Evans. Brian 324 

Evans. Celeste ; 379 

Evans. Charles Edward 104. 324 

Evans. Edward 104. 274. 347 

Evans, Grover 104, 300 

Evans, Jlmmle 324 

Evans, Jocta 324 

Evans, Joe 104, 221, 347 

Evans, Julie 251 

Evans, Melodl D 204, 300, 324 

Evans. Torrye 233. 300 

Everett. Beth 207 

Everett, Charles 104 

Everett, Steve 347 

Everett. Stuart 324 

Everingham, Shannon 300 

Everson, Helen 379 

Ewlng, Adam 104 

Ewlng, Chandler 300 

Ewlng, Chris 246 

Ewlng, Danny 257 

Ewlng, Elizabeth 300 

Ewlng, Tommy 15 

Ezelle, Amy 379 

Fager, Genevieve 142. 379, 421 

Fagerburg, Nicholas 300 

Fagle, Lasca 325 

Fair, David 86 

Falrley, Kerr 230, 324 

Falrley, Patrick 379 

Falco, Nlkkl 379 

Fant, Russell 347 

Farley, David 254 

Faroog, Khalld 206 

Farooq. Khalld 217 

Farrell, Christopher 300 

Farrell, Chris 68 

Farrell, Ruth 204, 207, 209 

Farren, Sean 115, 116,379 

Farreu, Sean 254 

Fatherre, James 379 

Fayard, Henry 324 

Fazio, Michael 221 

Felder, Cecil 379 

Felder, Jennifer 324 

Felder, Richard 347 

Felker, Rocky 90 

Fells, Dellcla 283 

Ferguson. Chad 104, 221 

Ferguson, Corky 347 

Ferguson, Jim 226 

Ferguson. Josephn 379 

Ferguson. Scott 217, 237 

Ferguson. Stacy 379 

Ferguson, Teora 300 

Ferrell, Laura 248, 379 

Ferrettl, John 300 

Ferrlll, Julie 379 

Feuersteln. Blaine 300 

Flatt, Tolly 347 

Fiedler. Carol 226 

Field, Karen 216, 219 

Field, Karen 219 

Fielder, Carol 240 

Fielder, Jay 246 

Fields, Bonlta 233 

Fllllngame, Alice 202 

Finch, Tanya 347 

Finch, Tonya 104 

Floramontl, Trlcla 379 

Florlto, Anthony 241 

Flrle, Christopher 347 

Fisher, Christopher 347 

Fisher, Jay 200, 201, 229, 379 

Fisher, Michelle 325 

Fisher, Marsha 233. 300 

Fisher, Tammy 347 

Fitzgerald, Stuart 251 

Fltzpatrlck, Amy 104, 379 

Flagg, Mark 206 

Flatgard, Spence 21. 152, 228, 

Flatt, Leigh 347 

Flautt, Kristin 223, 300 

Fleenor, John 300 

Fleming, Barbara 23 

Fleming, Chris 379 

Fleming. Ken 241 

Fleming, Kenton 225 

Fleming, Laura Beth 218, 347 

Flick, Dr Hank 243 

Flowers, Campbell 403 

Flowers, Glen 325 

Flowers, Yolanda 379 

Floyd, Dana 325 

Floyd, Reglna 347 

Fluker, Juanice 420 

Fly, Millie 325 

Fly, Mitch 190. 379 

Flynn. Allison 259. 379 

Flynt, Richard 379 

Flynt, Richy 232 

Flynt, Tim 209, 232 

Follln, Chuck 251 

Follln, Suzanne 248. 251 

Fondren. George 21. 203 

Fondten, George 379 

Fontaine, Nadja 104 

Fooshee. Chad 325 

Foote, Don 15, 379 

Ford, Allegra 190. 201. 347. 421 

Ford, David 380 

Ford. Mark 347 

Ford, Michael 104, 221 

Ford, Robert 104 

Ford, Yolanda; MS 347 

Forde, John 215 

Fordham, Michelle 236 

ForTester, Mary Helen 403 

Forsman, Allen; MS 347 

Fortenberry, Doug 202, 325 

Fortenberry. Jennifer 249, 250 

Fortenberry, Jennifer; MS 347 

Fortenberry, Parrish 300 

Fortenberry, Tracy 199, 380 

Fortlnberry, Anna 325 

Fortner, Lonnie 380 

Foshee, Kenneth 403 

Foshee, Michelle 380 

Fowiteos, Gary Wade 209 

Fowler, Brain 202 

Fowler, Brian 202 

Fowler, Bryan 325 

Fowler, Tracy 404 

Fowlkes, Jill 403 

Fox. Chrlstl. MS 347 

Fox, William R 172 

Foy, Christy 104, 235 

Francis, Tommy; MS 347 

Francisco, Pamela 214, 246, 380 

Franco. Peter 204 

Frank. Eileen 104, 226, 380 

Frank, Thomas 380 

Franke, Dana 300 

Franklin, Angela 225, 348 

Franklin, Ecleclus 325 

Franklin, Michael 64 

Franklin, Shannon 380 

Franklin, Stephen 380 

Franks, Alice 207 

Franks, Stephanie 249. 259 

Frans. Janet 192 

Fraser, Darrel 104 

Frazier, Pamela 348 

Frazure, Amy 380 

Frederick, Melissa 152, 202, 

Freely, Monica 325 
Freeman, April 240 
Freeman, Sydney 348 
Freeman. Tammle 300 
Freeman, Zandra 325 
Freeze, Terry Jr 348 
French, Leanne 348 
Frese, Erich 214, 404 
Fries, B 243, 380 
Frlschhertz. Kevin 300 
Fritzlns, Eric 301 
Fronz, Anke 254 
Frost, Amy 348 
Frost, Angle 301 
Fryery, Watson 226, 348 
Fulcher, Robert 69 
Fulford, Trey 64, 301 
Fulgham, Robert 301 
Fulgham, Zelma 248 

Fuller, Brian 380 
Fuller, Marian 325 
Fuller, Mary 325 
Fulton, Alan 224, 380 
Fulton, Chris 301 
Fulton, Stephanie 301 
Fultz, Sandra 104 
Funchess, Tommy 217 
Fuquay, Dr John 206 
Furr, Michael 207, 301 
Furse, Dan 241 
Futato, Tracy 348 

Gaddis, Ben 254 

Galney. Jason 104 

Galney, Stephanie 205, 348 

Galey, Jennifer 348 

Gallaher, Melissa 325 

Galle, Melissa 325 

Galloway, J T 86, 348 

Gamble, AL 348 

Gamble, Monica 258, 348 

Gamblln, Ranee Michael 152 

Gamblln, Thomas Clark 152 

Gammlll, Alan 225 

Gammlll, Jimmy 380 

Gammlll, Renee 348 

Gandy, Jennifer 325 

Gann, Michelle 104.221. 226 

Gann. Paul 104 

Gann. Tony 380 

Gann, Victoria 152, 162. 380 

Garbarino. Shawn 380 

Gardner, Christian 348 

Gardner. Jeffrey 348 

Gardner, Prlscllla 23, 325 

Garner, Brian 251 

Garner, Charles 348 

Garner, Chris 217 

Garner, Glna 301 

Garner, Jennifer 325 

Garner, Melissa 252, 253, 348 

Garretson, Gordon 104, 301 

Garrett, James 235 

Garrlck. Charles 23, 232 

Garrison, Melissa 240 

Garrood, Anne 410 

Gary, Tina 348 

Gary, Wendy 104 

Gates, Jennifer 301 

Gates, Shannon 325 

Gatlln, Joel 228 

Gault, Ronald 348 

Gaulhler, Lisa 247, 380 

Gay, Jim 326 

Gaydon. Robyn 380 

Geddle, Tim 380 

Gee. Blake 198 

Gely. Geza 240. 325 

Gentry. Bobby 212 

Gentry. Donya 224, 301 

Gentry. Kim 325 

Gentry, Samantha 212 

Gentry, Scott 301 

George, Anita 207 

George, Dr Anita 218 

George, Karen 380 

George, Krystlnna 421 

George, Krystlna 204, 348 
Ghaneel, Kathy 348 
Gibbon, Kirk 205 
Glbbs, David 301 
Glbbs, Nicole 301 
Glbllterra, Thomas 348 
Gibson, Douglas 214, 380 
Gibson, Jeny 104 
Gibson, Larry 209, 241 
Gibson, Shiree 325 
Gibson, William 325 
Gilbert, Debra 325 
Gilder, Laurel 380 
Giles, Tawayna 275, 348 
Gill, Sandeep 380 
Gill, Susanne 201, 348 
Glllls, Dorenda 236, 380 
Gilmer. Julie 301 
Gllmore, John 380 
Gllmore, Monica 250 
Gllmore, Robert 104 
Gllmore, Roy 104 
Gllmore, Sheila 380 
Gllmore, Thomas 104 
Gllstrap, Alan 223 
Glnn, Chad 115, 116 
Glvaruangsawat, Sumalee 404 
Givers, Elmetra 233 
Gladney, Lyle 208, 233, 380 
Gladney, RHD; Lyle 208 
Gladney. Teresa 348 
Glass, Cresswell; Jennifer 213 
Glass, Jeffrey 410 
Glass, Jennifer 65. 213 
Glodlc, Tara241. 348 

Glodsworthy, Rice; Shannon 213 

Glover, James 325 

Goatley, Mike 254 

Godbold, Theresa 348 

Goff, John 220 

Goforth, Cathy 242. 259 

Goglia, Adam 212, 238, 348 

Golden, Kris 113 

Golden, Stacy 380 

Goldman, Chrlstl 192. 246. 325 

Goldman, Klnsey 104. 240, 349 

Goldworthy. Shannon 301 

Golman, Krlsly 237 

Gomez, Alma 349 

Gonzales, Mark 349 

Goode, Christy 301 

Goode, Emily 349 

Goodman, Joel 235, 380 

Goodman, Loii 349 

Goodson, Chad 241 

Gookln. Mary Shea 349 

Goolsby. Leigh Ann 349 

Goolsloy. Sport 69 

Goon, Ludwlg 104 

Goralczyk. Almee 325 

Gorden. Angela 326 

Gordon, Belinda 381 

Gordon, Brian 202, 301 

Gordon, Jim 229, 233, 301 

Gordon, Kenneth 301 

Gordon, Kyle 301 

Gordon, Natalie 104, 201, 349 

Gore, David G 23 

Gore, Eddie 244 

Gomez, Sylvia 325 

Gory, John 381 

Gosa, Kendall 62, 301 

Gossage, Michelle 127 

Goswaml, Debbie 233, 349 

Goswoml, Debbie 203 

Gothard, Todd D 204 

Goul. Deborah 410 

Goul, Michael 410 

Gousset, James 301 

Gousset, Mlchey 240 

Gowan, Jeffry 404 

Gowan, Michael 349 

Grabowski, Crawford 230. 259 

Grace, Jordan; 385 

Gracey, Tanya 349 

Grady. Howard 104 

Grafton, Jeremy 216 

Graham, Connie 349 

Granderson, Candace 349 

Grant, John 349 

Grantham, Randy 301 

Grassel, Justin Taylor 223 

Grassel, Saskia 301 

Graves, Datherlne 223 

Graves, Elizabeth 104 

Graves, Karen 326 

Graves, Katherlne 142, 216, 326 

Graves, Lawson 349 

Graves, Scott 381 

Gray, Chris 349 

Gray, Christopher 349 

Gray, Debbie 95, 249, 349 

Gray, Lee Lee 349 

Gray, Peggy 104, 349 

Gray, Richard 23, 191 

Gray, Steve 381 

Gray, Wendy 349 

Grayson, Paula 235 

Green, Bert 404 

Green, Byron C 221, 349 

Green, Gabriel 153, 381 

Green, Jenny 302 

Green, Keith 204 

Green, Kerry 302 

Green, Kevin 381 

Green, Leigh 104, 202, 259, 349 

Green, Mechelle 326 

Green, Pam 127 

Green, Purvie 227, 228, 229, 

Green, Samuel 302 
Green, Scott 238 
Greenaway, erica 104, 204, 301 
Greenwood, Brian 326 
Greenwood, Pamela 326 
Greer. Alex 349 
Greer, Cornelius 233 
Greer, Jennifer 226, 229 
Greer, Lee 251 
Greer, Paige 301 
Greger, Mark 204, 230 
Gregg, Bo 199. 209. 211, 246 
Gregg, Bo 209 
Gregg, Wlllard Benton 153 
Gregory, Tammy 301 
Gress, Brad 69 
Gressett, Andrla 239, 302 
Gressett, Dana 349 
Grlffeth, Laura 381 
Grlffle, Sam 349 
Griffin, Christy 210. 350 
Griffin, Comesha 104 
Griffin, Cynthia 205, 255, 381 
Griffin, Donna 326 
Griffin, Jason 232, 350 


Griffin, Moak 207 

Griffin, Sarah 350 

Grlffls, Bryce 168 

GrlHith, Mark 350 

Grlgson, John 350 

Grim, Downle 233 

Grimes, Richard 247, 381 

Grimes, Tammy 326 

Grlssom, Mary Anna 381 

Grlver, John 326 

Grizzell, Scharvln 198 

Grodln, Robert 381 

Grogan, Fred 302 

Gronaln, Greg 326 

Groner, Melanle 153, 199, 227, 

230, 350 
Groody, Dave 221 
Gross, John 191 
Grove, Ricky 237, 326 
Groves, Todd 326 
Gu, Dr Albert 249 
Guarlsco, Mike 204 
Guess, Charles 104 
Guess, Jeremy 302 
Guest, Glna 230, 326 
Guest, Michael 229 
Guevara, Claudia 241 
Gul, Young 404 
Gulce, Jennifer 350 
Gulce, Lara 255, 326 
Guln, Ruth 104 
Gulpal, Sabine 96 
Gunn, Alan 236 
Gunn, Kay 104, 226 
Gunn, Shelly 252, 253. 350 
Gunter, Christopher 302 
Gunter, Jull 113, 326 
Gustln, Kevin 228, 381 
Guthrie, Clint 302 
Guyton, Everett 404 


Haaon, Jonathan 246 
Hague, Dr Zahur 206 
Hahne, John 326 
Halrston, Petes 326 
Halrston, Roosevelt 381 
Halrston, Tanya 326 
Halrston, Terry Jr 302 
Hakim, Ray Amir 191 
Hale, Kelll 326 
Hale, Melanle 104 
Haley, Neal 204, 381 
Halford, Lee 350 
Hallnu, Sutlsna Entls 404 
Hall, Christopher 302 
Hall, John 98 
Hall. Michael 302 
Hall, Peycla 302 
Hall, Todd 23 
Hall, Varrlan 233, 350 
Hallman, John 23, 104, 240 
Hallock, Zeb 104 
Halloran, Jim 208 
Hamer, Jaquator 283 
Hamer, Thomas 381 
Hamer, Tom 202 
Hamilton, Dennis 209 
Hamilton, Emily 94 
Hamilton. Lisa 245, 252, 253, 

Hamilton, Shane 326 
Hamm, Phyllss 104 
Hammack, James 249, 326 
Hammack, Tammy 350 
Hammarstrom, David 23 
Hammarstrom, Eric Jr 302 
Hammarstrom, Teresa 350 
Hammond, Kathryn 381 
Hammond, Kathy 259 
Hammons, Shelly 350 
Hamner, John 350 
Hampton, Jason 326 
Hampton, LaWanda 326 
Hand, Renee 350 
Handley, Tracey 104 
Handumrongkul, Chakkrapong 

208, 404 
Hanklns, Christopher 302 
Hanna, Becky 153,211,221, 

Hannah, Becky 249 
Hanzlllcek, Gregg 410 
Haque, Ahmad 404 
Harbaur, Shawn 381 
Harbin, LaMonda 142 
Harcharlk, Sandl 258 
Hard, Allen 327 
Harden, Jon 74 
Harden, Tracy 153, 218, 243 
Hardlmaon, Pamela 350 
Hardin, Bill 350 
Hardwlck, Katherlne 241, 381 
Hardwick, Kitty 207 
Hardy, Jeff 221 

Hardy, Jeffrey 381 
Hardy, Joe 381 
Hardy, Larry 191, 381 
Hardy. Patrick 104, 221 
Hardy, Stephen 381 
Hardy. Tom 238 
Hargls, John 381 
Hargrove, Meg 326 
Harklns, Paul 207, 257, 381 
Harkley, Tracelln 326 
Harlow, Ben 196, 251 
Harmond, Jennifer 302 
Harney, Elizabeth 382 
Harper, Scott 326 
Harper, Holly 234, 350 
Harper, Shawronda 23 
Harrell, Thurman 104, 221, 381 
Harrlck, George 104 
Harrlck, Krlsten 104, 326 
Harrlck, Krlstle 204 
harrlck. Michael 240 
Harrington, Anita 302 
Harris, Donald 350 
Harris, Gary 153, 213 
Harris, Klmberly 302 
Harris, Lamar 302 
Harris, Leigh Ann 350 
Harris, Michael 381 
Harris, Robert 326 
Harris, Susan 302 
Harris, Tarl 113, 240 
Harris, Vanessa 327 
Harris, William 104 
Harrison, Angella 326 
Harrison, Chad 254 
Harrison, David 254 
Harrison, Susan 258 
Harrod, Reglna 381 
Hart, Allison 302 
Hart, Karen 350 
Hart, Lynn 224 
Hart, Stephanie ; 302 
Harthcock, Daniel 209 
Harthcock, Pam 232 
Hartsfleid, Cheryl 259, 327 
Hartwlg, Melanle 48, 239 
harvell. Michelle 381 
Harvey, Ron 217 
Harvlson, Venlta 382 
Hasson, Janathan 382 
Hasson, Jonathan 153, 192, 246 
Hataway, Gary 104, 327 
Hataway, Linda Marie 302 
Hataway, Marie 256 
Hatcher, Krlstee 241, 302 
Hatchett. Meg 302 
Hathaway. David 302 
Hathaway. Steven 382 
Hathcock. Lauren 241, 327 
Hathcock. Melody 215 
Hathorn, Carla 350 
Hatter, Matthew ; 302 
Hatter, Michelle 241, 302 
Hawcroft, Bart 211, 350 
Hawcroft, Brad 153, 196, 248, 

Hawkins, Brian 104, 221,302 
Hawkins, Gary 382 
Hawkins, Jennifer 241, 327 
Hawkins, Krlsty 327 
Hawkins, Leslie 381 
Hawkins, Paul 243 
Hawkins, Paula 223, 227. 382 
Hawkins. Stephanie 382 
Hawks, Jennifer 63, 302 
Hawthorne, C 243 
Hayes, Clebeland 104 
Hayes, Cleveland 382 
Hayes, Corey 15 
Hayes, Dephane 283, 351 
Hayes, Doug 204 
Hayes, Georgia 251 
Hayes, Molly 104 
Hayes, Robert 350, 351 
Haynes, Joe A 168 
Haynes, Kristin 327 
Hays, Ashley 201 
Hays, Doug 192 
Hays, Douglas 104, 382 
Hays, Mltzl 242 
Hays, Shawn 251 
Hays, Susan 302 
Hayward, Brand! 303 
Hazelton, Madrlna 198, 303 
Head, Guy 351 
Heard, Phillip 104 
Hearron, Christy 258 
Hearron, Sherrl 327 
Heath, Chris 202 
Heath, Jared 63, 303 
Heavener, Lisa 303 
Hegler, Jennifer 104 
Heidelberg, Maurice 382 
Heltz, Jim 210 
Helmuth, Craig 234 
Helmuth, Manet 240 
Helton, Melanle 192, 241, 327 
Hemphill, Shanda 303 
Hemsley, Bonnie 351 
Henderson, Albertlna 382 

Henderson, Craig 382 
Henderson, Delarle 303 
Henderson, Donna 382 
Henderson, Gary 98 
Henderson, Jerry 127 
Henderson, Lee 382 
Henderson, Lynn 95, 227, 230, 

249, 351 
Henderson, Matt 303 
Henderson, Tom 63 
Hendon, Read 303 
Hendren, Chad 104 
Hendrlx, Guy 327 
Hendry, Paul 240 
Henley, Lee 211, 351 
Henley, Lisa 303 
Henry, Christopher M 23 
Henry, Mark 104, 204 
Henry, Shannon 104 
Henry, Sharon 303 
Henry, Shonne 382 
Henry, Sterrltt 303 
Henry, Tanya 382 
Hensarllng, Boo 382 
Hernandez, Ana Lopez 209 ' 
Hernandez, Dr Ana 234 
Herndon, Klmberly 351 
Herod, Kyong 382 
Herring, Dora 190 
Herring, Dr Clyde 247 
Herring, Glnl 112, 190, 198, 

382, 421 
Herring, Wes 240 
Herrlngton, Les221, 303 
Herrlngton, Lester 104 
Herrlngton, Sara Martin 327 
Herrlngton, Stephanie 240 
Herrod, Daniel 327 
Herron, Sharron 231, 404 
Hess, Jennifer 327 
Hessman, Dirk 254 
Hester. Charles 104 
Hester, Leigh Ann 351 
Hewlett, Melanle 303 
Hlckerson, Elizabeth 351 
Hlckerson, Lisa 351 
Hlckey, Tricle 240 
Hickman, Will A 168 
Hicks, Alan 240 
Hicks, Keith 351 
Hkk., Kevin 327 
Hicks, Shaun 104. 351 
Hlcky, Renee 112 
Hlgglnbotham, Haley 199 
Hlgglnbotham, Rhonda ; 303 
Hlgglnbotham, Sherrl 223 
Hlght, Troy 382 
Hlghtower, Dwayne 327 
Hill, Ann 227, 351 
Hill, Cal 327 
Hill, David. Oxford 351 
Hill. Donald 351 
Hill, Eric 104 
Hill, Ginger 113 
Hill, Holly 96 
Hill, Jennifer 327, 351 
Hill, Jenny 209. 230, 241, 258 
Hill, Klmberly 351 
Hill, Robin 104 
Hill, Scott 241, 257, 327 
Hill, Stacy 382 
Hill, Stephanie 303 
Hill, Tim 382 
Hill, Trad 95, 259, 351 
Hill, Tripp 327 
Hill, William 303 
Hill, Yolanda 95, 382 
Hlltunen, Shawn 211, 351 
Hlndman, Amy 351 
Hlnshaw, Paul 252, 253, 382 
Hlnton, Chandra 327 
Hlnton. Hanson 303 
Hlnton, Timothy 382 
Hlntson, Pam 351 
Hlrsohman, Michelle 382 
Hlser, Roger 211 
Hltchner, Mary 196, 210 
Hitchner, Mary] 196 
Hitt, Laura 153, 382 
Hoang, Mina 204 
Hobart, Kim 351 
Hobart, Mark 382 
Hobby, Klmberly 94, 201, 351 
Hobby, Michael 351, 420 
Hobgood, Wendy 229 
Hobson, Kevin 233 
Hobson, Satonya 351 
Hodge, Carolyn 233 
Hodge, Tim 236 
Hodge, Timothy 351 
Hodges, A 243 
Hodges, Jamie 211, 221, 226, 

Hodges, Rebecca 351 
Hodges, Shelle 421 
Hodges, Shelll 95, 327 
Hoff, Jennifer 112,241,303 
Hoggatt, William 383 
Hogue, Brad 218 
Hoke. Mlchele 208 

Holbrook, Karen 258 

Holbrook, Ken 212 

Holbrook, Kenneth 327 

Holbrook, Rob 217 

Holcom, Kevin 212 

Holcomb, Karl 240, 383 

Holden, Tracy 383 

Holder, Bryan 351 

Holder, Kay 327 

Holder, Melissa 351 

Holekamp, Greg 303 

Hollflekf, Brad 224 

Holifleld. Wendy 383 

Hollfleld, William 383 

Holland, Brad 251 

Holland, Daniel 352 

Holland, Kevin 216, 327 

Holland, Leona 383 

Holland, Mark 352 

Holland, Michael 303 

Holland, Tammy 303 

Holland, Tina 303 

Holley, Patrick 352 

Holley, Shannon 241, 256, 303 

Holllngsworth, Reglna 383 

Hollls, Rick 209, 212 

Hollls, Steve 198 

Hollon. Christopher 327 

Holloway. Collie 327 

Holloway, David 327 

Holloway. Richard 205 

Hollowell, Parker 327 

Holly, Chuck 383 

Holman, James 383 

Holmes, Jean 118,258,327 

Holmes, Kathy 248, 383 

Holmes, Nedra 383 

Holmes, Stephanie 206 

Holomb, Kevin 238 

Holt, Brian 104, 328 

Holt, Jonathan 195 

Holt, Randy 352 

Holyefield, Jo Beth 352 

Homan, Clay 115, 116, 303 

Hood, Dennis 352 

Hood, Gwen 352 

Hood, Lou Ann 303 

Hood, Melanle 104 

Hood, Roger 352 

Hood, Sara 352 

Hooker, Vernell 328 

Hopkins, Henretta 303 

Hopkins, K«vtn 303 

Hopkins, Loretta 328 

Hopper, Charla 209 

Hopping, Greg 328 

Horel, Phil 245 

Horel, Phillip 352 

Horn, Jase 303 

Horn, Jeffrey 383 

Horn, Johnny Van 158, 207 

Horn, Shannon 352 

Horn, Van Johnny 400 

Home, Catherine 246 

Home, Chris 214 

Home, Sandra 383 

Horod, Stephanie 351 

Horton, Benae 304 

Horton, Bradley 251 

Horton, Brian 383 

Horton, Christian 383 

Horton, Dona 241, 303 

Horton, Lacy 303 

Horton, Mlchele 328 

Horton, Stephen 328 

Hotard, Alan 204, 216. 239, 328 

Houcherson. Wade 382 

House, Kathy 228, 231, 352 

Houston, Todd 383 

Houston, Wendy 383 

Hovater. Jon 221 

Hovater, Jonathan 104, 304 

Howard, Chris 352 

Howard, Cyndl 248 

Howard, Jeremy 104, 352 

Howard, Richard 304 

Howard, Sabrlna 383 

Howard, Sean 237 

Howdon, John 304 

Howe, Bradley 383 

Howell, Chad 104, 216 

Howell, Charles 328 

Howell, Gregg 410 

Howell, Gregory Alan 162 

Howell. Holly 223 

Howell, James 352 

Howell, Jimmy 244, 383 

Howell, Jodie 383 

Howell, John 198 

Howell, Katherlne 247, 383 

Howell, Philip 352 

Howlngton, Stephanie 211 

Howot, James 221 

Howze, Debra 104 

Howze, Kevin 229, 328 

Hsu, Kuang-hua 404 

Huam, Evelyn 328 

Hubbard, Cynthia 328 

Hubbard, Josephine 383 

Huckaby, RA; Steve 208 

Huddleston, John C 23 

Hudgins, Kelsey 258, 383 

Hudglns, Kelsy 201 

Hudgins, Leslie 304 

Hudgins, Shana 154, 216, 328 

Hudson, Andrew 254 

Hudson, Chris 104, 352 

Hudson, Cliff 209, 212, 246 

Hudson, Clifton 352 

Hudson, Daniel 352 

Hudson, David 252, 253 

Hudson, Gera 304 

Hudson, Jody 304 

Hudson, Kelly 328 

Hudson, Madison 328 

Hudspeth, Quentln 328 

Huff, Karen ; 304 

Huff, Kellle 383 

Huff, Lonnle 328 

Huffman, Bill 238 

Huffman, Rhonda 352 

Huffstatler, Gena 201, 352 

Hughes, Angela 352 

Hughes, Debbie 258 

Hughes, Deborah 383 

Hughes, Ernie 404 

Hughes. Jonathan 304 

Hughes. Kelll 352 

Hughes, Odle 410 

Hughes, Roxanne 328 

Hulbert, Holly 95, 198, 216, 328 

Hulett, Bobby 217 

Hulett, Robert 328 

Hullman, Jodl 383 

Humbarger, Kim 256, 304 

Humborger, Kim 223 

Humphreys, Edmond 352 

Hundley, Marzella 241, 304 

Hundman, Amu 204 

Hunt, Gian 383 

Hunt, Leigh Ann 95 

Hunt, Sally 202. 328 

Hunt, Shannon 258 

Hunt, Todd 218 

Hunter, Christy 304 

Hunter, Faye 259 

Hunter, Holly 241 

Hunter, Justin 241 

Hurd, Janice 328 

Hurdle, Stanley 383 

Hurley, Fr Gerry 204 

Huston, John 251 

Hyams, Daniel ; 304 

Hykes. Amy 223. 352 

Hymes. Greg 254 

Hynes, John 410 


III, Harry E 221 

Ikerd, Brian 207 

Ikerd, Bryan 15, 383 

Ikerd, Mary Carolyn 304 

Ingels, Carolyn 259, 352 

Ingles, Carolyn 231 

Ingram, Erin 201, 216, 229, 328 

Ingram, Karin 328 

Ingram, Trlsh 384 

Inmon, Jennifer ; 304 

Irby, Marcus 210 

Irby, Missy 247, 384 

Irfan, Syed 241 

Irvine, Sandl 227, 384 

irwin. Amy 154, 162, 196, 214. 

235, 237, 384 
Irwin, Angela 384 
Irwin, Krlstl 304 
Ishee, Dana 94, 352 
Isonhood, Amy 328 
Istre, Eric 204, 328 
Iverson, Anda 94, 352 
Ivey, J Marlin 168 
Ivy. Paul 212 

Jackson, Daniel 304 

Jackson, Head Coach 98 

Jackson, Jimmy 328 

Jackson, John G 154 

Jackson, Judy 352 

Jackson, Kim 384 

Jackson, Lorraine Krametz 236, 

Jackson, Michael 352 
Jackson, Randall 384 
Jackson, Sonya 304 
Jackson, Victor 208 
Jacobe, Brandy 353 
Jacobs, Claire 328 
Jacobs, Mary 241 

Jacobs, Meschelle 384 

Jadzlnskl, Frankle 104, 221, 353 

Jaffer, Nabeel 217 

Jakway, Man 15 

Jakway, Mary 328 

James, Alfle 217 

James, Hathorn; Bonnie 213 

James, Jeff Anthony 154 

James, Kwame Julius 162 

James, Tony 88 

Janeson, Thomas 353 

Jang, Tammy 216, 235, 253, 

Janous, Kenny 218, 353 
Jarrell, Donna 353 
Jarufe, Jenny 384 
Jarvenpaa, Harrl 304 
Jasper, Margaret 214 
Jaudon, Christopher 304 
Jay, Mike 257 
Jet, ; Grand 398 
Jean, Brian 404 
Jean, Monica 104, 255, 384 
Jeanes, Tanya 353 
Jeanes, Terrl 304 
Jeanfreau, Mark 353 
Jeanson, Judy 104 
Jee, Michael 104, 353 
Jeelgan, Tuphannle 328 
Jefcoat, Christy 304 
Jeff, Galagher201,216, 328 
Jeff, Tom 243 
Jeff, Tony 203, 229 
Jefferson, Eric 353 
Jeffres, Jaul 241 
Jeffrey, Mark 98 
Jeffreys, Brian 304 
Jemlson, Ronnie 62 
Jenkins, Amy 249 
Jenkins, Doug 353 
Jenkins, John 257, 353 
Jenkins, David 192 
Jenkins, Samatha 384 
Jenkins, Timothy 353 
Jenkins, Tracy 205 
Jennings, Susan 227, 329 
Jensen, David 255 
Jerdlne, Vakeela 233 
Jerdlne, Wakeela 304 
Jernlgan, Mark 204, 210, 384 
Jernlgan, Gerald 190, 246, 247 
Jernlgan, Typhannle 65, 205 
Jobe, Richie 247 
John, Commander: Cadet 194 
Johnsey, Allison 353, 421 
Johnson, Allison 204, 353 
Johnson, Angela 384 
Johnson, Audra 329 
Johnson, Barry 329 
Johnson, Bethany 304 
Johnson, Bruce 384 
Johnson, Bryan 204 
Johnson, Calvin 23 
Johnson, Carlolyn 384 
Johnson, Daniel 67 
Johnson, David 206, 240 
Johnson, Dean 384 
Johnson, Erlck 254 
Johnson, James 203, 384 
Johnson, Jeffrey 353 
Johnson, Jennifer 304, 329 
Johnson, Jenny 206 
Johnson, Jeremiah 353 
Johnson, Jimmy 69. 240 
Johnson. Joe 204, 221 
Johnson, Joseph 104, 240 
Johnson, Katy 240 
Johnson, Kelll 104, 234 
Johnson, Matilda 384 
Johnson, Paul 104, 353, 384 
Johnson, Ramona 233 
Johnson, Ray 214 
Johnson, Rich 384 
Johnson, Sancho 304 
Johnson, Stacy 353 
Johnson, Stephen 237 
Johnson, Tammy 211, 384 
Johnson, Tawanya;; MS 304 
Johnson, Tommy 254 
Johnson, Trade 304 
Johnson, William 304 
Johnson-Brown, Isis 410 
Johnston, Joe 239, 305 
Johnston, William 104, 329 
Johson, Bethany 192 
Johson, Matilda 205 
Joiner, Jennifer 384 
Jollff, Rolanda 229 
Jolllff, Rolanda 198, 329 
Jone, Bonnie 204 
Jones, Alexander 384 
Jones, Amanda 154, 243, 353 
Jones, Andrea 353 
Jones, Beverly 353 
Jones, Bonnie 66 
Jones, Carmen 384 
Jones, Chip 353 
Jones. Chris 384 
Jones. David 329, 353 
Jones, Debbie 193 


Jones, Derlyn 329 

Jones, Donna 198, 205. 353 

Jones, Elizabeth 329 

Jones, Glna 329 

Jones, Glrault 104. 221, 384 

Jones, Hamp 230, 329 

Jones, Ira 384 

Jones, James 385 

Jones, Jenelle 353 

Jones, Johnny 385 

Jones, Jonna 154, 243 

Jones, Kelly 118 

Jones, Kimberly 329 

Jones, Libby 94, 216 

Jones, Lynn 216, 329 

Jones, Neil 67, 104, 221 

Jones, Pam 95 

Jones, Pamela 385 

Jones, Shannon 210 

Jones. Trudy 305 

Jones, William M 168, 214. 225 

Jonna. Jones 385 

Jordan. Barker 95, 223, 353 

Jordan. Clifton 385 

Jordan. Crystal 305 

Jordan. Grace 154, 243, 256 

Jordan. Jack 209 

Jordan, Janice 385 

Jordan, Paula 195 

Jordan, Slrsandra 385 

Jordan, Tony 244 

Jordon, Grace 138 

Jordon, Jennifer 329 

Jordon, Orian 305 

Jordon, Tongela 329 

Joseph, Keith 87. 88 

Joseph, Tim 254 

Jourdan, Charles 305 

Jourdan, Rebecca 385 

Joyner, Barbara 404 

Joyner, Sara Jane 305 

Joyner, Sara Jayne 63 

Jue, Christina 353 

Jue, Christian 198 

Jue, Patrick 305 

Jue, Stephen 353 

Juneau, Jody 329 

Justice. Allen 353 

Justice, Angela 329 

Justice, Angle 202 


Kabatznlck, Shanna 205, 385 

Kaewsurtya, Slrlporn 208, 404 

Kahl, Jim 385 

Kahler. Norman 241, 249. 329 

Kallaher. John 198, 305 

Kane, TerrlAnne 329 

Kanode, Karen 354 

Kao, Lee 241 

Kao, Wei 404 

Kaplan, Clare 305, 421 

Kassis, Nayef 241 

Kayvan, Elahl 241 

Keankey, Kim 354 

Keating, Kim 208 

Keawkhong, Tawee 404 

Keeler, Allison 329 

Keener, Stacey 329 

Keesler, Isabel 104 

Kelm, Richard 104 

Kelsman, Adoam 69 

Keith, Marty 235 

Keith, Mary 354 

Kelthley, Maria 354, 421 

Kellebrew, Thonda 202 

Keller, Carole 354 

Kelley, Susan 213 

Kelley, Tommy 354 

Kellls, Sean 254 

Kelly, Gerl 385 

Kelly, Heather 305 

Kelly. Kolleen 231, 252, 385 

Kelly, Kollen 253 

Kelly, Michael 245 

Kelly, Sophia 104 

Kemp, Jason 305 

Kemp, Julie 305 

Kemp, Penny 354 

Kendall, Ellisa 329 

Kendall, J J 231, 354 

Kendrick, Michael 104 

Kennedy, Amber 227, 385 

Kennedy, John 202 

Kennedy, Lucretla 329 

Kennedy, Raymond 329 

Kennedy, Robert 385 

Kennedy, Suzanna 385 

Kennedy, Allan 233, 354 

Kenny, Shelly 254 

Kent, Dana 410 

Kent, Gena 385 

Kent, Keith 385 

Keogh. Michael 104, 385 

Keough, Mike 259 

Kern, Michael 354 

Kerr, Bryan 235 

Key, Anthony 198, 385 

Keyes, Judy 305 

Khan, Babar 217, 241 

Khan, Faisal 217 

Khan. Shakeel 217, 404 

Khan, Tahlr Dlldar 217 

Khawaja, Mohamed 241 

Klchens, Harry 235 

Kldd, Danielle 385 

Kldd. Danlele211,248 

Kldd. Jeffrey 385 

Klfer, Stephen 385 

Kllgore, Crystal 239. 305 

Kllgore. Harold 235. 385 

Klllebrew. Rhonda 258 

Kllllngsworth. J 243. 385 

Kllpatrlck. Leigh Ann 385 

Klmbrell, Jeffrey 329 

Klmbrough, Carrie 329 

Klmbrough, Catherine 154, 202, 

Klmby, John 330 
Klnard, Stacy 209, 212 
Klncald, Justine 329 
Klncald, Patton 305 
King, Ashll 329 
King, Jennifer 196 
King, Karen 385 
King. Kathy 385 
King, Kim 354 
King, Kimberly 329 
King, Melanle 23 
King, Randy 329 
King, Rodney 104. 274 
King, Shane 235 
Klnnan. Rachel 305 
Klpker, Randall 385 
Klrby, Denson 104, 330 
Klrby. John 239 
Klrby. Krlstlna 191 
Klrkland, Tammy 386 
Klrkwood, Lisa 330 
Kitchens, Lara 354 
Kitchens, Shane 354 
Klttrell, Robert 354 
Klose, Pete 64 
Klose, Peter 330 
Knays, Lla 354 
Knight, Chad 330 
Knight, Joseph 354 
Knight, Melissa 255, 354 
Knight, Zach 305 
Knowlton. Jeffrey 254 
Knox, Archelous 305 
Knox, Bill 214 
Knox, Kahla 305 
Kobayash, Masahlko 354 
Koch, Dawn 109 
Koch, Jeff 237 
Koehn, Jeff 220 
Koehn, Sean 254 
Koerner. Wyatt 104 
Kolczynskl, Jennifer 114, 115 
Kollea, Kevin 386 
Koonce, Ty 238 
Kopyto, Sonla 96, 305 
Korytosk, Steve White 254 
Koslnskl, Edward 354 
Koskela, Leslie 223 
Koukourakls, George 330 
Kramer, Brian 247 
Kramer, Michelle 305 
Kramer, Tanya 241, 354 
Krause, Chantal 204, 386 
Krause, David 204, 386 
Krausse, Kurt 354 
Kremser, Lorl 259 
Kron, Allen 386 
Krzemlnskl, Marcln 408 
Ku. Catherine 404 
Kuenhdorf. Brian 386 
Kulkarl, Erik 68 
Kum. Jun 208 
Kummuang, Nantana 404 
Kuronen, Christina 330 
Kwaslnskl, Jim 254 
Kwell. Chlew 330 
Kyi, Winn 404 
Kyle, William 104, 305 

L, Kim Keating 206 
Lacey, Tiffany 216, 223 
Lack, Clint 386 
Lacy, Michelle 354 
Ladner, Klnta 251 
Ladner, Malcolm 217 
Ladner, Renee 330 
Ladnler, Dana 404 
LaFontalne, Vlckl 330 
LaFountaine, Chad 354 

LaGrasslc, Jan 225 
Lai, Dora 241 
Lai, Sara 241, 404 
Lai, Yee Muh 208 
Lalche, Sue Ann 224, 241 
Lakely, Christopher 354 
Lakey, Dana 354 
Lalonde, Christen 305 
Lamb, Chris 305 
Lamb. Julia 65, 330 
Lambert. Bridget 386 
Lambert, Dena 386 
Lambert, Donald 386 
Lambert, Sandra Lynn 154 
Lambert, Susan 330 
Lamonlca, Mike 241 
Lancaster, Cathy 386 
Lancaster, Jay 201, 216, 330 
Lancaster, Joshua 330 
Land, Beth 218, 227, 243, 256, 

Land, Charlotte 242 
Landfair, Zwanardo 354 
Lane, Andrea 209, 330 
Lane. Betty 354 
Lane, Erica 224 
Lane. Melanle 258, 354 
Lane, Michelle 61 
Lane, Sherrle 354 
Lang, Angela 198. 305 
Lange, Chrlstpher 330 
Lange, Chris 238 
Langford, 'Shay 305 
Langford, Thomas 386 
Langley, Bob 238 
Langley, LaDonna 355 
Langley, Rhonda 355 
Lannom, Keith 209. 232, 404 
Lanthrum, Reece 202 
Lantz, Lorl 217, 330 
Large, Christopher 212 
Larkln, Brulck 251 
Larsen, Amy 410 
Larson, Julie 355 
Lashley, Stacy 23, 386 
Lassner, Lee 225 
Lassuar, Lee 404 
Laster. Ryn 386 
Latham, Jayne 386 
Latham, Joseph 224 
Latham, Richard 305 
Latham, Terry 330 
Lathem, Terry 241 
Latour, Mickey 224 
Lauderdale, David Childress 214, 

Laurderdale, Glna 355 
Laurence, Brad 251 
Laurson, Michelle 242 
LaValle, Erik Gerhardt 154 
LaValle. Erik 214 
LaValle, Erik 211 
Lawrence, Anthony 62. 306 
Lawrence, David 238 
Lawrence, Laura 226, 240. 386 
Lawrence, Michelle 355 
Lawrence, Paul 386 
Laws, Jan 330 
Lawson, Kim 306 
Lawson, Samuel 104 
Layman, David 104 
Le, Trang 306 
Leach. Bruce 235, 386 
Leach, James 386 
Leach, Rebecca 306 
Leary, Joe 254 
LeBlanc, Jane 241 
LeBlanc, Willa 241 
Ledbetter, Glna 386 
Lee, Chee Ming 386 
Lee, Chew-Peng 386 
Lee, Chris 386 
Lee, Susan 199, 330 
Lee, Fun-ya 206 
Lee, Gayla 355 
Lee, Jason 306 
Lee, Jasper 210 
Lee, Jeffrey 212 
Lee, Julie 306 
Lee, Kent 209 
Lee, Michael 104, 224 
Lee, Soo 241 
Lee, Sookyoung 355 
Lee, Stephanie 104, 306 
Lee, Tammle 217, 330 
Lee, Tammy 225 
Lee, Tim 355 
Lee, Tommy; MS 386 
Lee, Towanda 330 
LeFlore, Amy; TX 386 
LeGassIck, Jan 104, 330 
Leggett, Joy 15, 95, 355 
Leggett, Tomma 306 
Lehman, Deborah 355 
Lemon, Leslie; Ocean 386 
Lenoir, Tony 104 
Leonard, Pamela Dlan 162 
Leonard, Todd 200 
Leonard, Vlckl 192, 330 
Leong, Tlangway 355 

Leopard, Charles 306 
Lepard, Lana 306 
Lerma, Carl 227, 241, 355 
Lestrade, J P 209 
Lewers, Marsha 198 
Lewers, Mltzl 330 
Lewers, Morsha 205 
Lewis, Bill 236 
Lewis, Carl 355 
Lewis, Kelly 190. 235, 355 
Lewis, Kenneth 23 
Lewis, Kevin 207 
Lewis, Kevin, MS 386 
Lewis. Pam 194, 224 
Lewis, William 240 
Lewis. William; MS 386 
Lewis, Yolanda 248, 387 
Leyden, Dennis R 179 
Leyden, Tara 250, 355 
Li, Hslu-Mel 404 
Lindauer, Kathleen 387 
Llndsey, Christie 355 
Llndsey, Marian 227, 230, 355 
Llndstrom, Ronny 239 
Linn, Heather 355 
Linton, Barry 387 
Llpford, Keith 241, 355 
Lipplncott, Susan 330 
Lipscomb, Kathryn 95 
Llpsey, David 104. 200. 204, 

223, 355 
Llschdoff, Nancy; AL 314 
Llschkoff, Nancy 104 
Lister. Trlcla 330 
Little, Annette 355 
Little, Dave 355 
Little, Joe 249 
Little, Mark 306 
Little, Reglna 104 
Llttlejohn, Jere' W 155 
Liu, Chzh 241 
Liu, Steve 387 
Lively, Greg 227 
Livingston, Lesley 204 
Livingston, Molly 330 
Livingston, Nicole 355 
Livingston, Scott 67, 220 
Lloyd, Carlos 387 
LoBianco, Debbie 211, 234 
LoBlanco. Debra Ann 387 
Loblanco, Debbie 234 
Lochrldge, Laurie 204, 240, 306 
Lock, Deborah 240 
Locke, Angel 241 
Locke, Edward 355 
Locke, Janet 306 
Lockett, James 104 
Lockett, Mary 104, 226, 330 
Lockhart, Kerrl 387 
Logan, Elizabeth 330 
Lollar, Edward 198, 387 
Lolley, Shannon 202. 227. 241, 

Lolley, Terry 203 
Long, Alicia 104, 240, 241 
Long, Anna 200, 202 
Long, Denesha 355 
Long, Deryl 387 
Long, Gentry 202 
Long, Jeff 203 
Long, John 306, 356 
Long, Tara 235, 245, 331 
Long, William 23. 356 
Longmire, Becky 104 
Longmlre, Mark 104 
Longstreet, David 356 
Lopez, Candldo 204, 234, 356 
Lott, Susan 142, 387 
Louis, Lisa St 235 
Louis, St Lisa 397 
Louslville, , MS 399 
Love, David 331 
Lowe, Tywanda 23 
Lowery, Charles 221 
Lowery, Jim 306 
Lowery, Michael 387 
Lowery, Mlcheal Scott 155 
Lowery, Scott 196, 214, 235 
Lowery, Shannon 356 
Lowery, Stacy 251, 387 
Lowery, Trade 356 
Lt, Vice Commander: 194 
Lucke, Janet 112 
Luckett, Will 226 
Luelus, Stephanie 306 
Luhanga, Jeffrey 404 
Luke, Penny 356 
Lunceford, Lea Ann 356 
Lundeen, Chad 306 
Lundeer, Chad 62 
Lundy, Doug 306 
Lunsford, Leanne 155 
Lusk, Scott 331 
Luth, Scott 241 
Luth, Tara Long 241 
Luvene, James W 168 
Lyell, Leigh Allison 249, 250, 

256. 356 
Lynch, Terrl 387 
Lynch, Terry 246 

Lyons, David 204 
Lyons, Gary 331 
Lyons, Jennifer 234 
Lytle, Tim 207 


Ma, Tina Louise 387 

Mabry, Georgia 204 

Mabus, Ray 168 

Maclna, Mark 410 

Maddox. Kim 200 

Madison, Stacy 209. 212 

Madzy, Mark 410 

Magee, Amy 214, 235, 246, 387 

Magee, Beverly 331 

Magee, David 356 

Maghan, Kay 95, 243, 387 

Mai, Thao 306 

Maler, Missy 138, 256, 356 

Major, AAS Comm 193 

Makamson, Cher 190 

Makamson, Chris 387 

Makamson, tlsha 201, 331 

Makl, Art 204 

Male, Barry Lee 155 

Mallnen, Pasl 387 

Mallery, John 224 

Mallet, Stephanie 216 

Mallett, Judy 410 

Mallette, Allsha 306 

Mallette, Leigh 214 

Mallette, Stephen 387 

Malley, Jerry 387 

Mallory, Lewis 306 

Malone, Kathy 248, 387 

Malone, Sharon 356 

Maloney, Melissa 387 

Malorey, Melissa 190 

Manasco, Christie 356 

Mandlus, Per 241, 356 

Maness, Mary Ann 204, 356 

Mangum, Carol 104 

Mangum, Debra; MS 387 

Mangum, Ginger 192, 306 

Mangum, Melynn 306 

Mangum, Mickey 104 

Mann, Kenneth 223, 231 

Mannls, Danielle 410 

Manow, Angle 223 

Mansell, John 356 

Manuel, Jenny 306 

Manuel, Patrick 200, 201 

Manuel, Theresa 331 

Marble, Clayton 306 

Marble, Marcus 356 

Marble. Michelle ; 331 

Marcev, Randy 204 

Marchant, Bill 217 

Marchant, William 331 

Marcum, John; AL 387 

Marcus, West 338 

Marett, Kent 306 

Marett, Laurel Amanda 163 

Marett, Mandl 221, 228. 243 

Marett, Mandl; MS 387 

Marin, David 241 

Marin, Susan 240 

Marion, Robin, Moss 387 

Markham, Tamara 306 

Marlar, Kim 211 

Marlar, Kimberly 356 

Marlow, Steve 356 

Marquez, Amy 228, 230, 233, 

Marquez, Arma 331 
Marquez, Katy ; 306 
Marquez, Arna 216 
Marrltte, Mark 199 
Marroquln, Estuarou 208 
Marsha, Fortenberry 325 
Marshall, Angela 228, 230, 356 
Marshall, Christopher 356 
Marshall, Eugenia 331 
Marshall, John; MS 387 
Marshall, Michael 356 
Marshall, Nell 389 
Marshall, Tracl 95, 247, 389 
Marszalek, Jamie 247 
Martello. Mellnda 331 
Marter, Melanle 223, 356 
Martin, Ambro 356 
Martin, Cynthia 356 
Martin, Joe 356 
Martin, Laura 118 
Martin, Lias 95 
Martin, Lisa 202, 216, 331 
Martin, Mike 208 
Martin, Patricia 306 
Martin, Rayna 204 
Martin, Johnny 216, 389 
Martin, Tamara 331 
Martin, Tiffany 227 
Martin, Wynde 356 
Martlndale, Paige 237 

Martinez, Amy 258 
Martlnollch, Stephen 204, 237, 

Maruccl, Tony 200, 240 
Marvin, David 204 
Mashburn, Carmen 389 
Mason, Gregg 240, 389 
Mason, Holly 306 
Mason, Jill 389 

Mason, Kelly 211, 243, 249, 356 
Masood, Mujahld 208, 217 
Massey, Craig 389 
Massle, Marc 221 
Massle, Mark 104 
Masson, Lea 241 
Masson, Lisa 259 
Masters, Burke 74, 76, 79, 110 
Mathews, Hope 389 
Mathis, Jennifer 215, 356 
Mathis, Susan 389 
Matljevlch, Georgeen 192 
Matsumoto, Akl 241 
Matthews, Hope 231, 244 
Matthews, Sonny 244 
Matton, Richard 307 
Mattox, Dana 223 
Mattox, Jonathan 331 
Mauldln, Todd 214 
Maxson, B J 203 
Maxwell, Gregg 214 
May, Brett 16 
May, Brock 209, 232 
May, Chrlstia 207 
May, Krlstlna 307 
May, Maria 356 
May, Suzanne 209 
May, William 389 
May, Zoe 240 
Mayer, Ann 104 
Mayes, Chris 307 
Mayfield, Dana 389 
Mayfleld, Matthew 307 
Mayhall, Tina 104 
Mayhan, Teena 357 
Mayhlll, Tina 357 
Mayo, Teresa 357 
Mazaffar, Dr Zahld 206 
Maze, Greg 389 
McAlexander, Shane 307 
Mcanally, Heather 307 
McBeath, Nicole 331 
McBroom, Andrew 307 
McCabe, Andrew 208, 389 
McCabe, Stacy 389 
McCaffery, Mary 357 
McCain, Michael 194, 389 
McCall, Byron 307, 410 
McCanless, Bill 214 
McCanless, William 405 
McCardle, Mike 389 
McCarley, Bryon 104, 307 
McCarley. Lara Dawn 155 
McCarley, Lara Down 357 
McCarra, Connie 331 
McCarroll, Teresa 331 
McCarter, Coretta 205, 389 
McCarter, Kendall 213, 357 
McCarter, Kendall 213 
McCarter, Robert 357 
McCarty, Stacy 410 
McCary, Amy 331 
McCasklll, Beth 202 
McCasklll. Elizabeth 389 
McCasklll, Kevin 357 
McCauley, Jonathan 357 
McClaln, Natalie 258 
McClanahan, Becky 307 
McClananHan, Becky 241 
McCluney, David 389 
McClure, Lorle 104 
McClure, Natalie 307 
McCollum, Vaughn 389 
McComb, Donovan 331 
McCommon, Kenneth 357 
McConald, Laura 237 
McConn, Chris 254 
McConnell, Summer 240, 331 
McCool, Ellen 389 
McCool, Heather 331 
McCord, Lee 212 
McCorkle, Wesley 307 
McCormlck, Cory 357 
McCormlck, Sjohn 274, 357 
McCown, Colin 405 
McCoy, Courtney 94, 196, 243, 

McCoy, Kyle 331 
McCoy, Sarah 357 
McCoy, Terrlssla 389 
McCraw, Jon 389 
McCraw, Michael 357 
McCreary, Lauren 357 
McCrotch, Philip 331 
McCubblns, Wendy 331 
McCulloch, Rlc 247 
McCulloch, Richard 389 
McCullough, Wendy 201, 357 
McCurley, Marti 259, 357 
McDade, Ashley 307 
McDanlel, Leigh 331 


McDanlel, Mary Katherlne 307 
McDanlel, Michael 331 
McDanlel, Michael, MS 389 
McDanlels. Chad 307 
McDonald, Denlse 239, 331 
McDonald, Jennifer 357 
McDonald, Julie 357 
McDonald, Laura 240 
McDonald, Marvin; MS 389 
McDonald, Paul 241 
McDonald, Ricky E 23 
McDonnall, editor; Shay 224 
McDonough, Teresa 331 
McElveen. Cathy 198. 226. 249. 

Mcfarland, Brenda 357 
McGarrahan, Cathryn 104 
McGarvahan, Cathryn 307 
McGee, Bill 206 
McGee, Jerry 67, 213, 357 
McGee, Jerry 213 
McGee, Trlcanna 104 
McGeehee, Julie 190, 249 
McGehee, Jennifer 307 
McGehee, Julie 357 
McGllbra. Laura 307 
McGllbra, Ronald 357 
McGln, Rebecca 258 
McGowan, Patricia; MS 389 
McGowen, Scott 214, 235 
McGregor, Klmberlle 357 
McGregor. Phillip, MS 389 
McGuffee, Lorl 357 
McGulre. Christy 332 
Mclnnls, Deborah; MS 389 
Mclnnls, J P 221, 388 
Mclntlre, Wesley 388 
Mcintosh, Tamatha 240 
Mclntyre, Ken 255 
McKay, Shannon 307 
McKee, Julon 210 
McKee. Lee 192, 246 
McKenzle, Rob 69, 254 
McKenzle, Robert 307 
McKeown, Patricia 410 
McKlhney, Dana 357 
McKlnley, Barbara 388 
McKlnney, Dana 241 
McKlnney, Danny 204 
McKlnney, Joe 388 
McKlnney, Wanda 357 
McKinnon, Bryan 251 
McKlnsey, Jeff 210 
McKnlght, Karen 357 
McLaln, Natalie 211 
McLaln. Stacy 388 
McLellan, Lydla 258 
mcLellon. James 203 
McLeroy, Christine 236. 259 
McLeroy, Margaret 332 
McMahan, Tony 104 
McMakln, Krlsti 332 
McMaster. Stacy 358 
McMlchael. Melody 388 
McMillan, Gllly 209 
McMillan, Stephen ; 388 
McMllhn, Melissa 307 
McMlnn, Ronald 388 
McMlnn. Scott 257 
McMorrough, Tammle 388 
McMullan, Stephen 358 
McMullen, Shana 388 
McMullen, Tina 307 
McMullIn, Chad 332 
McMullln. Michael 388 
McMurry, Valerie 307 
McNalr, Frances 190 
McNalr, Jeff 388 
McNalr, Stacy 332 
McNalr, Susie 235, 388 
McNalr. Tamara 358 
McNally, Heather 332 
McNeal. Kenneth 211 
McNeal, Klmberly 332 
McNeal, Krlsti McMakln 241 
McNease, Lorl 212 
McNeely, DeAnn 259 
McNeese, Amanda 358 
McNeil, Mike 307 
McNeil. Son|a 388 
McPherson, Melissa 332 
McRae, Buddy 233 
McRae, John M 175 
McRenonlds. Polly 388 
McReynolds, Pauline Swan 163 
McReynolds, Polly 201, 218 
McReynolds, Sara Beth 202, 

229, 358 
McReynolds, Tom 250 
McSwiney, Michael 239 
McTaggert, Tommy 23 
McWhorter, Sug 358 
McWllllams, Hayden 307 
McWlillams, Robert 255 
Meadows, Amy 388 
Meadows. Bill 212. 238 
MeClellan. student activities; 213 
Meeks, Diane 332 
Meeks, John 410 
Meets, John 191 

Megehee, Keith 249 

Megehee. Paul 358 

Mehallc, Jill 155, 247 

Mellen, Authur 388 

Mellen, Mary 104 

Mellen, Meo 243 

Mellon, Elizabeth 358 

Melton. Bobby 307 

Menlfleld, Charles 405 

Menlfleld, Gloria 358 

Mercer, H Dwlght 187 

Mercler, Damlan 358 

Merrltte, Mark 250 

Metcalf. Ashley 358 

Metcalfe. Leslie 332 

Methvln, Travis 388 

Meyers, Chris 254 

Meyers, Lorl 307 

Meyers, Sherry 307 

Michael, Christy 332 

Michael, Jennifer 358 

Mlchell, Ian 104 

Mlddleton, Dalton 388 

Mlddleton. Lance 232 

Mlddleton, Mark 237 

Miles, Bruan 358 

Miles, Catherine 307 

Miles, Kara 308 

Miles, Michelle 63 

Mlley. Ben|amln 332 

Mlley. Matthew 388 

Miller. David 358 

Miller. Diane 168 

Miller, Eric 224 

Miller. Greg 358 

Miller, Jason 308 

Miller, Jena 236 

Miller, Jody 358 

Miller, KoKo 308 

Miller, Lena 241, 388 

Miller, Mack 163, 199, 218. 243, 

Miller, Marnle 66 
Miller, Melanle 358 
Miller, Mellnda 236, 332 
Miller, Otis 224 
Miller, Robby 308 
Miller, Ronda 241 
Miller, Andy 224 
Miller, Shawn 332 
Miller, Stephanie 241. 332 
Miller, Terl 225, 388 
Miller, Tiffany 258 
Miller, Trenton 234 
Mllllgan, Deborah 405 
Mllllgan. Michael 308 
Mills, Ken 238 
Mills, Paula 308 
Mills, Sonya Tharp 244, 332 
Mlllsaps, Angela 358 
Milne, Brlgner 358 
Mllner. Heidi 202, 255, 358 
Mllstead. Deana 388 
Mlms, Clifton ; 308 
Mlms, Patsy 388 
Minding, Kurt 241 
Mlnga, Martle 388 
Minor, Anna 202, 308, 421 
Mlnton, Jeff 216, 257 
Mlnton, Jeffrey 332 
Mire, Tanya 308 
Mister, Carol 388 
Mitchell, Amy 155. 194. 196, 

Mitchell, Angela 388 
Mitchell, Anthony 216 
Mitchell, Carlsa 255, 358 
Mitchell, Amy 196 
Mitchell, Chad 332 
Mitchell. Darrell 358 
Mitchell. David 76 
Mitchell, Elizabeth 308 
Mitchell, Gerald 405 
Mitchell, Jennifer 358 
Mitchell. Liz 256 
Mitchell, Wanda 358 
Mitten, Sarah 96 
Mlxon, Victoria 308 
Mobley, Dennis 308 
Mock, Lisa 308 
Modden, Tara 331 
Modlna, Williams, 316 
Moffett, Miriam 308 
Moffltt, Ken 104, 223, 308 
Mola, Michael 358 
Molton, Brian 308 
Moncada, Patricia 332 
Monette, Will 219 
Monrle. Tim 214 
Monroe. Ashley 256 
Monroe, Lance 257. 358 
Montgomery, Meg 201, 229, 230 
Montgomery, Stefanle 95, 155 
Montgomery, Stephanie 247, 

249. 388 
Mood. Chris 390 
Moody, Kim 202, 259 
Moody, Klmberly 332 
Mooney, Sarah 219 
Moonsey, William 332 

Moore, Arnold J 180 
Moore, Audra 1 239 
Moore, Ava Lisa 390 
Moore, Chrlstl 114, 115 
Moore, Danny 163, 405 
Moore, Dr Reuben 206 
Moore, Dwayn 196 
Moore, Hollle 259. 390 
Moore, Holly 332 
Moore, Kevin 214, 405 
Moore, Laura 332, 421 
Moore, Margaret 332 
Moore, Melissa 390 
Moore, Mona 390 
Moore, Necole MS 308 
Moore, Riley 405 
Moore, Robert 64 
Moore, Todd 241 
Moore, Tommy 358 
Moore, Trayce 390 
Moore, Wendy 94, 358 
Moosavi, Marzleh 358 
Mora, Mike 254 
Moran, Brett 201 
Moree, Shay 235, 359 
Moreland, Kelsha 255. 390 
Moreland. 215, 252, 253, 390 
Morgan, Anthony 248 
Morgan. Blair 200, 201, 207 
Morgan, Brian 390 
Morgan, Jody 308 
Morgan, Ken 104 
Morgan, Klmberly 359 
Morgan, Lea 308 
Morgan, Mark 308 
Morgan, Marshall 235 
Morgan, Michelle 359 
Morgan. Munni 258 
Morgan, Mylane 224, 308 
Morgan. Blair 207 
Morgan, Rick 359 
Mortal, Lisa 216 
Moring, Jane 217 
Morphis, Jennifer 202 
Morris, Bubba 257 
Morris, Eddie 390 
Morris, John 252, 253, 332 
Morris, William 359 
Morrow, Brad 254 
Morrow, Brendan 359 
Morrow, Leigh 359 
Morrow, Todd 235, 248, 252. 

Morrow, Sally 202. 308. 421 
Morrow, Volanda 332 
Morse, David 207, 359 
Morse, Jim 308 
Mortan. Christina 308 
Morton. Lasongia 332 
Mosal. Judith 258 
Moseley, Alicia 390 
Moseley. Brian 224 
Moseley. Candee 203 
Moseley. Marcus 308 
Moseley, Nina 390 
Moseley, Shane 390 
Moser, Valorle 308 
Moses, Corey 204, 221, 390 
Moses, Natalie 95, 202. 359 
Mosley, Candee 202. 203, 216, 

231, 256, 332 
Mosquera, Ana Maria 359 
Moss, Joseph 359 
Moss, Thomas 211, 248 
Mott, Jeanlne 204 
Moye. Marsha 201 
Mraclch, Amy 113 
Muha, Jennifer 138. 155, 223. 

256. 390 
Mulrhead, Curtis 233 
Mulllns, Caria 390 
Mulllns. Maureen 410 
Mulllns, Mlcki 190, 332 
Mulllns, Micky 112 
Mumford, Aleclsa 308 
Muncy, Craig 206 
Murphree, Gregg 240 
Murphree, Mlchele 405 
Murphree, Stacy Morris 163 
Murphy, Amanda 104 
Murphy. Bill 390 
Murphy, James 390 
Murphy, Jay 227, 229. 359 
Murphy, Keith 217 
Murray, Michael 359 
Musa, Ibrahim 241 
Muse, Tim 204 
Muse, Timothy 359 
Myers, Christy 359 
Myers. Connie 359 
Myers. John 231. 241. 252. 253. 

Myers, Krlsti 244 
Myers, Steve 359 
Myles, Eddie 88 
Myles. Rhodesia 332 
Myrlck, Beth 215 
Myrlck, Jerry 217 
Myrlck, Lisa 359 


Nabors, Gabriel 359 

Nabors, Julie 94 

Nabors, Sharron 308 

Nace, Rod 217 

Nail, David 359 

Nail. Kevin 205 

Nance, Kelly 390 

Nash, Dr Henry 221, 245 

Nash, Jon 410 

Nash. Ray 210. 404 

Nash. Tammy 275 

Nash, Timothy 104 

Naslltion, Amlnul Radjab 404 

Neach, Paige 224 

Neal, Bart 308 

Neal, Matthew 390 

Neal. Natacla 390 

Neal, Scott 235 

Neaves, Donna 390 

Nebeker, Lisa 240, 259 

Neely, Cindy 390 

Neely, Tana 333 

Nelson, Benji 115, 116 

Nelson, Lora 104, 204, 308 

Nelson, Shannon 359 

Nelson, Stephanie 333 

Nemeth, Mike 113 

Nergen, Ted 15 

Nesblt. David 333 

Nesmlth. Stacey 390 

Nester, Todd 333 

New, Rachel 155, 359 

Newberry, Alison 240, 333 

Newklrk, William 104 

Newlon, Tammy 127 

Newman, Bobby 390 

Newman, Connie 359 

Newman, Kimberly 390 

Newman, Michael Edward 156, 

Newman, Michelle 405 
Newsome, Ellen 207 
Newton, Dale 333 
Newton, John Jr 359 
Ng, Raymond 217 
Nguyen, Thanhvan 390 
Nlcam, Rajesh 405 
Nicholas, Paula 258 
Nichols, Brad 203 
Nichols, Cameron 309 
Nichols. Danl 104 
Nichols. Matt 359 
Nichols, Nicole 390 
Nicholson, Eric 309 
Nicholson. Mary 410 
Nicks. Chandra 235. 359 
Nlckson. Willie 390 
Nlelson. Nate 204 
Nlepel. Alex 96 
Nlgam, Rajesh 214 
Nilsson, Per 98 
Noblle. Kerrl 309 
Noble, Julie 118 
Nokes, Joe 333 
Nolen. Michelle 258. 359 
Nordon, Walker 63 
Nordstrom, Stephanie 333 
Norman, James 359 
Norment, Karen 359 
Norton, Thomas Chadwick 156 
Nosser, Mike 214 
Novak, Shannon 360 
Nowak, Brian 254 
Nowell. Charles 333 
Nowell, Jlmmle 360 
Nunnelee. shannon 156. 202. 

227. 228, 230, 243, 249 
Nur, Omar 217 
Nyberg, Gus 69 
Nye, Bill 211 


O'Brien. Mike 204 
O'Carroll, Kathy 241 
O'Connell, Janey 104 
O'Dell, Emmett 234 
O'Mlre, Leigh Ann 196, 391 
O'Neal, Dwlght 212. 232 
O'Neal, Robby 309 
O'Neal, Will , 309 
O'Nell. Joe 204 
O'Nell. Joseph 104 
O'Quln. Caroline 104 
O'Reilly, Shannon 241 
Oakes. Trae 309 
Ochello, Dlno 204 
Odlnet, Rebecca Louise 156 
Odom, Daniel 104 
Odom, Jill 333 

Oglesby, Todd ; 390 
Ogletree, Elizabeth 218, 391 
Ogorda, Mary 360 
Oho, Theresa 60 
Olan, Shencen 405 
Oldshue, John 236 
Ollphant, Vicky 221, 247, 391 
Olive, Matthew 104 
Oliver, Karen 333 
Olmsted, Lessley 234 
Olonwell, Janel 333 
Olson, Bubba 232 
Ong, Soo-Ban , 309 
Orlando, Mario 391 
Orman, Julie 94, 203, 218 
Ormon, Julie 156, 218, 227. 

250, 391 
Osadchuk, Walter 391 
Osby, Cynthia 391 
Osteen, Karen 333 
Oswalt, Ed 226 
Oswalt, Lauren Ashley 309 
Oswalt. Patricia 248 
Otto, Theresa ; 309 
Overstreet, Brian 360 
Owen. Cheryl 360 
Owen. Jim 104 
Owen, Kayce 333 
Owen, Melody 223 
Owen, Scott 360 
Owens, David 309 
Owens, Elizabeth 309 
Owens, James 240 
Owens, Mony 64 
Owens, Shauna 109, 360 
Owing, Allen 248 
Owlngs, Allen 211 

Pace, Darrell 104 
Pace, Greg 224 
Pace. Jennifer 225 
Pace. Karen 391 
Pace. Klmberly 360 
Packwood, Chris 391 
Page, Daniel 203 
Page, David 104. 203 
Pajusalo. Jarkko 405 
Palazzo, Stevan 204 
Palmer. Jeff 206 
Palmer. Charles 360 
Palmer. Damon 116 
Palmer, Denys 309 
Palmer, Kim 198 
Palmer, Smith, Stephen 213 
Palmer, Stephen 63 
Palmertree, Melanle 309 
Pam. Yang Kong 391 
Pandolfl, Patrick 333 
Paphdopullos, Miguel 391 
Papheam, Daniel 104 
Paquln. Donna 104 
Parades. Jose 241 
Pardue, Collin 237. 360 
Parfalt. Trenell 309 
Parham. Jeannie 360 
Parham, Julie 391 
Parish, Bert 333 
Parish, Phil 208 
Parish, Richard 23 
Parker. Chad 254 
Parker, Cheryta 333 
Parker, David W 23 
Parker, Deborah 309 
Parker. Eric 309 
Parker, Greg 212 
Parker, Jerome 274 
Parker, Shane 254 
Parker, Stacey 191 
Parker, Treton 360 
Parks. Jeff 241 
Parks, Lee 202 
Parrls, Holly 333 
Parrish, Christy 333 
Parrlsh, David 333 
Parrish, Mlchele 360 
Parrlsh. Rachel 241, 333 
Parsons, Christina 360 
Pass, Albertina 360 
Passons, Jennifer 360 
Passons, Paige 240, 309 
Passons, Peyton 333 
Pate. Billy 98. 391 
Pate, Christy 333 
Pate, Derrick 309 
Pate. Dexter 191 
Patel, Jayen 405 
Patel, Jltendra 360 
Patel, Mlta 333 
Patel. Sharmlshtha 309 
Paterson, Jason 360 
Patino, Bent 191 
Patlno. Bert 391 
Patrick, Alex 333 

Patrick, David Allen 104, 221, 

Patrick, Stephanie 360 
Patterson, Julie 190 
Patterson. Kevin 391 
Patterson. R 243, 391 
Patton, Chris 241 
Patton, Dr James 205 
Patton, Jan 192. 333 
Patton, Tim 213 
Patureau, Alicia 360 
Paul, David 360 
Pauls, Anthony 62 
Payne, Bryan 309 
Payne, Emma Kate 391 
Payne, Jennifer 360 
Payne, Margaret 104 
Payne, Molly 309 
Payne, Penny 95 
Payne, Scott 209, 232 
Payne, Steve 391 
Peace, Oscar 198, 274 
Peacock, Bennie 360 
Peacock, Jennifer 241, 309 
Peacock, Laurie 333 
Peacock, Tom 98 
Peare, Oscar 360 
Pearman, Auburn 223, 391 
Pearson, Janae 333 
Pearson, Jenea 202 
Peay, Ann 225 
Pebbles, Dr Dave 203 
Peden. Lynn 240 
Peden, Lynne 391 
Peeler, Michael 104. 203, 210, 

240, 360 
Peeples. John L 23 
Pellegrlno. Kelly 334 
Pendergrast, Steve 360 
Pennacchlo, Melissa 334 
Pennachio. Melissa 104 
Pennlgton. Cass 168 
Pennington, Anna 164, 220 
Pennington, Carol 203 
Pennington, Christopher 360 
Pennington. Dana 391 
Penrose. Amy 109, 334 
Penton, Colbey 309 
Penton, Roxanne 198, 309 
Peoples. Gerald 232 
Pepper, John 360 
Pepper, Michael 334 
Pepper, Mike 192 
Pepperman, Troy 334 
perdue, Stacy 241 
Perkins. Alfred 104, 227. 391 
Perkins, Hal 334 
Perkins, Richard 309 
Perry, Dawn 391 
Perry, Jay 309 
Perry, Jennifer 360 
Perry, John 223, 334 
Perry, Lee 138. 216, 256, 334 
Perry, Nicola 309 
Persons, Elizabeth 334 
Perteet, Jacqueline 310 
Pertult. Dwlght 360 
Peterman, Jeff 251 
Peters. Nicola Perry 241, 333 
Peterson, Denlse 214. 237, 361 
Peterson, Karen 104, 310 
Peterson, Pam 334 
Petrus, Eric 243, 252. 253. 361 
Petty, Beverly 240 
Petty, Stephanie 156. 391 
Peugh, Susan 199, 225 
Peyton, Jennifer 156. 218, 227, 

230, 243. 391 
Phares, Angela 361 
Phares, Angle 94, 221 
Phelan, Mary 391 
Phelps, Melissa 209 
Phillips, Brenda 242 
Phillips, Bryan 310 
Phillips. Carlolena 391 
Phillips, Denlse 361 
Phillips, Felecla 235 
Phillips, Kristin 223 
Phillips, Pam 256, 391 
Phillips, Robert 334 
Phillips, Jocelyn 192 
Phillips, Stephanie 65 
Phillips, Terry 233, 392 
Pickering, Pattl 198 
Pickett. Ann 310 
Pickett. Dale 214 
Pickett, James Dale 23, 235 
Pickett. John 405 
Pickett. Paul 204. 212. 392 
Pierce, Lora 240 
Pierce, Susan 243, 392 
Plerson, Chris 204, 392 
Pigott. Carey 392 
Plgott, Ray 392 
Plgutt. Steve 334 
Pillow. Reese 257 
Plna. Keith 392 
Pinero. Trent 361 
Plnkerton, Douglas 361 
Pipkin, Linda 392 


jklns, Linda 196 

tlUo, Jimmy 217 

tman. James 310 

tman, Jeff 361 

tman, Patrick 392 

tman, Stephen 392 

tman, Steven 235 

ts, Brian 392 

ts, George 392 

ts, Lollta 95, 256, 275. 392 

ixlco, Sallie Ann 361 

sasant, Beth 259, 361 

tt, Adam 310 

dblelskl. Chris 238 

«, Kathryn 334 

*, Katrlna95. 112, 361 

Indexter, Patrick 251 

.Indexter, Tina 209, 258, 361 

krefke, Becky 237 

.krefke. Jackie 392 

Ik, Ron 72, 90 

Ik, Steve 74 

Ik, Tony 237 

■Hard, Claire 96 

•Hard, James 104 

.Hard, Julienne 310 

■Hard. Pattl 334 

,llock, Jackuellne 392 

imphrey, Martin 361 

kjI, Jason 334 

iole. Mellnda 251 

mn, Winnie 405 

,pe, Darble 104, 142. 226. 

240. 392 
>pe. LaShonda 334 
ipe, Steve 116 

.rco, David 62, 104. 213, 310 
>rco, Herbert; David 213 
irter, Jeff 67, 334 
>rter, Pat 204 
itrefke, Rebecca 334 
itter, Debbie 202, 334 
mnd, Tonla 241, 310 
>vall, Emily 256, 310 
>well, Brad 191 
well, Dale 240 
well. Holly 310 
well, Jim 237 
well, Kyle 392 
well, Lisa 104. 361 
well, Michelle 334 
well, Robert 361 
well, Tabitha 334 
well, Terry 216, 334 
wer, Brandon 361 
wers, Christopher 392 
wers. Chris Powers 241 
wers, Joan 361 
jwers, Kevin 225 
jwers, Michelle 94 
jwers. Shelly 252, 253 
•att, Nlkkl 310 
■art, Shelton 244 
•art, Taml 392 
■escher, Craig 104 
■eshey, Craig 204 
•esley. John 217 
•esley. Lance 361 
*estel, Danny 410 
•estwood, Lynn 361 
-Ice, Elizabeth 259 
rice, Joey 361 
rice, Johnny 310 
rice. Mark 310 
rice, Russell 405 
rtchard, Gibson 392 
richard, Jenny 310 
rtchard, Marlon 392 
rince, Amy 241 
rlnce, Claire 216, 334 
rince, Tomothy 241 
rltchalt, Michelle 361 
ritclard, Gibson 207 
rttclert, Michelle 198 
rltchett, Stephen 392 
rovos, Lisa 256 
rowell, Revlta 334 
rude, Pamela 392 
rulrt, Cecil 361 
uckett, George 405 
ugh, Troy 64 
jllen, Paula 215, 392 
jlilam, Cassandra 361 
jlllam, Cassnadra 248 
jllin, Delena 361 
Jon, Lourdes 392 
jrcell, Kristin 104. 215 
jmell, Torrls 198. 239 
Jtt. Bruce A 23 

Quick, N 243, 310 
Qulnlan, James 334 
Qulnn, Breese 104, 392 
Qulnn, Carol Ann 204, 392 
Qulnn, Gene Breese 164 
Qulnn, Jeffrey 361 
Qulntlnl, Michael 392 
Qureshl, Arlf 217 



uan, Julio 241, 392 
uan, Rafael 241, 361 
uenn, Freda 334 

Race. Julie 361 
Raffo, Thomas 156, 164, 392 
Raffo, Tommy 79 
Raines, Larry 246, 310 
Raines, Shelle 256. 334 
Raines, Steve 237 
Rainwater, Bruce 254 
Rakerstraw, Amy 393 
Ramos, Armando 240 
Ramos, Rick 334 
Ramsay, Meg 240 
Ramsey, Jimmy Jr 393 
Ramsey, Meg 207 
Randall, Cal 235 
Randall, Mary 361 
Rankin, Jack 238 
Rapport, Jennifer 361 
Rapport, Jennnlfer 240 
Rashka, Klrkmlchael 393 
Rast, Sally 310 
Ratcllff, Rhonda 393 
Rathmell, David 201, 252, 253, 

Ratllff, Julie 259, 361 
Ratllff. Orlando 104, 361 
Ray, Angel 104. 203. 205, 226. 

Ray. Heather 310 
Ray. Jean Anthony 362 
Ray. Jimmy 334 
Ray, Kerl 202, 335 
Ray. Libby 362 
Ray, Rebecca 393 
Ray, Shannon 310 
Ray, Tim 203 

Ray, Timothy B 104, 221, 393 
Ray, Troy 190 
Ray, Vlckl 231 
Raymond, Alan 156, 225 
Raymond. Michele 153, 225 
Read, Briton 335 
Reagan. Michelle 241 
Reaves. Lloyd 208 
Record, Carrie 362 
Reddlck, Erica 335 
Redding, Stephen 410 
Redditt, Ginger 310 
Reddltt, Richie 257 
Redmond, Ed 191 
Redus, Jimmy 118, 335 
Reed. Bobby 76, 79 
Reed, Donna 240, 362 
Reed, Jimmy 191 
Reed, Lane 104, 156. 203, 210, 

233, 243, 362 
Reed, Rebecca 393 
Reed, Robin 362 
Reed, Rochelle 223 
Reeder, Lynn 335 
Rees, Cindy J 157 
Rees, 194. 243, 246, 393 
Reese, Amy 410 
Reese, Barrett 310 
Reeves, Cindy 234, 236 
Reeves, Cynthia 310 
Reeves, Ken 393 
Reeves, Michael 335 
Reeves, Tonya 393 
Rehman. Syed 217 
Relchard, Betty 362 
Reld, Allison 362 
Reld, Amy 362 

Reld, Brandon 104 

Reld, Sherrl 157, 393 

Renacker, Michael 310 

Renslnk, Keith 335 

Respess, Courtney 310 

Rever, Robyn 204, 310 

Revere, Robyn 240, 241 

Reynolds, Billy 69 

Reynolds, Gwendolyn 362 

Reynolds, Paul 362 

Reynolds, Steve 240 

Rhodes, Andy 200 

Rhodes, Gavin 362 

Rhodes, Heath 335 

Rhodes, T 243, 258, 310 

Rhodman, Erna 95 

Rhudy, Christie 393 

Rhuland, Sean 393 

Rice, Connie N 283, 420 

Rice, Jullanna 216 

Rice, JulleAnna 259 

Rice, Ronnie 104, 215, 362 

Richard, Detra Rhodes 241 
Richards, Janet 15 
Richards, Jason 393 
Richards, Lance 335 
Richards, Mary Beth 362 
Richardson, Bill 224 
Richardson, Bo 69, 202, 310 
Richardson, Chris 104, 393 
Richardson, Chrlstl 236, 335 
Richardson, Jay 207, 227, 243, 

Richardson, Robert 362 
Richardson, Robin 61, 310 
Richardson. William 310 
Rlchey, Keith 215, 393 
Richmond, Allen 393 
Richmond, Todd 64 
Rlddell, Randall 393 
Ridge, Angela 335 
Rleger, David 393 
Rleger, Shelley 362 
Rlels, Tracey 118 
Rlgby, Brett 393 
Rlggan. Kathryne 104 
Rlggan, Kathryn 311 
Rlgney, Mark 212 
Riles. Katie 362 
Riles, Kim ; 311 
Riley, Keith 362 
Riley, Leslie 393 
Riley, Memrle 157, 243, 250, 

259, 393 
Riley. Mike 86 
Riley, Ronnie 311 
Rlmmer. Elizabeth 104 
Rlncon, Luis 241, 362 
Rlnehart, Russ 311 
Rltter, Catherine 256, 311 
Riveas, Mackeaver 62 
Rivera, Clta 61 
Rivera. Raul 241 
Rivers, Ellen ; 311 
Rivers, Jennifer 335 
Rivers, Kevin 393 
Rivers, Melissa 393 
Rivers, Rachelle; MS 393 
Rives, Anita 362 
Rlzawn, Syed 241 
Rlzwan, Syed 217 
Roach, Georgetta 233, 275 
Roack, Sherrl, MS 393 
Roark, Sherrl 112, 157, 190, 

Robblns, Amanda 362 
Robblns, Denlse 204 
Robblns, Justin 335 
Roberson, Brad; Bogue 393 
Roberson, Brian 104, 204 
Roberson, Rlna 118 
Roberton, Bryan 394 
Roberts, Amy 335 
Roberts, Bridget 202, 362 
■ Roberts, Dana 362 
Roberts, Junlne 275 
Roberts, Meredith 362 
Roberts, Owlda; MS 393 
Roberts, Seth 157, 164 
Roberts, Seth; MS 393 
Robertson, Brad 394 
Robertson. Brenda 212 
Robertson. Floyd Jr 362 
Robertson. Jan 362 
Robertson. John David 214 
Robertson. Neal 192 
Robertson, Paige 311 
Roblnette, J 243 
Robinson, Angela 394 
Robinson, Angle 205 

Robinson, Ashley 362 

Robinson, Betty 394 

Robinson, Brian 394 

Robinson, Charity 311 

roblnson, Charley 214, 235, 394 

Robinson, Elle 394 

Robinson, Jim 79 

Robinson, Johnathan 311 

Robinson, Juanita 394 

Robinson, Kim 95 

Robinson, Klmberly 335 

Robinson, Lisa 246, 311,394 

Robinson, Myra ; 311 

Robinson, Rodney 394 

Robinson, Ron 394 

Robinson, Sabrlna 362 

Robinson, Sallcla 311 

Robinson, Sharon 190, 247, 394 

Robinson, Stephanie 215 

Robinson, Zawadaskl 217 

Roblson, Kathy 335 

Roblson, Lewis 230, 240 

Roby, Jana 256, 335, 421 

Rockwell. Molly 240, 241, 362 

Rockwell, Steve 240 

Rodgers, J'Llnda 256 

Rodgers, Jennifer 363 

Rodgers, Tenela 95, 205, 394 

Rodman, Shannon 311, 421 

Rodriguez, German 241 

Roekel, Lee Van 254 

Roesch, Don 241 

Roge, Cheryl 240 

Rogers, Aaron 335 

Rogers, Belinda 394 

Rogers, Derek 363 

Rogers, Hope 113 

Rogers, John 204, 235, 394 

Rogers, Katrlce 311 

Rogers, Ken 196, 235 

Rogers, Kenneth 394 

Rogers, Mechonne 259, 394 

Rogers, Melanle 198, 311 

Rogers, Ray 394 

Rogers, Rodney 394 

Rogers, Stacy 363 

Roland, Brian 104, 363 

Roland, William 255 

Romero, Conchlta 96 

Romero, Inmaculada 234 

Rone, Angle 394 

Rone, David 211 

Rook, Tina 335 

Rooker, Charles C 23 

Roos, Michelle 60, 311 

Roos, Kevin 208 

Root, Michael 335 

Rosado, Jose 394 

Rose, Brian 394 

Rose, Dr Cindy 236 

Rosemond, Michael 394 

Rosenacker, Frank 311 

Roslchon, Mohammad 405 

Ross, Glenda 394 

Ross, Jason 394 

Ross, Josh 335 

Ross, Michelle 335 

Rossouw, Theresa 335 

Rotenberry, Teresa 335 

Rounsavall, Paul 335 

Rousavllle, Lezlle 190 

row, Blaine Anderson 15 

Rowell, Amy 335 

Rowell, Stacle 335 

Rowland, Lorle 394 

Rowley, Baxter 212 

Rozell, Chnlta 104, 202 

Rozell, Chorlta 363 

Ruble, Anna 104 

Rucker, Jennifer 127 

Rudd, Hal 64 

Rudls, Mary 234 

Rudolph, Becky 311 

Rueter, Eric 311 

Ruffln, Jeff 252, 253, 394 

Ruffln, Ruby 363 

Rummel, Jason 104 

Rush, John 311 

Rush, Ladonna 104. 240, 311 

Rushing, Bonnie 258, 394 

Rushing, Evelyn 113 

Rushing, Eveyn 335 

Rushing, Paul 241, 259 

Rushing, Sidney L 168 

Russell, Anne 394 

Russell, Brent 157, 207, 227 

Russell, Chris 217 

Russell, Hamlin; Keith 213 

Russell, Keith 69, 213, 311 

Russell, Rhonda 363 

Ruth, Jean Ann 236, 246, 249, 

Ruthguy, Edna 52 
Rutland, James 335 
Rutland, Jimmy 203 
Rutland, Jummy 203 
Rutland, Krlstle 215, 395 
Rutland, Rusty 210, 251 
Rutledge, Edward 395 

Sacasa. Alfredo 244 
Sadler, Dan 240 
Sadler, Jill 225, 363 
Sadler. Will 104 
Saenger, Guy 335 
Sahzman, Jerry 336 
Salone, Lester 233 
Salter, Stacle 363 
Sample, Lana 94 
Sample, Lorl 157, 256, 395 
Sampson, Amy 63 
Samuelson, Robertson 311 
Sanders, Amy 204, 223, 395 
Sanders, Angela 138, 227, 363 
Sanders, Ann 275 
Sanders, Bruff 216 
Sanders, Chrlstl 114, 115 
Sanders, Christy 104, 311 
Sanders, James 363 
Sanders, Jeffery 336 
Sanders, Kitty 311 
Sanders, Mike 363 
Sanders, Todd 405 
Sandhu, Johnny 336 
Sandoz, ML 204 

Sanford, Jennifer 225 
Sanslng, Glenn 254 
Santoso, Edl 206, 405 
Santoso, Wahyu 206, 405 
Sapplngton, Suzanne 363 
Saul, Rhonda 255, 363 
saunders, Mellnda 201, 363 
Savage, Derrick 336 
Savage, Suzann 157, 164, 229, 

243, 250, 395 
Sawyer, Dr David 217 
Saxon, Mary 223 
Scales, Camille 233 
Scales, Walter 238 
Scarborough, Randall 395 
Schaefer, Daniel 395 
Schaefer, Danny 220 
Schanson, Suzanne 311 
Schauwecker, Tim 241 
Schlngle, Laura 259 
Schlngle, Leaonard 395 
Schmidt. Ingeborg 242 
Schmore, Tammy 202 
Schneider, Tiffany 109, 363 
Schofleld, Michael 232 
Scholl, Brian 311 
Scholl, Sandy 113 
Schrader, Stephanie 202, 215 
Schrelber, Frauk 405 
Schrelner, Beth 243, 249, 256 
Schuerer, Paula 241, 251, 395 
Schultz, Bradley 311 
Schumacher, James 241 
Scogglns, Amy 363 
Scoggins, June 199 
Scott, Kenneth 395 
Scott, Leann 363 
Scott, Lisa 127 
Scott, Paul 240, 311 
Scott, William 363 
Scruggs, Brian 209, 230 
Scruggs, Susan 311 
Scuggs, Paul 395 
Sculthorne, Eric 312 
Seago, Donald 395 
Seago, Paul 157, 199, 207, 218, 

229, 243 
Seal, Todd 118 
Seale, Greg 363 
Seals, Joe 312 
Sears, Scott 410 
Seaton, Tonya 127 
Seay, Dederlal 23 

Sebren, Suzanne 95, 243, 395 

Seld, 231, 235, 252, 253, 395 

Self, Christopher 363 

Sellers, K 243, 336 

Sellers, Stephanie 395 

Selles, Stacle ; 312 

Selph, Carissa 312 

Selvle, Tammy 395 

Senn, David 209 

Sequeira, 235, 395 

Serlo, Monica 395 

Sessions, Tony 232 

Seymour, Robert 395 

Shaddlck, Stacey 216 

Shaflque, Rana 405 

Shamen, Clover 421 

Shanklln, Andrea 255, 275 

Shannon, Connie 336 

Shannon, Lauren 363 

Sharer, Donald 104, 312 

Sharp, Garner, Miles 213 

Sharp, Helen 209 

Sharp, Lorna 395 

Sharp, Myles 68 

Sharp, Stefanie 104, 363 

Shaunak, Nlrdosh211, 248 

Shave, Jon 74, 76 

Shaw, Jeff 257, 312 

Shaw, Jeffrey 395 

Shaw, Lisa 312 

Shaw, Sherry 363 

Shaw, Stephanie 363 

Shedd, Barry 395 

Shell, Glenn 104, 336 

Shell, Tanja 336 

Shell, Tony 88 

Shelton, Jennifer 363 

Shelton, Krystal 312 

Shelton, LeAnn 395 

Shelton. LeAnne 248, 259 

Shelton, Orson 205, 240, 395 

Shelton, Tonla 395 

Shepard, James 363 

Sheperd, Jim 192 

Shepherd, Kim 363 

Shepherd, Steven 214 

Sheppard, Brent 312 

Shere, Laura 223 

Sherer, Laura 312 

Sherfey, Mike 254 

Shermer, Chet 226, 395 

Sherrod, Klmberly 395 

Shettlemore, Melissa 312 

Shields, Reglna 205 

Shields, Stacey 95, 395 

Shlpman, Hunt 194, 196, 246, 

Shlpman, Thomas Hunt 157 
Shlrey, Stasle 240 
Shirley, Audra 312 
Shirley, Donald Ray 312 
Shirley, Jim 257 
Shirley, Jimmy 218, 243. 395 
Shltver, Chris 240 
Shivers, Deana 244, 364 
Shoelen, Michael 364 
Shoemake, Seth ,312 
Shoemaker, Tony 212 
Sholds, Greg 364 
Shotts, Alan 217 
Shorts, Chris 254 
Shotts, Lisa 201, 336 
Shotts, William 104 
Shows, Brian 396 
Shrader, Michael Wade 158 
Shrader, Mlcheal Wade 164 
Shrader, Wade 191,243,396 
Shriner, Stephanie 312 
Shropshlne, Cathy 212 
Shumaker, Reggie 396 
Shurden, Anthony 396 
Shuttleworth, Scott 396 
Sias, Melanle 336 
Slddlqul, Najeeb 217 
Slgglns, Christopher 104, 364 
Silva, J L 208 
Sllva, Pedro 208 
Slmanjuntak, Mentor 405 
Simkln, Steve 238 
Simklns, Jennifer 364 
Simmerman, Michael 312 
Simmon, Amy 312 
Simmons, Angela 221 
Simmons. Erica 127, 244 
Simmons, Roan 396 
Simmons, Stephanie 336 
Simpson, Glenn 364 
Sims, Crystal 241 
Sims. Cylenthla 396 
Sims, Jeff 246 
Sims, Johanna 312 
Sims, M Suzanne 165 
Sims, Susan 198, 224, 364 
Sims, Sophie 218 
Sims, Tommy 224 
Slngletary, Eric 312 
Slngletary, Laura Lee 364 
Singleton, John H 23 
Singleton, Klmberly 336 
Singlton, Shauna 312 
Sink, Cliff 312 
Sink, James 104 
Siregar, Chalrll Anwar 405 
Slsk, William 104 
Slsson, Denlse 190 
Slsson, Deulse 190 
Sisson, Jim 396 
Slsson, Sarah 396 
Slstrunk, Karen 396 
Slswanto, Eddy 405 
Skantz, Dawn 104 
Skinner, Walter 396 

Skoog, Paul 396 

Slater, Jennifer 259, 364 

Slaton, Shannon 223 

Slay, Sharloyn 396 

Sledge, Carlton 364 

Sledge, Torrla 336 

Sleeper, Ronnie 207, 250, 257, 

Sloan, Brandon 312 

Sloan, Jamie 364 

Slug, Lovle 336 

Smith, Aaron 198, 312 

Smith, Adam 254 

Smith, Al 206 

Smith, Alicia 364 

Smith, Allsa 364 

Smith, Angela 312 

Smith. Arnold 242, 396 

Smith, Balrd 115, 116 

Smith, Bob 396 

Smith. Brian 191, 396, 405 

Smith, Carla 312 

Smith, Chandra 190, 249 

Smith, Charles 212, 396 

Smith, Christopher 104 

Smith, Clay 312 

Smith, Danny 396 

Smith, Daphne 258 

Smith, David 104, 202, 396 

Smith, Dustln 312 

Smith, Eileen 104 

Smith, Elaine 112, 158, 198, 

Smith, Freda 195 

Smith, Gary L 23 

Smith, Gil 396 

Smith, Gregory 336 

Smith, Harold 364 

Smith, Justin 201 

Smith, Jan 205, 396 

Smith, Jeannie 104 

Smith, Jeff 236, 396 

Smith, Jeffrey 336 

Smith, Jennie 312 

Smith, Jennifer 104, 201 


Smith. Kelly 214, 396 

Smith, Kenneth 396 

Smith, Kevin 312 

Smith, Kristin 312 

Smith, Lane 235 

Smith, Lesley 138, 336 

Smith, Lyan 336 

Smith, Michael 104, 313 

Smith, Michelle 396 

Smith, Mike 237 

Smith, Missy 364 

Smith, Nancy 60, 213, 313 

Smith, Patricia 313 

Smith, Perry 410 

Smith, Pete 252, 253, 364 

Smith, Renata 205, 364 

Smith, Rhonda 396 

Smith, Robert 396 

Smith, Scott 313 

Smith, Selena 216, 336 

Smith, Shane 336 

Smith, Shannon 127 

Smith. Shawn 336 

Smith, Sheila 104 

Smith, Shon 364 

Smith, Snuffy 204 

Smith, Stacla 364 

Smith, Stan 209 

Smith, Stephen 313 

Smith, Steve 192 

Smith, Susanne 336 

Smith, Tammy 247, 397 

Smith, Ted 257 

Smith, Teresa 364 

Smith, Tracy 364 

Smith, Trlsha 214, 397 

Smith, Vickie 397 

Smock, Danell 254 

Smock, Darrell 364 

Snaders, Todd 240 

Sneed, Mellnda 313 

Snipes, Shane 364 

Snodgrass, Eddie 364 

Snoograss, Paul 397 

Snow, Annie 397 

Snow, LaQultha 206, 220, 364 

Snuggs, Jason 336 

Snuggs, Jeffrey 336 

Snuggs, Kristin 313 

Soden, Cass 216 

Solomon, James 104, 221 

Sones, Mitch 232 

Sonte, Anna 364 

Sorrel], Kerry 235, 397 

Sorrell, Timothy 405 

Sorto, Eddie 364 

Sorto, Jeanna 364 

Sours, Caroline 313 

Souter, Ryan 364 

Sowell. Miriam 397 

Sowell, Stephanie 256. 313 

Spain, Ross 203, 313 

Sparrow, Chuck 211 

Sparrow, Dr Charles 249 

Spayd, Mardl 194, 243, 246, 

Speaks, Krlsta 336 
Speaks, Tiffany 248 
Speck, Nancy Catherine 313 
Speed, Burke 364 
Speights, Jimmy 365 
Spence, Marlene 214 
Spencer, Camllle 365 
Spencer, Cynthia 397 
Spencer, Trent 225 
Spigmer, Jason 209 
Splgner, Jason 165, 232, 246, 

Splker, Michael 69 
Spiller, Eric 209 
Spiller, Ernie 232 
Spinney, Marcla 336 
Splva, Wert 365 
Sprinkle, Patrick 23 
Sprouse, Jeff 249 
Sprow, Greg 214 
Staats, Marc 104, 221 
Staats, Robert 406 
Stafford. Jeffrey 365 
Staggs. Anthony 396 
Stalllngs, Lora 365 
Stalllngs, Sydney 223 
Stamps, Amanda 233, 256, 313 
Standord, Sean 104 
Stanford, Kim 234 
Stanford, Klmberly 313 
Stanford, Stan 336 
Staten. Cindy 195 
Statham. Jeffery 214 
Statham, Jeffrey 365 
Staton, Sharon 216, 336 
Stayer, Phil 224 
Steadman, Susan 109, 397 
Stearns, Larissa 104 
Steckler, Suzanne 202. 226 
Steedley, Amanda 365 
Steele. Amy 158, 397 
Steele, Holly 216, 240, 336 
Steen, Adraln 225 
S'een, Adrlann 104 

Steen, Adrian 365 
Steen, Shara 365 
Stegall, Amanda 336 
Stegall, Kelly 397 
Stegall, Mark 254 
Steimle, Carol 241 
Stein, Derrick 337 
Stelner, William 62. 241 
Steinwlnder, Kim 217 
Stennls, Thomas 313 
Stennls, Todd 201 
Stephen, Houston 313 
Stephens, Amy 191 
Stephens, Stephanie 104, 240, 

Stevens, Christian 397 
Stevens. Mark 204 
Stevens. Michael 224, 365 
Stevens, Mlcheal 251 
Stevens, Christina 215 
Stevens, Robert 397 
Stevenson, Mark 228 
Stevenson, Tommle 255 
Stevenson, Tommy 227 
Steward, Barry 313 
Stewart, Bernlce 313 
Stewart, Kelvin 208 
Stewart, Reggie 88 
Stewart, Sallle 397 
Stewart, Sandl 337 
Stewart, Sonya 205, 397 
Stewart, Terrl 158, 223, 227, 

243, 249, 256, 365 
Stewart, Tim 337 
Stlgall. Lisa 365 
Stiles, Carter 397 
Still, Robert 397 
Stlnson, Jaaqua 241, 365 
Stlnson, Sandra 313 
Stlnson, Susan 397 
Stoble, Julia 313 
Stockett, Johnnie 405 
Stockstill, !ra 397 
Stofcheck. Gary 365 
Stogner, Howard 209, 212, 397 
Stokes, Amy 365 
Stokes, Clifton 191, 237 
Stokes, Laynette 190, 247, 397 
Stokes, Rachel 196, 214, 235 
Stokes, Rachel 214 
Storm, Jason 204, 313 
Storn, Brian 241 
Story, Charles, AL 397 
Story, John 398 
Story, Melanle 397 
Stough, Carl 207 
Stout, Jeff 104. 365 
Strahan. Jason 242 
Strahan. Richard 337 
Stratton, John 257, 337 
Straus, David 204 
Street. A. 243 
Street, Leslie 313 
Street, Simeon 192 
Streeter, Clinton 398 
Streetman, Bert 217 
Strlbllng, Angela 406 
Strickland, Jay 240 
Strickland, Leslie 337 
Strickland, Lisa 201, 398 
Stringer, Eric 397 
Strlngfellow, Dean 206, 210 
Strlplln, George 313 
Strobel, Cheryl 398 
Stroble. Julia 207, 240 
Strong, Monetta 250, 256, 275, 

Stroud, Rober 254 
Stuart, Stacy 365 
Stuart, Stephanie 104, 398 
Stuart, Wendy 313 
Stucky, Stephanie 198, 201, 313 
Sturdy, Clifton 398 
Subblah, Venkatachalam 406 
Sudasna-Na-ayudt, Gesinee 208 
Sudduth, Cassandra 205 
Sueapagen, Carolyn 398 
Sullivan, Alan 254 
Sullivan, David 211, 398 
Sullivan, Melanle 337 
Sullivan, Randy 238 
Sullivan, Sean 365 
Sullivan, Stephen 365 
Sullivan, Susan 198, 202, 313, 

Sullivan, Tammy 242, 398 
Sullivan, Ty 15, 215, 240, 365 
Sumar, Marl Street 241 
Summltt, Nla 337 
Sumrall, Tammy 337 
Sunetto, Stephen 198 
Surface, Henry 241 
Surles, Brant 115, 116 
Suther, Dlptlbahen 313 
Suttle, Tom 104 
Swafford, Stephanie 365 
Swain, Margo 195 
Swales, Butch 192 
Swanlgan, Leonard 365 
Swann, Melvln 365 

Swann, Mlnae 313 
Swann. Richard 406 
Sweet, Tom 241, 337 
Swenson, Travis 365 
Swltzer, Christopher 313 
Swords, Susan 398 
Syed, Bllal 406 
Sykes, David 252. 253, 398 
Sykes, Debbie 365 
Szabo, Sharon 363 
Szeto, Judy 365 
Szurgot, Ron 238 
Szurgot, Ronald 337 

Tabb, Tracy 223, 256, 365 
Taliaferro, Arlen 255, 398 
Taliaferro, Jackee 113, 255 
Taliaferro, Jackullne 398 
Talley, Angle 398 
Tally, Jon 224 
Tally, Spencer 48, 410 
Talmadge, Harry 398 
Talmadge, Trey 104 
Talzak, P J 365 
Tan, Lance Richards 203 
Tan, Yew-Hock 365 
Tan. Yoke 398 
Tanksley, Scott 337 
Tankson. Jeanetta 104, 365 
Tanner, Karen 104, 398 
Tanner, Klmberly 314 
Tanner, Mona 337 
Taplin, Veronica 398 
Tarpley, Crystal 210 
Tartt, John 366 
Tartt, Rebecca 366 
Tate, Cheryl 244 
Tate, Valory 255 
Tate, Veronica 366 
Tatlow, Teresa 200 
Tatum, Dr David 248 
Tatum, Melissa 398 
Taylor, Anthony 366 
Taylor, Christopher 104, 398 
Taylor, David Prather 158 
Taylor, Donna 366 
Taylor, Dr Walter 210 
Taylor. Elizabeth 366 
Taylor. Gerald 337 
Taylor, Ginger 204 
Taylor, Gordon 398 
Taylor, Harold 398 
Taylor, Jeff 209 
Taylor, Jennifer 94, 227, 243, 

250. 256, 366 
Taylor. Keith 406 
Taylor, Lisa 366 
Taylor, Mark 398 
Taylor, Missy 223, 242, 366 
Taylor. Molucule 201 
Taylor. Mrs Yolanda 255 
Taylor, Nicole 249, 250, 366 
Taylor, Prism Editor; 213. 216, 

226, 337 
Taylor, Rebecca 241 
Taylor, Rita 398 
Taylor, Rod 62 
Taylor, Shellle 314 
Taylor. Whitney 337 
Taylor, William 366 
Tedder, Dlna 314 
Tedder, Stephanie 366 
Tedford, Jo 398 
Teel, Suzanne 199, 215, 366 
Teh, Tlan 204 
Temple. Renee 215, 398 
Templeton, Larry 90 
Teng, Kevin 241, 406 
Terrell, Rhonda 366 
Terry, Sharon 398 
Thames, William 398 
Tharp, Linda 398 
Tharp, Michelle 227 
Tharp, Robert 337 
Tharpk, Sonya 337 
Thaxton, Tonla 258 
Thlbodeaux, Sherree 337 
Thle, Yosep 399 
Thlgpen, Sandye 95, 366 
Thomas, Ashley 223, 227, 366 
Thomas, Beth 241 
Thomas, Brad 337 
Thomas, Bryan 224 
Thomas, Carlos 104 
Thomas, Chrlstl 399 
Thomas, Jennifer 366 
Thomas, Judy 165, 243, 399 
Thomas, Kary 15 
Thomas, Melissa 127 
Thomas, Pam 399 
Thomas, Russell 366 
Thomas, Sara 399 
Thomas, Sheila 366 

Thomas, Tammy 366 
Thomason, Sharon 366 
Thompson, Alice 314 
Thompson, Andy 249 
Thompson, Bryan 366 
Thompson, Cynthia 366 
Thompson, Greg 232 
Thompson, Herbert 314 
Thompson, Janet 366 
Thompson, John 399 
Thompson, Jon 314 
Thompson, Judy 399 
Thompson, Lacy 60, 314 
Thompson, Linda 337 
Thompson, Marcy 314 
Thompson, Michael 366 
Thompson, Nicholas 204, 366 
Thompson, Patrick 212 
Thompson, Rhonda 190, 337 
Thompson, Thelma 366 
Thompson, Thomas 399 
Thompson, Tippl 215 
Thompson, Warren S 184 
Thorn, Dean 225 
Thorne, Dean 366 
Thornell, Ellen O'Keefe 158 
Thornton, Amy 399 
Thornton, Ellen 206 
Thornton, James 214 
Thornton, Patrick 216, 337 
Thrasher, Jennifer 209, 234, 314 
Thuan-Par, Tan 337 
Thumpston, Kevin 204 
Tldwell, Adrian 399 
Tldwell, Diane 208 
Tierce, Deborah 366 
Tlgrett, Mary 314 
Tlgrett, Paul 314 
Tlllmon, Cheneta 366 
Tlnney, Paige 192, 337 
Tlnsley, Kirk 337 
Tipton, John 241 
Tobler, Henry 104 
Todd, Christy 337 
Todd, Jim 399 
Todd, Wendy 314 
Tolar, Fred 241, 337 
Tollver, Lawanda 225 
Tomasorsky, Laurie 314 
Tomlney, Beth 314 
Tomllnson, Jim 206 
Tones, Alex 208 
Toney, Krlsti 314 
Tonkel, Tracy 314 
Tonnar, Jean 399 
Tony. Krlsti 201 
Torrence. Mala 367 
Torrey. Betsy 243 
Torrey, Elizabeth Jane 158, 165 
Torrey, Ramsay 367 
Torry, Betsy 246 
Touchton, Todd 367 
Tourne, Amy 198 
Towery, John 367 
Towles, Gene 207 
Towles. Phillip 337 
Townsend, Stacy 337 
Townsent. Brldgette 205 
Trammell, Marilyn 337 
Tran, Thai 204 
Tran. Thuy 204 
Tranathia, Larry 210 
Trantham, Kevin 104 
Trapp, Tonya 399 
Travers, Steven D 23 
Trawlck, Kim 196. 214, 23 

246, 399 
Trentham, Mellnda 399 
Trlbble, Margaret 221. 23. l1 
Trigg, Leigh 399 
Trimble, James 104, 314 
Trimble, Jim 104, 314 
Trlplett, Cynthia 399 
Trlplett, Jayson 399 
Trlplett, LouAnn 367 
Trlppe. Sallle Belle 95, 215, 399 
Trotter, David , 314 
Trotter, Jennifer 314 
Trotter, Lisa 314 
Trotter, Phillip 367 
Tslrltoukls, Irene Boulldou 209 
Tubertini, Lainle 216, 337 
Tucker, Danlca 337 
Tucker, John 337 
Tucker, Kelly 338 
Tucker, Thomas 399 
Tudor, Klmberu 367 
Tudor, Richard 367 
Tullls, Stuart 240, 314 
Tullos, Craig 224 
Tullos, Will 338 
Turberville, Wendy 190, 399 
Turcotte, Leah 367 
Turek, Sandra 95, 338 
Turley, Gil 406 
Turnage, Cherl 104 
Turner, 199, 399 
Turner, Christy 104 
Turner, Danny 248 
Turner, George 399 

Turner, Joe M 104, 158, 165, 

221, 399 
Turner, Robert 104 
Turner, Sharon 206, 406 
Turner, Terrl 338 
Turner, Vlnette 231, 314 
Turner, William 399 
Turnlpseed, Parker 206 
Turnlpseed, Tim 198 
Turnlpseed, Timothy 104 
Turtle, Steve 200, 201. 240. 338 
Twiner, James 367 
Tyllckl. Randy 193, 406 
Tyndall, Larry 225 
Tyndall, Lawrence 399 
Tyree, Susan 240 
Tyson, Mattle 399 


Ueltschey, Charles 104 
Ueltschey, Chip 230 
Uhl, Matt 314 
Ulrlch, Jennifer 198 
Underwood, Belinda 216, 367 
Underwood, John 104, 221, 314 
Unprasert, Nanthlya 406 
Upton, Ronald 338 


Vachner, Fred 211 
Vadhlva, Seema 367 
Vadle, Dr Alex 217 
Valencia, Ramlro 406 
Vance, Darin 367 
Vance, Kevin 399 
Vance. Lesley 231, 252,399 
Vance, Lester 253 
Vance, Mary Brooke; 104, 314 
Vandavender, Brian 92 
Vanderford. Ben 209 
Vandevelde, Krlsti 227, 367 
VanDevender, Bruce 200, 218 
VanDevender, Jennifer 338 
Vandlver, Leigh 61 
Vandiver, Mandy 367 
Varner, Malynda 338 
Varner, Martha 338 
Vasquez, Gllberto 241 
Vaughn, Chandra 104, 367 
Vaughn, David 400 
Vaughn, Shirley Ann 165 
Veach, Christie 338 
Venkataswamalah, Manjesh 406 
Verner, Steve 400 
Vessell, Randalph 400 
Vlck. Michael 367 
Vleira, Patricia 367 
Vigil, Loretta 338 
Vljayaraghavan, Krlshnan 406 
Vlnet, Glen 367 
Vlnlckl, Jon 400 
Vlrasak, Jacques 367 
Vltale, Carlo 410 
Voelkel, Jennifer; MS 314 
Voelkel, Rachel, MS 314 
Voss, Ricky 400 
Vowell, Cynthia 400 
Vozzo. John 23 
Vuncannon, Ara 400 


Waddell, Brian; 232 
Wade, Evelyn 406 
Wade, Gary Jr 314 
Wade, Jerry W 23 
Wade, Roderick 104 
Wadsworth. Sherl 367 
Wager, Todd 367 
Wages, Chad A 246 
Wagstaff, Nicole 96 
Walte, Kelly 113.315 
Walden, Leigh 258 
Walden, Rebecca 251 
Walker, Burt 367 
Walker, Christy 338 
Walker, Heather 367 
Walker, Howard 104 
Walker, Jason 315 
Walker, Jeff 257, 400 
Walker, John 238, 315 
Walker, Kathryn 236, 401 
Walker, Michelle 234 
Walker, Robert 241, 338, 400 

Walker, Rodrick 274, 338 
Walker, Sherry 338 
Walker, Steven 400 
Wall. Dr Diane 221 
Wall, Lenn 367 
Wallace, Allison 315 
Wallace, Bechy 109 
Wallace, Chad 104, 338 
Wallace, Danielle 315 
Wallace, Felicia 400 
Wallace, Kenneth 400 
Wallace. Peggy 367 
Walls, Kim 61 

Walls, Klmberiy 241, 315, 338 
Walls, Sala 315 
Walsh, Karen 400 
Walsh, Robert 400 
Walters, Lisa 241. 338 
Walters, Mark 338 
Walters. Michael 367 
Walters, Ronald 338 
Walters. William 338 
Walton. Dlanne P 168 
Wampler, Steve 338 
Wang. Hao-chlng 406 
Warburton. Daniel 338 
Ward, Hilda 367 
Ward, Rushton 104 
Ward. Stacey 240 
Ward. Theresa 23 
Ward, Tonya 315 
Ware, Anna 240. 400 
Ware. Clint 104 
Ware, Gabriel 230 
Ware. Martha 315 
Ware. Robby 115, 116 
Wargo, Mark 104, 315 
Warne, Michael 315 
Warner, Elizabeth 338 
Warner, Mark 221. 252, 253, 

Warner, Matthew 241 
Warner, Tim 252. 253 
Warnock, Brad 367 
Warnock, Mary 241 
Warnock. Robin 400 
Warren, Cathy 256, 367 
Warren, Lincoln 104 
Warren, Melissa 229 
Warren, Michelle 241 
Warren. Patrick 315 
Warrlwer. Richard 338 
Wart, Dr Charles 238 
Washington, Dlonna 400 
Washington, Mario 68 
Washlnton, Mario 315 
Wasserman, Paul , 338 
Wassermaw, David 368 
Wasson, Walter 338 
Waterson, Alex 104, 221 
Watklns, Cary 338 
Watklns, Chip 368 
Watklns, Randy 224 
Watklns, Susan 315 
Watklns, Tracy 400 
Watklns, Williams 400 
Watson, Chuck 400 
Watson, Hank 235 
Watson, J P 232 
Watson, Melanle 368 
Watson. Naomi 226, 368 
Weathersby, Wendy 231. 252, 

Weaver. Angela 104. 226. 338 
Weaver. Michelle 249. 368 
Weaver, Randy 400 
Weaver. Rick 338 
Weaver. Shanna 315 
Weaver. Stewart 368 
Webb. Dana 230, 259 
Webb, Jeffrey 400 
Webb. Krlsti 112 
Webb. Rob 254 
Webb. Stacy 315 
Webber. Tony 400 
Webster, Leigh 315 
Webster, Lisa 315 
Weddlg, David 64 
Weddle, John 400 
Weddle, Karen 400 
Weeks, Glna 368 
Weeks, Kevin 368 
Weeks, Milfy 401 
Weems. Duane 224 
Weems, Hope 338 
Weems, Sharon 235, 400 
Weens, Duane 400 
Weldler, Heather 368 
Welhlng, Laura 368 
Wels, Cindy 410 
Weiss, Candy 401 
Welch, Elizabeth 338 
Welch, Eric 401 
Welch, Klmberly 368 
Welch, Rick 401 
Welch, Susan 158, 227, 259, 

Welling. Dion 368 
Wells, Christopher 315 
Wells, Douglas 368 


Wells. Melinda 338 
Wells, Tonya 368 
Wendy, Ruckel; 394 
Wenefrtda, Ida 406 
Wenzel. Julie 226 
Weseli, Brett 250, 368 
West, Amy 368 
West, Gregory 315 
West, Heather 406 
West, John 104, 244 
West, Kim 368 
West, Marcus 241 
West, Michael 338 
West. William 368 
Westberry, Deneshia 315 
Westerburg, John 401 
Westfall. Alan 240. 368 
Westmoreland, Jill 315 
Weston, John 315 
Wharton, Brian 232 
Whatley, Angel 104, 315 
Whatley, Michael 410 
Whatley, Watt 115, 116 
Whelan. Danielle 246 
Whlsenant, Stephanie 368 
White, Bart 368 
White. Ben 368 
White. Brian 224 
White. Chad 315 
White, Christl 368 
White, David 401 
White. Elgenla 275 
White, Heather White 104 
White, Jack H 239 
White, Jeff 401 
White, John 315 
White, Klmberly 315 
White, Kurk 401 
White, Lisa 95, 112,368 
White, Tony L 23 
Whitehead, Bob 221 
Whitehead, Brian 368 
Whitehead. Jamie 257 
Whitehead. Karln 315 
Whitehead, Tracy 315 
Whites, David 401 
Whitfield, Mara 114, 115 
Whltt, Beth 230, 368 
Whltt, Elizabeth Ann 159 
Whltten, Loyd 339 
Whltver, Chris 368 
Wiggins, Charles 401 
Wigginton, Angela 401 
Wlggs, Amanda 339 
Wiggs. Stephanie 316 
Wlgley, Angela 401 
Wlgley, Renee 339 
Wllcher, Tabatha 104, 368 
Wilcox. Marianna 138, 316 
Wilcox, Phillip 406 
Wilder, Patty 159, 368 
WUeman, Mltz! 369 
WUemon, Bryan 401 
WUes, Shelley 339 
Wiley, Ladonnal 369 
Wiley, Lisa 227 
Wlllams, Elizabeth 369 
Wilkerson, Dee 95 
Wllklns, Klmberly 339 
Wilkinson. Jeffrey 104 
Wilkinson, John 401 
Wilkinson, Lisa 232 
Wlllard, James 104 
Wlllcurt, Janene 316 
Wllkutt, Jennifer 316 
William, Cowling 376 
Williams. Albert 87 
Williams, Angela 401 
Williams. Brad 227 
Williams, Brenda 369 
Williams, Bryan 316 
Williams, Camllle 339 
Williams, Carolyn 401 
Williams, Chad 401 
Williams, Clayton 339 
Williams. Cynthia 316 
Williams, David 14 
Williams, Ellse 159, 401 
Williams, Greg 339 
Williams, James 369 
Williams, Jaosn 104 
Williams. Jara 339 
Williams, Jason 316, 369 
Williams. Jimmy 224 
Williams, Joseph 316 
Williams, Laura 104 
Williams, Laurie 369 
Williams, Leigh Anne 316 
Williams. Lyle 401 
Williams, Michael 410 
Williams, Monica 316 
Williams. Murray III 401 
Williams. Nicholas 369 
Williams. Parrlsh 369 
Williams, Robyn 369 
Williams, Sarah 113, 316 
Williams, Serra 401 
Williams. Seth Michael 159 
Williams, Shannon 369 
Williams, Shaun 369 

Williams, Stephanie 339 
Williams, Steve 316 
Williams, Tlmothoy D 23 
Williams, Tina 316 
Williams, Wade 230 
Williams, Wendy Rue 316 
Williamson. Linda 369 
Williamson. Lisa 401 
Williamson, Nolan 339 
Williamson, Vicky 401 
Willis. Jennifer 316 
Willis, Tim 221 
Willis. Timothy 104, 316 
Willis. William 104 
Wllloughby, Meg 316 
Wilson, Brian 339 
Wilson, Carlos 104, 339 
Wilson, Jacqueline 369 
Wilson, Jen 369 
Wilson, John 401 
Wilson, Ken 316 
Wilson, Latasha 316 
Wilson, N E 21 
Wilson, Tawanda 369 
Wilson, Tracy 316 
Wilson, Tressa 339 
Wilson, Wanda 316, 339 
Wilson, Witt 316 
Windham, JoMart 401 
Wlnfleld, Charles 315 
Wlngo, Brad 316 
Wlnplgler. Sherra 401 
Wlnstead, Mark 339 
Winters, Donald 339 
Winters, Patricia 316 
Wise, Kenny 401 
Wltewardane, Chamath 316 
Wltthauer, Rob 229, 369 
Wltthauer, Robert Taylor 159 
Wltthaurer, Rob 220 
Woltt, Wesley 369 
Wolfe, Jennifer 63, 316 
Wolfe, Krlsten 369 
Wong. Sally 339 
Woo. Chris 401 
Woo. Stephen 316 
Wood, Carrie 114 
Wood, Carrl 115 
Wood, Cindy 252. 253, 402 
Wood, Heather 401 
Wood, James 316 
Wood, Klmberly 402 
Wood, Rebecca 339 
Wood, Sammy 402 
Wood. Stephanie 402 
Woodall, Brad 159, 227 
Woodruff, Latresha 316 
Woodruff, Stace 317 
Woods, Andrew 402 
Woods, Bobby 369 
Woods, Chuck 231, 369 
Woodward, Jeffrey 339 
Woolbrlght, Tommy 118 
Word, Beverly; 402 
Worthem, Robert 317 
Woullard, Lorl 104 
Wray, Catherine 369 
Wray, Jennifer 339 
Wren, Julie 369 
Wright, Barbara 339 
Wright, Dean 230, 369 
Wright, Dennis 339 
Wright, Janathan 339 
Wright, Tiffany 113,339 
Wross, JoAnn 408 
Wu. Balhua 406 
Wu, Hoi; Hong 402 
Wu, Yaoxln 406 
Wyatt, Jenl 104, 369 

Young, James 402 
Young, Jason 369 
Young, Kim 317 
Young, Laurie 104, 339 
Young. Mark 402 
Young, Mellnda 104 
Young, Nlkkl 118,369 
Young, Pamela 317 
Youngblood, Heather 339 
Yu, Jennifer 406 

Zacharlas, Leslie 339 

Zachary, Carmen 369 

Zafar. Bushra 402 

Zarlengo, Lorl 104 

Zarugh, Seld 406 

Zelgler, Deanna 317 

Ziebach, Elmo 23 

Zorbalas, Konstantlnos 159, 406 

Zorbalas, Kostas 252, 253 

Zuber, Rozlyn 369 


Yap, Lee Yee 317 
Yap, May Yee; 402 
Yates, Henry 118, 339 
Yates, Tammy 369 
Yeadeke, Sherrl 339 
Yeatman, Jane 224 
Yeldhall, Vincent 104 
Yelverton, Jennifer 369 
Yencer, Kim 104 
Yencer, Kim; AL 402 
Yonge, Courtney; MS 402 
Yonge, Courtney Suzanne 159 
York, Almee 109, 339 
York, Yvonne 402 
Young, Anne 410 
Young, Bet 402 
Young, Beth 225 
Young, Brian 104, 317 
Young, Christie 339 
Young, Clinton 339 
Young, David 402 
Young, Elizabeth 369 
Young, Ellen 159, 402 


Academics: Stephanie Alligood, Editor 

I tat. __ 

limelight: standing: Christie Veach, co-editor. 

sitting (L-R); Gini Herring, co-editor; Rebecca 

Dollar, Beth Bowlin. top: Clare Kaplan. 

Organizations: bottom (L-R): Mandy 
Baham, Sally Morrow, Geneveve Fager. 
top (L-R): Shellie Hodges, Jana Roby, co- 
editor; Justin Clark, Allegra^Ford. Not 
pictured: Clover Shamen, co-editor. 

life: (T-B): Melynn Mangum, Joy Leggett, 

editor; Crystal Kilgore. Not pictured: Kathryn 

Clayton, Joe Johnston, Vanessa Edwards, 

Heather Burwell, Sally Wong. 

Classes: front (L-R): Dinah Bat son, co-editor, 
Anna Minor, back: Kenna Durham, co-editor. 

Sports: front (L-R): Maria Kelthley, Charity Boatwright. 

co-editor, back: Mark Burr, KrysrJnna George. Not 
pictured: Laura Moore, Kristi Webb, Shannon Rodman, 

Allison Johnsey, co-editor. ao\ 

photo by Fred Faulk 

These are just a few of my most fond 
memories of the 1990-1991 school year 
here at State. I was a junior-senior living 
in an apartment for the first time with 
three of my best friends in the whole 
world. My seven-year confidant gradu- 
ated in December and moved to Hous- 
ton, Texas, so this book took on an even 
deeper meaning to me then. So many 
more memories were made that could not 
be captured in this book. It serves mostly 
as a symbol to the students — hopefully 
allowing them never to forget their year 
at MSU. This University offers so much 
and most only take so little with them 
when they leave. The goal being to get 
out as quickly as possible, having as 
much fun as one can pack into a week- 
end, and always managing to keep your 
grades above the probation limit. 

Yes, moving off to college your fresh- 
men year is a milestone in your life. So is 
every semester when you receive your 

grades in the mail and you realize that 
twelve, fifteen, or eighteen more hours 
are behind you. Graduating and receiving 
that beloved degree is also a milestone in 
one's college career. I only wish we could 
capture each graduate's memories in this 
book; but it seems impossible. I was 
honored when chosen to be editor of the 
1991 book. I've read all of the final notes 
of the past editors and I share the feeling 
of what a tremendous experience it is to 
organize an entire year into one 424-page 
book. The days slipped away quickly, I 
hope we caught every moment. I realize a 
few things many have slipped past us and 
I regret any deficiencies in our coverage. 
The memories in this book were made 
possible by some very special people that 
I must mention: Michael Hobby, you un- 
derstood me better than anyone else 
could. I have never made a better de- 
cision than the one when I chose you to 
be my assistant editor. Thank-you. I think 

Ms. Ladner would be proud of both of us! 
Juanice, you did a wonderful job of keeping 
the money situation out of my hair. Joy, you 
took the wheel of your section and without 
the help of a co-editor put onto those pages 
the memories representing each and every 
student at MSU in 1990-1991. Charity, Al- 
lison, Stephanie, Jana, Clover, Gini, Christy, 
Kenna and Dinah; when your time came you 
pulled it off in first class style. Your efforts 
were recognized and greatly appreciated. 
My crowd: Christy, Leanne, Jennifer, Joy, 
Charity, and Maria; 1 know you all got very 
tired of listening to the tapping of the com- 
puter (especially one familiar week just be- 
fore Christmas!), but you never complained. 
You are the best and I'll miss you all very 
much next year. Dr. Foster, you were my all- 
knowing advisor who could answer any 
question in the world. Our year started in 
Dallas, but took shape and form here at 
MSU. Thank-you for guiding me through a 
successful year. (By-the-way, we made 
EVERY deadline on time!) Mom, Dad, Rob- 
bie, Alison, and Danny; you were probably 
the only ones in the world who, at 12:00 am, 
cared if I was going to make my deadlines or 
not. Thank-you for being there to listen. 
Thank-you also to Ben Allen, Nancy Jones, 
and everyone at Taylor Publishing Company 
who published this book of memories. For 
me it was the greatest milestone in my col- 
lege career. 

This is the year that 
will never be again - 
treasure it; so it will 
always remain a 




Mississippi State University's 87th volume 
of the Reveille was printed by Taylor Pub- 
lishing Company of Dallas, Texas, with the 
use of single color, two color, and four color 
presses. Paper stock for all pages is 8G#, 
^number one grade enamel. 

The cover and division pages were de- 
signed by Laura Weihing and Juanice Fluker 
with the expert help of Taylor artist and 
cover designer Delores Landin. The quarter 
bound spine was maroon vellum and the 
marble photo was four color durolith coated. 
The front and back endsheets are Endsheet 
stock 80# maroon. The prominent typestyle 
used throughout the book is Souvenir. 

Sudlow Photography of Danville, Illinois 
provided all studio photography in the class- 
es section. Many black and white 

phtographs throughout the book were fur- 
nished by Fred Faulk and other University Re- 
lations's photographers. MSU Sports Informa- 
tion provided most of the information and 
several of the group photos in the Sports Sec- 
tion. All color processing was done by The 
Chalet of Starkville, Mississipi. Most other pho- 
tographs were taken and developed by Reveille 
staff photographers, who are full-time MSU 

The yearbook is entirely run by full-time 
students at MSU. Copies of the Reveille were 
sold to students before publication through the 
payment of activity fees of $7.50 each se- 
mester per student. After publications copies 
were sold for $19. The press run for the 1991 
Reveille was 7200 copies of 424 pages each. 

photo by Ron Burian 


U Memtoj of . 



Marcia Hughes 

Malcolm Baker 


Vardaman, MS 


Helen Maines 


Troy Baldwin 


Vicksburg, MS 

Nancy Martin 


Cirriculum & Instruction 


Franklin Scott Bass 

Jane Myrick 

Pascagoula, MS 


Earnest Brock 

William Oneal 

Columbus, MS 




Thomas Randolph, Jr. 

Joe Cooper 

Veterinary Medicine Professor 

Jackson, MS 



Louis Wise 

Michael Mattiace 

Veterinary Medicine 

Jackson, MS 



Mattie Young 


Kristin McClellan 


Murfreesboro, TN 

Laura Ann McGee 


Jackson, MS 


Dean Allen McGhee 

McComb, MS 


Lawrenance Brian Morris 

Macon, MS 


Donald Pyron 

Jackson, MS 


Edward Richards 

Eupora, MS 



■.:■■:■'=■ :' ; .':..-. ■.■..■■■:■■..■■,■.-■■■■■ 

.'■'* ' 





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